Billy Turns Tables on Step Sister Ch. 01

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Billy Jones was just like any normal, athletic eighteen year old boy. He loved sports, video games, hanging out with his friends, and girls. Most of all, Billy loved girls. He fantasized about sex constantly, and masturbated several times each day. He lived with his dad, John, along with his step mom Emily and his step sister Carla.

The family had a very large apartment on Central Park West in Manhattan, and a cottage in the Catskill Mountains north of the city. Cottage isn’t really the correct term for the mountain house. Although it was designed to appear rustic, it was anything but. It had nearly every amenity you could think of, but just didn’t appear that way. They all loved the house, and summered there each of the four years they had been together as a family.

There was a huge open living area with high ceilings and wood beams. This great room housed the kitchen, dining area, and a very large living room area with a large stone fireplace. On the east side of the living room was a door that led into a large master suite, consisting of a sitting room, bedroom and large bathroom with an oversized tub and separate shower. On the west side of the house was a second bedroom that was also very large, along with a good sized bathroom. This bedroom had four twin beds to accommodate Billy, Carla, and any friends they might invite to stay over.

I suppose this story really begins in early June of last year. Billy had been assigned the chore of chopping wood that day, and he was exhausted by the time evening rolled around. He showered and retired to his bed fairly early, reading a bit before he curled up to sleep. He had slept for a couple hours before Carla came in to get ready for bed. Carla, like her mother, was a goddess. In fact, describing one was essentially describing the other. They were both tall, blond and leggy, with a narrow waist, wide hips and tits that easily filled out a double D cup. They both had full lips, a slender nose, and bright blue-green eyes. Carla was twenty, and Emily was thirty seven, having had Carla at a very young age.

As one can imagine, Billy struggled with his feelings regarding his sister and step mother. He was not a child when they came into his life. He was beginning to grow into a young man, and his raging hormones would never let him forget that these two beauties were not of his blood. Truth be told, Billy had concocted countless fantasies about the two women over the years. To make matters worse, Carla knew the effect she had on Billy, and delighted in teasing him as much as she could. She allowed him to see her in just a bra and panties quite often, insisting they were no different than a bathing suit. She loved leaning over to talk to him, allowing him a perfect view of her ample cleavage. She would often accidently bump into him, making sure her perfect ass rubbed up against his crotch.

Carla looked at her brother when she came into the room. He was curled up in bed, facing away from the wall toward the bathroom.

“Billy? Are you awake,” she prodded.

Billy was quiet, so Carla shrugged and pulled off her t-shirt. She glanced in Billy’s direction again, satisfied that he was still asleep. She reached back and undid her bra, freeing her large tits from their daytime bondage. After she slipped off her shorts and panties, she tossed them onto the floor near Billy’s bed. The panties were silk and lace and very sexy. This was another way Carla loved to tease Billy. She loved having him see sexy little undergarments of hers, knowing that he would wonder how she looked in them. With a final glance at Billy, Carla walked off to the bathroom to shower.

Billy opened his eyes into a squint and watched her go. She had awakened him, and he had surreptitiously watched her undress and head to the bathroom. He heard the shower go on and waited a minute or so, then he reached out and grabbed the panties from the floor. He was a bit surprised to find that the crotch of the panties were soaked and a bit creamy. With his cock rapidly stiffening, Billy brought the panties up to his nose and breathed in deeply, reveling in the odor of his sister’s cunt. Billy had begun to stroke himself, and, unable to control himself, he reached his tongue out and tasted Carla’s secretions. He licked again and again, imagining it was her sweet pussy instead of her panties.

Billy had done this before, both with his sister’s panties and his mother’s. He noted that there were times that the panties were quite soiled, and other times when they appeared to have barely been worn. Frequently, he would cum into the panties when he was finished smelling and tasting them. He always felt a bit guilty, bursa bayan eskort but never enough to stop doing it.

Billy was so engaged in what he was doing that he didn’t even notice that Carla was standing naked in the doorway of the bathroom and watching him. What he didn’t know was that he was the reason her panties were so wet. Carla had spent a fair amount of time sitting on the porch that day, watching her muscular brother chop wood. He was shirtless and sweating and it was all she could do to keep from slipping a hand into her shorts and finger fucking herself as she watched him. Carla lusted after Billy as much as he did her, but she didn’t make it obvious as he did. She would nearly always masturbate after teasing him unmercifully, as it made her quite needy.

“Oh my God! What are you doing,” she said to him. “Are those my panties, Billy?”

Billy nearly leapt from the bed when he heard her, throwing the panties onto the floor and stammering.

Carla walked over and snatched them up.

“Were you really just smelling and licking my panties, Billy? And this..,” she said, yanking back the covers to reveal Billy’s huge, rock hard cock, still wrapped in his hand.

“I…I don’t know. I…I was having a dream,” Billy said, trailing off.

“You little pervert. What am I supposed to do now,” she asked, looking at him with a raised eyebrow.

“I…Carla…Listen…I’m sorry. I…”

“I think I should tell Mom and Dad. Something has to be done about this,” she scolded.

“Carla, please. I’m sorry. I’ll do whatever you want. Please don’t tell them.”

She looked at him a long time before answering.

“You need to be punished, little brother. I have just the thing. I am going to tease and torture you whenever I want, and I will not let you cum. You need to learn a little self-control.”

“What do you mean, tease me?”

Carla walked over to the door and locked it, then returned to Billy’s bedside. He was looking up at his naked sister, and his cock was throbbing with need. For her part, Carla had been unprepared for the sight of her brother’s cock. It was long and thick and beautiful. Seeing it had given her an idea.

“Okay, brother. You just lay back and put your hands at your sides. If you so much as lay a finger on me, I am reporting this entire thing to Mom and Dad. Do you understand?”

“Yeah, okay. What are you going to do?”

Carla climbed onto the bed and straddled Billy, lowering her cunt down so that it rested on his cock. She noted that it was big and hard and was burning hot.

“I am going to rock back and forth and rub my pussy on your cock. If you feel like you’re going to cum, you’d better tell me. I swear, if you cum, you’re going to deal with the consequences, Billy. Understand?”

Billy shook his head yes as he stared at his sister’s huge tits swaying back and forth as she moved. He closed his eyes in an effort to control himself. Seeing her was too much for him. Billy was both immensely enjoying this and totally frustrated by it. He told Carla he was going to cum several times, and she stopped moving each time, causing him to squirm and beg. When the intervals became increasingly close, Carla abruptly jumped up off of Billy, declaring that she was finished for the night.

“Fuck. Please Carla. You can’t leave me like this. This is crazy,” Billy pleaded.

“Go ahead and cum,” she told him. “You can do that while I’m discussing your behavior with our parents,” she said with a grin.

“How long is this going to go on for, Carla?”

“Until I’m happy that you’ve learned your lesson, little brother.”

Billy groaned and rolled over for a night of fitful sleep, while Carla headed into the shower. The removable shower head came in handy, as Carla came three times in just a few minutes. Unlike Billy, Carla slept very well.

The next day, Billy went for a long hike in the mountains, returning around dinner time. Carla was relaxing on the couch watching a movie when he walked into the house.

“Hi, little brother. Did you have fun on your hike?”

“Yeah. I needed it. Carla…listen…about last night.”

“Funny you should mention that, Billy. Mom and Dad went out to dinner with the Kanes tonight. They won’t be back until midnight. What do you say we barbeque some dinner and pick up where we left off, huh?” She gave him a huge smile and a peck on the cheek.

Billy sighed and went into the kitchen for some water. After they had eaten, Carla led Billy into the bedroom and asked him to strip down naked. His shorts came off last, and he was already sporting bursa evi olan escort a throbbing erection.

“Oh, my, Billy. You know what? I think you like me teasing you,” Carla said as she grabbed his stiff cock and gave it a couple yanks. “Look at how excited you are and we haven’t even gotten started yet. Does your big sister excite you, Billy?”

Carla pulled off her t-shirt and shorts and stood in front of her brother in just a bra and panties.

“Come undo my bra, Billy.”

Billy walked over and undid the front clasps, and her huge tits sprung free. Carla grabbed his hands and put them onto her tits.

“You’ve been thinking about these for a long time, haven’t you Billy? I’ve noticed you staring at them an awful lot. Do they feel like you imagined they would,” she asked.

Billy licked his lips and nodded his head.

“Take off my panties, Billy.”

Again, Billy obeyed, sliding her panties down her long legs and removing them.

“Go ahead, Billy. Smell them and lick them. You seem to like doing that.”

Billy stared into her eyes and did as she asked. Once again, her panties were soaking wet.

“Now…kneel down in front of me and smell my pussy, Billy. But no touching. After all, you are my brother,” she teased.

Billy dropped to the floor and breathed her in deeply, moaning with pleasure and need.

“Okay. Lay down on your back on the floor. Same rules as yesterday, Billy.”

Once again, Billy did as she asked. He wanted her so very badly. As much as he needed to cum, this torture was exquisite. Carla again placed her cunt on top of his stiff cock and started to rock back and forth. Just as she had the night before, he noticed that Carla was dripping and oozing all over his cock. She was soaked. He had a notion that she wanted him to fuck her as badly as he wanted to. He had a plan, and it was time to put it into effect.

Carla was obviously enjoying the ride, and she got a bit reckless with how far she was moving as she slid back and forth on his cock. Billy sensed that she was actually getting close to cumming, and wasn’t paying close enough attention to where his cock head was. As she moved forward one time, Billy thrust his hips down just a bit father and shifted his position slightly. It was just far enough for her pussy to slide past the head of his cock. It was no longer under her, but positioned right behind her wet cunt. When she rocked back again, the head of his cock pierced her lips and popped inside her, causing her to gasp and open her eyes and mouth wide. Before she could move again, he thrust his hips up and slid about halfway inside her. She stared at him in disbelief as she felt waves of pleasure wash over her. Still, she tried to squirm away, but he now grabbed her hips, and, staring into her eyes, held her in place.

“Billy…let go of me,” she commanded.

“What’s the matter, Sis? I guess you got a little careless there, huh? How does it feel to have your brother’s big cock inside you?”

“Stop it Billy. Now,” she cried.

“No Carla. I’m not going to stop. I’m going to fuck you. When I’m done, you can tell anyone you want to. In case you were wondering, that’s only about half my cock inside you right now. Imagine how the other half is going to feel.”

She couldn’t break free from his grasp, and she could feel his cock throbbing inside her. The more she squirmed and struggled, the better it felt. She had lost control of the situation, and with every movement her resolve dissipated. She looked down at her handsome brother, muscular and needy. Something snapped inside her, and she succumbed to her brother. The only thing she could think of was how it would feel to have the rest of him buried inside her. She willingly stopped fighting and lowered herself the rest of the way down onto his magnificent cock. She paused at the bottom to enjoy the feeling of being as full as she was, then began to slowly rock back and forth on his cock. Understandably, it took Billy almost no time to groan and unload a torrent of cum into her needy snatch. The feeling of her insides being bathed in his cum made her cum too.

Billy wasted no time flipping her onto her back. He positioned her legs on top of his shoulders and plowed into her cunt. Billy was the one that was in control now. He fucked his sister senseless, being quite rough with her. Carla had never been fucked like this, and was enjoying every second of being pounded by her brother. Billy stopped fucking her and pulled his cock out. He stood up and grabbed his sister by the hair, rubbing his cock all over her face.

“Suck bursa rus escort it, Carla,” he commanded.

She took him into her mouth and sucked him, stroking his cock with one hand as she did. After a few minutes, he pulled her head back by the hair he still had a hold of, and came on her face all around her nose and lips and chin. He used the head of his cock to smear his cum into her mouth and onto her outstretched tongue, making sure she cleaned up every bit.

Carla collapsed onto the bed, lying on her back and staring at her brother. She was breathing heavily and her head was swimming with all that had gone on. She had thought she would be in control of him, but he had turned the tables on her. She no longer cared. All she wanted was for her brother to fuck her some more.

“Oh my God, Billy. Holy shit. I had no idea that my little brother could fuck like that.”

“You have fucking teased me for years, Carla. I’m done with that shit. I’m going to fuck you whenever and wherever I want. You are going to be my slut. It’s payback time.”

Rather than concern her, his words thrilled her. Her cunt was throbbing and needy again. She licked her lips and looked up at him.

“How about now, Billy? Do you want to fuck me some more now?”

Billy just grinned at his sister and got between her legs.

“I want to see how your cunt tastes first,” he replied. “I’d much rather taste you like this than by licking your panties,” he said as he covered her quivering cunt with his mouth. Billy started by taking long licks from the bottom of her slit up to the top, kissing her swollen clit each time he reached it. Carla was moaning with pleasure, pulling at his hair with one hand and pinching one of her nipples with the other. He wiggled his tongue in and out of her pussy, tasting the tangy, pungent flavor that he had come to know from her panties. Carla watched her brother as he ate her, which drove her need to cum again.

“Fingers, Billy. Use your fingers,” she pleaded.

Billy looked up into her eyes as he slipped two fingers inside her, then added a third. He started fucking her with them, covering her clit with his mouth and drawing circles on it with his tongue. It didn’t take very long for Carla to pull Billy’s face hard against her cunt as she climaxed again.

Billy didn’t give her a chance to recover from her orgasm. Rather, he flipped her over onto her hands and knees and slid his cock into her from behind. Carla let out a gasp and buried her face into the pillows as Billy slammed into her again and again. She was nearly howling with pleasure as her brother used her cunt for his pleasure. She was in such a state of arousal that she came three more times before Billy finally grunted and filled her well fucked cunt with his cum again.

They had just finished when they heard their parents walk into the house. They each quietly slipped into their beds, and a moment later, Emily opened the door and looked inside the room.

“Are you kids up,” she asked?

Carla rolled over and looked at her mother.

“Hi mom. I’m up. I just got into bed.”

Emily looked at Carla and then at Billy, who was feigning sleep.

“Are you okay? It smells kind of funny in here,” said Emily as she walked over and opened the window. The room reeked of sex, and Carla and Billy both knew it. Evidently, it seemed as if Emily did as well. She gave Carla a questioning look, and Carla shrugged.

“Sure, mom. Everything is fine.”

“What did you kids do tonight?”

“We had a barbeque and watched some television. Nothing that exciting,” said Carla.

“Okay. I’m beat. I’m going to head off to bed,” said Emily. She glanced over at Billy once more before she left. The sheets were covering him from the waist down, and he was shirtless. Between the wine she drank at dinner, the subliminal effect of the odor of sex in the room, and her stepson’s muscular body, Emily saw the sleeping Billy as an attractive, virile man for the first time. The thought made her cunt clench with need, and it shocked her.

She was suddenly a bit less tired, and decided to take a bath and make herself cum. For whatever reason, John had little interest in sex these days, and masturbation was Emily’s only relief. She ran the tub and lowered herself into it, relaxing and touching herself. Although she tried to fight the thought, she finally succumbed to a fantasy of Billy fucking her on the living room floor. She felt guilty afterword, but with the morning light she found that she couldn’t get the thought out of her head.

During the night, Carla had tiptoed over to Billy’s bed and straddled him, riding his cock to orgasm once again. With daybreak, as Emily lay in her bed struggling with her thoughts, Carla was stroking and sucking Billy’s huge cock for breakfast. Her brother was right about one thing. She was his slut, and she had no problem at all with that. In fact, she delighted in the idea, and it made her very needy indeed.

End of Part one.

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