Black Magic

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Part 1: Black Magic

I am a member of an athletics club and run at 5 and 10K. There are a number of really gorgeous black guys in the club. Most are sprinters with wonderful, well built sprinters bodies. One in particular is absolutely stunning and I have fancied him ever since I first saw him. Lincoln is about 22 and well over six feet tall. He has broad shoulders, rock hard chest muscles, a beautiful slim waist and lovely, sculpted leg muscles. His skin is dark, dark brown, almost ebony. He looks unbelievable as his skin shines with sweat after he has raced or trained. He trains in tight lycra one piece suits that just emphasise every ripple of his gorgeous body. His lovely cock is also perfectly outlined and I spend so long watching this vision train and work out. I have been in the shower with him a few times and wasn’t able to take my eyes of his god-like body as he soaped himself down. I didn’t know if he realised how much a fancied him, I was hardly very discreet, but he never gave me any sign.

We knew each other reasonably well and travelled back from a meeting in the north of England sitting next to each other on the team coach. Lincoln had come second in a 200 metre sprint in a very tough race. He was complaining that he got a lot of shoulder pain after training. Realising my chance I said what he needed was a good massage to ease the strain in his body. The thought of oiling his stunning body and rubbing his hard, sculpted muscles was something I had fantasised about many times before. I felt my cock growing hard as I talked to him. I prayed he didn’t glance down to my lap and see how turned on I was.

I said that I had done a short massage course during the previous summer and I would be happy to help him out He readily agreed so we arranged for me to come round a few days later. My heart raced with the thoughts of my naughty, delicious fantasy coming true.

When I got home that night I raced to my bedroom, got undressed and pulled on a tight black lycra leotard. The leotard was absolutely skin tight and hugged my hard, horny body. My seven inch cock, now rock hard bulged out under the material, my aching balls were outlined underneath. I ran my hand slowly up and down my chest and over my cock and balls, running my figures between my legs. I admired myself in the full length mirror and relished the pressure of the straps over my shoulders and under my arms. I pushed my ass out a little and ran my hands over my hard bum. I felt so horny it was unbelievable. I just wanted Lincoln to be there now, to fuck me and screw me until I screamed. My cock leaked precum as a rubbed it again. I stood there looking at myself in the mirror, my cock hard and leaking precum into the material and my balls aching, working, rubbing my cock wanting to be fucked until … I came hard and strong, cum leaking under the material making it wet, sticky and slick. I went and lay on the bed and put my hand under the material, scooping up my come on to my fingers. I put them to my mouth and sucked tasting the salty sweetness and dreaming of Lincoln, wishing it was his come I was tasting in my hot mouth.

The following Wednesday I found myself cycling around to Lincoln’s flat. My heart racing and my cock semi hard as it had been all day, thoughts of Lincoln’s beautiful black body and a sensual massage never far from my mind. I knocked on his door, my pulse going mad and my body shaking slightly with fear and anticipation. Lincoln opened the door. He was wearing just a pair of very tight skimpy white swimming shorts, almost shining against his ebony skin. His cock and huge balls were outlined underneath his knickers. My eyes devoured his luscious body. I felt myself growing hard. I was wearing just a pair of skin tight black lycra running shorts and a tight short white tee shirt, stretched across my broad chest. My erect nipples and hardening cock jutted out under my clothes. Lincoln smiled as he looked me over.

“Come in” he said “I’ve been looking forward to this…”

As I walked into the flat, Lincoln smiled at me. I just ran my eyes over his beautiful body, looking at his rippling muscles and the bulge of his cock and balls under his white, tight knickers. I imagined how much I wanted him, how much I longed for that cock thrusting in and out of my ass or my mouth, his hot come inside me. I was hard already under my lycra shorts, Lincoln looked me up and down and smiled as his noticed my arousal. I didn’t care, I just wanted him and I wanted him to know it.

He walked to the bathroom to pee before we began. He just the door but it remained slightly ajar. Through the opening I Tuzla Escort saw him with his back to me. He slipped his knickers down his legs slightly and I saw his firm hard ass as he peed. He finished and walked out of the bathroom towards me. I saw he was also hard under his pants, a spot of pee or precum against the white of his knickers. My heart raced as I noticed his arousal.

He walked to the bedroom and lay down on the bed as I prepared my massage oils, my hands trembling with excitement. He slipped his knickers off and lay face down on the bed waiting for me to begin. I climbed on the bed next to him and began to rub the oil into his hard muscled back, relishing for the first time the feel of his body that I had imagined for so long. The excitement built and built in my horny body, my cock strained against the material of my lycra shorts and I noticed a small stain of precum beginning to form.

As I rubbed Linc’s body he moaned slightly with pleasure and told me how good it felt. I carried on as best I could distracted by my own arousal, my body aching with want for him and the ache of desire in my cock and balls. Lincoln carried on telling me how good it was, which only turned me on more. I worked down hi back getting closer to that hot, black ass I wanted so much. I wanted to kiss him, lick him, to slip my tongue down the crack of his gorgeous ass and lick and lick until he was good and lubed and then slip my aching cock inside him.

All the while the sexual tension in the room built as we both got turned on more and more. Eventually Lincoln turned over to look at me. His cock was fully hard and wet with precum. He looked at me and said “I want you naked bitchboy”.

I pulled off my t-shirt and shorts and sat next to him on the bed hot with desire just wanting to be fucked by this gorgeous black guy.

“You know what to do fagboy” he said.

I knelt down over his cock and immediately began to lick him, to run my tongue over his head and the wet eye of his meat. I licked under the rim of his massive hard erection and down the shaft to his aching balls, running my tongue over his hard, swollen balls and slavishly liked him so his cock was hard and wet with desire. Then I moved back to the head of his cock taking him slowly for the first time into my mouth. Gently I pulled the head of his cock into my mouth, sucking him slowly, hardly touching him as he moaned with desire and as I tasted the salty sweet taste of his precum. I began to draw him deeper into my mouth, straining around the size of his erection, my hands cupped the cheeks of his ass or ran up over the hard muscles of his body.

He pulled out of my mouth just before he came inside me. He turned me onto my stomach and went round the back of me.

“I’m gonna fuck your pretty bum now faggotboy”he said.

“Oh god yes please “I moaned.

He slipped his erection, slick, hot and wet, to my aching asshole. Gently he forced himself into me, a few inches at the time. I cried out as the pain and pleasure mingled, as I relished finally been made love to by this guy I had worshipped for so long.

He rocked in and out for a few minutes pumping me as his arousal built.

“You’re mine now queer boy” he said “you’re my girlfriend slave”.

“God, please yes” I cried “fuck me please you can do anything to me”.

I was totally subservient to him, I wanted him just to screw me, abuse me, and fuck me until I screamed. He pumped and pumped until he was fully inside me.

The bed bounced as we screwed together.

His breathing quickened as he got closer. He began to scream out as his orgasm came. I felt him shoot inside me, like a flood, his hot sweet cum filled me up. He pumped my ass more as the cream flowed inside me. I cried out through the tears of pleasure as I came as well, hot sticky cream flowing all over the bed covers.

We collapsed together as our arousal subsided. I lay, still with Lincoln’s semi-hard cock inside me and his cum dribbling into my ass. Lincoln had his arms around my waist. As we lay together he whispered.

“You’re mine now girlboy, you’re my slave girl and I am gonna do exactly what I want with you”.

I smiled, he’d got me, just like I’d always dreamed of. I do whatever he wanted. My body was his now.

Part 2: Being Paula

I had been Lincoln’s lover for about a month when he called me and asked me to come across to his flat one day. As I never disobeyed any of his instructions I quickly dressed as he liked me to (lycra shorts and tight Tshirt) and drove round to his flat. During our time together Anadolu Yakası Escort I had become such a willing slave to him, letting him use my body for whatever pleasure he wanted and slavishly pleasuring him. I loved being dominated by a beautiful black guy, fulfilling a fantasy I had for so long.

When I arrived at Lincoln’s flat he was dressed in a pair of tight white pants. I looked over his muscled, ebony body once again, relishing the torture and exquisite abuse I was to endure to make my lover happy. I would do anything for him and he knew it. We kissed and I told him how much I had been missing him and looking forward to seeing him, how excited I was at the prospect of making him happy again. My cock was rock hard under my skin tight shorts and I placed his hand on my bulging, rubbing it up and down. I could feel his nine inches, solid under his pants as he pushed closer to me. I could tell he was even more horny than normal by the way his breathing was fast and shallow before we had even begun to make love.

We broke our kiss and he began to tell me that his girlfriend Paula was going to be away for a month. Paula was a beautiful, slim blonde woman of 26 who was a very talented runner. She was going to Switzerland for some scientific training programme run at a university there. I had met Paula on a number of occasions and she knew Lincoln and I were lovers. She was cool about that because she was bi as well and had a female lover who was going to Switzerland with her.

“While Paula’s away” Lincoln said, “I’ve decided that you will be Paula. You’ll dress like her and act like her and be a good little bitch for me. What d’ you say?”

I just looked at him, my body filling up with excitement.

“I want to be the best girlfriend for you” I replied.

“OK, first of all you’d better dress like her. Open that drawer” he said.

I went across to the drawer and pulled it open. It was full of Paula’s underwear. Lincoln came across and pulled out a pair of stockings and a suspender belt, both black and lace trimmed.

“I think you’ll look pretty in these, put them on” he ordered.

I pulled off my shorts and T shirt and stood naked in front of him. My cock almost bursting. I hooked the suspender belt around my waist and slowly pulled up the stockings around my legs. I felt the static crackle as the stockings firmed around my smooth legs (Lincoln liked me to wax them for him). While I did that I saw Lincoln pulling out other items of underwear for me. I clipped the stocking tops into place and stood up facing him, my aching cock and swollen balls framed by the black material of the stockings and suspender belt.

He handed me a pair of white panties and told me to put them on. They were bikini style with a small triangle of cotton material, edged in lace trim at the front and a slightly larger triangle at the back. I trembled with excitement as I took them off him, imagining Paula wearing them for him. I slid them over one foot and then the next and bent down to pull them up. My ass stuck out a little and strained against the straps of the suspender belt. I slowly slid the panties over my stockinged legs, almost fainting as the cotton slid over the nylon of the stockings. I slid them up over my hips and in place over my cock, now leaking precum. The panties just managed to fit over my cock with jutted out underneath and strained against my ass. They felt wonderful, the tight pressure on my cock as the triangle of cotton strained and the feel of the thin straps across my hips turned me on more.

Lincoln handed me a very tight matching camisole top which I pulled into place over my chest. Paula had very small breasts so the cami fitted beautifully. Now for the finishing touch. Lincoln handed me a beautiful, sheer and very short silk dress of Paula’s. I had seen Paula wearing it and thought how sexy she looked. Now it was my turn. I pulled the dress over my head and smoothed it into place over my body. The dress was tight all the way down my chest, sides and over my hips but fitted well. I pulled the hem down to pull the dress tight. I was taller than Paula so the dress came up a little shorter on me. It just covered the tops of the stockings, my panty covered balls just an inch under the hem.

Lincoln walked around me admiring his creation, gently stroking the material covering my ass. I felt so feminine, so seductive, I was determined to make love to him more slowly, more sensuously than anyone had ever done before.

“Very pretty” he said. “Now you know what to do. Start behaving like a girlfriend”.

I İstanbul Escort smiled and walked towards him. I draped my arms around his powerful shoulders and gently, slowly kissed him. Our lips moved together for ages as our kiss built in intensity, slowly, sensuously, gently and erotically I kissed his lips before easing my tongue into his gorgeous mouth, giving him the longest slowest French kiss ever. I was his girlfriend now. It felt as though I was seducing my black lover for the first time.

Our bodies moved gently together as we continued to kiss.

I murmured “God, I love you Lincoln. I’m going to be the best girlfriend you ever had”.

His hands dropped to my bum and gently squeezed. Our cocks rubbed together though the material as our bodies moved to the sensuous rhythm. I wanted to really seduce him, to get his hard cock wet and horny so he could really make love to me. My hand dropped to his groin where his meat was straining against the material of his skimpy cotton pants. I gently rubbed my fingers up and down the length of his cock, barely touching him, just rubbing my fingernails lightly over the material. He moaned with desire as I continued to play with him. I gently cupped his swollen aching balls in my fingers and gave them the gentleist squeeze as we continued our sensual embrace and erotic French kiss.

Finally, the hardness under my hands got too much. I knelt down in front of him and started to kiss and lick his flat, hard stomach, working my way down to his crotch. I planted kisses over the material of his knickers, feeling the aching pulsing flesh I longed for so much, underneath. Lincoln’s breath became shorter as I continued to run my mouth over his hard cock, feeling the excitement and the smell of sex coming off him.

Eventually I hooked my fingers under the band of his pants and slowly slid them down his legs. I saw what I had been dreaming about all night, his long, black cock, hard and erect with desire for me. I closed my eyes and slowly licked him, telling him how much I loved, him, how I wanted to be his woman. I ran my tongue over the wet eye of his cock, drinking in the salty, sweet precum. Gently I cupped the tip of his cock with my lips and ran my tongue over the head again. I wanted this to last forever so I ran my tongue down the length of his cock again and licked his balls. My hands cupped his firm, round ass while a finger slid into his crack and gently played with his asshole. I was seducing my lover, slowly and sensuously, submissive like a real girl would. Meanwhile my own cock pushed against the lace trim of my panties and the skirt rode up over my ass exposing my panties.

I took the head of Lincoln’s cock into my mouth for the first time and drew him into my mouth as deeply as he would go. I felt his cock touch the back of my mouth as I sucked his firm meat. Gently I eased him half way out again, increasing the pressure as my lips ran over the thick stem of his meat. I continued this torture for ages, slowly easing of when I felt his excitement growing and an orgasm approaching. I didn’t want him to come in my mouth, not tonight. He had to screw my pussy/ass tonight. I stopped sucking him and looked up at him towering above me.

“Fuck me, please”. I said.

Lincoln led me to the bed and laid me down on my stomach. He put some pillows in a pile and shoved them under my waist so my ass was raised, half exposing the panties that covered my aching asshole. He climbed on the bed behind me and hooked his fingers under the straps of my panties, sliding them down my thighs. I gasped in anticipation of the pleasure and pain to come.

I closed my eyes as I felt him ease his cock into my waiting hole. He was so hard and wet that he slipped in easily. I gasped as the muscles of my ass closed around him. Slowly he eased five or six inches of his cock inside, the thick girth straining my ass muscles as I closed around him. Slowly the pain gave way to pleasure as he started to rock as he pulled himself in and out. His hands grasped my hips firmly, now he was really making love to me. He was so horny I knew he wouldn’t last long. After about a minute he let out a shout and I felt a jet of hot, thick cum shoot in my ass. I felt myself hot inside as he pumped my ass full of his cream, moaning and shouting as he did. It was all to much for me. The feeling of my cock jammed against the soft cushions and Lincoln coming inside me made me come. I bucked as a shot of hot cum leaked out of my cock and inside Paula’s dress. I came again and again as Lincoln’s still hard cock worked my ass. Eventually Lincoln calmed down and pulled his limp, dripping cock out of my ass, dripping cum and down the back of my legs and Paula’s stockings.

I lay on the bed, exhausted, my ass aching and Paula’s panties around my thighs as Lincoln’s cum ran down the back of my legs and mine leaked all over the inside of Paula’s pretty, silk dress.

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