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Tony has been managing the small marina for his uncle for the past seven years. Part of the property holds a small sailing school, focused mainly on teaching teens how to sail correctly.

It’s nearing the end of the summer, Tony is busy working on getting the seasonal bills together for the people who rent slips, he is working on the schedule to move boats into dry dock, and make the calendar for winter time repairs.

There is a knock on the door. Tony calls out, “Come in.” The door opens, and a head shyly appears from behind the door.

“Hi Tony, do you remember what today is?” a young, husky female voice asks.

Tony looks up to see Caroline, a very pretty young lady who has been in the teen program for the past few years. He has been watching her mature from an adorable 13 year old into a stunning young lady. Caroline is 5’10”, just about two inches taller than Tony himself. When he first met her, she was a 5′ tall, just barely blossoming teen, now she is a near knockout, with dirty blonde hair, pale blue grey eyes, legs that never seem to end, perky 36C breasts, and that throaty, sexy voice.

“I can’t say that I have any idea,” Tony answers honestly.

“Silly Willy, it’s my 18th birthday,” Caroline half states, half scolds Tony.

Tony laughs, and tries not to stare as Caroline slowly slides entirely into the small office. He notices that the temperature has jumped since he heard her voice. Or at least, it feels incredibly hot in the tiny space to him now. If she notices, Caroline doesn’t let on.

“Anyway, we are having cake and ice cream over at my daddy’s boat, and it would be pretty cool if you came over. My dad likes you, and I think my aunt will be there. You know, my SINGLE aunt,” Caroline continues.

“I don’t know, Caroline, maybe,” Tony answers. As badly as he wants to go, if for no other reason than to look at Caroline some more. Her aunt is cute, but she is no Caroline. Especially when Caroline is wearing a white summer dress that is so sheer that he can see her bright blue bikini under it, just as she is wearing right now.

“Ok. Well, we are doing cake at seven if you change your mind,” she says, and then she bounces back out the door.


Tony decides that the best thing to do is ignore the invitation. He lives in a small two room shack on the far side of the property. Rather than walk over to the docks and join the family on Caroline’s father’s boat, Tony pours himself a Jack and Ginger, and cooks himself a small steak to go with some salad greens that he picked out of his tiny front garden.

Sipping his drink, having finished his meal, Tony turns on the television. He is channel surfing, trying not to become engrossed in the bad reality television and the unfunny comedies that he comes across. In fact, the television is so bad, he is considering going to bed. Then he hears a knock on the door.

Getting up, in shock that anyone is knocking on his door at quarter past nine at night, Tony turns on the porchlight of his tiny abode. He looks out the window and is quite surprised to see Caroline Anadolu Yakası Escort standing on the small stoop.

Tony opens the door, and says hello. Caroline moves the piece of cake that she had been hiding behind her back and shouts surprise.

“What is this?” Tony asks.

“Well, since SOMEONE blew off my 18th birthday party, I figured I would bring him a piece of cake,” Caroline answers. “Isn’t he gonna let me in?”

“Oh, sure, sure, please, come on in, Caroline,” he stammers.

Caroline enters the small living room/kitchenette combo front room of the house. She has never been in here before, Tony generally doesn’t let anyone who has a boat on the property in, preferring to entertain women from the local gin mills over in town. People in the marina might get him fired, girls in town are not as dangerous.

“A girl only turns 18 once, you know,” Caroline continues, “Finally legal tender.” She giggles as she says that last line.

“What do you mean?” Tony stammers, half blushing, half in shock.

“Please, I have been watching you watch me for the past couple of years. I know from boys my age that I am cute, and I know you look at me like I’m a goddess. Don’t play so coy,” Caroline says, pretty emphatically.

“Maybe, but I am old enough to be your father.”

“But you are not my father,” she responds. “After all, my father has never had me forget to put my bikini bottom back on.”

Caroline lifts that cute sun dress to prove that she is, in fact, not wearing any bikini bottoms. Tony tries like hell not to stare at the young, moist labia that she is suddenly displaying.

“Maybe you should offer a girl a drink,” Caroline states as she lowers her dress and nods towards the bottle of Jack sitting on the end table.

“Sure, can I get you a jack and ginger ale?” Tony mumbles, partially in shock at the brazen pussy flash, and definitely aroused by the sight of her young lips.

“Skip the ginger,” Caroline answers.

Tony pours a big shot for each of them, and throws his down in a single gulp. Caroline takes a deep sip, coughing as she does so. “Smooth,” she coughs. Tony laughs, and pours himself a second healthy shot.

“Don’t get too drunk, honey, I am looking forward to getting my birthday present from you,” Caroline warns.

“But I didn’t get you anything,” Tony answers.

Caroline laughs, steps forward and kisses him firmly on the lips. He instinctively opens his mouth, and she slides her tongue between his teeth.

“Hmmmmm… I can taste the Jack,” she says, and then she steps back, and pulls her sundress completely over her head. Suddenly standing before Tony is the just of age girl of his dreams, wearing nothing but sandals and her bikini top. He tries, unsuccessfully, to not notice that her bronzed skin is still pale where her bikini bottoms should be.

“I cannot do this, you are just a kid,” Tony tries to explain.

“No, No NOOOO. I have been waiting for three years to turn 18, to be able to become a woman. I have not allowed boys to get past first base with me, Avrupa Yakası Escort not allowed a boy to see my vagina, to see my naked rear (Caroline turns and bends forward to show off her ass as she says that), to fondle my very cute boobs. They are very cute, aren’t they?”

“I am sure they are, but you are still much too young for me,” Tony continues to try to fight.

“I have not stayed a virgin so that you could say no when I finally came to let you take me.” Caroline steps forward again, and again presses her lips against his mouth, this time pushing her entire body tight against his. Caroline pulls one hand behind his head, her other hand sliding down to the front of his pants.

“I can feel the present that you have for me,” Caroline purrs as she feels his hardening penis. “I bet that you have a gorgeous penis.”


The Jack Daniels that Tony has been drinking really begins to kick in. He is feeling a little dizzy, and he is no longer interested in turning away the advances of this beautiful 18 year old blonde.

Caroline kisses him, and he is returning her kiss, his tongue sliding up into her mouth. She is pressing hard against his body, he can feel her hand rubbing against his cock through his khakis. His resistance continues to slip away, and he finds his hands wrapping around her tight, tight body. He slides his left hand slowly down her back towards her tight ass. He can feel her moan as she continues to French kiss him, moaning through their entwined tongues.

Tony’s right hand slips to the front of Caroline’s bikini top. With a quick flick of his index finger, her top opens, allowing her taut teen tits to explode out into the open. Instinctively, Tony breaks off his kiss to begin to lick and suck on those gorgeous globes. Caroline moans, and gets even more aggressive in rubbing his penis through his pants.

“We need to get these off,” Caroline moans as she tugs hard on his belt buckle. With Tony’s help, she gets his pants open and has them down around his knees. She slides to the floor, and takes him into her mouth. “I have never tasted a man before,” she moans, as she begins to give a blow job. Tony has had better blow jobs, to be honest, Caroline is definitely a newcomer to the world of sucking cocks, but he has never had a more beautiful woman sucking on him. That she is just today turning 18 and is a virgin just makes this blow job all the more special.

Tony finally grabs her hair and starts to pull her to her feet. He wants to feel himself inside of her. “Are you sure?” he asks, not sure if he could stop if she said no. But she did not say no, rather, she screamed, “God yes, Tony, please fuck me.”

And Tony slid into her, her tight virgin pussy offering resistance to his rigid manhood. He moves the two of them towards his couch, inching into her womanhood as he lays her down. He can feel her cherry give way moments after he lays her sweet, sweet ass on the sofa cushion. He goes slow, offering himself to her inch by inch. She moans incessantly, moaning in varying octaves as he puts more of himself İstanbul Escort into her.

When he finally is all in, Tony begins to rock in and out of her. Slow at first, letting her get used to feeling. “Harder, please, harder harder,” Caroline moans. Tony does as she asks.

After several minutes of pumping, Tony feels himself on the verge. “I’m about to cum,” he tells her, whispering those words into her ear as he leans down on her spectacular young body.

She gasps, and begins panting a song. Trying not to laugh as he begins to cum along with her, Tony listens to Caroline moan out, “Happy birthday to me.”


By the next morning, Tony and Caroline move into the bedroom. Before they finally wear themselves out completely, they have fucked three more times, she has given him another blow job, and he went down her. Her pussy tastes even sweeter than it looks to him.

“Well, that is my best birthday gift ever,” Caroline sighs after Tony cums for the final time as the sun begins to rise over the marina. “I mean, all my daddy gave me was a freaking BMW.”

Tony is glad he had cum already, as the manager of a marina, he will never be able to give Caroline a new car, or really any car at all. All he can give her is what he just did. But she came, too. And she is the one who came to him, who seduced him. Not that he was fighting her, hell, he had been having wet dreams of this sweet young sexy girl for nearly as long as he has known her. She was barely a teen the first time he looked at her ass, wishing he could feel it, wishing he could run his tongue down her legs. And for her birthday, she gave him that gift, the gift of her virginity. His gift was his cock, but he was the lucky one. He had long ago given up the idea of having sex ever again with an 18 year old, let alone with a virgin. And she gave him the opportunity to do both.


It’s been six months now. After that first night, Caroline ignored Tony for about eight weeks. Summer turned to fall, the boats all got pulled, the marina began its autumn maintenance projects. Caroline went back to her school.

Then Halloween came around. Tony keeps a small amount of candy in case any of the parents bring their kids around to trick or treat. Usually one or two do, Caroline’s father was never one of them. But to Tony’s surprise, at 8 pm on Halloween night, he had a knock on the door. Opening it, Caroline was there, dressed as a slutty schoolgirl (it was actually her prep school uniform, which she just shortened the skirt on and tied the blouse up seductively). They spent that entire night in bed together again, and that night, Caroline gave up her anal cherry to Tony. She did not go back to school in the morning, or in any of the days since.

Against daddy’s wishes, today is the day that Tony marries the girl of his dreams. Caroline spent the two months of ignoring him experimenting. She had sex with boys her age she thought were cute, she had sex with three of her teachers, one of whom was a woman. She had sex with three of her suitemates at the dormitory at the prep school. But she could not find anyone who made her as horny, made her cum, made her feel as much like a woman as Tony did. She is 18, damnit, and she is going to do what she wants. And what she wants is to marry Tony and have him cater to her every desire.

And that is all Tony wants as well.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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