Brother In Law Spends The Night

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I can’t stop thinking about a kinky experience that I shared with my husband and his brother. Even though it happened six months ago, it still makes me feel extremely naughty every time I relive it in my mind.

My name is Nicole, I am 135lbs, 5’10” brown hair and eyes. I like to stay in shape, as I’m getting older, at 28 years of age. I’ve been told my whole life life that I look great and I want to keep it that way. I consider myself lucky, having married my high school sweetheart Andy. Although we did spent 7 years apart following graduation, going to different universities and starting our careers. We reunited and married 3 years ago.

While Andy and I were apart I always remembered him being the best Ive had when it comes to sex and when we got back together It was as good as I remember. During our first couple months back together we would joke around at the end of the day trying to figure out if we’d broken our record of seven rounds of sex that day. Things have cooled off slightly since then but we still have days of three or four rounds. So we both have a great sex drive, but what I didn’t know about Andy back in high school was just how kinky he could be. Which was great because I am the same way. We often told each other “you wouldn’t want to know how kinky I could be, it would freak you out”.

So back to the event that I can’t get over. We got to know each others fantasies and what turns us on. So during sex I would tell him what I liked and found out that it was usually what he liked too. I liked to tell Andy that I really enjoyed it when guys checked me out during the day. Really enjoying our beach days wear I can wear my bikini and also the nights where we go out with me wearing a short skirt or dress. When I first told Andy he obviously liked hearing it because he pounded the hell out of me til he came, only telling me afterwords how much he like what I was saying.

Things escalated from there to me dressing like a slut and showing myself off to strangers and even one of his friends that we ran into while we were out having our fun. On that night I ended up telling him how much I enjoyed his friend checking me out. I gave him a blowjob on the way home and we confessed to each other how hot it was and how I would even go down on his friend too if he had wanted me to. This made him cum in my mouth Immediately.

Throughout the next few weeks we often fantasized about me fucking his friend until one day he surprised me by telling me maybe I should dress up like a slut when his brother, Mike, came to town the next day to visit.

To fast forward, we all went out the next night to have some drinks. I dressed up like my husband said and really enjoyed the attention I was getting from both of them. I even asked them innocently Onwin if my dress was too short for being out. But I was really asking his brother because his eyes were the ones locked on mine when they both said it was fine. But then he added “you look great” which really excited me because I was just asking about my dress not myself. My husband, standing behind him, gave me a knowing smile letting me know he was enjoying his sexy wife being flirty. We had a great time out and had plenty to drink. We left the bar, not wanting to spend a fortune that night. When we all got home we decided we already had enough to drink and that we were all tired and ready to go to bed. I asked if Mike wanted to spend the night at our place instead of getting a hotel, to which he said yes and thanked us because he didn’t want to drive and was fine just sleeping on the couch. After chatting a bit, we said goodnight to him and headed to our bedroom.

As soon a the door shut, I found out that Andy wasn’t as tired as he appeared to be earlier. He told me how hot I was and how hot I must have looked to his brother. We started grabbing each other and then Andy told me to put on some sexy lingerie. I went to the closet and put on a red see baby doll that I knew was Andy’s favorite. I came back from the closet and walked back to the bed where my husband lay. He told me how good I looked as I took off his pants. I was really enjoying all the comments from my husband and brother in law that night. I felt like the hottest woman in the world. I started jerking off my husband and making out with him. Whispering to him just how much I enjoyed his idea tonight and how hot it was for me to be showing myself off in front of his brother. He said “I knew you would like it”. I told him I did again and replaced my hand on his dick with my mouth.

I was bobbing up and down on his dick when he said “do you know what would be even hotter?”. “If you go out in your baby doll and grab us a movie from the other side of the living room”. I looked at him and said “I can’t do that”. Only to be told “yes you can he’s sleeping, it will be okay”. The idea was really risky, I would have no excuse if I got caught out there. We played around a while longer until I got the courage to actually do this dare. I got out of bed and walked to the bedroom door. I put my hand on it to unlock it, turning back to face my husband of three years who had his dick in his hand. Mouthing for me to “do it”. I smiled, opened the door as slowly and quietly as I could. Looking out, there was my brother in law, lying on the couch sleeping. My heart was beating so fast as I took my first steps out into the living room leaving sight of my husband.

I kept telling myself not to worry that he was sleeping. I had to pass right Onwin Giriş by the couch where he was lying on his back, in order to get the movie my husband dared me to get. I picked out a random movie and turned around to look at my brother in law, making sure he really was sleeping. I stood there quietly for a couple seconds enjoying the thrill of something so taboo. Knowing he could wake up at any second and see me. A person he should never see this way, only wearing his brother Andy’s favorite lingerie. I loved it. It was so wrong. I tip toed right past him and reached my bedroom door. I closed the door and there was my husband jerking his dick.

I threw the movie on the bed and said “here you go”. I took my panties off and crawled up the bed to straddle Andy’s dick. I was so wet! I had never been so excited. He grabbed my hips as I lowered myself on to him. He told me how amazing I was to be kinky enough to do that and how hard it had made him. I could feel it, it was hard as a rock. I teased him by telling him “wow, you must have really liked sending your wife out to your brother like that”. All he could say was ” oh my god you’re so hot”. I was loving this. He told me ” too bad he’s sleeping, how hot would that be if he saw you like that”. I said “I know” and picked up my pace riding the brother that I married. I wanted more though.

After a minute I slowed back down and asked my husband if he would like me to go back out and get him a glass of water. He said “yes, go back out there and do it again”. I got off of his dick and walked straight to the door again, passing my panties on the floor. I opened the door slowly again and stood in the doorway. Half way between these two brothers. One brother jerking off watching me and the other sleeping on the couch unaware of the naughtiness happening just a few feet away. I blew my husband a kiss as I left the bedroom again. Getting a glass of water for no reason, just to make my pussy even wetter. Just to feel the thrill of maybe getting caught by my brother in law. Just to make me and my husband fuck even harder. I made it back to the bedroom carrying the glass of water and putting it on the bedside nightstand.

Then I went back to close the bedroom door, but Andy got up from bed and met me at the door. Taking my hand off the doorknob, he guided it to his dick. I brought my other hand down to feel his hardness. While I was starring at the work I was doing on him, he reached with both hands this time and grabbed my baby doll lingerie pulling it off over my head. Now I was completely naked with our bedroom door wide opened and his brother just ten feet away. I dropped to my knees and started sucking him off right there in the doorway. I had my husbands dick in my mouth as I looked into the Onwin Güncel Giriş living room and stared at my sleeping brother in law. I took his dick out of my mouth and whispered “I love this, I love you”. He said “I know, I love my dirty little wife”. “Go get another movie for me”.

I got up from my knees and walked out into the living room for the third time, this time completely naked! I passed my brother in law on the couch and looked down at him. Secretly wanting him to actually wake up and see me. Seriously wanting to cross the line and make this whole night even hotter. I grabbed another movie from the shelf and started walking back to the bedroom. Looking straight ahead at my husband jerking his dick so fast. Jerking it watching me, his wife, standing naked two feet in front of his brother. I just stood there watching him, then down at his brother, then my husband, then my brother in law. I was absolutely loving this feeling! The dirtiness of the whole thing. I put the movie down on the coffee table on the other side of me and put my hand on my dripping pussy. Touching myself.

Enjoying being completely naked next to the “other brother”, the one that is never supposed to see me naked. I stared at my husband as I reached my hand over his brother and hovered my hand just inches above where his dick was. Leaving my hand Just above the blanket that covered him up. I licked my lips before mouthing to my husband “what do you think?”. He just starred back at everything happening, either unable or not wanting to say anything. I really wanted to do this. I was ready to do it. I didnt care about the consequences anymore. I wanted to make this happen. I took my hand away from above mike’s dick and I got down on my knees beside the couch.

Kneeling in front of my brother in law, I looked again to my husband and whispered “I’m going to wake him up”. He didn’t say anything, just jerked his dick even harder and moaned softly trying to hold it back. Here I was on my knees wanting my brother in law, Mike, while Andy was getting off watching. I looked down at my brother in law. I picked up the corner of the blanket from his shoulder and pulled it down slowly until it uncovered him all the way to his thighs. He didn’t wake up yet. This was it. I looked back at my husband one last time before I changed all our lives forever. Thats when I saw him cumming. I watched as he came all over the floor in front of him. Pointing his dick in our direction.

As soon as he finished, he asked me to come over to him really quick. When I got there he told me not to do anything anymore. I think that because of him cumming, he came back to reality and realized how dangerous this was. I was really upset at first, but after a couple minutes I agreed it would have been really awkward afterward if anything had happened. I can’t stop think about this night and how close I was to becoming a slut for my brother in law. That was six months ago. You never know, Hopefully something happens next time he comes to visit. I’m up for a dare!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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