Bishop takes Pawn

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Big Tits

I’ve been gone a while I know. I’ve had major writer’s block and I have lacked interest in writing recently. But a week ago I ran into an old male friend from High School who is now getting married to another man and he wanted me to come to his wedding since I’m to thank for this. I didn’t introduce the two but I am the one who showed the guy his bisexual side and ever since he has been with men more than women. I felt really happy about it and I wanted to write about what happened that night as it’s erotic and worth sharing and it reignited my passion for writing.

Quick update. I have been working on the Football orgy story since April and it’s almost done. It’s the first part of three parts and in this one there is major use of the F word (not fuck, the other one) but it’s used by a bully who ends up getting brutally fucked and learns that he is in fact gay himself but still has to learn his lesson in respect. If anyone has offense to that then let me know. I will try to cut it down but it plays into the story.

Now with that all out of the way. Please enjoy my retelling of what happened my senior year three years ago.


This was during a 3 day chess tournament and this was the end of day one. I was sharing a hotel room with the dude mentioned earlier who we’ll call Hunter. I’m just your average 6″1′ 215lbs guy with six pack abs and an average dick size of 6 inches flaccid, 8 1/2 inches hard (I’ve measured myself) and I just revealed my bisexuality recently at the time. I was 18 and so was Hunter. It was 11:00 pm and we were in our room. I had the bed while Hunter took a couch because he felt uncomfortable sharing a bed with another man. Hunter was 5″2′, 165 lbs and I soon learn possessed a 2 inch flaccid, 5 inch hard penis. Hunter was showering and I was lying naked under the bed sheets jerking off to bisexual porn. I heard the shower turn off but I didn’t care about it, I was too busy masturbating.

Hunter left the bathroom in a short towel and got very upset. “What the hell are you doing Robert?”

“Duh what does it look like I’m doing?” I said, “I’m jerking off to porn.”

“Why are you jerking off?”

“What kind of question is that? I’m horny and my girlfriend ain’t here so I gotta pleasure myself in some way, unless you wanna help?” I asked jokingly but slightly seriously.

“No because that shits wrong.”

“Suit yourself.” I said before I resumed pumping my dick.

“Why can’t you do that somewhere else?”

“I started in here alone and I’m already comfortable so I’m not leaving. I have no issue but do what’s more comfortable for you.” I said without taking my eyes off my phone.

“Whatever.” Hunter decided to get changed since I was entranced by my phone’s screen. As he walked by I saw his towel fall to the floor. I shot a glance his way and saw the back of his naked body. I put my phone down and continued to rub one out to the sight before my eyes. Hunter turned around and saw what I was doing and shouted “What the hell are you doing!?!?”

I smiled and sarcastically said “Enjoying the show” while still rubbing myself.

“Ewwww gross!”

“Shut the hell up. It’s not gross.”

“Yes it is!”

“How so?”

“Because you’re a guy and I’m a guy.”

“Your point?”

“THAT IS MY POINT! It’s wrong for a guy to be looking at another guy naked and start pleasuring himself to said guy.”

“It’s not wrong.”


“According to who?”


“Most of society is accepting of us bisexual and homosexual people.”

“And my parents.”

“Your parents aren’t smart if they think that.”

“How would you know?”

“Have you ever questioned your parents about something Kurtköy Escort they said and you didn’t agree with?”

“Yes I have a lot.”

“Well that means that your parents have bad opinions about most things and because you question them means you have common sense and you know what’s right and what isn’t. And deep down you know it’s just as okay to have feelings for a man or woman regardless of your gender. Your parents come from a time of racism and hatred for those not straight and they’re essentially still living from that time period. But you aren’t racist like them, so I know that you know it’s fine to be straight, bisexual like me, or gay. Don’t you know?”

“No one’s ever explained it like that before. I guess it is fine to be gay, or whatever you want. But I’m straight and not gay or bi.”

“I’m pretty sure you are either bi or gay.”

“And what long explanation do you have for that?”

“From the moment you caught me jerking off to you, you’ve had an erection.” Hunter quickly looked down and realized I was right and tried hiding it. “A straight man wouldn’t get hard just like you did.” I said while chuckling.

“That means nothing. I.. I.. I’m str… straight.”

“Well that’s your loss.”

Hunter was surprised. “What do you mean by that?”

“That girl you have a crush on, Heather, she only likes guys who are bisexual.”

“How do you know that?”

“She told me during the afterglow of the threeway I had with her and my girlfriend. A lot of the (18+) people at school are bisexual and we all often hangout, fuck, date, go out to eat and smoke weed with each other. You really get the best of both worlds when you have sex with a guy and gal at the same time. And if you were bisexual then I’d put it in a good word for you with her.”

“Well I guess you could put in a good word because I’m bisexual.” Hunter said removing his hands from his still apparent erection.

“Oh are you now?” I said sarcastically and he shook his head yes. “Well then to make sure you really are then you and I are going to have to fuck.” I said while stopping my masturbation and crossing my arms. Hunter suddenly looked very scared. “What’s the matter? Are you afraid of having to have sex with a man?”

“No it’s not that I just (mumbles).”

“What was that?”

“I said I’ve never had sex before period!”

“Seriously?” He nodded his head yes. “Come over here.” He walked over to the bed and I picked him up and placed him in the bed. “Let’s change that.” I said before I took all five inches of his dick in my mouth.

He didn’t object and was moaning so he was enjoying it. It took him two minutes though to cum in my mouth. I slurped it all up. “First off Hunter, never jizz until you tell the person you’re about to. Secondly, you need to learn self control control when Fucking so that you can enjoy it longer. And third, I’m going to teach you how to suck a dick.” And with that, I revealed my cock to him which made him gasp.

“Rob your penis is so big and beautiful.” Hunter said while drooling.

“Thank you Hunter. It’s actually not that big and please, call it a dick or cock. Now here’s what you’re going to do.” I went to my bag and got my dildo. I sat back on the bed to demonstrate how to give a proper blowjob. “In case you don’t know this is a dildo, girls use it to pleasure themselves and guys often use it will they masturbate. I use mine alone and with others. This is my travel dildo, my expensive vibrating one is at home. I’m going to show you how to give proper head then you’re going to practice what you learned with my dick. You ready?” I asked.

“I don’t know if I feel-” I silenced him with a kiss. I gave him a smile of reassurance. “Okay. I can do Maltepe Escort it.”

“That’s the ticket. Now first off you wanna start off with a little teasing.” I demonstrated by lightly brushing my tongue across the head of the dildo. “Follow that up with licking the length of the shaft and then sucking on each of the balls for ten seconds.” I slid my tongue up and down the shaft before taking each ball in my mouth. “Then you’re going to work your way back up the shaft towards the head and then ease the cock into your mouth.” I did just that and before I engulfed the fake dick I said “From here you can go nuts and do whatever but I’ll show you what I do.” And with that I plunged my mouth onto the dildo and started moving it in and out of my mouth and going to town on it, sometimes going fast and sometimes going slow only to work it back to a fast pace. I then deep throated the whole thing before taking it out of my mouth and leaving it on the night table. “Now you try.”

Hunter got on all fours and proceeded to replicate each step exactly. He sucked on each of my balls for 15 seconds instead and left each one with a ‘POP’ as he worked his way back to my tip. “How does my dick taste Hunter?”

“I’ve never sucked a dick before but it’s surprisingly tasty.”

“Well keep at it and I can assure you you’ll like the end result.” This made Hunter smile before taking my entire cock in his mouth. “Goddamn Hunter, you’re a natural born sword swallower. Not many men or women can take in an entire cock this long, not even my girlfriend, and she’s a slut for cock. Keep going.” He pulled off and started bobbing his head back and forth.

This continued for five minutes until I said “Okay Hunter, I’m great at resisting the urge to cum but since I’m teaching you this stuff, I’m going to stop holding back and proceed to cum. If you feel the need to stop sucking then go ahead. Get ready to taste your reward!” I grabbed him by his head and face fucked him hard and fast until I started jizzing. I was surprised that only a little bit left his mouth. “How was that.” I asked positively.

Hunter latched onto my dick once again to clean it of my spent cum and looked up to me with a cummy smile. “It was delicious.” I was happy with his enthusiasm and brought him in for a big sloppy kiss. “Now what will you teach me?” Hunter asked after breaking from the kiss.

“I’m going to teach you how to fuck. You’ve watched porn before right?” Hunter nodded his head. “Well now as you know you can fuck pussy mostly the same way you would fuck ass. But to see how much you know…” Due to the amount of times I have done this and since I did gymnastics, I rolled my legs and feet over my shoulders and finished saying “you’re gonna fuck my ass and afterwards I’ll tell you how you did and then give you a lesson by breaking in your asshole. Now come and fuck be Hunter baby.”

Hunter needed no more incentive to come and shove his dick in. First mistake, he didn’t prep me. Second mistake, he only used his hands to guide his dick in and dropped them to his sides. I wasn’t in pain since his dick was small but I enjoyed it nonetheless. He fucked my ass for three minutes before cumming. So many mistakes. I’m going to have to teach him all night if I have to how to fuck properly. Plus I didn’t even get to cum so that was annoying. “How’d I do?” Hunter asked after pulling out.

I sat up and gave him a kiss. I smiled and said “You didn’t do well at all, but that’s why we’re doing this, so you can learn. Now I’m going practice on you and your asshole, then you’re going to fuck me again with the new knowledge. Now lie on your back.” Hunter got on the bed and laid down. “Now you should have prepped me before going all in. Though since your dick isn’t Kartal Escort that big it wasn’t really a problem.” I said while walking to my bag.

“How do I prep you?” Hunter asked.

“With lube.” I said holding up the bottle. I walked over to him and started coating my fingers in it. “You should use it only when having anal and with your fingers. Ready?”

“Yes, I’m ready Rob.”

I stuck one finger in. “You should always gradually add a finger while going in and out so that the ass is fully prepared. With two can make a scissor sign which helps stretch the hole out.” I did the scissor motion then added a third finger and then a fourth. I could’ve gone all the way with anal fisting but I didn’t think, especially with my dick size, that I needed to rip open his asshole (I only do anal fisting when someone wants it or when my girlfriend would fuck others without me. I fisted her so hard once while I sucked off my friend Steven that she couldn’t sit straight for four days. I’m getting off track let’s continue the story).

While working his asshole Hunter said “Robert. I.. ow, it really hur..hurts.”

I used my free hand to grab his hand and reassure him that it was fine. “Don’t worry Hunter baby, it might hurt now but I promise that you will be feeling pleasure soon. If I didn’t prep you first then it would have been a less enjoyable experience. Trust me.”

“I trust you Robert. Also I really like it when you call me baby. I don’t know why but it feels really good.” Hunter said.

I pulled my fingers out and said “Sure thing Hunter baby.” I held my fingers app to his mouth. “Wanna taste yourself?” He grabbed my hand and throughly sucked each of his fingers clean. I pulled them away and asked “How was it?”

“I taste delicious.” Hunter said. I brought my cock up to his lips. He needed no instruction for this.

“In order for my dick to slide easily in and out of your now prepped hole, I’m going to use your saliva to go in and out of your ass.” I pulled my dick out from his mouth and he seemed upset about it at first. I put my dick in front of his hole. “Ready?”

“Yes babe, please fuck my ass.”

I slowly slid my dick into his ass as he groaned in discomfort. “I know it hurts but just wait. You’re going to get used to my rod in your ass and then you will enjoy it.” I slid out then I slammed back in.

“Ahhhhh. Fuck.” Hunter moaned.

“Just like a blowjob you can go fast or slow.” I said. I slid into his asshole once again and then I brought it to a mild pace.

“Mmmm. Uh. Fuck. Fuck. Ohhhh. Yes. Yes yes. Yes.” Hunter’s pain started to become pleasure. I continued sliding in and out at a slow pace until Hunter said “Faster.” I started going a bit faster.

“Faster.” I started going fast.

“Faster!” I went faster.

“Fucking Faster!” I pushed him up against the beds headboard and Fucked him so hard my dick was bursting with precum.

“FUCK ME FASTER BABY!” Hunter shouted as I started fucking him at the speed of bullet train at max speed. “FUUUUCCK YYEE-” I didn’t want to get a noise complaint so I pushed my lips onto his and fucked him to completion. “Mmmmmmmmmm” he moaned into my mouth as he ejaculated all over our bodies.

“Yeah. That’s right. Take my dick. Take it! TAKE IT!” I shouted as I plunged my cock as deep as I could into his ass and came. We laid there in a gentle embrace. I was happy that I could spread my wisdom to someone that I was able to reveal their true self towards.

I looked down at Hunter who had his head lying my chest as he quietly slept with a smile on his face. I decided to let him sleep and we could continue in the morning. I reached over and turned off the lamp and pulled the covers over us. I kept my dick in ass so I wouldn’t disturb him. I gently kissed him on his forehead then I drifted off to sleep while cuddling him.


That’s it. Well there’s actually a part two to the story so if you guys want me to write about it then let me know. Have a good day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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