Blissful Opportunities

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I was sitting quietly on the couch with the television on when it started, what was on the TV matters little what was happening around me was as she wandered in from the bathroom. To bring you up to speed, She had come to my house for a date, but having gotten off of work late she had not been able to spend as much time as she had hoped to get ready so I leant her the use of my restroom assuring her that nothing we had planned was at critical timing yet, and besides that I would prefer she was more comfortable out on our date then she appeared to be in her current state.

Still dressed in only a towel so gracefully wandered over to me averting her eyes slightly in a flirty manner. Ignoring what was going on with the TV she sat herself softly on my lap, I certainly didn’t mind of course, I was not about to deny a beautiful woman the opportunity to seat herself on me. Curiosity soon got the better of me as she casually thanked me for the use of my shower, now staring intently into my eyes relieving only once to toss her hair aside with a toss of her head. Her arm, still wet from the shower was wrapped neatly around the back of my neck, the warm skin feeling wonderful against mine. I could see the water still glistening off her flesh in the ambient lighting of my television room. Following what seemed to be signals I wrapped my arms around her without releasing my stare into her sensual brown eyes as our conversation drowned itself in it’s pointless ponderings and empty thanks, the words were only shells for the release of tension as magnetism draws us ever closer together.

The near endless silent stare between us teetered on the edge of awkward as I awaited her advance wanting to be certain of her desires before making any moves, but as I peered longer I sensed an innocence about her as if she was unsure of what to do, so I finally granted her wish. I graced my hand across her cheek up behind her ear and gently grip her there to hold her so that I can break the tension, her eyes close and her breath quickens as I neared her lips so I granted her pause, choice if you will, and she chose lust completing the connection between our lips, we kissed. Her lips tasting of Cinnamon and feeling like silk against mine. Our lips parted and our tongues danced as we gave ourselves over to desire.

She turned to face me with her body, twisting at the waist she eased her hand behind me free and placed them both on my chest caressing me through my shirt sensing at the electricity between our flesh even through the material. Without skipping a beat in our kiss she reached downwards and found her way underneath my shirt to caress my torso. I could sense the electricity between Kıbrıs Escort our flesh growing with intensity as her hands drew invisible lines over the details of my upper body. Softly breaking our kiss she pauses her hands as she nervously kissed along my jaw then to my ear, myself turning to make it easier for her, as she eventually kissed down my neck to my collar.

Pausing her kisses she gripped my shirt and lifted it upwards removing it and exposing my skin fully to her finally as she gently eased closer and kissed me again on the collar. My mind whirled as I watched this beautiful damsel kiss my chest and trace the patterns of my muscles with her tongue. I glanced at her periodically, watching her hair flow heavily about her shoulders still wet from her shower, trying to see beneath her towel and imagining her breasts heaving from her exertion and swaying in front of me.

Her quest took her ever downwards across my torso building up anticipation in my to nearly my very bones as I began to realize where her desires was taking her. I helped her by releasing my belt for her and undid the top button of my jeans as she lustfully giggled with excitement. She looked up to me to gauge my desire for this and was not disappointed as she returned to her quest.

After skillfully relieving my zipper she stood up in front of me, her towel barely clinging to her skin but still hindering my view of my prize. She lowered herself to her knees now facing me, and set about her mission yearning to make this sensual. I closed my eyes and set myself to experience everything she offered to me, wanting to memorize every sensation of her work. I felt as she used her fingers to sense what I enjoyed drawing up and down my length teasing me with delicate touches of her fingers and lingering where my responses tell her I am enjoying it.

I will never forget the sensation of her lips touching me there for the first time, how she teased me first before giving me what I was aching for. Her tongue softly traced a path up the bottom side before flicking off the tip, her hand then holding me in place she slowly slipped me inside of her mouth, her warm breath from her nose triggering my senses as it passed over my flesh. Her tongue began dancing over the head of my manhood, flicking at the tender flesh and sending spikes of pleasure throughout my body forcing me to moan uncontrollably at the surprising sensation. As if fueled by my enjoyment of the moment she began bobbing her head up and down, slow at first then faster using her hand to stimulate the rest of me as the pleasure consumed more and more of my resolve breaking me down until I could almost not take anymore Kıbrıs Escort Bayan lest I have myself inside of her.

She seemed to sense this coming from me as she stopped what she was doing, her mouth making a popping sound as she released me from her clutches. Looking up at me with a seemingly new pair of eyes we both knew it was time for that which we both desired without saying a single word. Standing up again she let slip her towel from its perch, but I could only assume that it hit the floor as my eyes were entranced in hers. Catching movement below her face I glanced down and finally got to see her in her glory. The thin layer of water still residing on her flesh glistened in the dim lighting of the darkened room the shadows and highlights of her flesh contrasting like day and night. Her heavy breathing caused her breath to heave up and down. I could only watch as she caressed her breasts in front of me, mashing them in her hands and moaning as she did arching her back and pressing them harder against her hands.

Shortly her hands slid back down her stomach as she came back to the moment between us and approached me. Bending over to kiss me I could do little but watch as she teased me with her flesh sliding upwards in front of me but millimeters from my face and climbing onto the couch in the same movement. I could smell the scent of lavender on her silky flesh from the wash she had used as she paused in front of me, her knees at the side of me and her pelvis no more than an inch away. I moved my hands to caress her, traveling up her thighs to her hips then inwards until the met with her breasts before enveloping them in my strong hands and firmly pressing them into my palms. Her head lowered to watch as she pressed her chest against my grip and lowered herself and widening her legs to slip into position.

Her silky hand once again grasped hold of my now fully swollen flesh, but differently then last, there was urgency in her grip and as I looked into her eyes I could see the intensity of her desire to have me inside her. I could feel my head touch to her shaven flesh now soaked in her juices. I could only imagine myself tasting her flesh and dining of her juicy offerings as she ground her self against my face, the idea nearly making me climax right then but I knew that it had to wait. Forcing the thoughts from my head I returned to reality just in time to feel myself pop inside her tender hole, the head just inside soaking in the rich silky pool of flesh and fluid. I held her close as her back arched again in pleasure, her hair flailing back this time glistening against the sparse light of the room. I watched her fully given Escort Kıbrıs over to the pleasure and heard her moan loudly from the enjoyment of me finally being joined with her.

I slowly lowered her downwards to take all of me inside listening to her gasp with each passing moment of me inside her, filling her up. My mind screamed to have her, my desire quickly consuming all control over me, I knew I had to hold on long enough to be all the way inside. It felt like an eternity as I lowered her on to me until finally we joined at the hip. I took a moment to enjoy the sensation of my flesh fully inside of her, to enjoy listening to her moans as she was fully impaled by my engorged member, and then I gave over to the animal inside of me.

Holding her down firmly by the waist I started grinding myself against her hips barely moving in and out but the sensation was enough to make her moan again, increasing how hard I was grinding against her she started moving her hips to match. Holding her tight again I eased myself out then back in moaning myself this time as the sensation was almost too much to bear, I had to have more and I could feel the need to wildly drive into her over and over again overtaking me. Again I slid out and in faster than the last, we both moaned loudly again pausing momentarily to take it all in. We repeated this fast and faster and harder and harder as moans became groans and screams. The pace became a blur a flurry of sensation and exertion pleasure and lust in complete control. Sweat oozed from our pores as we slammed our bodies together driving our desires and sipping of the sweet nectar of the gods. Suddenly I felt her tense her body as her pleasure took over and began to climax, her breathing almost completely stopping I knew what must be done. Digging deep to find the strength I drove my pace harder and faster, prolonging her orgasm as the increased pace made the world around her blur into obscurity. With time against me I drove ever harder to climax, I had to have it with her. I filled my mind with images of myself cuming inside of her, on her, beside her, it didn’t matter all I could see was her and my cum. Finally I sensed the final moments of it and I rammed myself as deep as I could get myself and released, shuddering as I did, and gave myself over to the pleasure as wave after wave came with each contraction of my muscles, my body twitching from the intensity I was not even sure if she had finally climaxed.

It took a few moments for reality to come back into focus after the intensity of the orgasm I just had but as it did my only thought was to look to her. She was staring at me, when finally our eyes met, her hair a tattered mess and her face a helpless sham with a guilty look underneath. Leaning in she kissed me as her body relaxed into my arms dissolved in bliss from the intensity of what happened I just held her close until we both could catch our breath.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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