Breast Friend Ch. 03

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–SESSION 5– Marie and Jennie

Peter’s phone was now blowing up; all the girls he had spent time with thus far were pleading for him to return, and he had to admit, the idea of having Bridget and Faith model their new bathing suits for him was a tempting one.

Nicole: “Pleeease come back!”

Paige: “Nicole and I will cook you anything you want!”

Lexi: “I’m soooo lonely!”

But Peter had received an even more exciting offer. Marie and Jennie had sent him a selfie of them in their sports bras—that is, their sports bras they owned before the transformation took hold. He gazed longingly at their exposed tit flesh, expansive cleavage and pouty pink lips, as well as Jennie’s caption: “Wish u were here baby!!” He needed no additional convincing; in fact, he had an idea regarding what he would have them do for him. The two girls were a year younger than Peter, and their youthful semi-innocence was a major turn-on, as well as their lovely bubble butts.

Marie and Jennie reacted to Peter’s arrival at the door with even more enthusiasm than he expected. Their faces lit up, and both girls squealed with delight. They wore tight booty shorts, miniscule sports bras, and heavy makeup with thick coats of cherry red lipstick.

“Peter!!” both young women exclaimed.

“Hey, girls.” Peter replied, barely looking away from their impressive cleavages.

The girls led Peter in to Jennie’s bedroom, where they had a few exercise mats set up. Peter smiled to himself; it seemed his plan would go even more fluidly than he had thought. The whole time he walked behind them, he gazed at their tight, round asses. Their Uzun porno supple, bouncy butt cheeks teased him from mere feet away, and he knew he would covet them soon enough.

Marie and Jennie’s next move was different from the other girls. They sat Peter on the couch, but they remained standing in front of him. They smiled at him adoringly.

“Hey, baby.” Marie said.

“Hi.” Peter replied.

“Sorry we aren’t all dressed up for you. We were just working out.” Jennie divulged.

“Oh, that’s fine. I like your outfits.”

“Aw, thank you!” Marie beamed.

“You know…” Peter mused, “I could always help you girls work out, if you like.”

“You could??” Jennie asked excitedly.

“Sure.” Peter said, “I could direct you and sort of, like, supervise you.”

“That sounds great. You’re so sweet.” Marie cooed, “Want us to start right now?”

“Okay. How about…” Peter pretended to think, knowing what he was going to say, “Some jumping jacks?”

Upon his suggesting it, Jennie and Marie’s faces took on slightly devilish smiles. They looked down briefly at their enormous new tits, and prepared to put on a show.

“Coming right up.” Jennie agreed.

With that, the girls began bouncing. They performed the exercises enthusiastically and shamelessly, maintaining gleeful eye contact with Peter—that is, until he decided to let his gaze wander to the real prizes. He stared with unflinching interest as Marie’s volleyball-sized jugs wobbled uncontrollably, then switched to Jennie to watch her flesh mountains jiggle. He repeated this process several times before leaning Öğrenci porno forward so that his face was mere inches from the show.

“How are we doing?” Marie asked, beginning to sweat.

“Great. Keep it up.”

Peter enjoyed the display for a few more minutes before checking his text messages. He was needed elsewhere, and even greater rewards awaited his arrival.

–SESSION 6– Molly and Kelly

Next, Peter headed to a sorority house to meet yet another pair of very special friends. Kelly (

1) and Molly (

2) were roommates, but their sisters, like their other companions, had long since been confused and disturbed by their rapid transformation. Rumors spread through the Greek community that Molly and Kelly both got boob jobs or stuffed their bras or starred in porn. The girls were extremely lonely and incredibly excited for Peter to visit.

Barely two seconds after he knocked at the door, the girls swung it open for him. Peter was greeted by the mouthwatering sight of Molly and Kelly in tiny denim shorts and bras. Not sports bras, like Marie and Jennie had worn, but lacy, feminine bras, each one at least a size DD. Matching thongs poked seductively above their shorts, and Peter suddenly felt as though he had stepped into a porno.

“Peter! Hey!” Kelly gushed, twirling her hair.

“We’ve been waiting for this all week!” Molly added, mimicking Kelly.

“Hey, ladies.” Peter said, gaining more confidence now that he was on his sixth official trial.

They entered the girls’ bedroom and sat on the couch together—Peter felt the familiar sensation of sitting between two busty girls vying for his attention, and he decided to pick up his pacing.

“I like those outfits, girls.” he commented, “They really showcase your best assets.”

Molly and Kelly giggled.

“And what might those be?” Molly cooed into his ear as he gazed at her rack.

“Your big titties.” Peter said boldly, reaching out both arms and pulling his girls closer to him. Their bra fabric rubbed gently against his chest.

“Oh, these?” Kelly asked, squeezing hers with her hands and hefting them upwards.

“Yeah, those.” Peter replied, now gazing at hers. “Take them off.”

It was a very bold order, and for a terrifying moment, Peter was not sure they would play ball. But after a second or two, the girls reached behind their backs and unsnapped their garments. Soon, they sat on either side of him, holding their bra cups up with their dainty hands, knowing what they had to do.

“Ready?” Kelly asked.

“Ready.” Peter answered eagerly.

With that, Kelly and Molly let their cups fall to the floor, and Peter was in the amazing position of having a huge, bare pair of breasts on either side of him. One arm was around Molly, and he gazed lustfully at her heaving bosom with a dumb grin on his face. The other arm was around Kelly, and his grin grew wider as he stared at her EE rack. Both girls simply sat there, stroking his shoulders and brushing hair off their chests to give him a clearer view.

The girls were not talking anymore; neither was Peter. They all knew that the relationship he had with his busty female friends was becoming further clarified. They let him take in the sight for several minutes before he prepared to leave, their faces frozen in a seductive half-smile (not that he was looking at their faces anyway).

Peter knew his next stop, and it was going to be sweet.

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