Brother, Sister Look Up Ch. 06

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[This is the latest installment in a series; it makes more sense if you read the previous chapters, but you don’t have to do that. It involves incest and bodily functions, so if those things bother you, read no further. Everyone is over 18.]


I hadn’t given much thought to how I was going to handle the session with Aunt Kathy and Uncle Lee. I had been disciplining my aunt, who was only 10 years older, because my uncle felt she was irresponsible. She had mishandled financial matters and did not keep herself tidy: her panties always seemed to be stained when I inspected them.

So, I had spanked her and used my rod on her. Also, she complained about her sex life with her husband and I did have my brother Rob, slightly younger than I was, fuck her, which was a wonderful experience for her. Now she and Uncle Lee would be arriving at my place soon.

When they did knock on the door and I allowed them in, I told them that they both needed to be disciplined. Aunt Kay had no trouble with that, so I told my uncle that he had not been bothering to make sex with him a joyful experience for his wife. Much to my surprise, he nodded agreement.

“I haven’t taken the time,” he confessed.

“Do you love Kay?” I asked. He said, “Yes!” in a very forceful way.

I then told them both that I was going to supervise their lovemaking. They looked surprised but not appalled. I told them to strip to their underwear. Aunt Kay slipped off her blouse, skirt, hose, and shoes and Uncle Lee removed his shirt and trousers, as well as shoes and socks.

Then I pulled down Kay’s panties and inspected the crotch.

“This looks better but there are still stains,” I said firmly, “so you will be punished.”

Kay looked frightened but Uncle Lee nodded his agreement. One main reason he had asked me to take Kay on to improve her behavior was that he would not strike her.

I took her across my knee and began to spank her bare bottom. After a while, she began to moan and then cry outright.

I told Lee that he needed to inspect her panties and to spank her if they were not spotless. I said I knew he didn’t want to hit her, but that spanking was discipline she needed.

“I’m going to keep sending her to you for that,” he said. “I just won’t be the one to hit her even if she deserves it and accepts it.”

I ran my finger down between her legs from the back and inserted my fingers in her small quim. She showed that this turned her on and I pointed that out to him.

Then I told him to get down between her legs and start licking her slowly and lovingly. It was clear that this was not something he was accustomed to be doing. He started out cautiously but then started using his tongue more effectively, insinuating it into her folds and into her channel. She began to move in response and when he started, at my direction, on her clit, doing it gently as I said, she had her orgasm.

“I want you to do this when you make love to her at home,” I told him, and he nodded that he would.

Then I took off her panties, had her remove her bra, and then Gaziosmanpaşa Escort told him to take off his tee and his shorts.

He already was hard, and I had her lie back on the bed and he went on her, holding himself so as not to crush her beneath his large frame, as she was quite petite. She really had cute boobs that were nicely proportionate to her small size.

I said that he could start slipping his cock into her vagina, but he could not put more than the first inch in. He looked at me dubiously but realized he had to follow my orders if he wanted me to keep taking charge of her.

I could see he was annoyed at me. He apparently was used to shoving his penis into her no matter how ready or not she may have been. No wonder she didn’t like having sex with him.

I told him that he could put a very little more in, about another inch. He did follow what I said, and I found it charming that his cock was visible only partly inside her cunt. His licking and my spanking had aroused Kay. I asked her if she liked this.

“I love it, dear Susan,” she cooed. “I just love it.”

“Go ahead and go in further,” I said calmly to Lee. “But when you start moving in and out of her, I want you to do it gently and slowly.”

He clearly had trouble and admitted to me that he was afraid he would cum. I responded by saying that a grown man like him had to learn to hold off cumming until his wife was ready. I was pleased that he was so willing to learn what he should have known ages ago, but I remembered that few men were taught how to make love except if their girlfriends or wives were assertive enough to take that on.

“You should be able to feel how wet she has become, can’t you?” I asked him and he nodded that he could. “When she’s wet and is moving in response to your movement, you will know when she is ready—in fact, she will likely tell you or you will see and feel her cum. That is your signal to let yourself go. It will take some practice to get it right.”

I still was amazed that they went along with my instruction. Heck, why shouldn’t they? After all, I was allowing them to attain pleasure they had been missing throughout their marriage.

Kay started to make little noises and then moans that showed me she was getting close. Lee seemed to be enjoying how her warmth pressed on his cock. I was delighted that he seemed able to hold off. Most men in his position probably couldn’t. I wondered if he had someone on the side.

When I spotted that my Aunt Kay was on the verge of an orgasm, I told him to get ready to ejaculate. Somehow, I managed to get them both off pretty close together; it wasn’t perfect, but who said sex the first time—well, the first real, and considerate time—would be easily accomplished?

While they were fucking, my brother Rob had slipped into the room. They were now lying in each other’s arms. I told Lee to caress her breasts and kiss her on the mouth and on her tits. This aroused Kay yet again and even Lee was getting hard.

I told the two of them that I was giving them a present because they Gaziosmanpaşa Escort Bayan had performed well. I knew they would accept so I said that Kay was going to be fucked by Rob and that I would permit Lee to have sex with me. They seemed very pleasantly surprised and not at all put off, which surprised me, because I doubted they had ever had sex with anyone but each other and their track record there had been crummy.

Lee was hard enough, so I shed my clothes and lay back on the bed next to Kay. I spread my legs and told Lee I needed some attention down there. Without any resistance, he moved between my legs and began to lick me. This did feel good even I’ve had better lovers. I knew he was appreciative and so he was doing this out of joy and not obligation. After he had gotten me nicely going, I told him he could slowly put his cock into me.

He followed what I had made him do with his wife. He slowly entered me, only an inch at a time. I laughed to myself that it was if he was fucking me in my ass. But it was good that he knew enough not to try any wham-bam stuff.

I was turned on and quite taken with my ability to charm them. Lee was hardly the best lover ever but even a lousy fuck can be good, and this was better than that. He was so fired up that I let him thrust harder and faster until he lost control and came before I was ready. Eventually I managed to get my O and I told him he had forgotten to pace himself so I would get what I wanted, too.

He seemed embarrassed by my chiding him. He said he was sorry and that he had disappointed me and Kay, for that matter.

When he had shrunk enough to withdraw, I told him to get across my lap. I said that I was going to spank him so that he remembered to do what he had learned here. I began to spank him, making the slaps harder on alternate cheeks. I felt him get hard, but I wasn’t worried about his spurting on me because he had already cum twice.

I spanked him for a while until I saw his bottom getting rosier and then I slowly inserted my finger into his anal opening. This cranked him as I massaged his prostate. Then I withdrew before it made him cum yet again.

“That’s what Aunt Kay can do for you,” I advised him, “if you make love to her the way you’ve been taught.”

I turned to Aunt Kay and said, “Now get ready for Rob.”

Rob had stripped and was in all his glory, cock pointing out and I had him get between Kay’s legs and enter her slowly, not because she wasn’t wet and ready from fucking Lee, but because she was small, and he was big. Her vagina had stretched but Rob’s large penis was going to stretch her a bit more.

As I expected, this was a turn-on for them both. Rob loved the tightness of her small cunt, even when stretched, and Kay enjoyed his thick long cock now that she was opened up much more than she had been. I told Uncle Lee to watch carefully how Rob brought her to a fabulous orgasm.

“Women can come again and again until they are likely not to want more because they will be sore,” I told him.

Then Kay showed that she was exploding Escort Gaziosmanpaşa deep inside and Rob sent some jets of spunk firing into the deep recesses of her channel. I knew he had enough left (as did I) for us to play later.

I had them stand and embrace and pet each other. “You both need to take the time to love each other,” I said. “You need to lick and play and touch before you fuck, and then caress and enjoy it after. Don’t rush to the bathroom to clean up or get dressed right away,” I added.

Then I brought them down to earth. “You both better come into the bathroom with me,” I said. When we got there, I had Kay bend over the tub. I took some toilet paper and wiped her asshole. The paper came back stained.

“Kay, your ass was dirty again,” I intoned as I saw her face cringe. “You are going to wipe carefully every time you make a doody until the paper comes back clean.”

I asked her if she needed to pee. She nodded yes shyly. I told her to get on the toilet and wait until I told her she could go. Then I asked Lee if he needed to pee. He also nodded yes, and I told him to stand in front of her and aim between her legs. I said he shouldn’t try to aim his stream at her cunt that they should pee at the same time. This was partly for my own amusement. I get my jollies in strange ways.

I gave her the signal and she managed after a wait to start her pee stream. Then he was able to let go when she started. I was charmed to see him pee right between her legs and not hit her quim. Then I told him when they had finished that he was to wipe her.

“You take the toilet paper and wipe her from front down through her legs,” I said. “Never the other way.”

He followed what I said, and I could see Kay really appreciated my having him wipe her.

When they both washed up and showered separately—I didn’t have them shower together because I didn’t think they needed any more stimulation—I told them they could get dressed. I told Kay to put his shorts on him and I directed Lee to put Kay’s bra on and have her step into her panties so he could pull them up.

“I hope you two have learned what you needed to from this,” I said. “If I see you again, you are both going to feel my cane on your bottoms.”

They grinned and each came over and hugged and kissed me. Kay also kissed Rob, which I liked. It made sense to let them leave while still on a euphoric transport.

When they did go and the door closed and I watched them get into their car, I hazed longingly at Rob. He needed no instruction and since we were both in the altogether, we climbed onto my bed and I just wanted him inside me pronto.

It wasn’t the best fuck of my life—I don’t think I’ve had that yet—but it was damned good, thank you. My brother is a swordsman and I think I throw a good one myself. You should come and watch us sometime. No, we’re not that exhibitionist. And no, we didn’t play I’ll show you mine if you show me yours when we were growing up.

The only one missing now was his delightful girlfriend Kathy. We would get together with her soon, over this weekend.

Rob held me tight after we each had blown our cookies and told me he was taking me out for a nice dinner. He saw me snicker and realized I was thinking of his eating me out. “I’ll do that later, Susie Q,” he said, “if you are a good girl, as good as you’ve been this afternoon.”

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