Best Sex Ever

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OK so here is my story.

August 2014, I was 18 and my older cousin invited me to his house at the beach. This was the first time I went without my parents to the beach, since I was a curfew. We went in my car him, his girlfriend, a friend and his girlfriend, so I was alone.

We got to the beach, we lay in the sand and all of the sudden this hot, 27 y/o short, brown-skinned girl with huge boobs, long silky smooth black hair, big lips, huge ass and fit body (kinda like Nicki Minaj) came with her friend and the girlfriend of that guy (which I dated like a week before that) and sat with us; They were friends of my cousin and they were supposed to come all this time but he didn’t told me anything.

So later we got into the water and they start picking on us because they all were hugging their girlfriends and she and I were alone, so eventually she falls into my arms as I lift her like just married couples going to bed, and eventually I try to kiss her but she rejects me in front of everybody, making the situation very uncomfortable for all of us.

So then we got home and I started talking to this girl about life and deep stuff, so we kinda made a bond there but only as friends, and it’s funny because her friend, this guy, told me that he was going to help me to score with this hot chick, so he gave me some advice as how to talk with her and what kind of guys she’s into, so that’s what I did that afternoon and it kinda worked because we got to talk trough the entire afternoon nonstop, but obviously I though that nothing was going to happen between us because of that failed kiss.

Turns out that I was wrong. It was midnight and we were all drinking and playing games, and eventually she gets a little bit drunk but not wasted and goes to bed, so I go to bed later and she was sleeping in a small bed, and I slept on another bed, both of us alone in that room.

Because of that turn of events I was unable to sleep, and there were a lot of mosquitoes bugging the hell out of me, so I just randomly whispered: ”Girl I wish you could sleep in this bed with me, since I don’t have a blanket and you have, and these mosquitoes are killing me,” and 5 seconds later she gets into my bed and I started hugging her from behind because she couldn’t sleep either, so I asked her why she didn’t kissed me at the beach, so esc şişli she turns around and starts kissing me out of the blue and then I start taking out her blouse and her bra and kissing her tits.

Those boobs where huge, because she had a breast surgery on January that year, and she got 500cc, which is almost a D-Cup I believe, so they were shining as a brand new masterpiece and I was the lucky guy playing with those boobs, but all of the sudden she says ”stop” and starts whispering ”I can’t do this” multiple times, so I try to convince her until I looked her in the eyes speechless as trying to tell her with my stare that she made me taste Heaven but I wanted more than just a sample.

So she says such a memorable phrase that no Porn Movie could ever truly achieve: ”lay in that bed, shut your mouth, and let me do everything. If you try to have any form of control over the situation Game Over, I have full dominance now”. So she pulls out her blue jean short and panties, strips me in a flash and starts riding me and had me screaming of pleasure so high that she had to cover my mouth with her hand so the other guys won’t find out that we were doing it, since she wasn’t supposed to had sex with me in the first place.

I lasted so much that by the time I finished the sun was rising and the morning light was slowly lightening her face and perfect body as sweat drops start dripping in her bobs while I tease them slowly.

That morning I felt like I was born again, like I went to heaven and woke up from a perfect dream, and I never stopped kissing her entire body until we fell asleep, holding each others body; holding each other souls.

later that day we went to buy coffee at the local beach town, and took some pictures at the top of a hill with the amazing view of the entire beach, all while listening to our favorite band (one of many things we had on common) Coldplay.

Then we went to the beach again, but she had to leave with her friend, this Messiah that gave me just the right amount of advice, and his girlfriend, and as I said goodbye and watched the car fading away I started to feel empty, so much so that that afternoon I started crying while laying in bed and Coldplay Music playing in the background.

Three months passed and I couldn’t get over the fact that I had the şişli esc best sex of my life with a random girl that probably I wouldn’t see ever again.

But then a miracle happened…

My cousin invited me to her birthday at her house, and since I was supposed to bring my Acoustic Guitar at the beach but I didn’t because my car was packed, I was able to bring it to the birthday without telling anyone, so later that night Coldplay plays again since it was her favorite band and was her birthday, so she got to pick everything. I got there at night and she greet me with a shock expression since she didn’t expected me to come, so we didn’t talk during the night until her parents went to sleep and we, the same group of the beach, got to the rooftop to enjoy the night better.

So I went back to my car with this Messiah, who then again backed me up with the best plan ever, to pick my guitar, climbed up the stairs and started playing Yellow By Coldplay. If you look for that music video you will find a beach in a similar setting and sunset that the other day, and the lyrics match perfectly not only that last night, but this night, as the starts shine as bright as ever, and we were at the rooftop covered by the full moon and a beautiful view, so she then starts crying while looking me deep into my eyes and saying ”that was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard”, so we started kissing very passionately and then again the Messiah said to me while I put back my guitar: bro, you have to go with her to buy a pack of Ice, since we ran out of it and we don’t want to stop drinking.

So I did just that and went with my girl in the car to buy Ice at 3:00a.m, so I suddenly stopped in the middle of an abandoned road covered by tall grass, and I started kissing her passionately, then she starts sucking my dick while removing her bra and starts rubbing it with her big tits all while saying ”cum in my face” but I didn’t want to cum in her face just like that, I wanted to had sex but then again she wasn’t down to it until I said out of nowhere look I have condoms (yeah, I never have condoms in my car because they can break, but a couple of days earlier I was checking my wallet and pulled out a condom while storing it in one of my car’s compartments accidentally), so she said: remember what I told you at the beach, I şişli bayan escort have full control” so she rides me again without removing her black-silky dress but just showing her boobs, and I have to say I’ve always had a thing for girls in short dresses, so we fucked while listening to Coldplay, and it was so rough that her necklace fell and we were unable to find it.

Later that morning we returned to her house without any Ice, and the smile in my friends face, specially in the Messiah, was a standing ovation of ”good job young fellow” so I returned home only to be punished by my mom because I told her that I would return at about 11:00p.m because it was supposed to be a simple birthday with her family, but instead I returned at 7:00a.m with my car and my clothes all thrashed, and smelling kinda funny, but men her rage was really worth it so I didn’t care that she took my car keys grounding me for the rest of the weekend, because I spent those days locked in my bedroom making music thanks to such inspirational life experience.

A year passed and we didn’t talked ever again, I didn’t knew anything about her until I reached the Messiah’s Girlfriend, which as I said we were dating and she was really into me, so she confessed me the greatest secrets of all: My girl was engaged and she was going to marry a Colombian guy (yes, long-distance relationship) in 2016, they were engaged for more than a year, which means that she fucked me in the beach and in my car all while being in such compromise, and that’s why she wasn’t down to fuck both of those occasions, and why she never answered any of my messages or calls.

Now it’s 2016, I know she’s married, living in Florida, working and studying while her husband lives in Colombia, and I left my country to come to Florida in December 2015 not because of her but because I want to pursuit my dream of becoming a famous musician and in my origin country, the one that all of this happened, Venezuela, this is almost impossible, while America is known for being the land where the dreams come true, but I never wanted anything so badly as to see her again; I honestly don’t care if we fuck or not, I just want to have a cup of Coffee with her, and stare her eyes for me to be able to see Heaven again, to see that sunset at the beach, to see that midnight sky full of stars reflected in her eyes, in her soul.

I found her necklace laying behind the driver’s seat just a couple of days before leaving my country, and I still have it with me as a reminder of not only the best sex I’ve ever had, but the best time of my life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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