Breastfeeding woman needs relief

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“How is the baby doing? How old is he now? But most important how are you?”

“Bertie is fine. Starting on solids now that he is 7 months old. I am doing okay but struggling with the weaning. Too much milk, which Bertie is not taking. I have tried the pump but I cannot get on with it”

Bob and Jan had come round from next door to check on the young single mother, as they had not seen her lately. With their own grandchildren they saw Lizzy like a daughter.

“Would you like Bob and me to take a look and see if we can help you? I had problems at this stage with our children.”

“I can’t show you my breasts, particularly Bob.”

“We are all grown up and we see you like a daughter or granddaughter. Bob was great when I had troubles. He massaged my breasts and even fed from me to relieve pressure and pain. The most important thing to begin with is to get you relaxed. You look tense and tired. Bob sit along the sofa so that Lizzy can sit between you legs and lay back against you. Lizzy strip to the waist and sit between Bob’s legs. He will gently massage you like he used to for me. Trust me it will relax you.”

Lizzy had no idea why she followed Jan’s instructions, but found herself with only her skirt and panties on laying her head back against Bobs shoulder. Her breasts had always been small and firm but were now bigger with her now huge rubbery nipples almost black against her pale breasts. Bob reached round with each hand and gently caressed her breasts. Her breasts were quite hard as he applied an even pressure, ignoring her nipples. Jan noticed Lizzy’s eyes glaze over as the massage continued. After two or three minutes of this Jan knelt by the sofa. Taking Lizzy’s breasts in her hands she started to gently stroke inwards towards each nipple. She laid her palm over each breast and then took this away as her fingers moved together until they reached the end of the nipple. As she reached the nipple she started again from a few inches outside working back to the nipple. She repeated this gradually increasing the pressure.

“Enjoy the sensations and let yourself relax completely.”

Lizzy did not know what to make of events. It was as if she was being attacked but it was just so nice, erotic, relaxing, stimulating and controlling. Was there anything she could do to stop it? She realized there was no way she wanted to stop it.

“Once we get your milk flowing we will change position so that you can release it all. It is just starting to release. Would you like me to suck the milk from you?”

“Oh Bayan Eskort n…o, eh I don’t know. I need you to do it so badly but it is not right. It is so embarrassing but maybe you could just try a little bit if it is not too gross for you.”

“Bob offer me her nipples for me to suck. Squeeze around her nipples.”

Jan knew how sexually aroused Lizzy was and wanted to really enjoy the young mums embarrassment. So she took one of the nearly inch long, thick nipples in her mouth and gently licked, sucked and caressed it with her tongue. She was teasing it rather than suckling. A groan came from Lizzy. She tried to make it sound like pain but they all realized it was a mixture of sexual frustration and sexual anticipation. The milk was spraying into Jan’s mouth but also leaking gently from the other nipple.

“Would you like me to stop Lizzy, or would you like me to carry on stimulating your nipples? Maybe Bob can move and suck on your other nipple? I think we need to get you completely relaxed. Would you like that or are you too embarrassed to carry on?”

Lizzy now realized that she was completely helpless. Desperate to have the pressure in her breasts relieved but also to have the sexual tension released. She had not had an orgasm for nearly a year and she was soaking her panties and the sofa under her.

“It is so embarrassing and humiliating for me to let you see me in this condition. Please don’t ask me to beg you.”

“What condition is that Lizzy? Tell us and ask us very clearly what you want. What you don’t ask for you don’t get. Chose your words carefully.”

“I am desperate. I need relief it is so painful. Please relax me completely, empty my boobs. Please”

“One last chance”

“Please suck my nipples until my boobs are empty. Play with me I am desperate to orgasm. Ask Bob to eh f… fuck me.”

“That’s better. We would be delighted to help you. Get off the sofa. Lay on you back in the middle of the floor so we can both latch on. You are soaking wet but we will get to your pussy shortly. Bob take her knickers off. Do you see why she is so embarrassed by her arousal? We are each going to take a boob in our mouth and suck hard and fast.”

The milk was flowing fast out of both nipples due to the strong even rough sucking. Bob and Jan had stripped off completely and were now on all fours kneeling behind Lizzy’s shoulders. One on each side with their mouths locked onto a nipple. Lizzy was faced with two naked bodies. Bob’s erect penis slightly behind her Anadolu Yakası Escort head to the right and Jan’s red swollen pussy to her left. She was confused wanting to reach out and play with Bob’s prick. She hadn’t realized a man of his age could have a red and angry looking erection.

“There’s a good girl. He likes to have a warm mouth around his prick before fucking. Take it a little deeper and he will soon be ready for you. Your boobs are beginning to look much less full and more comfortable. Bob would you like to enter Lizzy while she is on her back so you can see her response.”

Bob released the nipple. He was going to enjoy fucking Lizzy. He positioned himself so that he could rub his prick along the length of Lizzy’s pussy.

“How long is it since you had a prick fuck you?

“Oh please just fuck me. It’s been much too long and I just want to be fucked”

“I think you will find that Jan needs a little attention. Jan just let Lizzy taste you. That’s it sit on her firmly while she licks you from arse to clit.”

Lizzy had never been close to a pussy but did not question things as Jan blocked out her light. Jan positioned herself and moved so that most of the licking was around her arse.

“Oh she is such a good arselicker, I could enjoy this for hours. Maybe it is time for you to fuck her from behind. Lizzy up on your hands and knees, raise your bum high and ask Bob very nicely to fuck you.”

With indecent haste Lizzy was on her knees, desperate to stop the teasing. She was close to orgasm and her pussy had barely been touched. Bob was loving the tease. His view was a dream. A wet, red open pussy framed by shapely legs and a slightly over full size arse that crying out to be played with. Lizzy became aware of Jan positioning cushions on the floor so that Jan could get comfortable in a position that she could have her pussy played with.

“When Jan is happy with your attention to her pussy I will fuck you. How has she started Jan?”

Lizzy buried her face into Jan’s groin and with the help of her hands tried desperately to please her. She was delighted to feel Bob’s prick, all to slowly, penetrate her pussy. It was agonizing, as she wanted to be fucked hard and fast. She had never been fucked this gently. It took half a dozen strokes before she felt his balls hit her arse.

“Oh please fuck me harder I am so close to orgasm. It is absolutely beautiful but please I need more.”

“Oh Bob is the master of the tease Lizzy. He once fucked me for over Pendik Escort an hour, keeping right on the edge. He might just keep you close, particularly if he can feel your desperation. Oh that is naughty Bob to take your prick out of this beautiful but embarrassed girl.”

Jan moved away from Lizzy’s mouth lying on her back so that the poor girl could clearly see Bob enter her. He entered his very ready wife with a single stroke.

“Oh it must be very tough on you, having got so close to orgasm, to have to watch me getting fucked. Lizzy his prick is fucking me hard and deep. If I want to make him cum in me he might not be able to get it up for you, being the old man he is. What will you do for me so that I let him come back and fuck you?

“It is totally humiliating, what can I offer you? I cannot think of anything that I would not offer I just need a prick and I need it now.”

“Okay, you could agree to come over once a week for a couple of hours and submit to anything we wish. Bob is very fond of giving a spanking followed by a hard anal fucking. I would enjoy watching for a change.”

“Oh yes, yes anything, but please let him fuck me now. Bob please fuck me with your gorgeous prick.”

“Lizzy, Bob will fuck you but you are not to cum before this timer goes off in ten minutes. You are to ask him to slow down if you are in danger of cumming before the timer. There, Bob, a lovely young lady very prepared for your prick, go to it. I am going to sit back and enjoy the view.”

Bob re-entered Lizzy in one long slow stroke. The fucking was deeper and quicker than previously. It only took one minute before Lizzy asked Bob to slow, as she was so close. Three more times she asked him to slow.

“He will not slow again but you are not to cum before the timer”

With that Bob increased the fucking again. Lizzy tried every trick she could think of to hold her orgasm back. It was shortly before the ten minutes was up that with an agonizing cry she pushed herself repeatedly and desperately back onto his prick and exploded into what could only be described as a vicious orgasm, which racked her whole body. Bob kept fucking through her gyrations until she was pleading with him to stop, as she was exhausted.

“Just a minute longer love and then paint the insides of her pussy with the cum that you have saved up the last two weeks”

“I am so sorry I tried everything to wait for the timer that is so embarrassing please do not punish me.”

“You were never expected to beat the timer. We would have been most disappointed if you had. The waiting and teasing just guaranteed the total lack of control you had and the strength of the orgasm when you had it. Now we need to fix the date of our first weekly visit”

“Can we make it tomorrow I cannot wait to be spanked?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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