Best Friends Forever

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Alicia has always been sexually attracted to her best friend, Kevin. He’s not a big guy, but she’d heard rumors that he had a very big body part below the belt. Truth be told, it’s the main reason she became friends with him.

At first, she tried hooking up with him, but he had a girlfriend. After they broke up, she tried again, but he was too sad. After hanging out with him a few times, she realized that he’s a great guy and an even better friend. So, she let her desire for him go and became the friend he needed at that point in his life.

Some years later, he began noticing how sexy she is. Alicia has an incredibly curvy body that hypnotized Kevin every time she wore leggings and a tight top. He often found himself staring at her chest when she wasn’t looking. He would imagine his dick between her big tits, blasting jizz all over her face.

Unfortunately, Kevin didn’t notice Alicia until she had a boyfriend. They spent all their time together talking about Alicia’s boyfriend. Then one day, Alicia caught her boyfriend texting another girl. Needless to say, they broke up.

Since Kevin’s such a nice guy, he didn’t want to try anything with Alicia while she was upset. What he didn’t know was that Alicia wanted that very thing. Throughout the years, Alicia never forgot those rumors about Kevin’s big dick.

Playing on his good nature, Alicia asked Kevin if she could come over and talk. He agreed and told her he’d be at home. She’d stayed with him before, so she had a key to his apartment. He knew how long it would take for her to get to his place, so he decided to give her an “accidental offer.”

He sat on the couch in his underwear, waiting to hear the door knob jiggle. He quickly turned on some porn and got into place. Just as she started to twist the door knob, he hit ‘play’ on the remote and started jerking off.

As she walked in, her eyes caught sight of his big, ten-inch dick. He turned to see her staring directly at his cock. He jumped up and covered himself, playing embarrassed. She turned around, pretending to give him a moment but was secretly peeking out the corner of her eye.

She caught another glimpse of his fat dick and softly moaned at the thought. He rushed to his bedroom and pushed the closed, but not completely closed.

“I told you three o’clock, not four,” he cried out.

“I assumed you knew I would show up late.” Then it occurred to her; he knew she would show up late. “I’m always late,” she thought to herself.

She slowly made her way over to his bedroom door and tried getting a peek inside. He was standing behind the door, so she couldn’t see him. He hoped she would open the door, and luckily for him, she did.

She slowly walked in, thinking he was in the bathroom. As she walked in front of him, he reached out and slapped her on her tight, bubbly ass. She jumped and turned toward him. Her eyes immediately confirmed that his body is one-sixth-dick.

His slender frame is abruptly overshadowed by his enormous dick. Even behind the cotton fabric of his briefs, the ten-inch monster was visible. She couldn’t take her eyes off his throbbing cock; she had to touch it.

She started reaching over, but he stopped her. She looked up at him as he leaned over and kissed her. The kiss was amazing; the most passionate kiss either of them had ever had. Neither of them knew that the other felt that way about them.

She dropped her purse and wrapped her arms around his neck. He put his hands on her waist and led her over to the bed. He sat her down on the edge and began kissing down her neck. Before he could lower himself on top of her, she leaned away.

“What’s wrong,” he hungrily asked.

“Me first,” she replied, pulling the front of his briefs down.

His cock flopped out and landed on her lips. He placed his hands on her head as she slid her mouth on his cock. Her hot saliva soaked his shaft and sent chills up his spine. His knees buckled a bit, so he braced himself on her shoulders. He looked down her cute face sliding back and forth on his shiny shaft.

She moaned and gagged while stuffing her mouth with dick. Her ability to take his entire cock into her mouth made them both hotter. To her surprise, his dick began hardening even more. Once at full size, she barely had room for her tongue.

She used his size to her advantage, using her tongue to massage him. Her moans and tongue tricks made him light-headed. His eyes rolled into the back of his head. He began massaging her neck, challenging her to deep throat him.

She pulled his cock from her mouth and looked up at him. His massive dick throbbing on her face nearly made him cum. She maintained eye contact while sucking his dick back into her mouth. He stared down as inch after inch disappeared into her mouth. After some deep breaths, she pushed herself against his crotch.

She straightened her neck and gargled the tip of his dick in her throat. He quickly pulled his dick from her mouth and collapsed next to her. He kneeled on the floor, resting istanbul escort his head in her lap. She gently brushed her hand through his hair, realizing she almost made him cum two minutes into a blowjob.

She pulled him up and forced him to his back. He tried pulling her up for a kiss, but she stayed on the edge of the bed. She again took his cock in her mouth. At that point, she didn’t really care about fucking him. She’d spend years thinking about his big cock, and now she would finally get to see it explode.

To this day, Alicia loves making guys cum. To have a chance to make big-dick Kevin cum was too much to pass up. She wanted his cum right then.

“Just cum a little,” she moaned.

“It’ll be more than a little,” he assured her.

She slid to the floor, kneeling in front of him. He continued to lay there while she continued to suck away. He could feel her tongue sliding up and down his shaft. She tightly stroked his length with every head bob. She used her free hand to massage his oversized balls.

The thought of how much cum was building in those globes drove her insane. She sucked and stroked harder. She watched as his stomach began tightening. She could feel his cock swelling in her mouth. Before he exploded, she stopped.

He looked down at her smiling face. She pulled her shirt and bra off to free her massive tits. To his surprise, her ginormous jugs were perky. They perfectly rested above her waist, jiggling every time she moved.

She threw her bra and shirt at his face before continuing her blowjob. With her tits bouncing freely, he felt his load building faster. He sat up on his elbows and watched his best friend gag and moan on his cock. His eyes locked on her tits as she pumped and sucked as hard as she could.

She again felt his orgasm building. He twitched a little and grabbed his cock. He quickly pumped into her mouth until he let out a powerful groan. Just as she let his cock slide out of her mouth, a thick glob of hot, liquid white gold splashed against her face. The hot splash made her moan, sending vibrations to her wetting pussy. His body tightened as another blast splashed against her face.

She eagerly wiped the cum into her mouth, expecting more. When no more blasts came from his cock, she looked at him. He was stopping his orgasm, withholding her reward. She grabbed his dick from him and tried stroking the rest of her prize out, but it was too late.

Before she could protest, he pulled her on top of him. His slimy dick wedged against the front of her jeans. He rolled her over and began biting her nipples. He used his mouth to play with her tits while unbuttoning her pants.

In one pull, he ripped her jeans and panties off. He threw them across the room and positioned himself between her legs. Although she wanted all of his cum, she could feel her pussy getting hot at the thought of what’s next.

His big dick hovered over her tiny bush. He never realized how sensual and curvy she was until she was lying under him. He had ‘ravage that pussy’ burning in his eyes. Her shiny pussy caught his attention. He grazed his cock along her slit, teasing her with his girth.

Without warning, he suddenly bent over and bit her bush. The sudden pain made her jump a little but mostly sent shocks of pleasure through her body. He lay down between her thighs and began kissing her sweet-tasting pussy. He was immediately lost in her aroma.

She placed her feet on his shoulders and pulled him deeper into her pussy. His nose grazed her clitoris while his tongue searched for her hot spot. He slowly licked and flicked in every direction until he felt her hips twitch. Once he found her hot spot, his began honing his tongue.

She loved how softly he licked her. His tongue jumped from hot spot to clit in perfect rhythm. He eventually chose to flick at her hot spot while thumb rubbing her clit. Her hips bucked as he flicked on the edge of her cunt. Her tight hole pulsated harder with every touch.

He groaned into her pussy as she pulled on his hair. She looked down at his head rocking side to side. She couldn’t see his tongue but could feel it drawing circles in her pussy. He pressed his lips against her opening and alternated between licking and sucking.

He pushed his tongue inside her, wanting to find more hot spots. His tongue danced inside her in ways that no other tongue or toy had before. She experienced so many sensations that she whimpered in pleasure. His soft thumb rubbed her guaranteed-to-make-her-cum clit while he continued performing his tantalizing tongue trickery.

Her body trembled and tightened involuntarily. She tried to look down at his domineering pussy eating but couldn’t keep her eyes open. It was almost like she wanted to fall asleep but couldn’t. With every second that passed, her body experienced a new sensation.

She placed her feet on the bed and let go of his hair. She began squeezing her tits and moaning louder. She looked down at him, wanting to cry out for him to escort fındıkzade stop. Her body was edging ever closer to the grandest orgasmic event of her lifetime.

Kevin was lost in his performance; he could barely hear Alicia’s cries of pleasure. His tongue twirled and flicked against and inside her. He felt her quivering in his mouth and looked up. She was staring down at him with her mouth gaped open.

He began flicking his tongue harder, not faster. He still wanted to build her slowly, but he wanted the pressure level as high as possible. He quickened the pace of his clit rubbing but slowed his tongue movements. He lifted her little hood and began pressing directly on her button.

She threw her head back and cried out as the conflicting combination swelled inside her. Her mind fogged as euphoria overpowered her thoughts. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head. He could tell she was going to cum hard, so he intensified his performance.

His tongue twirled faster, matching the speed of his thumb. Now that she neared an explosion, he wanted her to cum hard and fast. He shook his head harder and groaned louder, sending vibrations to the tip of her spine. He pushed himself against her pussy, lifting her thighs on his shoulders.

She screamed in pleasure as her hands reached out. One hand held his hair while the other squeezed one of her tits. Her body violently shook and twirled. Her thighs locked his head against her pussy, allowing him to further her dynamic jubilation. She cried out for more as tears dripped down her face.

He forced her thighs open and licked his way up to her clitoris. He quickly sucked her little hood into his mouth and flicked his tongue on her button. The sensation proved too intense for her. She pushed his head away and rolled over on her stomach.

He kissed and massaged his way up to her neck, lying on top of her. He let his engorged dick dangle between her thighs, teasing her exhausted pussy. She turned her head and beckoned him for a kiss. As their lips touched again, it was like the first time. Both experienced a rush of passionate want.

She rolled back over and wrapped her legs around his. He dangled his dick above her soaked pussy. She groaned in his mouth as they continued kissing. He knew it was finally time to ravage her the way he wanted.

“Do you want me to cum inside you, or do you still want to taste me?”

She licked her lips and smiled at him.

“Either way, I’m still going to end up tasting you, but if I have to choose…,” she whispered. She reached down and placed his dick against her tight hole. “Fill me up and knock me up.”

He growled at her as those words echoed in his head.

“Hold on to something,” he warned her.

She grabbed his arms and braced herself. He began sliding his thickness inside her. Her mouth hung open as she quivered from his girth. His tip barely fit inside her, stretching her to her limits. He slowly pushed against her tightness, hoping for some give.

Her pussy was too tight. He leaned back and laid his dick on her bush. They both looked down at his dick out-sizing her pussy by a full 1½ inches of girth.

“There’s no way I’m fitting,” he regretfully informed her.

“No,” she replied firmly. “I’ve waited nearly a decade to feel that dick split me in half. I’m getting fucked. Now, try again mister,” she commanded him.

She slapped her hand on his dick and began stroking him. As he felt trails of precum oozing out, he got an idea. He started smiling, causing her to stroke harder.

“You better be smiling because this feels good and not because you’re about jizz.”

“You love my jizz,” he laughed.

She stopped stroking his shaft and rolled her thumb across his tip. She continued torturing his tip until precum drenched her hand. She slid her hand from his dick and licked the slim from her fingers, teasing him.

He pushed his dick against her tight entrance and whispered, “Make me goo your pussy.”

She wasted no time grabbing his dick and stroking. She was so excited; she used both hands to pump him. His body jolted for a brief second as a huge trail of precum oozed on her pussy. The heat of his precum soaked her in her own juices.

She began rocking against his hips. Her soft, tight pussy teasing his tip while she stroked his shaft caused him to start thrusting. With every thrust, her pussy tried stretching around his girth. Her tiny hole widened more as his slimy goo lubricated her.

They both were so horny; they didn’t realize her pussy got wider. When she felt his head inside her pussy, she screamed with joy. She let his dick go and put her hands on his hips. They continued rocking into each other, not realizing what was happening.

Their lips met for another passionate kiss. Their thrusting quickened as more dick goo oozed into her. She wrapped her legs around his and opened her thighs more. She thought she was giving him more room to lie on top of her. The 1½ inch head of his dick was giving escort bayan rus her more pain and pleasure than any other man had before.

Both their bodies rocked and swirled as their orgasms built. He groaned in her mouth as her soft breasts and hard nipples rubbed against him. She clawed his hips with her nails more and more. Her stomach clenched and convulsed. She felt her hips softly bucking, sending shock waves throughout her body.

She dragged her hands up his back, grabbing his shoulders. As his cock oozed another trail of precum, his entire length shoved its way inside her. Her convulsing walls immediate clamped on his dick, locking around his girth.

She screamed in his mouth before biting his bottom lip. The sudden explosion of her overwhelming orgasm made him hotter. Even as her body trembled beneath him, he overpowered her tight grip and began thrusting.

He freed himself from her bite and nibbled on her neck. She cried out incoherent moans of pleasure and pain. He worked his hips around in a circle, thrusting in every direction. He wrapped his arms around hers, preventing her from sliding away. He looked down into her eyes, admiring the orgasmic bliss within them.

He felt a spark of elation shoot up his spine. His balls filled with pain as his orgasm neared. Her tight pussy squeezed and convulsed against his thrusting. She never stopped screaming, cumming harder with every stroke.

“Fuck. Fuck! Yes. Yes. Yeah! Oh, shit. Oh, shit!” she moaned.

She arched her back, breaking free from his hold. She put her hands on his hips and thrust into his thrusts. She felt her pussy creaming and getting wetter. Her mind went completely blank, but she still felt every inch sliding back and forth. Every vein on his girthy creature sent waves of ecstasy through her body.

Her toes curled and dug into his legs. She felt more tears rolling down her face, as this orgasm outperformed her previous one. She looked up at Kevin staring down at her; his eyes still full of ravaging passion. Soon, everything faded away, and it was just the sounds and sensations of his body slamming its monstrous dick inside her.

She felt his lips softly kissing hers. She responded in kind, sharing in the heat of the moment. Her hands fell to her side as he repositioned himself. Her eyes involuntarily opened, offering her a glimpse of her swollen pussy.

She looked past her jiggling tits and clenching stomach at his girth stretching her once tight pussy. His sweaty, slender frame between her thick thighs almost seemed unreal. Her own juice soaked her little bush. The sound of his dick dominating her sounded like a piston in a machine.

She watched his magical hips dance and twirl thrusts into her. Surprisingly, she felt a strong jolt, which rocked her body. Before she could stop moaning to scream, her mind erupted with overpowering explosions of euphoria. She screamed and cried as she experienced a full body orgasm.

Her entire body convulsed and flailed in every direction. She tried pushing him away, but he neared his orgasm as well. He pinned Alicia to the bed and moaned as his balls released. Her arms reached out, grabbing the edges of the bed. The two lovers convulsed together as he coated her creamy pussy.

She felt his hot goo spraying inside her. She looked down at his bulging veins. With every blast of hot cum, his body shook with pain. She felt his hot slim filling her womb. As the slim sloshed around inside her, he pushed himself deeper.

She pulled the corners of the mattress up as her body quaked harder. He sat on his legs, watching his dick breathe streams of cum inside her. Her sweaty body began calming, making him hotter. The soft trembles her of orgasmic aftermath made him jerk with excitement.

He reached down and gently stroked more cum into her. They both looked down at her swollen, reddened pussy convulsing with his dick. He pushed himself deeper until he felt his crotch resting against hers.

Alicia experienced an out-of-body event as all ten inches overstuffed her. Her cute, little pussy ached with pleasure as his cum reached new depths. They both groaned, suffering from the pain of their continuous orgasms. Kevin managed to gently lie on top of her.

As he kissed her, she felt the room coming back. She felt his lips and tried kissing him back, but she really only had enough energy to feel her orgasm washing away. She let the mattress go and slowly moved her hands to his shoulders.

With every breath, her body trembled. She tried opening her eyes, but they rolled into the back of head shortly after opening. Her mind began to clear, filling her head with thoughts of having his child. They moaned in each other’s mouths as their orgasms calmed.

She reached down and squeezed his ass, pulling him in more. He softly pumped his hips, shooting the last of his load into her womb. He caressed her face, kissing her tenderly. She kissed him back, grinding her hips against his.

“Want to fuck me again?” she asked.

“Can you handle another fuck?” he replied.

She pushed him away, causing him to fall out. The moment his dick was free, cum and cream oozed out of her like a waterfall. She quickly reached down and took a handful. They both stared down at the amount and laughed.

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