Breaking In Me , Rev. Jim

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If you are not a grown, consenting adult, then this story is not for you. If you find erotic material containing incestuous, sacreligious, and coercion, disturbing and/or offensive, then this story is not for you. To the rest of you: I hope you enjoy my mediocre writing and tell me if you found it pleasurable, and part II will be on it’s way!


I grew up in a loving, moderately conservative Christian household in Tennessee. My Daddy was the preacher for the most popular church in town. Our household was pretty peaceful and life was fairly quiet and decent. I had grown up active in the community—swimming lessons, church choir, and YMCA activities. I was a good kid and my parents were loving. Life, really, was fairly ideal.

My Momma and Daddy had a decent and tender marriage. Momma was a gentle woman, but Daddy was also such a gentleman, and looking back on it, I can speculate on how repressed they probably were in the bedroom! I think it partly had to do with their similarly quiet, retiring nature, and it partly had to do with the age difference. Momma idolized Daddy—still does in a way! They met in a Christian social club for single people. They are 18 years apart in age. While Momma looked up to Daddy and loved him, Daddy loved her as a wife and liked having someone to care for as a dependent. Momma had me in their first year of marriage, when she was 19 years old. Daddy, however, was 37 at the time. Today, it’s my Momma who is 37. I am 18, and my Daddy is 55. We are a nice looking family.

Daddy’s side is fairly average. He is not homely by any means, but a bit out of fashion–his salt and pepper hair is parted in the middle and slightly feathery on the sides, without being too long. He is neat and clean in his appearance. But I had never lusted after my Daddy in our first 18 years together! Daddy has wide shoulders and a moderate paunch around the belt line. I knew from swimming by the pool that he had moderately hairy chest that was now graying. Like I said, I had never wanted my father sexually. But I must admit, even back then, I did admire his legs—they were hairy as most men’s are–but also very muscular from his former football days, or from genetics. I’m guessing on that one, cause it’s not like he works out a lot. Daddy doesn’t watch his diet, which accounts for the paunch, but he is a big-framed man. Strong—with big soft hands. I didn’t lust after him. I didn’t know better. I had no inkling of the feelings of lust he was just beginning to have for my budding body. The thought of “having sex” with my Daddy would have frightened and repulsed me a year ago. Now I am free to say I pleasure my preacher. I fuck my Daddy. What happened about a year ago made turning away from it impossible.

Momma is a very pretty lady. She doesn’t look a day over 35. She’s got long wavy dark hair, and dark brown eyes, and high, delicately boned features. She has full soft lips—that’s where I get them, and pale, pretty skin. She’s very fit at 5’7&1/2″ and 135 lbs. She has a supple, bit rounded backside—just enough for a man to get a nice handful, and full soft breasts. Her breasts went from a B cup to nearly a D cup after she had me! Mine aren’t so big. They are a pert handful—about the size of a half a grapefruit.

Where Momma is pretty and soft, my body is hot and tight—from slight athleticism. Where Momma is pale, I have tan features from sunning out by the pool. I take after my Dad’s people and have light blond, long hair. I am shorter than Momma at 5’4&3/4″ and very petite. I am 18, like I said, but look a bit younger for my age, as I was a late bloomer L. But I didn’t know what a cocktease I had been in recent years with this body, crystal blue eyes, and my lips that were made for cocksucking. Hey, why be modest!

My family was moderately conservative, like I said, but I was a bit tainted at age 18. I was a senior in high school, and had been actually very close—enough to be engaged–to my less than patient boyfriend. Grappling sessions in the car had led to a bit more finesse in fucking, and I liked it. I didn’t do it often, but I was no virgin. I struggled with being raised against pre-marital sex, but I rationalized that my boyfriend and I were serious enough that it made it less of a sin, in my eyes.

Mom and Dad had some difficulties in the physical aspect of their marital relations for the first 18 years, partly because of their gentleness, and partly because of age, like I said. But one other issue had been a slight bone of contention in our household—not enough that anyone wanted to raise a fuss–was that Momma was always her parent’s baby—didn’t seem like she ever cut those apron strings. And it seemed at times like she was more a part of her parent’s family than she was a part of our own! Life would just get too stressful for her; she’d take off and spend time at my Grammie and Grandaddie’s house. She didn’t feel well, off to her Momma and Daddy’s house.

Grammie is a beautiful woman. She had my Momma when she was only Fulya Escort 18! I can’t imagine it…She’s the same age as my Daddy, obviously. Grandaddie on the other hand is 65. I guess you could say that the women in my family have a fondness for older men J. Grammie has always believed in fitness like my Momma—she looks more like Momma’s older sister. They look kind of alike except my grandma’s a bit chubbier for her height ‘cause of her age—but she isn’t really out of shape by any means. Grandaddie is a handsome stately man. He really doesn’t watch his diet though! He likes Grammies cookin’…He has a kind of beer belly without drinking. He’s average height, with nearly white hair and kinda balding—he’s got an attractive full moustache. He is like a handsome teddy bear.

They have a lovely ol’, ramblin’ farmhouse further out in the country. On the rare occasions when I visited, I had fond memories of good home cooked food, warm quilts and the beauty of the farm around me. It wasn’t that I wasn’t welcome there! No! It’s just that I visited as often as most teenagers, whereas Momma visited nearly every month! ‘Sides, Daddy and I had a good father-daughter relationship at the time, and I must admit I had a little resentment toward my mother and her parents back then on account of all the time she spent away from us—almost like she was rejecting us in a small, but not hateful way. I guess for eighteen years, our family was close, but not too awful close. All that was about to change.

It changed with me and Daddy one frightening night in late July. It was dreadful hot and we didn’t have a great air conditioner. They say most suicides are committed in December, most crimes in July.

About 3 p.m. my mouth was covered with an inhaled anesthetic that I learned was probably stolen the local hospital. I was a lightweight and passed out nearly immediately. I don’t know if I was injected with something, but I suspect it. All I know for sure is I had a pounding head the next day, and was worried, but the side effects of my sedation wore off in a few days. A similar thing happened to Daddy, but apparently not the injection, as he did not share the side effect that I did and his confusion and fogginess was not present during the following events. They couldn’t lift Daddy, I guess, so they took me into his room. When I came to, I could see the guns, and was deeply terrified but so foggy that I felt a little more numb and detached, I think, than I would have been otherwise…

There were three men. Each of them had a scary-featured mask of an ex-president. One was shorter but the others were rather large. All one guy was allowed to do the whole time was cover us with that gun. The other two had set up some audiovisual equipment. Next I noticed the chill despite my sweat. My night shift had been removed! I was cold and naked except for my white bikini panties. My small nipples had hardened like little candies. Then to my utmost dismay, I noticed with shame, that not only was my Daddy in the room—a gun pointed defiantly at him–but also I was hot and wet in my neatly trimmed pussy.

The men were chuckling and I heard the sound of a young woman moaning and giggling as they ran something on their television. The taller man at the video equipment had begun to stroke his short cock. The man sitting at the chair, the shorter bald one, with the grumpy Nixon mask, had his hard fat cock exposed and chuckled deep flopping it mockingly up and down.

To my horror, I gasped as I realized that the woman being pleasured on the TV was me! Half unconscious, I lay there while the man with the short cock in the Regan mask tickled and molested my pussy. They were all laughing.

“She has such a pretty little pussy, Doesn’t she Pops?” He said in the video. I couldn’t cry because I was just too numb from sedation, but a slight lump in my throat formed as I watched and realized my Daddy had been forced to watch silently, through my giggling and whimpering as they had toyed with me.

I said, “Lick me, Bobby”—the name of my boyfriend—on the video


“Mmmmm…Bobby? Oh, please lick me baby…” as the man stuck his

middle digit slowly in and out of my pussy like a little cock.

“HA!” the man on the tape said. “It looks like the preacher’s daughter has been doing a little sinning? Oh God! That’s funny…” They all started laughing in the video and along with it as we watched. As we watched my humiliation on tape, the guy in the chair turned to me and said:

“Oh sweetie, you’re such a beautiful baby…Look at you up there.”

On the video, the man made eye contact with Daddy through the mask,

you could tell he was smirking when I said: “Bobby, I need it! Suck me…please…” Watching Daddy’s reaction, the man slipped his tongue through the Regan mask and lowered it to my pussy—pushing my panties aside.

“She tastes so sweet and clean Daddy—mmmm…” he said with a laugh

as I panted and squirmed in frustration. Not quite Fulya Escort Bayan able to get off at that point, probably be cause of the drugs? He flipped me over and resumed lapping me up, and started slapping my ass so it jiggled mockingly. I jumped a little in the video but squirmed in pleasure. It was obvious I was enjoying this stranger’s talented cunnilingus. I shuddered and apparently came on film. I flushed with anger and shame when I realized I had cum in front of my father.

I was still drugged to take the edge off, but had become even more conscious at this point, now that the video was over. I moved to speak.

“Don’t move or you’ll both die soon—don’t speak unless I tell you to!” the short man said, “Oh yeah! You’re going to do every little thing I tell you to…” he spoke confidently, defiantly. During this time, I my stomach sank, seeing my Daddy lookong so sorrowful, standing in his grey sweatpants.

The sweatpants.

Daddy had an erection, it was clear now. And his cock, oh my God, it looked like it was so big under there and trapped, straining in his pants. He looked at me as if to apologize for what I knew to be an involuntary reaction. Oddly enough, I had the thought:”Momma must be intimidated by that size!” Then I realized the inappropriateness of that thought and kicked it away.

“Okay, folks!” the short one said, “I’m quite pleased to announce that now we’re gonna put on a little father daughter talent show!” My eyes grew wide, the tears came, but settled under my bottom eyelid and I trembled as much as the drugs would let me. I was so out of my own control! And I took comfort in the fact that despite the drugs, I at least could muster misty eyes, and that made me somewhat human and took away a bit of the hatred I was feeling for my body. My father was very pale. The man in the chair, our commander, had a very large erection at this point.

“If you don’t do what I tell you, we won’t ask questions. We won’t even beat on you—but we’ll kill ya’ dead as sure as you’re born,” he said coldly. “We know how to do this kids—we’re professionals, and we’re not to be FUCKED with! Got it!” Daddy and I were silent. “Good…” he was so smug, and we were so angry. He was stroking his own member carefully.

“Oh no, we aren’t gonna harm you or bruise you—we want to make you look nice and pretty so we get more for your work.” He said the last part cruelly. It set in. He was gonna sell this shit on the black market. I began shaking as did Daddy.

“I know your nervous,” the man said mockingly, “But you’re gonna do just fine…Just fine indeed…” The man was so hard–his cockhead purple with distended veins.

I received my instructions for “scene one.” We were further told that It better be convincing or we’d die. It’s amazing how good you can act when your life is on the line.

Scene one: The camera was rolling. The tall man with the short cock was operating it. He looked about to cum just from anticipation. The man with the gun was stoic as ever. I was kneeling on the bed. I put my hand in my in my panties. I had a fake but convincing smile—just as I was told—I tried as hard as possible to keep my hand from trembling. I stoked my pussy gently, arching my back as I got quicker. My titties pushed out and I pinched them so the nipples stayed hard. I grunted slightly under my breath to my shame, as my body betrayed me. They were all watching me, and the feeling of them all wanting me was getting to me a little. I pushed my panties aside and inserted my middle finger in my pussy.

“Rev. Jim—don’t you think your daughter has a pretty little cunny?” The short man in the chair said, his cock about to explode.

Daddy managed to steady his voice, but I could tell there was difficulty underneath. “Oh she’s got such a pretty pussy…”

Daddy got in front of the camera. Blushing, he pulled out his stiff member, and began to stroke it slowly and sensually. I was shocked at the 8″ of cock before us. The short man nodded approvingly. That was my cue.

“Watch me suck his cock Daddy! You taught me to be good little cocksucker Daddy!” I complied with the instructed excitement for fear of my life. I walked over and the short man in the Nixon mask and he fondled my breasts in approval. He twisted my nipples hard. I groaned in pleasure like I‘d been told, but to my shame, I wasn’t really acting. It felt good and got me wetter.

“You’re such a pretty little cunt,” he said. I dropped to my knees. I’d been instructed to stare into Daddy’s eyes the whole time, and to watch Daddy’s face as he stroked his own cock. He was likewise told to keep eye contact with me. I don’t know what that leant to the video—I think that was part of this man’s cruelty at work.

I sank to my knees. and swirled my tongue around the cockhead, tasting his salty pre-cum. My stomach felt queasy. I’d never sucked cock before, but I knew I better learn and quick! I had thought it was dirty, but the pleasure it gave me, filled me Escort Fulya with shame. I kissed his mushroom cockhead and he groaned and sighed.

“You’re a great little cocksucker baby,” Daddy said, sighing in pleasure. “mmmm, you’re a damn good piece of ass…” He moaned as he was told, stroking his hardness.

I now had half of the man’s fat cock in my mouth, moving with more rapidity. He took my head and forced it down my throat. My gag reflex and light whimpers giving him pleasure, my nose in the musky odor of his pubic hair.

“Touch your pussy baby,” the man said. “Keep it nice and wet for Daddy…” His voice was more strained now as I sucked for my life–like I was eager for his hot cum. I touched my pussy, hoping no one would sense how wet it already had become. I rotated on the big cock to give the camera a shot of my ass for a little while, and wiggled it playfully. My Daddy groaned. I don’t remember the man telling him to do that. When I turned back around, the blood rose to my face as I realized how aroused I was watching him watch me do this nasty thing!

“Oh god, so fucking good….Oh fuck!: The man said. “Suck it you nasty bitch! Oh you love it you whore! Mmmmmm! I’m gonna give you what you need!” He was yelling, “Ah! You need my hot cum in your belly don’t you?” I hesitated for a second. “Don’t you!” He said with a little insistence. I replied with an “mmmmm” quickly. “AAAAHHHH! Gonna fuckin’ CUM!!!! MMMMMAAAGGGH! YEAH!AHHHHhhhh” His cock trembled, and the balls I cupped and stroked in my hand, shook. I bobbed up and down with more eagerness—convincing myself he had told me to suck with such eagerness. A squirt of hot cum spurted, followed by streams of bitter, salty semen that came out of my nose, down my throat and dribbled a bit down my chin.

“Mmmmm…” I sighed.

“Look how the sweet little bitch is getting off guys!” The cameraman said. By now he had sticky white cum coating his hand—it had shot on our carpet.

“Clean me Daddy…” I said lustfully—just as I’d been instructed. My chest was heaving with my deep panting—that part wasn’t put on.

“You gotta give me some sugar first,” he said. I tried to spare him some humiliation, swallowing all the spit and residue from the previous blowjob as best as I could. Then I walked over and very, very nervously–as if we would both break–I kissed my Daddy on the mouth! His big hands cupped my cute little bottom upward so I could meet his height. He stuck his tongue out to wrestle mine, deep in my mouth. I sucked on his tongue for a while. I noticed it tasted like fine mints. We groaned and sighed in pleasure like we were told. By now, I was partially acting—I wasn’t so sure about Daddy.

It was happening to me. This had been forced upon me like any injustice. From my perspective, I realized now that I’d been broken. I’d given up hope that this would stop and decided I would not feel bad any more. I decided, still frightened as Hell, that Daddy didn’t know better, and I could not live on blaming myself for the deeds of others, I might as well enjoy this ride.

My pussy was so wet and hot. It’s heat probably emanated toward Daddy’s crotch. I sucked on his tongue passionately, and thrust my tongue back at him, rising to meet his mouth. I was his succubus now. I was possessed.

And I liked it.

We moved to the bed.

“Let me cleanse you daughter, so you will prepare the way for me,” he whispered, lowly, and that I knew wasn’t in the script. He had been broken, too. I could tell that now. Daddy was enjoying it, and I had mixed feelings but refused to stop my growing lust. He moved so his cock was above my mouth and I suckled him with tenderness and growing greed.

“VERY good…” The leader said.

Daddy’s hairy stomach bumped my titties occasionally as he encouraged his cock back and forth between my waiting lips. He was moaning into my cunny in turn—enjoying his taste of me. This brought me over the edge and I bucked and moaned and shook uncontrollably in the kind of great pleasure and orgasm as only a young woman exhibits. He breathed heavily in my pussy, savoring my sweet, young aroma.

We had to stop just short of him cumming for the second scene. We had difficulty looking at each other for shame at our obviously growing pleasure.

“Scene two” began in the missionary position. The leader had instructed me to keep my panties on—something to remember this by, which was a cruel thing to say, and would have made me cry, had I not been floating in pleasure. The nastiness and depravity of the whole scenario—the hot stares of each man in the room—fucked me mentally. This scene took place on the bed in the missionary position. Daddy’s cock was so big, he had to slowly ease it in and out at first—as though I were a virgin. He was moistening himself with my juices to make it easier. He fucked me definitively and slowly, grunting softly. I had my lips parted and he roughly kissed my waiting mouth, his tongue grazing my teeth. My Daddy’s tongue was forcing its way deep in my mouth and I was such a whore I was enjoying it!

He kneaded and squeezed my breasts. Bucking upwards and arching back so the camera could see our unholy union. My knees were up with my feet in the air to accommodate him in my petite cunt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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