Boy Brides Ch. 7

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Darren and Claire’s day of punishment was to end in more familiar territory for him, a place where he felt relaxed and had appeared as a kinky bride hundreds of times before. His punishment soon became pleasure as he tells us now:

“After three gin and tonics and some discussion with Robert in the bar, we made our way to the bridalwear store. I was amazed at the number of people from KBG that we met on our way and who accompanied us to the shop.

As usual the precinct around the store was deserted, one store still vacant, the other store closed, the weekend had began. I opened up, put the alarm off and was followed into the fitting area by Laura and Claire, Mandy, Robert and John, a cameraman and technician. He reported back that the window lights were due to come on in just over an hours time. Robert gathered the twins and I together as Mandy began taking Polaroid’s of the two gowns on display in the window and then began to remove the display.

“Since Darren came to our organisation our girls have been buying their gowns from this shop, his mother’s, and a very nice shop I may add. Last week I was here with one of our girls and as I waited outside I dreamt up my next porno movie.

The show you gave this afternoon in the office window was only a rehearsal for tonight, because tonight you are going to perform in the window of the store, hardcore pornography in the romantic setting of a real bridal gown store.

We have with us tonight one of the biggest crews ever, lookouts, three cameras, three dressers and three of our youngest and newest recruits at the KBG, Laura, Claire and our soon to be transvestite superstud, Darren. I want you to be mannequins in the window in the most magnificent bridal gowns of your choice from the huge selection here.

When the display lights come on I want you Laura to come to life and unzip Darren’s dress and ease it down over his hips to his knees, exposing his full erection in the process. For ease of manoeuvrability there should be very few, if any, additional underskirts or petticoats or veils for these scenes, except for Claire.

At another time I want to do some promotional shots around the precinct and you can all wear as many as you like, hundreds if you want, but I do appreciate how you guys adore wallowing in all that super sexy tulle so I will leave it up to you. I enjoy watching a super sexy bride in nothing less.

Anyway, the scene includes a couple of kids, snogging in the doorway opposite who suddenly become witnesses as Laura drops to her knees to suck the cock of the transvestite mannequin. Because of all our love of petticoats the couple just happen to be on their way home from a fifties Rock n Roll dance and her blue satin circle skirt is filled with a variety of coloured petticoats which are shown and used to great effect upon her boyfriend as they copy the performance in the window.”

“My mind had already started to wander to the gown I was going to wear. It was pure luxury and one which I had worn many times as I walked around the precinct whilst David kept watch. An abundance of frills and ruffles around the shoulders, the edge of the short sleeves, the large bow at the back and around the bottom of the skirt made this a favourite of mine. It was extravagant, satin and organza, a gown my mother had adapted to use as the final gown in some of her road shows and because of the thirty foot special ruffle train, had to enter the stage with the bride walking straight up the centre of the hall to show the train to its full effect. My mother described it as a waterfall train which attached to the hem by Velcro and I loved the way it tugged at my gown, pulling my petticoats back and forth against my erection with each step. I also hoped to fill out the large skirt with my usual three petticoats for the precinct if I could not get to wear them in the window.

Although I knew performing in the window was very dangerous I actually felt quite calm about it. David and I had done just about everything else so I felt I was familiar with the surroundings. Maybe the gin and tonics helped us all because Laura and Claire were very excited as they chose their gowns, and because I was ready first and in plenty time, I accepted Robert’s offer to have a walk outside to meet some of the people helping.

With Jillian as my trainbearer, and my petticoats permitted, there was quite a gasp from those in attendance at the full extent of my gown as I met with some of the lovely people I had seen at Tulle Towers. I was feeling brave, helped by their words of encouragement, and made to walk to the corner, around which there was only a short distance to the passing public on the main thoroughfare. I was stopped short of a white plastic barrier which had been erected and told not to chance attracting any unwelcome visitors. I went over to the shop doorway which was lit to nice effect and met Mike, an older man, with the very lovely Nadine, an Oriental girl in her Marmaris Escort late teens. She told me she had never had sex in her anus before but they were looking forward to copying everything that I did.

I went to give her a good luck peck on the cheek but she wanted me to kiss her pussy instead. She thought I was some amazing pornstar and called on Robert to ask if it could be done. Nadine seemed to have a good relationship with Robert and he gave us the OK”

“Let’s get a few pictures for the lovely girl,” he called and ordered a cameraman to take us into the centre of the square and get some shots.

“Jillian fixed my gown as I knelt down on a large piece of white cardboard. Nadine had no panties on and as Jillian held up her skirt and petticoats I lapped at her lips in view of the cameraman and our helpers. I also did something I’d never done. She smelled so sweet and I had her turn around so that I could kiss her virgin ass and ran my tongue over her anus, my very first, and Nadine thought it was fantastic that I had done that to her. (Over the following years I fucked her ass many times, she always reminded me that I was the last person to kiss her virgin anus and how she really wished I had taken her virgin ass). Robert, however, would not allow her to return the compliment and suck my cock. Nadine was disappointed. I was disappointed.

I returned to the shop to find Laura and Claire receiving the finishing touches to their gowns. They both positively glowed, so radiant and so demure, Claire teasing me, her tulle gown filled to capacity, as she told how she had asked for extra layers just for me. Laura, like myself, had chosen a gown with a detachable train, satin with lace trimmings and a skirt decorated with occasional pink roses. They both looked sensational.

There was one thing I had to clear up with Robert after my few minutes with Nadine. If she and Mike were copying us and having anal sex, then which of the girls was having it with me because I had never done it before.”

“If you are to fulfill Madam Margaret’s dream of you becoming a superstud pornstar, then you will have to start sometime. Now Laura loves to have her ass fucked. But don’t you worry about doing it – because today the girls are going to fuck your ass with nice big dildos.”

“Robert laughed as he finished, the look on my face no doubt a picture as he clarified that I would be having my first anal sex with Laura and in the window of my mother’s shop.

I shuddered, with excitement or fright I can’t remember, only the tremors that went through my body as he told me.

With ten minutes to go we were all called to our positions. I watched as the gorgeous Claire stepped up into the window to sit upon a white ottoman which had come from the fitting area. Mandy followed her, buffeting up the bottom of Claire’s gown to display a massive array of tulle. She looked superb and I felt the thrill of just watching her, spread through my loins. Laura joined her to stand at the other side of the window. Mandy fixed her gown and then called me up to take my place in the centre, my massive train arranged to fill the front of the window. Mandy stepped outside to view the display and after a small adjustment to my train she considered us ready. I had been quiet calm, after all I had been naked in and around the shop so many times I had lost count. I had walked the area outside the shop naked and also dressed as numerous brides, but when all the lights in the shop were extinguished and we stood there still and silent, my heart really started beating, my pulse racing as I tried to remember what we had been told to do and in what order.

There is not a lot of light in this part of the precinct but when I looked down to my right at Claire, a soft orange glow played upon one of her satin shoes and upward onto those wonderful petticoats. As I stood there I rather wished I had been wearing her gown. I loved the gown I was wearing, more especially, as I have said, when I had my petticoats on too, but I had never ever had a dress volume out so far as the one Claire had on. If I wanted to walk outside I would normally choose a similar gown, but Claire would have difficulty getting through the door, so protruding was the volume of her gown. I think I was really jealous at the time.

In the darkness outside I could see the two cameras a few feet back from the window, one slightly to the left, the other slightly to the right and people moving about. Across in the shop doorway I could see a subdued light shining on Mike and Nadine as they kissed passionately, her petticoats already raised, his fingers already stroking at her willing pussy.

Suddenly the display lights brought me from my thoughts as they flickered for a moment and then got brighter. No longer could I see outside as my eyes adjusted to the change. Then I heard Laura move and I turned to meet her lips as she planted a kiss on my cheek. She gently Marmaris Escort Bayan ran her hands over my bodice, downwards over the skirt and then put her arms around me, loosening the zipper on my gown as she did so. Claire sprung into life and stretched up and helped her as I slipped my arms from the short frilly sleeves and allowed the bodice to fall to my waist, uncovering my manly body in the process. I then helped her to ease the huge bulk over my hips, my cock springing, as always in these circumstances, free and hard from the material. I stood still and watched as Laura worked her way downward until she could get onto her knees to suck me.

Claire then stood up. One step was all she took and I was surrounded by that gown as she bent forward to unfasten Laura’s gown and then kiss my cock which her sister held erect in her tiny hand. Claire sat down on the ottoman again as Laura rose, turned to face the cameras and allowed me to ease her gown over her naked body for her to step out of it. She pushed her naked body against mine, feeding my cock through between her legs to masturbate me as if the cock was hers. We turned towards her sister who just happened to be sitting at the correct height to accept my cock into her mouth. With my cock still between Laura’s legs Claire sucked on me as her tongue lapped on the lips of her sister’s sex at the same time.

When Claire lay back along the ottoman it was our signal to break apart and for Laura to open her legs astride Claire’s face. As Claire reached out with her tongue to lick Laura, I had the unexpected pleasure of making a big show of lifting back her petticoats in readiness for using my tongue on her sex. We were being prompted by Mandy, sitting in the darkened shop, telling us what to do. I lost count of the number of layers I handled, some falling forward again after I had piled them onto Claire’s chest, but I really enjoyed being between her open legs unveiling her pussy in readiness to lick it when it came into view.

However I received quite a shock. Quite unexpectedly my eyes caught sight of a thick black strap-on dildo through the last layer of her petticoats. I gasped in astonishment. I heard Mandy telling me to suck on it and lick it and the pouting lips of her sex which were squeezed between the two straps of the dildo. We had all been warned about affecting the continuity of the video and how hesitation could very well lead to punishment so I didn’t hesitate to respond to Mandy’s instruction, immediately running my tongue along it’s entire length, sucking it like I used to do to David, licking her genital lips like it was his testicles, creating immense heaving of her hips as I did so.

Laura had now effortlessly dropped onto her sister’s face, Claire furiously tonguing at her sister as I tongued at her. I had to show my bisexual prowess by sucking Claire’s dildo as if it was a real cock, sucking, licking, nibbling at it as if I was willing to receive it’s ejaculation in my mouth. Instead I was giving Claire an orgasm and as she was still bucking into my face I followed the instructions given and slipped my cock into her vibrating cunt. I held her cock in my right hand as I fucked her and manoeuvred myself so that I could help her lick Laura who was also squealing with delight from a tongue which had been licking her since they were fifteen and introduced to the joys by their 18 year old cousin. I could taste her sweet love juices as Claire and I took it in turns to give her clitoris our fullest attention.

I was still gently fucking Claire when Laura grabbed my head in her frenzy and held me between her wide open legs. She was shaking, her orgasm reaching a climax and unable to support herself any further, she collapsed on to the floor. I was instructed to continue screwing Claire until Laura was sufficiently recovered to continue. When she was, I removed my still solid shaft from Claire and sat astride Laura in the front of the window so that our audience could see her suck the delightful taste of her sister from my cock.

Outside in the doorway Nadine had stripped Mike naked, his cock buried in her petticoats as he held her against him, two of his fingers slipping lubricant from her vagina to her anus. Like all of us he too enjoyed the feeling of her petticoats wedged upwards between their bodies, some in his face, some delicately touching his rampant cock.

As Laura sucked her sister’s cum off my dick, Claire stood above us and undressed, making sure that her dress and its contents fell onto us before she stepped from the white cocoon. Now naked, except for the obligatory suspenders and stockings that we all had to wear, she offered her dildo directly to my mouth and I accepted. We held this position for a few minutes, a technical problem with one of the cameras, so that they could capture shots between me greedily sucking the dildo and Laura greedily sucking me. It appeared that there was another reason for Escort Marmaris making sure they got me on film sucking dildo.

Claire turned around, and holding apart the cheeks of her butt and the straps of her dildo too, backed up to my face.”

“Lick her ass,” came the instructions out of the darkened room. “Get your tongue right in there and lick her good. These girls are twins and share everything. Laura is getting her ass fucked so Claire needs to have hers licked. It’s only fair and we have lots of ammunition to use against you if you refuse, such as …… dildo sucking.”

“I did it without question thinking that Madame Margaret might consider me more of a pornstar if I did and be even more happy with me. In full view of the cameras I did it, licking first, her anal region, very nicely perfumed, and then pushing the tip of my tongue into her back passage.

Meantime, as I serviced Claire with my tongue, Laura had stopped sucking me and began to smear her anus with K-Gel. Claire helped me up from the floor and I lay along the ottoman. She smeared some K-Gel onto my shaft and then helped Laura stand above me facing the window. I just lay on my back holding my 9 inches aloft. Laura lowered herself towards it and helped me steer to her ass. She asked me to massage her anal hole with the gel and insert two of my fingers as I did so. Then she lowered a little farther until my tip touched my fingers. As she continued to lower herself, my fingers swapped positions with my cock, and I was gently disappearing inside her anus. She squealed a couple of times but eventually relaxed her muscles and took me in and then lay back onto me, our legs wide apart for the cameras to see. Claire climbed onto the edge of the ottoman and managed to balance with her legs open above our heads, her dildo aiming at our faces, as she stretched downward across the top of her sister to lick her pussy as I fucked Laura’s ass. She only did this for the cameras and soon took up another position with her dildo poised to slip into the cunt of her sister. I could see nothing but felt Laura gasp a little as another 10 inches was slipped into her other passage. I just lay there allowing the movement provided by Claire as she shafted Laura to provide the stimulation to bring her to orgasm.

I happened to look out of the window in time to see Mike and Nadine arrive immediately before the window. The beautiful Nadine, her face contorted, was obviously in some discomfort as she was carried across the precinct square still impaled on the cock of her lover, her feet up off the ground as she faced us. There was quite a bang as she lifted her feet and held them against the window, her legs open and her body supported by Mike behind her. I watched her pull up her multicoloured petticoats to show us her vacant cunt and her ass filled with the cock of Mike. I watched as her knees bent to absorb the thrust as Mike continued fucking her in front of us. Laura and I watched them as they watched me and Claire thrusting into her sister.

None of us came before we ordered to stop.

Robert had been teasing me about having my ass fucked by a dildo just to test my reaction and he then instructed me to go outside and support Nadine’s legs over my shoulders as I licked her cunny. I fancied fucking Nadine and thought nothing of joining her and Mike. Laura and Claire joined us and began to unfasten Nadine’s skirt and petticoats and ease them over her head to strip her as naked as the rest of us.

I really went to town on Nadine and she orgasmed three times which eventually earned me my wish when Mandy instructed me to fuck her as Mike continued to hold her with his dick up her ass, cum in her, and then pull out for the girls to drink up my cream.

As Mike continued to hold Nadine, with Laura and Claire assisting, I offered my cock to her cunt. She opened her eyes and smiled when she saw me and watched as I slipped gently into her. I could see she wanted to kiss me as I fucked her but I remembered Madame telling me I was not there to fall in love but to fuck, so I looked her in the eyes, bucked real hard for a few minutes and then erupted into her.

“I want you to fuck me again and again,” she said quietly as I continued to spurt inside her.

“I just smiled, blew her a kiss and pulled out for the twins to lick her off. I had to hold Nadine upright as Mike pulled out of her anus and, as the girls continued drinking my cum, Mike masturbated to the three girls and soon added his own cum as he came off over the faces of the twins and Nadine’s dark pussy.

No sooner had he done so when the display lights went off and Robert shouted cut for the final time.

Jillian very kindly gave us all a nice wash in warm water and when I returned to the front of the shop Mandy had all the display back in the window as it was and was checking everything looked the same as it did on the Polaroid photographs she had taken on our arrival. I tidied away the gowns and petticoats”

“OK,” cried Robert “Time to go back to Tulle Towers and get the opinion of Madame on our days fucks, fun and frolics.”

“Had I done enough to become a pornstar in the KBG?”

Next time Darren was in my limousine, ‘Black Secret’, I asked him.

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