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I hated New Years Eve. It was up there with Valentine’s Day. The pressure to have a date, all the romantic stuff, it made me grumpy. And here I was, at a huge show in a big town with a bunch of friends, on New Years Eve, feeling like the loneliest person on the planet. I danced, drank cocktails, tried to lose myself, tried to let the outside world fade into a blur. As I focused back in to where I was, I was greeted by a pair of beautiful eyes looking right at me, attached to a very cute young man, dancing near me.

I started dancing with more passion, and soon he was touching me lightly, spinning me gently. Suddenly, the night became fun. As the music faded, the floor cleared out, and we were left with each other. Dusty, he said his name was. Lila, I said mine was. I curtseyed and he took me in his arms and twirled me, then dipped me, smooching me right there on the dance floor. We melted together, and then he wanted to get out of there and so did I.

As we hit the freezing night air, we found a spot on the corner to make out, generating enough heat in that one part of our bodies to warm the rest of us. We sucked face, giggling when people shouted at us to get a room. It was on.

Where should we go, he asked. Let’s go to my buddy’s house, he answered his own question. He took me to a small cottage, feeding me icicles and warm tongue along the way. We slipped inside the house, finding the couch and some sparkling apple juice. We made out like teenagers, his sweet lips tasting like candy. At some point his buddy showed up. He sat down on the couch and lifted my legs onto his lap. Took off my socks, started rubbing my feet and his touch was like lightening straight to my crotch.

I squirmed around, came up for air. Dusty asked me how I was feeling, introduced me to his buddy. We were all doing good. They told me I was beautiful, they liked my sparkly silver pants and silky tank top. Suddenly I wasn’t lost in the crowd. I was being man-handled by two cute guys in a cozy house on a wintery, overblown holiday night, which now felt like all of humanity on the brink of magic. Why not?

I wiggled my pelvis and Buddy got it. He slipped a hand under my pants, into my underwear. He began gently fingering me, while my boy sucked on my neck. Sweet Dusty, glad you found me. I reached for his mouth and we kissed deeply, sucking on each others tongues and lips. His hands were under my tank top, on almanbahis adres my tits, moving slowly, massaging my neck and earlobes. My full breasts rose up into his palms, asking for more. Buddy found me to be wet and willing. He pushed his finger deep inside, and I opened up my legs for him. He added another finger and moved gently, testing me. I bucked towards him, while I grabbed Dusty’s head and kissed him harder. He squeezed my nipples. Damn! These guys are gentle, I was thinking. Such gentlemen, such sweeties. I was warm and slippery, and I knew that this was the perfect moment to fulfill a long time desire. I was ready to be ravaged.

My clothes started slipping off, and I felt mouths on various parts of my body. Oh man that feels good, I said, and they laughed and said they were bros and shared a lot, but never until now a woman. I felt cherished, I had wanted this for so long, but it had never felt right. And now these two cuties were getting me hot and slippery, while being goofy and kind of polite about the whole thing. I let myself fall back onto their eager, trembling bodies, inhaling deeply and stroking whatever fell into my hands.

Soon we were all naked and on the floor. There were rugs and blankets and pillows. My boys laid me down and had their way with me. I felt a mouth between my legs, and another on my nipples. Hands were everywhere. I was rolling from side to side, pushing my pelvis into someone’s face and my breasts into someone else’s. They took turns tonguing me, one would flick his tongue over my clit, and the other would lick me long and hard.

I wanted both of them in my mouth at the same time, but I didn’t think they were gay for each other, so I had to settle for one at a time. I tapped into my inner porn star and sucked one and then the other. They were both delicious and nicely shaped, I could feel them getting harder in my mouth and I moaned at the thought of being filled. They pushed me down and licked me everywhere, lingering in certain spots and occasionally slapping against each other.

Nobody cared. We were caught up in the exquisite naughtiness of the moment. I had surrendered to the experience, and I was slippery with anticipation. I felt a tongue pressed flat against my clit, moving in rhythm, down towards my hole then up, exploring every fold, tasting every part of me. Then lower down, pushing inside of me. I said yes, please. almanbahis adres Give it to me.

I heard a ripping of plastic, which helped me relax even more. That sound told me Yes, it’s going to happen, you are going to get pounded. Protection is hot, I was thinking, and then I felt a thick, warm, favorite part of a man enter me, pushing deep, pulling back slowly. I groaned and he was pushing into me again, then rolling us over so that I was on top. He told me to sit on him and I did, taking him in lightly and leaning forward. It was Dusty beneath me, I saw, when I finally opened my eyes, and I fell onto him and kissed him deeply. Now that I was exactly where I wanted to be, I could relax and direct the show.

I pulled back and massaged the tip of his cock with my entire vulva, leaning forward, holding him between my legs. I moved slowly, making sure they both got a good view. I slipped over his balls, then back up his shaft, sinking down. I told them that they were hot, and they said the same to me. Buddy was behind me, with his hands on my hips, pressing lightly, moving me up and down. I felt him biting my ass, slapping it, and then he started licking me down near my crack. He pretended to be hesitant at first, but I could tell that he really wanted to do it, so I leaned forward and lifted my pelvis for him, spreading my knees while sliding softly up and down the shaft of my Dusty.

All of us said mmm and I was pulling gently on Dusty’s hair while Buddy started pulling on mine. He was licking and biting me, squeezing my hips, and I had a moment of wondering if he was sucking Dusty’s balls, maybe just a little bit. I giggled and put it out of my mind, surrendering to the slippery, perfect pleasure of the moment. They could bang each other all they wanted, as long as they bang me first.

I heard again the familiar rustle of plastic, and I thanked Buddy for being mindful. He started licking me again, massaging my hips, easing my legs apart. He got me slimy, then entered my ass slowly. Time stood still while he eased into me. I relaxed myself, letting him go deep before I pushed down on Dusty again. I wanted this to be right, to be at my pace. They got it, treated me like a delicate object. I stayed shallow with Dusty for a little while, massaging my clit against his cock while Buddy fucked my ass. I sucked on Dusty’s swollen lips, then sat down deeply on the gorgeous cock almanbahis adresi in front of me, tilting my ass back to fully receive the other one pushing into me from behind.

Yes, I said, oh my god yes. Please go slow so I don’t come too fast. They eased in and out, matching each others rhythm, being gentle while I really wanted them to shove harder. I tried to take my time, feel this moment, fully surrounded, total fulfillment. Buddy was hugging my waist, easing in and out of my ass, while Dusty was pushing himself up and in to me. A victory for womankind, my porn star heart was thinking. I loved them both in that moment.

I moved my body a little bit upright, to shift the angle, and they both groaned. I pushed my tits into Dusty’s face and he sucked dutifully. Bite them, I said, and he did. Harder, I said, and he did. Uhhn, I said. I felt a building up of tension inside of me, the point of no return. I pushed down onto his body, sliding my clit up and down his pelvis. I was trying to hold back, my body had been craving this feeling for so long, it was hard not to explode. I felt Buddy going deeper in back, increasing his pace, and I cried out.

I moaned and lost all control of myself. I became pure primal animal creature, shoving hard and biting whatever came near my mouth. They were both pushing and panting, matching rhythms perfectly and squeezing my flesh. The pleasure intensified, sending waves through my entire body. I can’t hold back, I thought. I have to do it. This is what I was made for.

I took a huge breath and shoved my body hard. Now, I told them. I grabbed Dusty’s shoulders for leverage. Oh my god right now. I heard them grunt and they both pushed into me hard, right at the moment I let myself go. We all cried out in deep voices, grabbing tight to each other, unable to let go. My clit felt like a volcano and the lava poured into every part of my body, seeping and pulsing through my veins.

Buddy collapsed on top of me and I hooked my feet over his legs. Buried my face in Dusty’s neck. Sucked on his skin, tasted salt on my lips. Felt truly engulfed by delicious sweaty men, my favorite scent. We all breathed deep, taking a few moments to slow the heart rate. I pushed Buddy off of me and he went into the bathroom. I pulled myself off of Dusty. We looked at each other and smiled. I told him that it was great, sumptuous, fantasy fulfilled. He said same here, that I was the perfect woman and he wished I didn’t live two states away. I kissed him all over his face, then I reached for my clothes.

The frosty night air felt cool and crystalline on my warm flesh. The fantasy was fun, but there was nothing like the sweet taste of freedom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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