Break The Rules

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*** This is a DDLB story. Berwick is 19, and Duke is 28.

Waking up, Berwick grumbled. His long black hair was messy with strands hiding his face, Berwick soon brushed his hair out from his view. He looked beside him and noticed Duke wasn’t laying there.

Duke was gone.

Berwick let out a huff, wondering where Duke went off to. The younger male smirked, finding only a belt laying on Duke’s side of the bed.

But this didn’t stop Berwick one bit, he could do what he wanted when Duke wasn’t present in the bedroom with him.

So, cheekily, Berwick hid Duke’s special belt. He hid this belt under his pillow.

In the kitchen, Duke raised a curious white brow at the strange creaking sounds coming from the bedroom. “Are you ready for breakfast, Berwick?” Duke questioned. He was too busy flipping pancakes (my boyfriend made me pancakes in bed yesterday uwu).

Coming into the kitchen, Berwick groaned with a pout on his lips. He glared at Duke.

“What do you want?” Berwick asked. “You’re cooking pancakes… again? “

“Is that a problem?” Duke questioned with a smirk.

Walking up behind Duke, the younger male wrapped his arms around Duke’s muscular torso and kept this embrace for a few mere ticks. He nuzzled his head into Duke’s back. “I missed you,” grumped Berwick. “I can’t believe I woke up so late this morning.”

Finishing up Berwick’s pancakes, Duke shook his head at the younger male’s utter.

“Yeah, it’s unlike you to wake up at this time,” cackled Duke. But he didn’t really care. İstanbul Escort “Now, wait here, okay? I need to find my good belt,” stated Duke.

Snickering some, Berwick just waited for Duke’s reaction to the missing belt. Berwick always liked the punishments he received from Duke.

As Duke walked into the bedroom, his heavy footsteps echoed into the kitchen. Arriving at the bedroom, Duke looked through his vast collection of belts, and he noticed something. Duke’s favourite belt was missing…the belt he often used on Berwick.

“Grrr, Berwick!” Duke yelled.

“Where’s that belt?” Duke questioned, he searched around the bedroom for it. Looking in the wardrobe, the drawers, Duke couldn’t find his desired belt anywhere. “Berwick?” Duke called out a certain male’s name, shortly before he saw Berwick standing in the doorway of the bedroom. “Berwick, where’s that belt gone?”

“I didn’t move it,” grumbled Berwick. He let out a huff and looked away from Duke. “And I don’t want my pancakes either,” he huffed again. His face reddened, giving Duke the idea that Berwick was hiding a secret.

“Have you been snooping through my things again? Do you remember that belt I whipped you with?” Duke reminded the younger male, as he folded his arms over his muscular chest. Duke glared at Berwick with those piercing indigo eyes.

“I don’t know,” he shrugged as he lied. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Wrong answer, baby boy. You better find it,” he threatened. “I Maltepe Escort know you’re lying to me, silly,” he booped Berwick’s nose.

Swallowing his own spit nervously, Berwick was going to say something. However, he saw Duke walking towards him.

“Do you remember daddy’s rules? One rule says that you must tell daddy everything, even the rules you break.”

Approaching Berwick in the doorway, Duke gripped onto Berwick’s chin and simply stroked his cheek with his thumb. Duke smirked, he looked into those scarlet hues and watched them shimmer with the light outside the window. Duke thought for a moment whilst he stroked Berwick’s supple cheek.

“Now, I’ll ask again, where’s that belt?”

“…I don’t remember,” he replied again.

“You better find it then,” teased Duke.

” Fine.”

Turning his back to Duke, the younger male smirked at his daddy’s threat. He walked over to their double bed, picked up his pillow and grabbed the belt from underneath it. “Here it is,” he stated. Berwick glanced over to Duke, catching the older male watching him.

“Good boy. That wasn’t so hard now, was it?”

Berwick just huffed at Duke’s response.

“You’ve broken two rules,” stated Duke. “You’ve lied to your daddy AND you hid daddy’s belt.”

Pulling Berwick close to his body, Duke smiled at his boyfriend. He loved Berwick so much, yet Berwick still had to learn his lesson. “Come with me,” muttered Duke. He sat on the bed and grabbed onto Berwick’s waistline.

“Uh…okay,” Maltepe Escort Bayan mumbled Berwick. “What’s my punishment?”

“Come here and you’ll find out.”

Without much of an answer, Duke pulled Berwick into his lap. Fingers gently brushed Berwick’s throat, all whilst Duke leaned in to whisper in Berwick’s ear. His other hand was holding Berwick’s waistline, as Duke kept the younger male in his embrace. “Why did you lie to me, Berwick?” Duke asked with a snicker. “You should know by now that a bad boy will only get punished.”

Shaking his head, Berwick moped. He let out a little whimper, feeling Duke’s nimble fingers stroke his neck. “I-I hid your belt because…I-I…I wanted to get your attention,” he admitted. “I-I’m sorry,” he bit onto his bottom lip. Yeah, right…he wasn’t sorry for anything.

“Thank you for telling me,” answered Duke. “But you will still get a punishment.”

Chuckling softly in amusement, Duke draped his hand around Berwick’s small throat, now allowing his hand to squeeze the pipe. Duke kissed the lobe of Berwick’s pointy ear in the process, as he listened to the short gasps of breath from Berwick.


Berwick kept silent, struggling to breathe. It wasn’t like he could talk anyway. Berwick drew blood from his bottom lip, he caught a reflection of his beat red face in the mirror opposite the bed. In the mirror, Berwick watched Duke behind him, embracing his waist while he choked him.

“Have you learned your lesson, boy?” Duke whispered this question in Berwick’s ear.

Hell, Berwick loved the sound of that husky voice. Duke really knew how to rile him up. Hastily, Berwick nodded his head at Duke’s question.

“Good boy,” answered Duke. He released his grip from Berwick’s neck, shortly before he hugged the younger male from behind. “Such a good boy.”

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