Best Pool Hustle Ever

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As I walk into the smoky pool hall, I notice you standing over by one of the tables, cue stick in hand and a queue of guys lining up to play you.

A vision of sensuality dressed in tight faded blue jeans, White top, your every curve showing through. No wonder there’s a line of guys.

I stand over by the corner watching you play. You’re good, very good. Most of these guys don’t stand a chance. Your smooth, accurate shots killing the good players, your devastating looks killing the rest, it seems no guy can keep his mind on the game with you around.

I go to one of the other tables and start a game. After about an hour I’m doing really well, I have won most of my games and I’m ahead by $4800, I’m not the best player going but I’m not too bad either.

I feel a presence behind me, and this nice feminine smells pervades my space, my heart pounds. You brush slowly behind me and I hear this cute little southern voice say, “Want to play with me?” I close my eyes, and then refocus, I pot the black and take my opponents money, I now have $5000. I turn around and your standing right, and I mean right there, looking up at me with those stunning blue eyes, they seem to be changing colour, getting lighter, nah, it must be a trick of the light.

“Sure” I say, “What stakes do you have in Mind?”

“500 bucks a game?”

Shit, you’ve just doubled my regular bet, but I really want to play you, so I accept.

“Ok, you’re on”

“Name’s AJ by the way”

as good as you look I almost can’t remember mine

“Chris”, I say as it springs to mind

Touching you for the first time as we shake hands, I feel a sensory pleasure at your silky warm skin. I remind myself that as good as you look you’re here to take my money if I don’t pay attention.

Two games go by, both to you. There are hard won games, but your skill shows through, it seems you have absolute concentration when it comes to your turn at the table, you smile and laugh but none of my small talk or flattery seems to distract you..

I look over at you, and you flash a killer smile, I can’t help but smile back. I find myself watching your every move, how your eyes flash when you smile. It’s the strangest thing though, it seems that whenever I look at you, I catch you looking at me. I find myself thinking how nice it would be to be alone escort bursa with you and I decide that I need to raise the stakes.

“Winner takes all?” I ask, waiting to see if you’re into risks

“Go on” you say “how much you got?”

“5 grand” I lie

“Well I’ve only got three five, but I can make an deal”

“Sure what offer would you like to make”

You lean in close, your scent washes over me, and you smell nice “Well if you win, you get to do with me what you’re dreaming about” and as you say this you brush you hand up my side. DAMN!! How can I refuse, I’m screwed if I lose, but hey I could be better then screwed, if I win!

It’s your break. Everything seems to be going your way, two in off the break, and a third quickly follows. Pretty soon you have 1 ball left, but you’ve snookered yourself. A slient thank you to God for his help.

I haven’t played such a good game of pool in my life, the rewards are just too great, finally I’m down to the black, it’s a tricky bank shot, but I’m sure I can do it. I stuff it up…. “NOOOOooooo…” you take your place and confidently sink your ball. I watch as you line up the black, its an easy shot, I notice you seem to be holding your cue at the wrong angle, you look up and smile, the black slams home, just then I hear a second click as the white drops into a pocket to.

You’ve lost. I can’t believe I can’t believe my luck. You start counting out the money, but we both know that’s not what I’m interested in now.

There is a sly grin on your face when you say “You don’t think I’m going to go through with the rest of it, do you?”

I gulp and say “Well I’m hoping that you will”

You smile as you take my hand, and walk me out to your Sliver Chevy Blazer. And tell me to get in, We drive fast for about 5 miles out to a lake. We stop and get out, you grab a rug from the boot and lead me down to the waters edge.

The moon is shining out on the water, it’s a incredible scene.

I turn around and you’ve stripped, I admire your fantastic trim body. I feel myself go hard. You look at me like a tigress moving in for the kill. You rip the clothes from my body, and it’s your turn to study me, and you tell me you like what you see.

I still cant believe that I’m standing here with you. I move in close and kiss you on the neck and then bursa merkez eskort down you tummy. Your legs are slightly apart, and I as I move closer I can smell your pussy is giving off that musty scent of arousal. Your breathing is slow yet deep, your chest giving a gentle sway to your full breasts.

I bend down to the rug and taking my pocketknife I cut five long strips off it. I then take these strips and walk you over to between two trees.

Taking the strips I gently tie you between them, and take the last strip and wrap it over your eyes so that you are at my mercy. You have no idea what will happen next, yet strangely you trust me, knowing instinctively that I would do nothing to hurt you.

I begin by caressing your nipples, and bring them to hard, erect perfection with ease. With one hand fondling your breasts, I bend to suck on your tit, your low moan that turns into a gasp and cry of pleasure, stirring my cock. I smile as I watch your hips begin to sway, eager for some attention as well. All in good time, I want tonight will be a night neither of us will forget.

My hands trace down your sides, moving down to your pussy. I hear you giggle, “Oh so your ticklish?” you shyly smile at me “Uh huh”. Not wanting to ruin the moment I apply more pressure, and you relax enjoying my contact. You start to part your legs for me, your moans begging me to touch your pussy, to put out the fire and ache that threatens to consume you. I let my fingers begin to discover your pussy, exposing it, but far from putting out the fires, the flames are stroked higher. Ah, you’re so hot and wet.

I bring my fingers to my face, and drink your musky perfume. I lick them and suck every drop of your hot sweet juice from them.

Then I kiss you, you respond in kind, kissing me back, forcing your tongue into my mouth. I wrap my arms around you. Hmmm your warm body pressed against mine. I slide down your beautiful body kissing you gently, each unseen contact making you re-act with soft moans. I reach between your legs, your juicy I lick up the inside your leg, tasting my way to your pussy.

I slip my tongue inside, and feel you shiver. I stop, making myself tease you, he he he, I return, licking, I insert my finger. Pushing my finger in deep. Then stopping. I flick my tongue across your clit and bursa sınırsız escort gently suck, it swells under my careful attention, I slide my tongue around, circling. Your moans increase in volume, getting louder and louder as I continue. I shove my tongue into your hole, Kissing you, then sucking, licking, pushing my tongue into your cunt, using anything to give you pleasure. I can see you want to sink to the ground, and enjoy it, so I cut you free.

I pick you up and carry you back to the rug, you kiss me, and oh how I love the way you kiss, the feel of your lips touching mine sends tingles through my body exciting me more. Gradually I lower you to the ground, I swing you around moving you onto your knees. I lift up your hips up and then slip my rock hard cock in, easing myself in. Once I have fully penetrated you I run my hands down your back down to your firm butt, then I lift you again, pulling you in hard as I begin to thrust in and out of you.

In you soft voice you tell me how much your enjoying it, and how you want me to fuck you harder, I cant believe that you look and sound so demure and behave so audaciously, you’re sending shivers down my spine.

I glide a hand round in between your legs and commence to caress your pussy, which is still wet from my licking. I slide my fingers down on either of you clit, and then move them on to it, rubbing in wide then tight circles, changing positions, angles bringing you maximum pleasure and all the while trusting into you.

I want so badly to cum deep inside you now, I increase my speed and you tell me that you like it. I thrust harder, grunting with the exertion. Harder and Harder I thrust, your loud moans exciting me more. I feel you shudder, your back straightens, and your cunt pulses and then clenches tight around my cock as a yell erupts from your lips, OH FUCK you’re cuming and the pleasure for both of us is intense. I move my hips, shifting angles as I pound you, mmmmm the force building, I take it up a level and you start to move into me, It feels so damn good. Longer deep trusts, short hard ones, Deeper and Deeper, I can feel that I’m going to explode, a tingle goes through my body, and I dig deep and AHHHHHHHHHHH MMMMMMMMMM WOW, I come my cum shooting deep within you, filling you, and my eyes roll into the back of my head.

DAMN that was GREAT!!

Exhausted we collapse to the ground, you cuddle in close, damn you feel so good in my arms.

I turn to you

“You lost that game deliberately, didn’t you?”

You look up at me with those beautiful blue eyes

“Maybe”, and then you wink….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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