Breaking the ICE

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It is just couple of months ago when I completed 18th years of life; already feeling blissful about everything in life seems to be working for me, passing out of school than invigorating college life ahead. Being virgin and already had experienced a man and a woman in most unexpected way due to curiosity to understand sensuality which is a normal for my age within past 24 hours. I am not the one who let curiosity be satisfied with time but willing to take safe risk to know how and what kind of life I would have ahead.

Dating a stranger and being fucked and humiliated by him was really a terrible experience for anyone especially if it’s their first time. Mr. Singh made me feel insulted and a slut; fortunately my solicitous nature been rewarded with some solace; thanks to aunt.

Its morning 8.30 when aunt entered the room chanting, “it is tea time, son”

Hurriedly I slip out of the bed rubbing my eyes, slumberous whispered, “Good Morning”, stumbling towards bathroom without realizing I am naked, as it had never happened when slept naked all night in my memory.

Few splashes of water on my face and “Hurrah” back into the world of reality, seeing myself naked in front mirror I gasped “Oh Shit”. Looking for something to cover my nakedness but since its aunt’s bathroom could not find anything to cover myself. One shout to aunt for help and I hear back her giggling, “come out son there is nothing to hide, have seen everything, come fast I am gonna be late lets finish tea”

“Please” is the only thing I could manage to ask. Aunt enters the bathroom slid the mirror sideways and there is a rack with towels and other bathroom accessories, ashamed of myself being so ignorant and foolish I wrap towel around my waist, following her back to the bedroom.

Leaked dried sperms sticking in patches over my thighs and pubes uncomforting me, I picked lower and wore it right there in front of aunt. “Now since you are woken up lets have tea at drawing room” without bothering to check if I am in agreement she walks out of the room. I follows her to drawing room and ask, “Are you going to office”, brazenly she shot back “Should not I” sitting on the couch. Sipping tea standing in front of her could not muster the courage to sit next to her after today’s nude walk in front of her, I said, “No I did not mean that, just wondering if you are not late.”

“Yes, late but since you were snorting like have never slept this well ever before, I thought of let you sleep little more.” Smilingly she replied. I am confused what is wrong with aunt since I woke up she is pulling my leg may be due to me parading in front of her in a nude walk is what she is taking advantage of.

Sipping her tea without looking at me brazenly she asked, “Have you masturbated in my panty?” Dumbstruck looking at her I kept quite as there is no use of argument or clarification or defense since morning she is pulling my legs, I do not want any further pulling (she is not aware I did not masturbated in her panty but it was Mr. Singh who wiped my fucked asshole with his oozing cum). Without waiting for me to answer she got up instructing me to do and not to do things and disappeared in her bedroom leaving me alone to finish my tea and get back to sense.

Here she comes out of her room all ready to leave for office smilingly she asks, “May I go.” Wondering since when aunt need my permission, knowing well there is an audit at her work place she had to go. Amazed I looked at her “If you are still tired, you may rest at home” innocently I replied without any reason or plan behind it. She hummed and left out to her work.

“Ha” relieved I breathed long locking the door, that feeling of being in private at times is the best thing to happen. I enter bathroom to freshen up myself. Scratched all those dried sperms sticking on my thighs, bathing and ruminating what all has happened since last two days I landed into this city. Slid the mirror sideways to get shaving cream and razor to remove hairy pubis and armpits, refreshing myself I come out of the bathroom and switch ON the TV, watching it laying nude on the couch, felt being liberated to have privacy and nothing to worry about. Had my breakfast and as there was nothing to look for and not in mood to go out especially after yesterday’s experience in the market, dozing waiting for evening to come I went sleeping with TV switched ON.

Hearing continuous knock on the door I looked at watch its 1:30 noon and wondering who could be knocking the door. Wrapping a towel opened the door, to find aunt standing there worried. With a sign of relief she enters the house, and brazenly asked, “Where were you, were you again doing the things you did yesterday.” Shocked, I replied “I was sleeping” while at the back of my mind thinking do aunt really got to know what has actually happened last day.

“You know I called Mrs. Sharma to inform you that I have forgotten my laptop at home and to ask you to bring it to my office” furiously she said. Looking at me, she yelled again, “You know Mrs. Sharma was knocking the door for some time and there was no reply from you. She informed me back that there is Girne Escort something wrong as you are neither responding nor opening the door. I was wondering what could have happened to you, hence rushed back to home to check.” She toned down with a glass of water offered by me and said, “I got worried if everything is fine with you or not. Rushed back just to inquire, thank God, everything is fine. By the way what were you doing?” with a mischievous smile.

Seeing aunt smiling, “I did not hear any knock at the door. I was sleeping” comfortably I replied as it was true as well. “Sleeping naked” questioningly she asked with a smile. Feeling awkward I left the place and dressed myself, since morning I am behaving stupidly, I thought of to remain in my room to avoid any further humiliation. Waiting for aunt to leave to her work place but was surprised to hear her shouting “Come, let us have lunch.” With no choice, I join her back at dining table.

None of us showed any uncomfort or curiosity of what had happened last night, seeing each other eye to eyes gossiping we start eating. Aunt the way she comforts me and behaving as if she owns me for years, woos me. With usual teasing about girlfriends, marriage and collage life ahead she befriended me in no time. Being a slow eater, she is waiting for me to finish my meal; she puts back her nose ring.

“Thank you for the massage you gave me last night, I am feeling refreshed. You know I finished work that usually takes me a day to finish in half day. That is why I was granted leave of half day when I asked for the same after informing them that you might be in some trouble at home and I need to be at home to check.” She was chirping while I kept nodding. Seeing her happy I let her speak and enjoyed her chirping.

“Thank you again” looking at me she said, I replied, “told you.”

“Being novice you were good” she whispered. “No aunt, told you I am good at massage, I am happy that you liked it and I was able to take away all the tiredness you had” confidently replied her back.

“Did you enjoy?” she inquired I nodded in yes and said, “Yes I did, I was able to massage you freely which I could not do with my mother.” Playing with her nose ring she asks “And after that or were you expert in that too?” She blushed.

It took me sometime to understand what she is saying I too blushed without bothering to answer, I stood up to wash hands. Clearing the table she looked back and I was looking her back from the mirror put up at wash basin, in the heart we know we had sex last night but pretending as if nothing had happened. She was washing the dishes and I retired to my room little confused should I take another chance or let it go as an accidental fortune.

Already had my quota of sleep and not feeling sleepy I went back to drawing room; aunt was still in the kitchen doing dishes I switched on the TV. Seeing aunt coming out of the kitchen after finishing her work I suggested her to have a nap since she is early to home, she refused saying being a working person she is not used to afternoon naps. She joins me back and laid on the couch while watching TV her feet slipped touching my thighs. I felt aroused with a boner but stayed calm. Who will take initiative may be what we were thinking pretending to watch TV. Her touching my thighs with her feet if it is any indication thinking over smartly I held my horses to the ground.

“Can I say something?” she murmured. I looked at her wondering how petite she is to fit in the couch so comfortably. She whispered again “Can I?” “Please go ahead” I answered.

“Did you enjoy what we did last night?” she asked.

I was blank what should I answer to that but since she is looking at me for an answer just a “yes” I could whisper. She nodded seems to understood what I mean but brazenly said, “No you did not, else you would be happy seeing me home but seems you are not”

“Your uncle would be returning back tonight. Hope than you will have a company to enjoy your holidays. I am sorry I am not a good company but yeah thanks for whatever has happened yesterday night I feel it as a prudent gratification” she said looking at me. Over smartly interpreting her saying into as if she is hinting me that we have very less time in hand incase we would like to enjoy the intimacy we had last night, seeing her eye to eye I replied back, “No aunt, why you are saying this, you have been wonderful and caring host. I regret why I have not been seeing you before. Frankly speaking I was scared to come here as everyone in our family and relation has high regards for both you. Thanks to dad’s insistence I agreed to pay a visit to your place”

“Hmmmm, I hope you still have high regards for me and not regretting to come here” ribbing she asked.

“Ofcourse” I replied in short fearing if I say more what she may interpret it to. A moment of silence anticipating who will break the ice, I asked in anxiety, “Aunt you do not put nosering to work or outside home? You look beautiful when you put them.” She laughed and said, “Your uncle says I look sluttish in nosering that is why I do not put Magosa Escort them out. Do I?” Feeling embarrassed looking at her and shaking my head in disbelief. “Do I?” curiously, she asked again forcing me to reply.

“NO you are not” trying to sound sober I replied. Could not hold it any more to speak out my mind I brazenly said, “Not sure what other thinks of you but I get aroused seeing women putting nose ring.” Still did not answer her directly that you look like one with nosering but hinted what I was trying to convey.

She smiled and extended her hand to me saying, “Friends”. I reciprocated her with a handshake and said “YES”.

Her knee dug in the cushion of couch when she hugged me with gentle tapping on my back, being solicitous I responded her with a hug. Her breast touching my chest and me caressing her back while she remained unfazed unmoved tapping my back in a tight hug. We were enjoying the new confidence and comfort we were going through until her mobile rang. She gets up to answer the call but disconnected after seeing it’s a call from unknown number.

“I have so many things to talk but then I do not like to bore you with my boring life,” she said. “We are friends now, let me learn things from you and you feel young with me” I reply her with new found confidence in me about her.

Looking at me, she continued with, “Yes we are, and yes it’s since ages when I have spoken to one with that ease, you are really bringing me to the age when I used to be a curious chirpy girl. Got married at 20, became mother in very first year of married life. Again at the age of 23 I became mother of our second child. Life ran through so fast that never realized I had some dreams.”

“You know our kids slept with us until the age of 15, they sleeping between us created a vacuum in our sexual life. Your uncle is very reserved kind of person and with him I also learnt to remain quite. From being a chirpy girl to a quite woman is a fortuitous journey.” She said. Occasional hmmm, haan, oh from my side was enough from my side for her to ensure I am listening and interested.

“I do not remember after my marriage if ever someone said to me that you are tired you need rest. I am always been treated as if duty bound. When you offered me a help yesterday I agreed but when I went in my room I cried for sometime in disbelief. What had happened after that was not intentional, maybe I let it go and not tried to stop it from happening. Did I do any wrong” she said so many things with moist eyes and ending with a question.

Had it been any other boy of 18, he might have being waiting her melodrama to stop but being attached to my mother and an emotional human I understood her emotions well. Feeling pity hearing her I just hugged her and said, “Forget it” caressing her hair. Removing her spectacles caressing her hair with one hand and with other petting her back I behaved as senior partner to console her. Though she was 3 decades elder to me still a human is a human who at times feel low or depressed is something only those with a heart could understand. Being emotional my aim at that time was to provide her solace and I was feeling that I am doing is successfully.

Heard many times in life when some suggest age is only number; I realized that it is true when I behaved as a man and not as a boy in comforting her. Lifting her face I clamp them between palms looking her moist eyes I placed a kiss on her forehead. Hugging me she rests her head on my chest. With continued pets, we remained silent for some time. Coming out of hug, smiling she said, “a friend in need is a friend indeed” with a nod in agreement I too smiled back.

Just to make her happy with no motive I ask her,” Let’s do something you have never done it before, before uncle comes back.” Mischievously smiling aunt counter questions me “You tell what you have not done before but wish to do?” Expecting this readily I replied her back, “I have lot many things but have time to do it later, it’s not about me it’s about you?”

Just a long hmmmmmmmmmmm from her with a pause I kept looking at her what she is going to answer. “Not sure, what I could experience in this short period of time” she said. Trying to help or say to provoke her, I rephrased the question, “Okay let me know your discreet desire?” Again an hmm and she shrugs to surrenders as indecisive. “Can I suggest?” I question her. She nodded in yes and I suggested her may we redo what we did yesterday night since she already enjoyed it. Exuberantly she questions back, “You said what I have not done before.” I nodded in yes and questions back, “How about anal sex?”

Abashed covering her face with palm she is sneaking through the gaps of her finger at me. Realizing what is said I too felt Oh God what I have said. Apprehensive but engrossed in the conversation I whispered, “at least I have not does it before.”

Without uncovering her face she too murmured, “Me too”

No further talk and not seeing each other we remained disassociated for 5 minutes.

Puzzled I questioned myself it is my fault for this vacuum between us. I should Lefkoşa Escort have not said this. Nevertheless, since when a thought of sex has appeared it is hard to not to feel aroused. Again interpreting situation to my arousal I thought might be she is willing but not accepting or may be accepting but not conveying else she may have said blunt “NO” or at least walk out of the situation. Ruminating I said, “Let do it as it would be first for both of us.”

Removing her hand from her face I looked at her I said, “Say no at least. Did not you say you look sluttish with nosering” She blushed with no answer. With a long breath, she kneeled on the couch and kept looking into my eyes, grabbing me crossing her hands from both side to hold my shoulder from back, stretched to place a kiss on my lips. I hugged her patting her back start kissing all over her face. As soon as I suck her nosering she trembled a bit with long breathe as if she is sniffing me and reciprocated with pushing in her tongue in my mouth.

We kept exchanging saliva and rest left it to bodies to synchronize and enjoy the pleasure of sex with us. We were dripping with saliva without unlocking the liplock until I started groping her butt and her massaging my boner. With momentary alienation, we helped each other in removing our cloths. With no cloths we allowed our bodies to dissolve as one with sheer pleasure of being one. It was easy for her to fit in couch but not for me so I picked her, picking her in my arms I stumbled to bedroom. Placing her in bed seeing her petite brown body, tiny tits, small butt, hairy pubes and armpits my arousal had no limit. Standing naked in front of my aunt I put my penis in front of her mouth anticipating she would suck but seems she is not as she starts placing kisses over my stomach and thigh.

“It do not feel the same I touched last night, smoother shiner, have you shaved it” holding my dick in hand she whispered. I smiled back and requested her, “Can you suck?” She looked up at me puzzled said, “Have never done it, it’s for peeing” I smiled back kneeled in front of her pull her to the edge of the bed poked my face right between her legs placed a wet kiss on her hairy wet mound. Giggling she pushed me away and said, “Infect even I have not shaved my pussy ever.” With a Hmmmmm I picked her placing her little butt over palm lift her to the eye level, I sucked her nosering and whispered, “God there is so many thing you could experience which you have not before, let me give you some of those experiences.” entering in the bathroom.

Placing her on commode lid, I slid the mirror and took out shaving cream and razor. Frightened she looks at me placing her hands covering her pelvis, vociferously she said, “NO, what are you trying to do. Do not hurt me I may get a cut or bleed. It’s his shaving kit, you gonna will put me in trouble.”

Kneeling in front of her I ensured her nothing is gonna go wrong, time is with us for many first to realize, so be a friend. Removing her hand, slid her to the edge spreading her legs I smiled and said, “Have a nice look at this forest soon it is going to be a place of worship. Giggling she calms down with a confident look admonishingly said, “Beware do not put me in any trouble as I am handing over myself to you.”

With a slight erection and her naturally moist cunt, I smear shaving cream all over her pelvis, picking up a tumbler filled with water and start foaming her cunt with the help of shaving brush. Pulling her to edge made her to rest her head on flush tank and legs over my shoulder I kept foaming her cunt, giggling banging her head left right with every stroke of brush as if I am tickling her.

Shaved her nice and smooth seeing her glowing chocolaty pussy mound got aroused and with few pulsate my dick make notice of his presence. After wiping it clean of foam and soaking her wetting cunt of moisture I asked her to take off her legs. Got up and took her to her bedroom and made her stand in front of full mirror.

Awestruck she looked herself in the mirror in disbelief. Taking round she closely looked every inch of herself front and back, standing naked in front of someone who she was threatening a while ago not to shave her. Gleefully she turned back raise her hand signaling me to clean her armpits too with a request in her eyes, she enters bathroom. Standing in front of me, she raises her hand I get close to her shaving her armpits while my pulsating dick with dripping precum is stroking her pussy partition.

It was getting hard for me to not to feel like fucking her right then and there wiping her armpits I start chewing her earlobes. She moaned a bit and hugged me tight letting my dick stuck between her pussy lips. Whispered in her ears, “touch yourself down there and tell me are you feeling something different.” She putting my dick away slid her fingers all over the shaved place excited moaned. “Thank you had it not been you, I would have never felt it the same way.” Pushing her back to wall I kneel in front of her washed her shaved pussy and stuff my face in her mound. Rubbing my cheeks over her smooth cunt and then licked her leaking vagina. With every increase in intensity of my lick, she was trembling and sliding as was not able to hold balance and stand on her legs. Sitting on the floor she joins her legs tightly as if she is coming and did not allow me to part it away. “It is not only to piss but for joy too” I taunted her.

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