Brian and Ballet Pt. 03

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My Dearest Readers,

Thanks again for your comments! First off this installment is a bit longer than usual, however when I first wrote it, it was much longer. But I didn’t like the direction I took, so I quickly revised it. (As you read you’ll understand why I left off where I did. :D) I’m actually really pleased with the great ideas my laptop gave me, and I’m excited about how it turned out. I hope you, my dear readers, enjoy it as much.


Chapter Five: Women, Weights, and Voyeurism.

“You’re serious?” Brian responded, shocked out of his mind. Why would Emily even consider hanging out with him and his friends? Not that he minded. He just thought a girl like Emily would have a million other better things to do on a Friday night.

“Dead serious! I mean, if it’s okay with you and your friends. It’s the two guys I always see you with right? Do you think they’d mind?” She asked honestly.

“Well, no. I don’t think they would.” Wow. He let the thought sink in. Emily Stine, the girl of his dreams, playing games with the guys. Once again he felt his heart picking up pace.

Emily smiled at him. “Good. Here…” She continued, fishing a pen out of her pocket, and wrote down her number on his arm. “Call me and let me know where at and what time.”

“Yea sure! I mean, okay cool.” The rain seemed to stop and he awkwardly waved goodbye as he took off for home.

They are never going to believe me, he thought to himself.

“Dude, Emily fucking Stine is coming to my house?” James repeated for the third time.

“I mean, only if you’re cool with it.” Brian responded, but mostly out of courtesy. He knew James wouldn’t object.

“Dude. I need to shower.” James said sniffing himself. Then he panicked as he looked around his room.

“Shit, I gotta clean this place up. No way that a chick would be cool with this mess.” He added as he swept his eyes around his room in the basement.

Brian was happy it was at James’ house for the privacy, it was just going to be them tonight. But James had a point. It looked exactly how a nerd’s room would look like. Messy. The tell tale sign that a guy never got laid.

Thankfully Travis and Brian didn’t need to shower, they had came fully prepared.

“You go ahead with the shower, we’ll clean up this place yea?” Brian offered. It was the least he could do.

“Word bro. I owe you. Well, actually you owe me. If I help you get laid you gotta hook me up with another ballet chick man.”

“Just go already!” Travis responded, pushing James upstairs.

It didn’t take long for the place to become spotless, nor for James to finish his shower. Brian, nervous as always, had to work up the courage to actually call Emily. He didn’t know why, she gave him her number after all.

Finally he was able to punch in the number, then his palms began to sweat as it rang. He managed, in between stutters, to spit out the address to her.

Then they waited.

“I wonder what it’s gonna be like, you know. Hangin with a girl?” Travis spoke up.

“Completely epic.” James sang out, attention on the TV.

They were killing time, playing some Call of Duty when all of a sudden the door bell rang, making them all jump. They sat for a second, looking back and forth at each other then sprinted for the front door, causing James to slip and curse loudly as he banged his shin on one of the steps.

Brian, smacking his friends back shooed them both back downstairs. It wasn’t a date or anything, but still he wanted his space. Reluctantly they returned to the basement.

He paused for a brief second and took in a deep breath before finally opening the door.

“Hey Emily.” Brian said with a smile, taking in the sight of her. She wore her usual flip flops and denim shorts that showed off her toned legs. Her hair was pulled back in a pony tail and she had the usual amount of makeup on—nothing like a clown, but only enough to keep you guessing if she was wearing any or not. Her shirt was well fitted, seemed to accentuate her breasts and waist.

“Hey. Thanks for the invite.” She smiled back and he swore her eyes danced and twinkled as well as she did.

“Anytime. Trav and James are already downstairs, but I have to warn you…They can be a bit, out there.”

“What? You think I can’t handle hangin with a few guys?” She teased him as she followed him down the stairs.

Travis and James took their eyes off of the screen as Emily entered their domain, taking her in just as Brian had.

“Um, nice to meet you, I’m Emily.” She said with a small wave and smile, breaking the silence after a few minutes. Funny, Brian thought. Did she seem a tad bit nervous herself?

The two boys nodded in unison, still glued to the sight of the beauty and their very lucky best friend. They finally went back to their game.

If Emily had been nervous at all it melted away as she became comfortable. She noticed a Katy Perry poster on the wall.

“Is that how you guys like women?” She said pointing Etiler escort at the poster. “Way to make me feel inadequate.”

“No you’re totally hot.” James blurted out, which earned him a dirty look from Brian, and a laugh from Emily.

“Thank you, but stop being nice, if I was a guy I’d do her. I’d probably do her even now.” She said with a wink. All three guys jaws dropped at her admission.

“Oh an actual record player…” Emily exclaimed, still taking in her surroundings. “You guys mind if I play something?”

“Be my guest.” Travis responded half heartedly, most of his interest was on the game at this point.

“Alright, I want to go against Brian next round, and I have to warn you. I play with my younger brother all the time. Don’t go crying when I kick your ass!” Emily said, sure of herself after she put a Beatles record on to play.

All awkwardness was truly warded away, and the four sat together playing games and listening to music for the next couple of hours. Emily had grown to genuinely like Brian’s friends and they had a blast all cracking jokes at the others expense.

For Brian’s part, he and Emily got to know each other better, but there was no flirting really. Brian was a bit disappointed. He was hoping something would spark and that tonight would be the night. Or was she just being nice to a nerd that didn’t really have any friends?

Soon she threw an arm around both Travis and James in a half hug, the two still glued to the TV. “Sorry fellas but I have to go. It was a pleasure meeting you.”

“Pleasure was all mine.” James replied, eyes never leaving the screen, Travis just nodding in agreement.

She caught Brian’s eye and gave him one of her smiles. “I want a rematch though! I think you got lucky.”

They both stood and she put her arms around him and squeezed, Brian all aware of the fact her breasts were pressed against his chest as he returned the hug. Brian could still smell the familiar scent of wild flowers when she had left.

“She is one cool girl.” Travis exclaimed, the rest of the guys nodding in agreement.

“Do you think she likes me?” Brian asked, still puzzled by what was going on.

“I dunno. At least as a friend, that much is clear. We both know you don’t wanna be in the friend zone though.” James said thinking it over for his friend. He knew how much Emily meant to him, and he wished he had the answers.

The friends stayed up for a while later, discussing girls and games and the like. Brian fell asleep still wondering what it all meant, if anything. Why couldn’t there be a simpler way to know? He didn’t want to ruin it by telling Emily how much he liked her. That would surely scare her away.

Brian’s life seemed to improve. He and Emily’s relationship, wait, no…friendship grew. He wished it was more, but he was stuck on what to do. The other guys at school stopped bullying him, and he found he actually grew to enjoy ballet, as weird as it seemed.

One Wednesday after ballet class Katherine stopped him as he was about to leave.

“Oh no you don’t. Guess what? Neil finally moved his weights over here like I promised, and he’ll be over here in a minute to give you a hand.”

She led him toward a back room, that was spacious enough for a weight room. He felt alien to the room, like it wasn’t his style. Oh well, better get used to it.

Not long after Neil showed up, and Katherine introduced the two. He was friendly, tall and very fit. He could see how a guy like him could easily pick up a woman like Katherine.

“Well, I’ll let you two guys get to it.” She said with a wink.

Neil was a nice guy, introduced himself in earnest to Brian, explained that he had an ordinary body, but with dancing and working out he managed to put on some muscle. He ran Brian over his weight plan that was easy enough for one person to do on his own, at least until he increased the weight he was lifting by quite a bit.

He went over the proper lifting techniques with Brian, and soon Brian was actually enjoying lifting the weights. After all, this would make him more attractive.

Soon Katherine gave him access to use the dance center weight room every other day, often lifting with Neil. Both found it better to have a partner, someone to motivate each other. With ballet, some protein shakes, and the weights, he started to gain muscle in just a few weeks. Nothing too incredible, but at least it was a start.

Then one day something happened that he would never forget.

He was using the weight room at the dance center one Tuesday evening. Since it wasn’t a night for any dance classes he let himself in. It was just him, since Neil was busy doing whatever Neil did. Brian didn’t ask much about his personal life.

He was in the zone doing a set of reps when something caught his attention. It was music. Not ballet music, but some other soft music. Weird, nobody was supposed to be here.

He opened the door and poked his head down the long hall, and he could see the light Beşiktaş escort to the main dance room was emitting light. Curious, he made his way toward it.

He poked his head through and saw Neil sitting in a chair as Katherine slowly danced around him in a short dress. It was erotic and wild, yet with a bit of innocence to it. The twenty eight year old dance teacher knew how to move—and from the tents in both Brian and Neil’s pants, it was very appreciated.

Brian nodded his head in approval as he watched his dance teacher moved her hips and run her hands up and down the curves of her body. She dropped low, then bent over at the hips. Her ass, barely covered by a thong, full on display for Neil and fortunately, Brian.

She shook it a couple times, then stood up and spun around to face her boyfriend. She lifted one bare foot and placed it on his thigh, although her dress still covered her. The dress showed a decent amount of cleavage, and out of her usual ballet attire they stood unrestrained, covered only by the dress.

The next thing she did was probably an advantage of dating a ballet dancer, as she grasped the leg on her boyfriend’s lap and slowly raised it, so she stood perfectly balanced on one leg, the other in the air.

Brian could only see the black thong covering her sweet mound, but he was probably sure her boyfriend could make out the detail as the thin material stretched over her pussy.

She spun on her foot as she brought her other one down and sat in Neil’s lap, her back facing toward him. She was grinding her ass into his erect cock as Brian started to feel his own through his sweatpants, wishing he was someone as lucky as Neil.

Neil took his hands from her waist and slowly unzipped the back of her dress. He kissed her neck, first on one side. Then the other. Then he allowed the dress to fall. Brian could only see her beautiful breasts from the mirrors on the wall, although it wasn’t a perfect view.

Katherine stood up and allowed the dress to completely fall, only wearing her thong. She spun back around and the two lovers kissed with a passion Brian thought he had only witnessed in movies. There was love, lust and everything in between.

Her breasts were fully on display, and they were quite the sight. She had a very lovely perky set on her. He couldn’t tell what size they were, but he guessed probably a C-cup. Neil kissed her neck again, then took one breast into his mouth, sucking on it for some time before moving on to the other.

Katherine, still grinding on his lap pulled off Neil’s shirt and decided to kiss down his chest as well. Although she didn’t stop there. She pulled off his pants and boxers in one fluid motion, then forced Neil back down on his seat before taking to her knees.

She took Neil in her mouth, licking and sucking his length. He was at least a couple of inches longer than Brian, he thought as he wished it was his cock that was being clamped around those lips. Neil gasped out in pleasure as she cupped his balls.

After a few minutes the oral pleasure stopped, and she stood up. Come on, Brian thought. It can’t be over yet. Then he was rewarded when she finally discarded the thong that was covering what he really wanted to see.

He wasn’t close enough to gather in all the details, but he saw she was mostly shaven, except for a neat little patch. Her fingers found her clit, then pushed a finger deep inside her, before bringing a foot to his thigh again.

Neil had other plans and lifted it on his shoulder. God, how these girls can stretch!

His mouth kissed slowly along her leg, his lips heading directly for her pussy. She shuddered when they finally found their mark and Neil made work on her clit with his tongue. She grasped him with force trying to maintain balance.

The scene was too much and Brian pulled his own cock out, jacking off in earnest, just in time for him to witness Katherine straddling Neil and taking his cock to the hilt.

Her moan echoed in the empty dance hall, it was a very sweet womanly sound. They ground their hips together as his upward force met her as she sank back on his lap. He watched memorized as her breasts bounced with each stroke.

He matched his own pace to theirs, imagining it was his cock buried deep inside his teacher. But then his vision changed to Emily. Yes, it was Emily he wanted to make love to. To watch her breasts bounce. To hear her womanly moans. To smell and taste her pussy, as Neil had done for his lover. To feel their bodies interlocked in a deep embrace.

The moaning grew louder as the two lovers pace quickened. He drunk in every detail. The way her back arched, and the way her toes did the same, as he was sure she had a beautiful orgasm.

He somehow managed to keep his grunts muted as he came in his sweatpants.

He was happy he witnessed this event, but unfortunately he felt it was time to get out of there before he got caught. So he slipped out while the two lovers were still embraced.

Laying Taksim escort in bed, Brian recalled every detail of the night. He felt a bit shameful for intruding on their privacy, but those thoughts were quickly disbanded as he once again became aroused.

He stripped off his boxers and closed his eyes, stroking his cock once again to Katherine and her amazing body. Only this time, it was Brian sitting in that chair. He imagined his teacher impaling herself on him, and how it would feel to be buried in her pussy.

Then his thoughts began to change and Katherine morphed into Emily, then back to Katherine. In his mind he was fucking them both, until he couldn’t contain himself. He felt the pressure build up and managed to catch his cum on a sock before passing out for the night.

Chapter Six: Makeovers and Sleepovers

It was near November, close to Thanksgiving. Brian had continued to maintain a strict workout schedule and diet and it was definitely showing. His relationship between him and the girls from ballet class began to grow. They accepted him even more so, although he wasn’t sure of the cause. Maybe because he was looking better, or maybe because Emily had befriended him.

Brian and Emily had not moved on passed the friends stage as Brian was still afraid if he confessed how he felt he would scare her away. He would just have to wait for the right opportunity.

Then one Saturday after ballet, his world changed once again.

The girls were standing around in their normal circles, however Brian was actually talking with, or more like listening to, a group of girls that consisted of Emily, Stacy, Emma, and a few girls he didn’t really know named Kim, Anne, and Ciarra. They had already changed from their ballet attire and were discussing going to the mall.

That’s when the hammer dropped.

“So Emily…Have you and Rob done it yet?” Kim asked with a wicked grin.

Rob? Who was Rob? Her boyfriend? Brian felt his heart drop out of his chest. Here was the girl of his dreams, the sole reason he took up ballet and just like that she slipped away.

“No, no and no!” Emily answered back with a laugh. “You know I’m not that type of girl!” She playfully hit Kim in the arm.

“But you are getting close right?” Kim responded with a big smile.

“You could say that.” Emily said, as I tried again to keep myself under control. Well, at least she wasn’t fucking him.

“Why should I care if she was having sex or not? I’m not her man nor her parent. But for some reason deep down I wanted her to be an innocent type of girl. Someone who was untouched. I wanted to be the first one to experience all the pleasure that came with being an adult with someone like her. I Guess that’s part of my fantasy. It’s just a part of a fetish–“

“Hello, earth to Brian!” His thoughts were cut off by Emma. “You coming to the mall with us or not?”

Brian had plenty of money to spend, but what he really needed to do was go home and lay in bed. He didn’t want to be so close to Emily and yet so far away. Why was life so unfair?

“I don’t know,” He began to say, shaking his head no, but then all the girls begged him.

“Come on! It will be a blast! We can all give you a makeover!” Ciarra exclaimed, grabbing him by the arms.

“Ya we’ll turn you into a sexy stud!” Kim replied.

Hm. He did however like all the recent attention he was getting. A few months ago and none of these girls even knew his name.

Finally he agreed and they all piled into a van that belonged to Kim’s mother. He sat in the far back in between Emma and Ciarra. Still rattled from the discovery of Emily having a boyfriend, he wasn’t paying attention to much of the conversation going on around him.

He had been a friend to Emily and nothing became of it. True, he didn’t make a move. Nor did she, and perhaps that reason was because she had a boyfriend all along. He didn’t tell her everything, so he just assumed she left out bits as well.

So he did his best to push Emily out of his head and smiled at the two beautiful girls sitting on either side of him. As Kim parked the van and they all piled out, he locked arms with Emma and Ciarra and smiled.

“Lets do this!” He said smiling at both of the girls.

It turns out, that this was exactly what Brian needed.

“First up, Brian’s makeover!” Kim shouted as they walked in the mall. It was pretty packed on this Saturday night. It was a night that, despite the news about Emily, was turning into a great one.

They suddenly stopped, then Brian realized why. There was a hair salon right in front of them.

“No. No no no!” He said.

“Yes!” The girls answered back together.

Twenty minutes later Brian came out with a brand new haircut and styled by one of the girls own hairdressers.

He shrugged it off shaking his head, and moved on with the women.

The girls stopped at several clothing stores picking through the racks to find clothes for Brian. He was shocked and happy that he had six beautiful women picking out stuff for him. He watched Emily laugh with her friends, and constantly text on her phone. Who was she texting?

“Jesus Brian!” He yelled at himself in his head. This was scaring him. He definitely didn’t want to become some obsessed stalker.

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