BluBalls for Kitty’s BootBoy Ch. 03

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My new BootBoy was standing with me near my rack of slutty spike-heeled thigh high boots, and I had just informed him that I was going to tease him with all of them, showing off for him in each and every pair of boots I owned! We had been having a nice discussion about the seductive nature and feminine power of boots like mine, and we had each been slowly approaching the subject of exploring our mutual desires regarding our shared fetishes for kinky high-heeled boots…

And now, the time had come to seal his fate! I had picked out a particularly slutty outfit to begin our activities for that evening: a low-cut, black furry angora crop sweater, unbuttoned to reveal delicious cleavage from my titties barely held in place by my leopard-print push-up bra, and I had on a short, leopard-print miniskirt. To complete this little ensemble, I had selected one of my favorite pairs of thigh-high boots…they were black leather, with 5″ heels!

As usual, I had put on a sexy collection of gold jewelry, dangly-charm necklaces, hoop earrings, sparkly bracelets, and a diamond and gold belly-chain belt. I had also applied lots of hooker makeup for him: black cat eyes, long eyelashes and mascara, rosy red cheeks, and dripping red wet lips.

In addition, I had teased up my long, golden blonde hair wild on top of my head and styled it into long, fluffy waves and curls down my back. This appearance would serve perfectly to attract his attention and arouse his desires…and soon he would be MINE, if he wasn’t already! In fact, judging by the bulge in his pants I noticed as I displayed myself for his visual pleasure, he was definitely becoming mine for the taking!

Now, as I had already informed him, I intended to show off each and every pair of my slutty boots for him that night, and I was being somewhat naughty by starting with the black leather ones, which were one of my most wild and wicked pairs. I had already told him to select a pair that he found to be the most appealing, and he had gravitated toward the pair that was at the end of the rack, the only pair that could be considered even sexier than the ones I was wearing.

They were a shiny black PVC material, with 7″ spiked metallic heels and a high platform. They were absolutely wild looking and wickedly dominant, and he had no idea what cruel little tease and denial activities I planned to explore with him while wearing them…even I had not begun to formulate the little games we could play with those ones yet!

In any case, I decided to show off the current pair of black leather boots I had on for him for just a little while, just to give him a little taste of what the end of his evening of boot enslavement might be like, and then I intended to start over at the beginning with the white ones I wore the night he met me.

I had the boot rack arranged by color, starting with white, then pink, then red, then a few animal prints, and then the black leather ones, and it was my plan to move right down the list. Each pair of boots represented different feelings of eroticism and arousal, with each one getting hotter and hotter, finally ending with the deliciously wild and wicked shiny black vinyl!

And so it would be with him…I could start slowly, innocently attracting him and toying with him while wearing the white ones, then becoming more feminine and playful with the pink ones, start getting him really hot with the red ones, and then make him wild with the zebra print and leopard print ones…and then, I could take complete control of him while wearing the wicked shiny black vinyl ones!

Images were already coming together in my mind of how I could tease him with each and every pair, and I could feel my heart pounding as I imagined the way this night might end up!

Anyway, I came up with the idea to tease him with the black leather ones first, show them off for him to make him want them, but not let him have them. Then I could go back and start at the beginning, putting on the white pair and slowly beginning to allow him to explore his kinky desires to worship them! I could then slowly lead him along farther and farther into his own erotic needs, getting him hotter and hotter along the way, and then finish him off with the shiny black leather ones. And as I said earlier, I didn’t really have any specific idea as to where this would end up, but somehow I knew I could feed off of his desires and things would fall right into place!

And so, to start things off, I told him to follow me back into the living room, and I strutted proudly along in front of him, gyrating kıbrıs escort my hips and wiggling my ass with each deliberately brazen step I took. I could sense his presence behind me – he was following me without question – and it felt wonderful to know how much power I already had over him. I knew full well that it wouldn’t be long before I was going to own him…completely!

I led him over to the couch and stood several feet away from it, and I simply pointed at it without saying a word. He sat down obediently in front of me, and I grinned as I put my hands on my hips and looked down at him.

I slowly began moving my hips back and forth from side to side, shifting my weight from one leg to the other. He held my gaze, looking deep into my eyes for a moment, and then his eyes glanced down, quickly peeking at my entire body and then looking back up again. This was a cursory inspection, and I intended to encourage him to pay more attention to all the little details of me…

“The first thing I’d like to do to get us started, my dear, is to put on a little show for you, okay?” He simply nodded, already feeling a little shocked that I was being so bold, so outrageously indulgent for him. But I could already sense his submission, and absolutely loved the way he was immediately playing along with every detail of my newfound kinky power over him!

I could sense the amount of control I already had over him, and I knew full well that I could have my way with him now, that he would obey my desires and whims, and that I could make him do my bidding!

So I turned very slowly to one side, looking away from him for a second and posing for him by thrusting my chest out and bending forward a little at the waist, causing my ass to protrude backward slightly. I looked back at him and saw that he was admiring my upper body, and his eyes lingered on my big titties protruding out from the soft black sweater, and then his gaze moved slowly down my stomach and waist, focusing in on my ass for a moment or two.

He then looked back up at me, and I smiled, holding his gaze for a second, and then I glanced down at my boots. When I looked back up at him, he was looking down at them too, as though me looking at them gave him permission to do the same. I didn’t mind this at all, in fact, it was fascinating to observe the way he was admiring me, following my lead while still being patient and respectful.

I was getting such a thrill from all of this! I had never felt such power before over a guy before, and a rush of excitement flowed through me as I came to an even deeper realization that he would do whatever I said, whatever I wanted, just for the opportunity to explore his desire for me and my sexy, slutty boots! And I knew that as much as I liked it, he liked it even more, and I could tell by the way he was acting that this was a very erotic experience for him!

As he watched, I took a small step forward, then another, and I slowly began taking little baby-steps, rocking my hips from side to side and letting my arms sway back and forth daintily. I spun around and strutted back the other way, passing right in front of him, and I watched as he ogled my boots, his eyes moving down the length of the black leather around my lower thighs, down my calves, and toward the spike heels under my feet.

His gaze moved back up the boots, slowly back up over my entire body, and as he looked into my eyes, he had this look on his face, unlike anything I had ever experienced with a guy. It was like he was seeing something he had never seen before, something that fascinated him greatly, and something that he truly desired…and yet he was somehow embarrassed by something too!

Suddenly he became aware that he had been shamelessly staring at my sexy boots, and a look of self-conscious disgrace came over him. I noticed it immediately and grinned at his reaction to my brazen display of female pulchritude, and I could barely contain my laughter as he began apologizing for ogling me so boldly! I watched and listened in fascination he stammered and fumbled over himself, and I didn’t say a word as he nervously continued to apologize for his behavior.

I did not reveal that he was doing exactly as I intended, but instead allowed him to nervously degrade himself before me! He clearly felt guilty for admiring me and my slutty boots so openly, telling me how sorry he was, as though he was being disrespectful to me by doing it. It was as though he was a small child getting caught for doing something naughty, and I turned to face konya escort him, marching over right in front of him and standing there with my hands on my hips. Things were really heating up now!

He continued to apologize profusely, but I suddenly interrupted him, “Awwww, you’re so sweet! You don’t have to apologize, honey, don’t you know I was putting that little show on just for you? It’s okay to watch me!” I winked at him coyly and continued, my voice going sticky sweet but still firm, “In fact, I simply must insist that you watch me…at all times!” The look on his face as my words sunk inside him was priceless – a combination of surprise, nervousness, shame, embarrassment, and sexual arousal all mixed together! How delightful!!

And then I decided it was time to openly confront him about his desires and make him tell me all about them!

“So…you like these boots, do you? You find them appealing, hmmmmm?” I said with a knowing smile, adding an element of sweetness to my authoritative tone…I turned to one side, looking down at my fantastically sexy boots, reaching down to hike each one up my leg slightly as he watched. My voice was still a mixture of sweetness and assertion, seduction and interrogation.


“Tell me, what do you like about them?”

“I love…the way they wrap up your legs, over the knee, all the way up to your thighs! So powerful, so appealing…and I just love black leather – it’s my absolute favorite, I just love the way it looks…and the way it smells! And,” he said hesitantly, stuttering a little, “it…it makes me…it makes me want to…”

“Ah-ah-ah”, I interrupted when he paused for a second, “don’t tell me what you want to do to these sexy boots just yet, honey! We’ll get to that soon, I promise!”

“Yes, Miss!”

“Very good!” I stood there, putting my hands on my hips again, looking down at him like a piece of meat for a moment, and I started strutting back and forth in front of him again. Again I was taking tiny little baby steps, prancing along daintily, swaying my hips and bouncing my tits with each step as I encouraged him, “Now let’s proceed with the show, shall we? Now you be a good boy and watch my boots, okay? Don’t take your eyes off them, even for a second!”

“Yes, Kitty, I promise!”

I began widening the path I was prowling around him in, going farther back and forth in front of him, then slowly walking across the room, spinning around and walking back toward him…slowly. I continued to glance back at him every second or two to make sure he was fully focused on my boots as instructed, and I was delighted to discover that he simply could not take him eyes off them. And I loved the look in his eyes as he stared at my boots! Finally, after a few minutes of this, I got close to him and stopped, pivoting around on them, turning away from him.

“So, you really do love these sexy boots, baby, don’t you! You did not take your eyes off them for even one second! How delicious!!”

He just looked at me, his mouth falling open a little, absolutely stunned to be having such a conversation, to be treated to such an erotic little show-off game by me, and to be confronted with his fetishistic boot-desires so openly and completely! Yes, he was already mine now!!

But we were just getting started, and I asked him sweetly, “You like these high heels, baby?” I lifted one up, holding it up with one hand and showing it to him. I didn’t wait for his response, and I put the heel back down and took a step closer so that I was right in front of him.

“Yes, Miss, I love high heels like that!”

“What do you like about them?” I asked innocently.

“They’re…so erotic, so sexy, the spike heel is so strong looking and the way it lifts you up, puts you on a pedestal, makes you look so regal, so…HOT!”

I found myself getting off on his nervousness, and it felt incredible to be questioning him about his erotic interests, making him reveal his sexual desires, coaxing him to put things into words, things that he had always fantasized about but never been able to reveal to anyone…

“Oooooo! You think I look HOT, do you? Naughty, naughty!”

“I’m sorry, Miss!”

“It’s okay, sweetie,” I said with a wink, “I want you to like me, and my boots too! Do you??”

“Yes, I do!”

“Mmm, I’m so glad to hear it!” I said with a giggle. “In fact, I was kinda hoping I could make you LOVE my boots…”

He could barely contain himself as he confessed instantly, “Yes, Kitty, I already do! I love them! I LOVE them!!”

“Very kuşadası escort good! And…perhaps…you would like to…you know, touch them a little?” I said softly, as if I didn’t know the answer. I was already discovering what a thrill it was to play dumb about certain things, act innocent about things I knew full well were turning him on and driving him wild! And when he responded to that question, I could feel a tingle of pleasure shoot up my spine as he said a certain word that I have come to absolutely adore hearing men say to me…

“Yes, Kitty, I wanna touch them, please let me!”

It was the very first time I had heard a guy literally beg for my charms, and it was the most wonderful feeling imaginable to hear him say the word “please” when asking me for something! I couldn’t help but draw this out, so instead of letting him have just a little, it felt very natural to play hard to get and downplay his obvious desires…

“Oh…I don’t know, ” I said cautiously, lifting up one spiked heel, showing it to him and turning it around a little, admiring it lovingly, “that’s a very naughty request, and you are a bad boy for asking!” I slowly put it back down, and he burst out, “No, please, let me! I wanna touch them, please, PLEASE!”

“Well, which is it? No, or please?? I thought you wanted them, sweetie, you’d better make up your mind! I mean, I was thinking about letting you have them for just a second or two, but now I’m not so sure! Are you sure that’s what you want?”

“Yes, it’s what I want, YES! Please, Kitty, please let me touch your beautiful high heels, PLEASE!” I was taunting him about his desires, and his voice was shaking, but his feelings were obviously genuine, and I loved the way he was acting at this point! But I wasn’t about to make things easy for him…not even one little bit!

Again, I paused for a second, letting the sound of his begging sink in, instinctively making him wait before saying, “Hmmmm…well, okay, just for a second.”

And then, something happened that would epitomize the way the night would proceed from there. I held up the slutty high heel, lifting it up in front of him, and he reached out, very slowly, to touch it. It was as though my high heel was a precious jewel, that needed to be worshipped properly and respectfully, and he did not want to spoil the moment by simply grabbing it. I watched as he slowly reached forward, his hand trembling as he came closer to the object of his desire…

At that moment I could have let him have it, but something inside me had another idea, and I simply pulled it away and placed it back down on the ground. He breathed in loudly as his hand followed it, but with it on the ground it went out of his reach. His eyes were glued to it intently.

I giggled playfully, watching as he reached down to try to touch it, but I simply took a step forward away from him and spun around, putting one hand on my hip and lifting up my other arm. I paused for a moment, holding up my index finger, waving it back and forth at him and scolding him teasingly, “Now, now, not yet, honey!”

He looked up at me, surprised at the way I had denied him, especially after encouraging him and offering it to him…but still, he didn’t do anything about it! Somehow he enjoyed being treated like that, being teased and denied that way, and I could tell I was on to something…something big, something that we were going to explore together in exquisite detail!!

Never had I experienced anything like this, as he simply sat there and let me have my way with him, not putting up any kind of fight as I easily and effortlessly aroused his desire and rejected his advances. What a mind-blowing feeling of seductive power I felt at that moment! To this day I’ll always remember that, and it was the threshold of many, many more encounters involving the sexual attraction and slow, sensual enslavement of a submissive male!

“Now, that’s all you get for now! Now be a good boy, I’m going to go get changed and introduce you to the first pair of boots I’d like you to get acquainted with! Do you remember the pair I had on the night we met?”


“Very good! Now I’m going to go put those on for you, and pick out an outfit to match them, and you wait right here until I call for you, okay?”

He couldn’t speak as he listened to me openly controlling him now, and I could sense his arousal easily. He was obviously a little confused by the way I had teased him just then, showing off for him in one of my sexiest pairs of spike-heeled boots, making him want them, telling him he could have them, then rejecting him. But his confusion was so sweet, so powerful, and all he knew was that he wanted more, more seduction, more showing off, more teasing and tantalizing, and yes, more deliciously kinky boot-games!

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