Birthday Present

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I was attempting to write another story but this one sort of got in the way. Eventually I put the other aside and typed out this one. It is just a horny ramble but when I asked a friend to proofread it. It got her approval. “It got me wet.” So with a few modifications I am submitting it. By the way, any time I get a comment like that the story has done its job.

All of the usual warnings and disclaimers.


My fuck buddy Angela lay sweating when out of nowhere she asked, “Why have you never asked about a threesome with my girlfriend, Heather and Me?”

Lucky we were both lying on our backs catching our breath. Maybe she didn’t notice my pulse rate increase or my softening cock suddenly rise a bit.

I went with honesty, “Because what we have is fun and I am a guy.”

She rolled over on her side facing me and brought her leg up so it rested on my thigh. Her crotch ground into me as she asked, “Don’t give me that I’m a guy bullshit. What the fuck does that mean anyway? “

“Okay, you once said she has her guy and you have me. I am not going to try and upset that dynamic by asking to have her join us. Second, I have no idea what she looks like. She may be a double bag girl.”

Angela reached across my chest and pulled herself tighter to me, “He broke up with her. He wanted full time instead of a weekend fuck buddy. As far as her looks, what the hell is a double bagger?”

I pretend not to have heard the last question, “third, sex with you is wonderful, I’ll take all you’re willing to share.”

She kissed my shoulder, “That is for the compliment but if you don’t answer the question I’m gonna… “

While she thought of a punishment I answered the question, “A double bagger is one bag to cover her face and a second bag to cover mine just in case hers falls off.”

When her fit of laughter calmed she said, “I have to tell her that she is a double bagger. “

I rolled on top of her and slid my cock into her already well fucked pussy as a way of changing the subject.


A week later Angela showed up for our weekend at the usual time but she had someone with her. The second woman had a paper bag over her head and was wearing a trench coat. As soon as Angela had her friend inside she stripped off the trench coat to reveal a sexy woman probably late şişli escort twenties in age wearing a see through nighty and matching crotchless panties.

Angela announced, “Happy Birthday. But before you fuck us you have to put your bag on just in case the ugly girl looses hers.”

Heather giggled. I got the distinct impression no one had ever in her entire life even suggested she might be ugly. Angela seemed to think it perfectly fine to walk her into my bedroom.

Angela had Heather lay on her back with her ass on the end of my bed. Angela sat on the bed and pulled Heather’s right leg across her lap and pushed her left up onto the vacant spot opposite.

Angela continued, “She is a submissive and unless asked to speak she will be almost silent. She has not had any cock in three weeks and I have denied her of any orgasms for the last week. She is on a hair trigger and might go off if I just tell her to.” She reached down with both hands and spread Heather’s pussy lips, “Just look how wet she is for you. No foreplay, just put your sack over your head, pull your cock out and I’ll guide your cock into her. She has been STD tested just like we have. She has birth control implants so no worries there.”

I put the sack on my head and let Angela guide my cock into the velvety luxury of an extremely wet cunt. In three thrusts I was buried.

As I started fucking I heard Angela whisper, “Cum. Cum now. Cum hard.”

Silent my ass. Heather cut loose with a scream at full volume as her vagina clamped down so hard I was in pain. Then the scream cut short and her body began to convulse. She relaxed her vagina only to clamp down again thankfully not painfully but a very pleasant squeeze. Her vagina clamped and released about four more times and she went limp. I pulled off the bag over my head and found Angela grinning from ear to ear.

Angela praised, “That was fucking hot. I’ve never seen a woman cum before the guy was even sweating.”

I reached down and pulled the bag off of the unmoving girl. She didn’t even twitch, orgasmed into a faint. She could be the beautiful Angela’s twin but for a darker hair color.

We pulled her up the bed and got her head on a pillow then I stripped Angela and began to fuck her. She also was so wet I didn’t need to do any foreplay simply guiding my cock escort bayan into the folds and setting a comfortable tempo. As we bounced the bed I noticed Heather watching the look of pleasure on Angela’s face. Then she rolled on her side and kissed Angela on the cheek as she slid a hand between us. She got a finger on Angela’s clit and began to rub, occasionally sliding the finger down to collect moisture from the top of my cock.

Soon it was Angela’s turn to orgasim but I was ready this time and on the second orgasm induced contraction my cum spewed into her. Then it was the wonderful repetitive feeling of the cock twitching causing vagina to grip that causes cock to twitch.

What I was not expecting was Heather to push me over and crawl across Angela to begin licking my cock clean. After she finished I realized she had a hand cupping under Angela’s dripping vagina and with me clean she began lapping up the fluids in her hand as well as licking them from the source.

Angela’s moans of pleasure had me hardened for another bout in record time. So I moved behind the sexy Heather and played the tip of my cock up and down her folds. To my surprise just as I found her entrance she forcefully pushed her ass back dropping her shoulders between Angela’s knees. Burying my cock deep in her vagina in one motion.

Heather groaned and said to no one in particular, “God that feels good.”

Then she slowly started to move forward reaching back with one hand to coax me into following as she positioned herself to lick Angela in earnest.

I began a slow fuck. Counting in my head to maintain a pace that would tease more than please. In, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, grind, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, out, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, pause with just an inch inside, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, in…

She couldn’t take it, “Fuck me! You mother fucker. Fuck like you mean it!”

Angela looked over her back wide eyed in surprise at the outburst. Then threw her head back with a moan as Heather gave her a hard lick. For my part I set a better pace. The old 1, 2 with one being in and two being out. But every fourth I skip an out and do a hard grinding circle to ensure all of her vagina knows I have been there. Then just as she thinks she knows when to expect it I change to every third then every sixth then for a few beşiktaş escort I push in and grind then pull back a bit just to shove in as hard as I can and grind again. She doesn’t know if she wants to scream, yell or sing. But she does know she is being fucked. Because I keep breaking the rhythm Angela manages to orgasm first.

I change cadence to a sharp short stoke without pause and Heather cuts loose a loud yell, “Cumm-mming yea!”

We sort of sleep in a tangle of arms, legs, cock, tits and of course pussy.

My bladder wakes me first in the morning and after solving that and washing up a bit I start the coffee and mix up batter for pancakes. Dressed in a pair of boxers I am eating the first off the grill when a disheveled looking Heather peeked round the corner.

She had a one word question, “Coffee?”

I point to a bar stool on the other side of the kitchen island, “Sit, I’ll pour.”

She gives another monosyllabic answer, “Nude?”

Placing a hot cup on the island I grin, “You look good naked. If you stay naked I will fuck you again today. But first let’s eat.”

She tiptoes out and gingerly sits on a stool.

Heather sips half a cup before the next pancake is ready. Just as Heather takes a bite Angela peeks out, “where is… ” she trails off staring at Heather.

When Angelica recovers, “You’re eating while naked. The only thing you eat when naked is pussy or cock.”

With syrup dripping off of her lip Heather says, “He said he would fuck me later if I stay naked.”

Angela looks at me a moment then pulls off the panties she had put on before coming out of the bedroom. She tosses them at my face. I drape them over my shoulder as I cook another plate of pancakes. The girls share Heather’s plate so I just pile more on as they become ready, occasionally spearing a fork full for myself now and again.

After about three cups of coffee apiece and someplace between six and sixty pancakes both girls had syrup all over their chests. How much by accident or design I doubt anyone will admit but showering would be a group event today. There wasn’t really room for three so I stood outside and stuck an arm in so I could rub the fun parts as I found them. When they were clean the girls insisted on standing outside and with one arm each to assist in my getting clean.

I wonder if we can do this again in a couple of months when it is actually my birthday.

Many thanks to my anonymous proofreader from almost half way round the world. The second opinion helps a lot!

This story may or may not be continued.

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