Bitch in Heat

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He saw her get off her bike and lock it up, a smile on his face, feeling slightly aroused as he thought about what he had planned. He was impatient for her and wished she would hurry up through the building to their flat. Hearing footsteps he waited at the door and hearing the rattle of her keys he swung the door open and pulled her through. She stared at him with wide eyes, she fearing it had been someone she didn’t know. He looked at her face and licked his dry lips, dry through anticipation. He bent to her neck and took a deep breath. He murmured, “That smell… Oh Heaven.”

“It’s sweat, let me go have a shower. It’s the deodorant.”

“No.” He said sternly. She looked at him with fear again. She saw a look of hunger in his brown eyes. Inside he felt like a dog with a bitch on heat. He had waited a long time to have sex with her just after she had got home, before she could shower and wash away the smell of exercise. Her look of fear relaxed and she eyed him more, “Come with me into the shower then if you must.”

“No, here, now.” He drew her to him, not letting her go.

“Let me take my coat off…”

He shook his head before kissing her on her wet lips. Coming up from her coat was the smell of the damp outdoors and he felt himself becoming even more aroused. He pressed his tongue through her lips and into her mouth, teasing hers with his. A hand moved down her Gaziantep Escortlar back and underneath her trousers waistband and under her knickers. She closed her eyes as she moaned softly and wrapped her arms round him.

She was pressed so close to him she could feel him rising under his own trousers. She began to become aroused as well. Wanting him to do more she stepped away from him just to take her coat off and then her t-shirt. He stopped her there, murmuring, “No further. Let’s go slowly.”

He bent his head and gently kissed her lips and then moved to her throat, making her smile and close her eyes again. The kisses moved down to her cleavage, where her cross lay between her breasts. She felt his hands swept up her back and softly unclip her bra. He drew it away from her, revealing her breasts, creamy, the colour of hidden skin, unlike the rest of her tanned body. He pushed her up against their flat’s door and with one hand locked the door while the other took one of her breasts into his hand, softly rubbing it while his lips whispered over her other, his tongue brushing against her damp skin and twisted itself round her nipple. He felt her breasts hardening as he massaged each in turn in his hand, massaging hard with a violent tenderness.

Her hands when for the buttons of his shirt and undid a few before slipping her hands in to touch his chest, rubbing the skin with her thumbs hard. He moaned into her breast. Her hands withdrew and pulled his shirt from his trousers before slipping her hands in and finding his penis, teasing it.

His hands left her breasts and moved down to her waistband and undid her trousers. His lips remained on her breasts, his tongue softly moving over them, tasting the sweat of her exertions. He could feel her rapid breath on his lips and he smiled as her chest rose up and down.

He knelt before her and slipped her trousers down her legs, taking her knickers with them. She held her hands on his shoulders as he kissed her calves and then moved to her inner thighs. They crept up and then his tongue was slipping into her opening, sweeping over her clit, tasting her. His hands were around her buttocks, holding her up as she was sure she was about to drop to the floor from all that she was feeling. His nose brushed through her pussy making her moan and push herself into his face. He murmured, “Not yet.”

“Please, I…” She moaned. She pulled him up and he obeyed though his fingers moved to her opening, rubbing her so hard she felt she was becoming swollen. She moaned again but her hands were rapidly undoing his trousers. They dropped to the floor and this boxer shorts followed. Her lips were on his chest, kissing him, feeling the few hairs that were on it. Her hands had hold of his hardening cock, rubbing it, making it harder than it had been. He moaned into her hair and closed his eyes. She mumbled, “Do so now then.”

“No, not yet.”

“If you won’t I will.” She said harshly into his chest, feeling tears welling up in her feeling of desperation, wanting him desperately, so much more than she had ever felt before. She felt his fingers move further into her and she gasped and gulped. He felt her wetness all over his fingers and not wanting her to have an orgasm before him he pressed her up against the door again as he withdrew his fingers from her opening.

She still held on to his hard cock and guided it between her thighs. He drove his penis inwards as she wrapped her legs round him, holding on to him as he thrust harder into her, pushing her hard up against the door. His lips were on her throat again and her head was up as she moaned and then cried out, “Harder, fuck me, come on, I know you can do it.”

Her hands were round his buttocks as she pushed on them, forcing him deeper into her. She rammed her hips into his and he moaned. She shuddered as she felt herself finally satisfied by him, reaching her orgasm with all her feelings exploding inside her and over his diving penis, though he was still going, plunging as deep as he could into her. She let him finish and he forced himself deeper than he had ever thought he could go, his hands pushing her into him so he could. Finishing, he gasped hard in unison with her as she placed shaking feet on the floor…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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