Brother-in-law part 2

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After that he and I fucked every chance that we had. I did things with him that I had never even knew I wanted to do before. I felt comfortable to do anything with him.

One night at around 10 my sister had to take her son somewhere and would be a way for a while, the girls were already asleep upstairs so it was just the two of us. I am a very shy person and never really make the first move. So I waited patiently for him to.

About twenty minutes passed before he leaned in closer to me. He started caressing my tits kissing me ever so gently. He moved his hands down to my hot pussy and rubbed me through my shorts reaching around he moved the leg of my shorts aside to give him easier access to my ever dripping snatch. He flicked my clit with his expert fingers. Working it over faster and faster I could feel myself about to explode continuing with what he was doing my hips meeting his every stroke, I exploded my body twitched and my pussy leaked tons of love juice on his fingers and the fabric of my shorts.

He sat down on the couch and I crawled to him on my hands and knees like a tiger stalking its prey. Pulling his sweats down I grasped his ever swelling cock in my hand. Guiding it to my lips I slowly sucked him in tasting his salt and licking the tiny droplets of pre-cum that escaped from its vessel. I sucked him in deeper and faster. I stroked and sucked his cock taking him in izmit escort bayan as deep as my throat would allow. I sucked him faster as I felt his cock swell between my lips he grunted and filled my mouth with his yummy cum snack. Sucking him dry but wanting more I moved down to his balls licking them. As I stroked his now limp cock.

Moving down further I moved my tongue over his puckered hole, he had told me before that he also enjoyed having sex with men, and hadn’t done that type of thing in a very long time. So I knew he would enjoy this. I worked his hole with my tongue, applying pressure with just the tip. With the base of my wet tongue I lapped him up stroking and flicking him. He pulled his legs back to allow me easier access to his steaming hole, Which was quivering against my tongue. I did this for about ten minutes alternating the pressure and the licking of my tongue.

I never thought I would ever do anything like this but when I am with him he makes me feel free enough to do anything.

We were interrupted when they came home earlier than we thought.

Another time a few days after Thanksgiving I had the week off from work and she was working. Michael and I dropped the trash off and the recycling and headed home. We stopped off at the garage and went inside. We both wanted each other so badly that I thought he might just pull over on the kocaeli escort bayan side of the road. He threw some wood into the stove, it was so cold in there, but the heat that we were setting off made up for the coldness that surrounded our bodies. He walked over toward me and leaned in for a kiss, our hands were everywhere trying to pull each other in.

My hand found his center and I squeezed him through his jeans he was already rock hard knelling in front of him. I undid his belt and freed his button and unzipped his pants pulling them down to his knees gazing at his meat for a few seconds smiling the whole time I took him in my hand and stroked him lightly before placing him between my lips taking him in as far as could with one gulp. He stretched my mouth with his size I worked him over licking and sucking stroking and nibbling his meat faster and faster as his moans and sighs of pleasure filled the air. I felt his cock skin stretch between my lips and knew it was only moments away until he filled my mouth with his salty nectar. Stroking and sucking harder and faster he grunted and covered my tongue with his spunk. I continued to stroke and suck him until I got every last drop.

Standing up and facing him with a smile from ear to ear, he eased me against the car that was behind me he unzipped my jeans and pulled them along with my panties down to my ankles.
He kocaeli escort proceeded to lap up my ever flowing juices with an expert tongue that until I met him never knew existed. Flicking and lapping my clit and pussy lips. My legs began to quiver after a few minutes of receiving this treat. And my pussy started to pulsate and run juices down my thighs as he did his best to lap me up my body was overtaking by my orgasm he continued to work me over as not one but two coursed throughout my body. I just wanted to collapse right there on the floor.

He stood up and I could see that he was rip roaring and ready to fuck. Turning around I spread my legs as far as they would go seeing my jeans were still wrapped around my ankles. He guided himself into my hot wet hole and fucked me fast and hard just how I like it. I felt within just a few minutes of receiving this my center tighten and my legs begin to shake as he caused another orgasm to over take me. At the same time I was cumming he exploded inside me filling me to the brink of overflowing. I grabbed a hold of him with my pussy muscles and squeezed him, milking every last drop out of his pole. He stayed inside me for a few minutes as we caught our breath. Easing himself out of me, I turned around and faced him. We put ourselves back together, the best that we could and kissed for a few minutes before deciding that the stove just wasn’t cutting it anymore. The whole time we were fucking I hadn’t really noticed the cold but now I could feel the coldness touching my skin. We closed up the garage and headed down to the house. To our luck about twenty minutes later she showed up..

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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