Black Tie Event Pt. 02

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Please read part 1 of this story for information about the characters and how we got to where we are now.

This story has been edited by Stephen7Redo. As usual he has done a great job in helping the story flow and making sure I don’t to side tracked.


After dinner the band start to play and several couples moved out onto the dance floor. I took a sip from my drink and then grabbed Deborah’s hand.

“Would you like to dance, madam?”

“Certainly, my gentleman sir,” she said with a bright smile.

We made our way out to the somewhat already crowded dance floor to a slow song so I took her into my arms and pulled her close to me. With her in those tall high heels I was able to feel her breasts against my chest as I laid my hand on the small of her back.

“Deborah, you really do look so beautiful in this dress. You have to be the prettiest woman here,”

I said as we turned gently bumping into another couple beside us. It was that older woman from our table and her husband. She actually gave me a wink!

“Why thank you, I appreciate the kind words,” Deborah returned stroking her warm hand along my neck. “But I see you are getting plenty of looks from many of the other women here tonight.” That said, she patted me on the cheek, almost as if it were a slap to scold me for being handsome.

I immediately had the thought from earlier that Angela had told her about our playing under the table. As if on cue my gaze over Deborah’s shoulder fell on Angela staring at us from that table. I could also feel my erection had grown again as I held Deborah close and felt her warm body push closer into me still. It was then I made a mental note to myself to send Carlos a thank you card for the extra room in my pants. It allowed my cock to get erect but not to bulge outward where people would notice it. Only I’m certain Deborah felt it as we danced to a couple of more songs.

After the last one, Deborah tugged on my hand, “Look over at our table. Angela and her husband Neil are the only ones not out here on the dance floor.”

“I hadn’t noticed,” I lied. Well it wasn’t a total lie. I had noticed Angela but not her husband.

“Let’s go get them out here,” she pulled me toward the table. “I know for a fact Angela is quite fond of you.”

I almost tripped over my two big feet at that comment. But Deborah kept on tugging and I kept on following. We had no sooner reached our table than Deborah released my hand and put both of hers on her hips in a superior pose. “Come on you two, you know everyone is required to dance at our annual gala.”

“Since when?” Neil asked.

Angela just looked up at me.

“Since I just made up the rule,” Deborah still stood there defiantly.

“Well, we don’t do a lot of dancing,” Neil sat up in his chair, I swear giving Deborah more than a subtle look up and down in that form fitting black dress of hers.

“Just get up you two. Neil you join me out on the dance floor,” she reached out and grabbed his hand and pulled him up.

“Sure, why not,” Neil said, and then looked back at his wife with a smile and a shrug of his broad shoulders.

Before Deborah practically dragged him out on the floor she looked at me and mouthed ‘Go’ while she nodded back at Angela.

I looked back at the woman and saw her looking up at me with a grin on her face, those bright red lips practically calling to me without moving at all.

“Well that just leaves the two of us, would you care to dance with me?” I offered.

“Of course I would love to, but you know I want to do more than dance with you Aaron,” she responded and added a wink.

“Well, for now all you’re going get out of me is a dance or two if you’re lucky,” I said boldly and extended my hand to her. She took it and we walked together out onto the dance floor.

We made our way close to Deborah and Neil and started to dance. At first I held her at a comfortable, modest distance, being she was a married woman and all. That turned out to be unacceptable to Angela and she soon had herself pressed up close to my body. I felt her press her wonderful full tits press into me, albeit somewhat lower than Deborah’s had, as we moved with the music.

My cock was completely hard again in no time.

By the second number I had gotten used to my dance partner wedging her pelvis around my one leg and gyrating herself into my erection. I also caught a glance more than once of Neil’s hand grabbing onto Deborah’s ass in the crowd on the floor. My date didn’t seem to mind as she kept on gyrating with him as one hand or the other groped her fine ass.

At that point I wasn’t sure what was turning me on more, the sexy warm body rubbing up all over me or watching the woman that I had planned on fucking all night get felt up by the husband of the woman with that sexy warm body. I had been fantasizing for the last few days of taking that hot body of Deborah’s to bed so I played as if that was the foremost thrill.

“I Gaziantep Üniversitesi Escort want to fuck you really bad Aaron, but I know that Deborah should have your first,” I heard the whispered words in my ear. I also felt the hump of her pelvis into my raging hard-on.

“What about your husband?” I asked looking down into her dreamy blue eyes.

“He will be the benefactor of you getting me so horny. I am going to fuck him at least a couple of times tonight after we get home, hell, I may even blow him in the car on the way home.”

“Oh!” was all I could respond with.

“He actually enjoys watching me flirt with younger men. He loves even more watching me fuck a young stud such as you. We have an open relationship and we both get very turned on watching the other have sex with other people,” her whispers began to feel moist in my ear.

“Well it sounds like you are going to get a good fucking already, you don’t need me,” I responded back to her with a grin and a nudge of my hips and stab of my cock into her pelvis.

“It’s okay I’ll fuck you another time. I’ll have you over for dinner soon so you can fuck me in front of Neil,” she responded in my ear with her wet tongue this time.

“I like the sound of that,” I said, trying to picture me in their bed with her, fucking her like mad, as her husband sat in a chair on the other side of the room jacking off.

At that very moment I felt a hand on my back.

“Excuse me Angela but I would like to get my date back for another dance, before you wear him down,” Deborah said walking up beside us with Neil.

Angela patted my cheek before she reached down and took my hands and handed them over to Deborah, “He’s all yours, dear. I have had my fill of him.” The older woman winked up at me.

“Sir, I return your wife to you,” I said full well knowing I was still picturing myself in their bedroom having my way with his wife.

“Thank you young man,” he said nodding his head, “I hope Angela mentioned that we intend to have you and Deborah over some time.”

So they had talked about this. “Uh, yeah, yes, I think she did something about that,” I said feeling both my hard-on get harder and my face turn warm from at least a slight blush of nervous embarrassment.

Neil put his arm around his arm around his wife. At the same time Deborah pulled me aside and put my arms around her as the other couple went there way as the music started up again.

“So, did you enjoy dancing with Neil?” I asked my date.

“Yes I did. Why, did you get jealous watching him grab my ass?” she asked reaching up to pinch my cheek.

“A little maybe, but I had my hands full with Angela,” I said back to her as I turned my head and kissed her fingers.

“You mean full ‘of’ Angela don’t you?” My date looked me in the eye without blinking. “She told me while we were in the bathroom earlier that she would like to have us both over for dinner someday. I told her it was a wonderful idea but that this was just our first date, even if I as much as made you come on this one with me. But I will say, they do have a great house for entertaining,” Deborah said and then I felt her hands grab my ass. As she did this, the band decided to play some more upbeat music. Everyone on the dance floor realized this and started to dance a lot quicker. Deborah turned around and started to grind her ass into my crotch as the rhythm began to pick up more. I looked over at Angela and Neil and they were grinding away while their lips were locked almost obscenely together. But I was distracted quickly from that scene as my cock strained against my g-string while Deborah’s ass ground hard back against it. Even though my pants had been custom fitted to allow for the extreme arousal I was feeling I still was glad for the closeness of the other couples so everyone didn’t get a view of what was going on down there.

All too soon for the pleasure to stop, but just as well to avoid a big mess, Deborah turned around and faced me while we continued to dance. But just as I was getting into it with her she sidestepped, did a twirl and danced her way over to Angela. With Neil backing away, we were both treated to the sight of the two beautiful women dancing rather provocatively as they moved their bodies back and forth to the heavy beat of the music. You’d have thought we were out at some club instead of a high-class charity event the way the two women gyrated and played off one another so well. They went on like that until the very end of the extended song.

Needless to say I maintained my erection watching the two very sexy ladies both of which had fondled my cock earlier that night. Both of them looked so hot in their tight dresses with cleavage deep enough for any man, or woman I suppose, to enjoy. Finally the music stopped and sadly so did the women. They hugged one another before coming back over to Neil and me.

“Woooo! That was fun!” Angela called out excitedly as she strode up to her husband put her arms around him and laid her head against his chest. “That was so hot. I feel like I just had sex.” She smiled and winked at me.

“Yeah, girl, that was hot!” Deborah chimed in as she put one arm around me and the other hand against my chest, patted it and added with a sultry voice, “So did you naughty boys get an eyeful out there?”

I looked at the smile on her face and felt her body heaving as she breathed deeply against me. I knew my erection wasn’t going down with all that stimulation. I was about to say something to the effect of getting much more than an eyeful out there playful antics, but Neil beat me to it.

“Yeah, that was hot, the only thing that would have been better is to have seen you two naked doing all that. Now that would have been hot!”

Damn if this older guy wasn’t honest and just as horny as I was I’m sure. I would have given anything to see these two gorgeous women go at it naked.

“Well, maybe one day Neil, maybe one of these days,” Angela uttered still pressed up to his chest. She gave me another wink but also licked her lips rather seductively.

Of course, that gave my cock an excuse to lurch up in my pants some more.

“Well, I don’t know about you guys, but I need some fresh air,” Deborah said as she patted my chest once again. “Aaron, let’s go out on the terrace for a bit.”

“Sure. Lead the way,” I said putting my arm around her warm body and arm in arm we headed outside.

The air was cool but not cold as Deborah and I walked towards the edge of the terrace. There was a stone wall there with steps that led down to the lower garden. We sat on the wall and I pulled Deborah close to me between my parted legs. I looked at her and she at me for a long heated moment before we both slowly leaned in for a kiss. Her lips felt wonderful, so soft and so very warm. I put my arms around her and pulled her in closer as her tongue parted my lips and entered my mouth. It felt so hard and so soft as the same time. My hand slid down and began to grope her breast in that halter dress as our kissing became more intense. Her hand soon thereafter made its way down to my crotch. She gave me a rally hard squeeze and I moaned into her mouth.

But at the same moment I heard a distinctly different moan and it wasn’t Deborah. There it was again, a heavy groan in the distance. We stopped kissing and both turned to look out into the darkened garden. The heavy, drawn out moan came again. From the distinct sound I could tell it was a woman.

“I wonder if that is a groan of pleasure or pain,” I said to Deborah as I turned to look at her looking off curiously into the darkness.

“I don’t know, but we better check it out to make sure,” she said as she backed out of my arms and I got up off the wall. She took my hand and led me down the steps as we heard the moan once again. I still couldn’t tell if it was pain or pleasure I was hearing, but it definitely was a woman. As we walked into the garden we rounded a row of hedges just as the woman let out another heavy moan.

Then we stopped in our respective tracks as we came upon the sight of Angela laying down on a stone bench with Neil on his knees, his face buried between her legs. Her skirt was hiked up and she had pulled down the top of her dress to expose those large tits I had been ogling all night. Even though it was dark out, the moonlight and lights from the terrace had shown just right perfectly down on her half naked body to reveal two very erect nipples. Deborah squeezed my hand and I looked into her face as she nibbled her lower lip appearing to be holding back a laugh. Then I looked back at her friend sprawled out on the stone bench getting a good eating out. I could even hear the heavy slurping and sucking Neil was giving her.

Deborah squeezed my hand again, only this time she led me over to a bench just across the small clearing from Angela and Neil, but in a spot in total shadows. We could see them still but they likely couldn’t see us.

My date motioned for me to sit down.

“Scoot back and spread your legs,” she whispered.

I politely and eagerly did as Deborah asked. Then she sat down on the bench between my legs, facing away from me toward the other side of the circular clearing. She leaned her head back and kissed me and I returned her kiss with fervent intent. We kissed for several seconds as I wrapped my arms around her. Then she broke our kiss turned her attention back to Angela and Neil going at it. I multi-tasked at that point, planting small kisses on her neck and ear as I looked over at the amorous couple out of one eye. My excited hands also moved up to Deborah’s large tits where I groped them not too animal-like I hoped. But I could feel her nipples were already plenty stiff and they completely hardened with my added stimulation underneath the fabric of her halter top dress. As my fingertips slipped under either side of Deborah’s deep plunging neckline we both watched anxiously as Angela’s gorgeous body’s arched up over her bench into the throes of a what had to be a powerful orgasm. Her hands were firmly gripping the back of Neil’s head as she moaned louder than ever.

Deborah joined in with a softer, but still insistent and extended moan as my hands played firmly with her tits. Angela huffed and puffed for a long moment, going into a heavy final groan as her back lowered slowly back to the stone bench. No sooner had she released Neil’s head from between her thighs than he stood up and in the moonlit glare Deborah and I could see his face was coated with his wife’s generous sex juices. We also watched as Angela quickly sat up, reached out to unzip her husband’s pants and in a flash had his cock out in that moonlight. Neil’s manhood had to have been a good seven inches long and it looked only to be semi-erect at that moment. Angela wasn’t going to let that be for long as she quickly took his cock into her mouth and began to suck on it about as noisily as her husband had licked and sucked on her cunt.

I was so much into what she was doing to her man that I literally forgot I had a gorgeous woman of my own sitting between my legs, my erection making itself known against her curvy ass pressed up against it. But Deborah didn’t let me forget for long as she turned her pretty head back and kissed me again. As she did, I felt her reach up and untie the halter at her neck. The straps fell down over the backs of my hands that continued to grope her big tits. I pulled my hands away long enough to let the sequined material fall completely off of her heaving chest and immediately began to massage her warm tits more eagerly and firmly. They felt so larger in the palms of each hand. They were easily much more than a handful. I played with her very erect and plump nipples while I licked and kissed her ear and neck.

Deborah’s little soft moans grew to a much breathier and louder groan.

“Play with my pussy, Aaron,” she whispered up to me before sticking her tongue in my mouth.

I didn’t need to be told twice to play with a woman’s sex, especially a woman as gorgeous as this one. I slid my right hand down from her tit and onto her thigh. Her legs were spread and the piece of fabric that was between the slits was hanging down between her legs. My hand quickly slid under that black material and down over the silk of her underwear. As I discovered she was wearing thigh high stockings and a garter belt. Damn, if that thought didn’t get me even harder, if that was possible as I practically had my hard-on stuck into the crack of her ass. As my fingers slipped under her panties I quickly assessed she was very much shaved down there. I also quickly found her excited clit and started playing with it. Deborah’s clit was much like Angela’s was when I felt her up under the table at dinner, very large and very wet all around.

I felt I was being treated to a peep show as I watched Angela really going to town on Neil’s cock. She had to be the most animated and noisy cock sucking woman I had ever seen or heard. She slurped and sucked so loudly I swear it was louder than the heavy breathing and moaning Deborah was doing sitting there right in front of me. As hard and fast as Angela was working I was sure her husband wouldn’t last long with her mouth assaulting his manhood that way. My own manhood lurched a little more while I slipped two fingers deep into Deborah’s wet cunt and my other hand worked on her erect nipple. She moaned as she tried to kiss me, but I wouldn’t let her and eased my head back wanting to hear her whimper and groan. I know this teased her good, combining it all with the work my hands were eagerly doing. It was driving her crazy.

I loved it!

Then I heard a noisy slurp and ‘pop’ sound and looked over to the other bench and saw Angela had pulled her mouth off Neil’s cock and was pulling his pants down to the ground. She pushed him back to the bench where he sat down. Neil was sporting one hell of a huge hard-on and it glistened with his wife’s saliva. Angela hiked her dress back up and scooted back over his lap, positioning herself right over that big thick cock. She put her hands on her husband’s thighs and quickly lowered herself onto that pole. It was so hot and amazing how it slid with ease into her obviously wet pussy. Neil’s hands quickly came around and started to play with his wife’s large tits. From the looks of them they looked to be larger than Deborah’s. I couldn’t tell from that distance if they were real or not, but what did it matter, they looked great from that view across the shadowed clearing.

As I finger fucked my date, Angela bounced up and down on Neil’s tremendous erection. Deborah was enjoying the show as much as I was I knew as she never let her gaze move away and I felt her pussy get wetter as she watched her friends have sex in front of us. I could also tell she was going to cum soon as she was breathing hard bucking up and down on my fingers almost as fast as Angela was on her husband’s lucky cock. I backed off with my fingers and just played with her clit while my other hand pinched her nipples.

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