Blood + Time Ch. 01

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The wind ran like there was no tomorrow. It seems to be afraid of something. Tonight was a dark night. It was even darker then the devil himself. Did the wind really think it could run away from the dark? Half of the wind stop, but the other half continues.

“I can’t go on anymore. You must run, Clay. Go on without me please,” Gavin stopped to catch his breath.

Behind them, they could hear the rough thunder scream and they could also see a dim light mile away.

“No, I’ll never leave you,” Clay cupped Gavin’s right cheek and pulled him in for a kiss. “Never am I going to leave you. Here, get on my back,” Gavin think for a minute before he got on Clay’s back. “Ready?” Gavin tighten his grip around Clay’s neck.

“Ready,” Gavin whispered in Clay’s ear.

“Hold on tight,” Clay ran like the wind into the dark forest with Gavin on his back.

The wind blew against their face. Their heart beat with fear and hope. Both men were soaked in their own sweat. Both of them couldn’t run anymore. They had been running for two days now, from the roaring thunder. They had been running away from the dark sky that is more evil then the devil himself.

Out of nowhere, the thunder roared just a few feet from them. The dim light from the torch can be seen vividly.

“They’re running that way! Go get them you fools!” the leader yelled. “Get your bows and arrows ready!”

The other men lit up their arrows and shoot it at Clay and Gavin.

“Hold on tight,” Clay talked between breaths. Gavin held tighter, almost choking him. The arrows started coming closer, Clay dodges the arrows. It was impossible, but with super speed, they did it.

“Hurry you dumb shits, their getting away!” The men started loading their weapons as fast as possible. “Go” yelled their leader.

The men ran towards them. Until they are a few feet away from them, the leader raised his hand as Kadıköy Escort some kind of cue. The men got on their knees and started to lit fire on the tip of their arrow.

“Load!” The men put their arrows on their bow and pull the string back. They aimed it at a degree at the sky. “FIRE,” Screamed the leader. The men let go of their strings and unleashed hell.

The arrows missed them due to the distance between them.

“Give me that you little girl!” The leader took the bow from the man closest to him. “Light up an arrow for me,” The man that got his bow taken away quickly lit up an arrow and handed it to his leader. He grabbed it and pulls the string back and let go. His heart beat can be heard as the arrow flew into the air. His only hope now is to hit a living creature, not a thing. His arrow flew and hit Clay in the leg. “Got that blood sucking devil!” He yelled. They now ran after them.

“Run Gavin!” Clay winced, sitting on the ground.

“No, never am I going to leave you,” Gavin cried.

“They’ll kill you for sure! Run now!” Clay pushed Gavin away, but Gavin held on to Clay’s shirt.

“No I can’t do that! I can never let them hurt you. I love you Clay and always will,” His words had touched both of them. Tears filled both of their eyes. Gavin grabbed the arrow from Clay’s leg and as painful as it sounds, he pushed the arrow all the way in until the other end popped out. As it did, he grabbed it and pulled it out. Clay screamed in pain the whole time while Gavin tried to calm him with sweet words.

Gavin pulled out his pocket knife and cut his arm. “Here, drink this,” Clay looked at it for a few seconds. “It’s okay,” Clay looked at Gavin in the eye and then put his lips on Gavin’s arm. Clay moaned at the taste of his lover’s blood.

The pain disappeared and he started to heal at an unexpected speed.

Clay pulled Kadıköy Escort Bayan his mouth away.

“Come on, we have to keep going,” Clay nodded and both started running again. Hell lit up the sky again. The burning arrows came crashing down to the ground.

They had wasted a lot of time back there. The darkness was getting closer. The only thing that had kept them from running is love. They can’t be parted. They are stuck like glue and sick like love birds.

Clay and Gavin continued on running but they didn’t know what was up ahead for them. The darkness knows the dark better than anyone else. The leader smiled wickedly, “They can’t run from us now. Hurry men,” Everyone cheered.

Clay stopped and pulled Gavin on the arm to keep him from running any further.

“What’s wrong Clay?” Gavin asked.

“It’s a dead end,” Clay answered breathlessly.

“What do you mean it’s a dead end?” Gavin looked at Clay.

“Within a few inches is a cliff.”



Suddenly they both saw the light of hell surrounding them. They can’t turn back. They can’t go forward.

“That was a long chase wasn’t it?” The leader smirked.

“Why won’t you just leave us alone?” Gavin screamed

“As you see it’s my job to kill him,” the leader pointed at Clay. “But since you have been with him the whole time, it’s my job to also kill you too. I can’t risk having another group of blood sucking devils running around can I?” The men behind him roared in pleasure to kill.

Gavin grabbed Clay by the waist and slow moved toward the cliff. Once Gavin feel the cliff at the heel of his feet, he stopped. Gavin looked at the leader’s eyes as if he was his pray.

“Promise me something,” Gavin asked.

“Gavin, no,” Clay held Gavin against his chest.

“What could that be?” The leader looked interested.

“Let İstanbul Escort Clay go,”

“No, no, no, babe, no,” Clay plead.

The group of men laughed, including the leader.

“What kind of promise is that?” One of the men yelled.

“Sorry, but no can do,” the leader laughed evilly, “Kill them.”

As men charged, they pulled out their knifes and swords.

Gavin quickly jumped out of Clay’s arms. “I love you,” Gavin quickly whispered. Clay tried to pull Gavin back into his arms, but missed him. Gavin pushed Clay off the Cliff.

“Gavin!” Clay screamed. Tears flooded his eyes. Fear started to creep up in him. He had never feared of anything before. His only fear was living without Gavin. He felt something wet drip on his cheek. It was a rain drop from his lover’s eyes. He could see his lover smiling. His lips smiling with delight, but his eyes showed something opposite.

Gavin was pulled back. Gavin was out of sight. Suddenly the air smelled like blood, his lover’s blood.

Clay felt sick. His chest and heart tightens. It was a painful thing to feel. It felt like his insides was rotting. It felt like his other half was gone forever. He hated himself. He hated himself because he couldn’t protect the one he love.

“N, NOOOOOOOO!” Clay screamed and SPLASH!

Gavin knew it all along. Turns out the dark aren’t fully aware of its surrounding. Down the cliff is water. Water from the lake they first met.

…Half of the wind stop, but the other half continues…

Everything went blank. Everything became quite. Out of nowhere a song started playing.

‘Ba-ba-ba-ba banana. Ba-ba-ba-ba banana! Bababaaa-aaa, potetoaaa bananaaa-aaa’

Keegan lay in his bed. He was covered in sweat. It’s been a while since he had this dream. His phone was ringing. He started to smile because his ring tone was from those funny yellow minions from Despicable me 2. He should really change it.

He picked up his phone and answered it.


“I got a job for you to do,” the deep mysterious voice behind the phone said. Keegan’s heart started beating faster. He felt a sweat drop from his eye brow.

“Alright, I’ll be on my way,”

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