Brian and His Futa Sister

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Brian and his elder sister moved to a different state, away from their parents, in order to pursue their higher education. But things changed a lot more than Brian had expected. His younger sister Nicole was a shemale, only few of her close friends and family members were aware of the fact. But the thing about which Brian had the least idea was that Nicole was into shemale domination. He forgot how it all started but right now, 22 year old Brian was reduced to a mere fuck-toy maid by 19 year old Nicole.

Brian was a skinny 5’8″ guy much smaller comparing to 6′ athletic Nicole so Brian was never able to resist the took-over by his sister. That day, Brian was passing time leisurely when he heard Nicole storming into the living room from her soccer practice. “Brian! Brian! BRIAN! Where the fuck, are you anyway?” She screamed without giving Brian any other option but to go into the living room immediately.

Brian hurried inside the living room just wearing the small yellow color girly short. “I am here” he said while his eyes gazed over her body. She was all sweaty from the hard practice no doubt; her black t-shirt looked like a second skin over her pouty tits. Her tight sports pants revealing the deep curves of her crotch and ass, she smirked noticing her lust in her brother’s eyes. She began to rub her crotch over the pant slowly in order to tease her poor brother; the bulge in between her legs was quite prominent.

“Oh Brian stop drooling like a pervert will you?” She mocked before adding, “Both you and I know that you won’t be able to use my body like the way you wanted to, but I will use you in any way I see fit. So, why don’t you be the good little bitch that you are and slip out of your pink short? I don’t want it to get stained by your worthless dick.” She smiled watching the 22 year old stepping out of his shorts to show off his shaved cock and balls to his little shemale sister, his face was burning with shame but his dick attained a full erection of merely 4 inch.

Nicole also slipped out of her pants, letting her thick long cock stretch out in freedom. She sat on a wooden stool and smacked her butt cheek playfully while glancing at Brian in a meaningful way. “Go on you little butt lapper, you know you love to lick the sweaty ass of your sister, your cock craves for the taste as does your tongue. Go ahead.” Before walking to her behind, Brian couldn’t help but admire the 6.5 inch soft member in between his sister’s legs, no wonder why she is the boss of the house.

Brian dropped to his knees behind the stool; he saw his sister wiggling her firm shaped butt-cheeks right in front of his face, inviting him to do his job. He recalled the first day when Nicole forced him to sniff her butt as if Brian was a dog, he felt like vomiting but as time went by he secretly started to love the scent, and those humiliating French-kisses and the lap jobs but his hard dick always gave away his secrets to his sister.

Just as Brian began to press his nose in between her round butt cheeks, the strong aroma hit him hard, he gasped. Nicole sensing his brother’s discomfort said in a sly tone, “Oops, I forgot to mention to you that today after the match I took a dump and well since the stall was scarce on toilet papers I decided to go green, since after all I have a wet organic toilet paper at home, YOU!” she giggled out loudly at the end of the sentence.

Brian repulsed at the very idea of licking shit off his sister’s asshole. He had licked her ass before, sniffed it like a dog but never considered something that gross. But when he felt Nicole’s strong hand pressing against the back of his head, he realized that it was not something of his choice. He must obey her because she demands so. “Come on you little dog, I am waiting. For the first time when I made you lick my asshole, did you think that you have come to a limit? Hell no, you are Eyüp Escort just at the beginning bitch. So hurry! Take good long sniffs as a starter.”

Brian was helpless under the total control of Nicole as he began to sniff in the smell with each sniffs the strong scent began to took over his nerves breaking up the remaining of his will power as he was facing the reality from a new angle, he was nothing but a living toy for his sister who has the right to do whatever she feels like. “Damn it brother, is your lungs as weak as your pathetic dick? I want to hear you sniff, just be a good boy and take 10 long sniffs, NOW!”

Brian once again nauseate under the new degrading order. He clenched his eyes and began to long deep sniffs, one after other. Nicole found it more than arousing to have her brother obey her like a Mistress, no matter how much humiliating it was. Just as Nicole heard her brother’s sniffing the smell of her shit she moaned and spread open her legs and began to slowly stroke her long cock. “That’s it brother!” She giggled patted his head, stroking his black hair locks, “after the sniffs I want you to French kiss it before jumping to regular lapping.”

As the day got worsen each second for Brian, Nicole’s day was getting better she thought, “Today for the first time my brother, I will make you clean my ass inside-out with your worthless tongue, which is only good when serving me.” She felt her cock throbbing each time she heard the sniffing noise coming from her behind. “Well, it’s not that I am a bossy bitch, he also loves to serve me like the same way I love ordering him. It was me, who made him realize for the first time that he was a dog and a slave and now it’s time to treat him properly like one.”

Just as the sound of 10th sniff died down, Nicole turned her head back to see how his red-faced brother doing down there. When she saw her brother panting for clean air she giggled. Then her eyes roamed a little below to catch a glimpse of his small hard cock pointing towards the ceiling throbbing in between his legs. She wiggled her ass in front of Brian’s face, “Go ahead, and kiss it my dear. Let me tell you something, you do everything I say and I might buy you a sex-doll so that you won’t always have to go to toilet to jerk-off.”

Brian’s eyes lit with a ray of hope as he looked up to her face, “Really Nicole you would do that for me?”

Nicole smiled and nodded, “Yes you dirty little mutt, I will. You are my little sissy toy aren’t you, so I also want to make my toy happy. Now off course your toy won’t be a living thing like mine, but at least it’s better than to go to restroom and flush down your precious cum, right?” She wiggled her butt again, “But that means you will be completely obedient no matter the command. Let me give you a prior warning, it won’t be as easy as it seems. But who cares? If you put on a fight you will lose the doll, I will use you anyway. I have nothing to lose.”

Partly from obedience and partly from the hope to get a doll, Brian touched his sister’s rosebud with the tip of his tongue. Soon the bitter taste spread all over his taste buds but to his surprise he didn’t feel like throwing up rather with each second he became more and more adjusted to it. After few minutes Nicole suddenly pushed Brian’s head towards her asshole forcing him to encircle her asshole with his lips. “You kissed my butt-hole pretty well, my dear slut, it’s time to even the score. I have a special kiss for you in mind.”

Before poor Brian got the time to react or even think what that special kiss might be, Nicole relaxed her bowel and farted right in his mouth. Brian would have jerked away if there wasn’t a strong hand pushing his head tightly against her butt-hole forcing him to digest this humiliation forcing him to taste the fart, to bear the shame of having his little sister using him like a Eyüp Escort Bayan toilet. “This is your special kiss, my dear big brother. Hope you enjoyed it even more than I enjoyed kissing you like this. Tell me, do you want me to kiss you again?”

Brian wanted to resist, wanted to scream not in negation but having his head pressed tightly in between Nicole’s ass cheeks and the strong smell made his voice quite incoherent. But in spite of all the resistance, Brian’s cock felt like exploding even though there wasn’t much touching. Nicole giggled again, “Oh, poor you can’t speak properly now, can you? Well, if you want me to kiss you again then remain still or else say anything, I will hear the cute noise coming from my beneath again.”

Brian soon began to resist, trying his best to convey his feelings about the dirty weird fantasy his sister was dragging him to. Feeling the strong protest, Nicole held his face in position firmly with her two strong hands and farted in his mouth once again, giggling, “Damn it brother. Were you always this dumb or just now? Since when does your voice have a weight when you and I are alone, huh? I fart in your mouth, because I chose to, not you. Now hurry up with the cleaning, bitch, inside out.”

Poor Brian, he thought, “Why did I trust her in the first place, she is way too bitchy at times.” But with the asshole in front of his tongue and his face pressed in between firm butt cheeks made him aware of the harsh reality. He began to slowly push the tip of his tongue against her tight asshole, forcing her muscles to pry open, “Damn, she never had it up her ass I guess.” He chuckled to himself even at this dire condition, “Why would she, when she has someone like me around.”

Nicole felt her brother trying his best to push his tongue inside her messy ass; she took pity on his elder brother and relaxed her muscles a bit to ease up the process. Brian slipped the tip inside on the first chance he got, earning another snicker from Nicole, “Oh, brother you are just so hungry for my shitty ass aren’t you? Don’t worry; I will try my best to relax unless you show lack of enthusiasm.” Brian was forced to become this slutty piece of meat because despite being elder he wasn’t even near as big as his shemale sister.

Brian began to wiggle his tongue inside the tight ass, cleaning the inner walls for her anus. It didn’t take long for masochistic Brian to get the hang of the humiliation and bitter taste; soon he began to crave for more. He closed his eyes and let his tongue slide in and out slowly tongue-fucking her butt. Nicole felt the change in his attitude and patted his head, “Oh, you little slut. You love this new humiliating task don’t you? That’s what I love about you brother, your pathetic sissy mind have practically no limits. Go ahead prod my butt more with your lovely tongue.”

Brian moaned from excitement due to prolonged exposure to his sister’s dominant feature, he developed a fetish for verbal humiliation as well every lines, every words that were meant to degrade him acted like a drug of arousal for him. He pushed his tongue deep inside her butt and after a couple of pushing he felt a piece of turd inside her. Nicole moaned when she felt his brother pushing his tongue against the piece of shit, her cock throbbed hard, “That’s enough for now brother, and I will make you eat my shit one day. But for now, come here and suck me off, you made me too hard to contain myself.”

This was the style of Nicole; she made her brother go through tons of humiliation slowly inducing a new fetish inside his silly submissive mind, and then completely fucked his mind by telling he is worthless and slutty enough to have such a dirty degrading fetish. Brian crawled back to Nicole’s front, letting Nicole straddling his shoulders wearing an evil smirk on her lips. Catching a glimpse of her, Brian began Escort Eyüp to respect her more than ever. She was just so stronger than him, her cock pointing up towards the ceiling proudly rather than merely peeking out like his and she looked just so confident. He thought, “Yes, she is definitely worthy or respect.”

Nicole ran her fingers along his silky hair petting his head in the back, reminding him of his task. Brian leaned a little forward and kissed the tip of her cock, his hands resting on her thigh. It felt so natural to him, to allow his little sister to dominate over him. He opened his mouth and began to take in the whole length inside his mouth slowly; he knew that having her own brother licking her dirty asshole turned on Nicole way too much to hold off for much longer, so he wanted to make it happen slowly.

However Nicole had much less patience than Brian, she grabbed his head by his hair and began to slide his face up and down the shaft brutally, forcing him to fuck her long 9 inch cock. She loved to see the expression in Brian’s eyes accompanied by the cute gagging noise each time she pushed his head deep enough to take the whole of her cock inside his sissy mouth. She enjoyed feeling her cock-tip hitting her pathetic elder brother in the throat with each thrust. “This is it brother, get ready for your special cum-shot facial”, she moaned while pulling her cock out of his mouth.

Nicole moaned out loudly squirting her thick loads of semen, coating Brian’s face, all of it. After she had her orgasm she smiled at his slutty brother and was utterly surprised to see him licking clean her cock without even being told to do so. She patted his head to praise her little doggy. “Now now, little-dick brother, you are doing a very good job today. Why don’t you squat down now and jerk off your little sissy clit, I bet it is almost ready to explode any fucking second.” She giggled and added, “And you must suck your thumb like you do when sleeping during you jerking off session, it’s just so funny to see a 22 year old acting like naked sissy toddler.

Brian blushed but nodded quietly her cum dripping on the floor from his face and squat down spreading his legs wide apart in front of his sister, his eyes focusing on the big flaccid cock hanging between her legs. He placed his left thumb inside his mouth and began to suck on it like a toddler while stroking his baby dick. While Brian was jerking off, Nicole was showering constant verbal abuse, she loved to see his shame, his arousal, and he was completely naked in front of her, both physically and mentally.

It wasn’t long before Brian clenched his toes and his knees were trembling, he closed his eyes and let out a soft muffled moan to have his thumb inside his mouth. Nicole smirked and just when she realized, Brian won’t be able to stop Cumming even if he wanted to, she shouted while placing her left foot right in front of his cock tip, “Don’t you dare cum, you little piece of shit, you don’t deserve to have any pleasure.” But as calculated, Brian moaned out loudly squirting all over Nicole’s foot.

Nicole chuckled warmly, “Well, you are such a sissy slut; you can’t even control your little prick. Man, you are pathetic you know, good thing that I am here to train you properly. Now go ahead and lick my foot clean. Fair warning, from the soccer practice my foot is kind of stinky right now.” She said, waving her foot in front of Brian. He had little choice but to obey, he had licked her cum before, swallowed her loads, but licking off his own cum was something different, it was more degrading, it was like being forced to become his own slave. He started to lick off the salty semen from her foot.

When he was done, Nicole got up from the stool and pushed away Brian with her strong foot, “get the fuck away from my face and go to your room. And don’t you dare wash off your new face-wash.” Brian practically ran out of the room, naked, without even looking back or picking up his short from the floor, Nicole stared at his naked butt cheeks wiggling as he moved and when he was gone a small chuckle escaped her lips, “I love my slutty elder brother.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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