Brothers Meet Mother

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Ariana Marie

Toby and Blair Mc Entire were sitting in a booth talking like always they were talking about women. This day it was one woman in particular. The brothers were only 13 months apart in age Toby being the oldest. However due to an error at the local school both brothers ended up in the same grade and had graduated together just two years ago.

The brothers were as different as night and day in there out look on life and how to go about making a living. This small point was also on today’s topic of conversation.

Blair was happy to work for a wage he felt fair. While Toby wanted to do as little as possible and yet get top wages for it.

Toby was asking Blair for a loan of ten dollars as he had a date tonight and little in the way of funds. Blair was explaining he did not get paid until Saturday and that was two days away. Blair wanted to help his brother and said he would talk to his employer and ask if he could get a draw on his wages this afternoon.

Toby said “Man I have seen your boss and she is a killer broad. What a great ass and those tits are fine and I do man fine.”

Blair answered “Sure she is a nice lady and I am lucky to have her as a boss. She does not keep checking on me after we get agree on my job for the day. Her sister will be here in a few days and Mrs. Garwood wants the basement cleaned out and ready to be made into a den and game room.”

Toby just looked at his brother and smiled waiting for more.

Blair laughed and said “OK, sure she is pretty and I have noticed her figure. But it is a good job and I don’t wan to screw it up by making a pass at her. Besides she is the same age as Mom and I would not think about Mom in that way.”

Toby laughed and said “The hell you say. I have seen Mom naked and I would fuck her in a minute.”

“Oh, come on Toby; Don’t say that kind of thing about Mom. I know she is pretty and I have seen older guys look at her but I don’t think about her in that way and neither should you.” Blair said sternly.

Toby sensed that he was walking on thin ice here so he changed the conversation back to the very sexy Lori Garwood. Toby needed the ten bucks and the only money pit available to him as his brother. So he wanted to keep Blair happy.

The boys were deep into there conversation and had not noticed a tall willowy female come in the side door of the Café and slip into a booth on the other side of a wood patrician next to there booth.

Toby said “Will you ask her for a draw when you see her this afternoon?”

“Sure I will. As I said she is a very nice lady and I really like her and I like my job. I’ll be sorry to see it end. I do need to work this summer so I can apply at the Junior college this fall.” Blair said. In his mind he was thinking that his boss did look a little bit like Mom and yes it was true he had noticed her terrific body.

Mrs. Lori Garwood was tall for a girl. Over five ten he thought and she did ware short shots that fit tight around powerful thighs and her rear did kind of fill out the back showing her fanny prominently.

Toby smiled and said “OK, what’s going on in that pea brain of yours?”

Blair shook his head and said “Toby you got me to thinking about Mrs. Garwood and how she really is a beautiful lady. Darn you Toby I was happy working there and now I will get aroused every time I see her now. Why did you have to say those things about Mrs. Garwood?”

Blair was not mad at his brother he was just talking and Toby knew Blair was telling the truth, he would get aroused now when he looked at his boss.

Toby said “Blair, You can not hide that telegraph pole you got for a dick. So you better put on a jock strap before you go back over there this afternoon.”

Blair was well hung and of course was his brother. Double dating and doing double duty on one girl was not a strange venture to these brothers. They had screwed more than one girl together in there life.

Blair thought maybe if Mrs. Garwood did seen interested he could get her to do both of then at once.

“Ok Toby I’ll see if I can get a draw on my wages and I will take a good look and maybe just maybe I can get Mrs. Garwood interested in a little playing around.” Blair said jokingly. But both boys saw the look in each other eyes and knew it was not all a joke.

On the other side of the patrician a tall lovely lady smiled and listened intently to the whispers of two young boys one of whom worked for her.

Lori Garwood waited till the boys were gone before she slipped out the side door and drove her new Caddy home. Lori was a young widow and at thirty four she was not used to not having sex on a regular bases. So on the drive up the hill to her new hone she wondered how she might get a look at the as yet hidden telegraph pole referred to in the whispered conversation between two brothers.

Lori pulled into the long drive and parked under a oak tree. She noted a few dirty spots on the hood of her Caddy and quickly devised a plan to get young Mr. Blair in to her bed.

Walking around back Lori saw Blair carrying a box of trash out of the basement. İkitelli Escort

Throwing back her shoulders she tossed her hair and called to Blair.

“Blair would help me wash my car. I have so much trouble doing such a simple job.” She said with a voice that was music to Blair’s ears.

She saw the smile come across his face and saw his eyes fix on her bra less t-shirt. Her nipples showed nicely and as she took a few steps closer Blair’s eyes watched the nipples swing from side to side under her shirt reminding him of little smiley faces.

Lori took notice of the bulge in his shorts. Lori was not one to let such a swelling pass with out notice. She guessed he was as well hung as his brother had suggested. She watched as Blair set the box down and came to her.

Lori turned and with Blair only a few feet away she bent at the waist to pick up the hose. Lori knew Blair must be looking at her rear as she heard an “Oh, wow” slip from his lips.

She stayed bent over her ass facing him, her shorts pulled tight and the forced out line of her crack and cheeks showing him her charms.

Lori’s idea was to wash the car together and in the process get her t-shirt wet showing her breasts and nipples in there very best light. But that was not how it worked out.

Before Lori could straighten up Blair stepped up behind her took hold of her hips and rammed his stiffed member still encased in his shorts proudly up between her thighs. The bulge pressed right up into her crack and hit her swollen pussy as she remained bent over.

“Oh, God Blair what are you doing?” Lori Whimper softly.

“This is want you want. This is what I want. So let us get it on.” Blair said shamelessly.

Lori was beyond remembering any thing she had planed. She was shaking and pushing back into Blair wiggling her ass as she did. Blair was jerking her hips bouncing her ass back into his cock.

Lori said “Blair, Blair Darling lets go into the house.”

Lori straightened up and with Blair still holding her by the hips they ran for the back door.

The back door flung open as two blurs dashed thought the kitchen and up the stairs toward the bedroom. Lori pulled off her t-shirt and wiggled out of her shorts dropping her panties along with them on the floor.

Blair stood there watching the unveiling of the prettiest ass and tits he had ever seen. His cock jerked and pounded still held by his shorts. He was bare chested already but he waited for Lori to come to him and unzip his shorts. Lori’s hands worked feverishly to release his throbbing cock.

His shorts opened Lori said “Oh my god, it is, Oh god it is beautiful.”

Lori had her head lowered to see the thick solid cock in her hand. Blair put his hand on top of her head and without much pressure Lori dropped to her knees. Lori was mesmerized and could only hold his cock and look at it.

“Mrs. Garwood; Lori, suck it, suck my fucking cock. Rub it on your tits and suck it down your throat.” Blair was being bad he knew all too well. But some thing was driving him on.

“Come on you Cocksucker. Suck it. Take my cock in your mouth. You do like to suck cock don’t you? You do want to suck it don’t you?” Blair taunted her.

Lori looked up at him and slowly opened her mouth. Blair’s eyes watch the head of his cock disappear. Blair gasped and rammed his hips forward driving his cock to the balls in her mouth. Lori took it and swallowed the head.

“God damn you’re a great cocksucker.” Blair cried.

His knees shook as he slowly moved his hips back and forth meeting her head movements. It took all his strength to stand. He had many blow jobs but none like this. She was sucking his whole cock in and out he could feel the head hit the back of her throat and keep right on going. He felt his balls tighten. But Blair did not want to cum yet. No, not yet. This was the greatest blow job ever but he wanted more he wanted his cock in her pussy and he wanted to make her scream as she gave up her first climax.

Blair pulled her to her feet and turned her around quickly. Her hands were on the bottom of the bed. Her long legs were spread and Blair could see her pussy was gapped open. It was wet and dripping with a creamy white fluid. Aiming his cock he plunged it effortlessly to the hilt. Lori gave out a scream and lifted herself up on her tip toes. The large head hit bottom and pushed raising her up.

Withdrawing for another plunge Lori cried “Blair, Blair darling fuck me, fuck me Oh God fuck me.”

Blair did as he asked and rammed her cunt like a jack hammer. It was not long before Lori was twisting and squeezing hard on his cock with every muscle in her body. Blair’s eyes were closed and his grip on her hips was a death grip. Finger biting into he tender flesh both were oblivious to any thing except the bliss of a double climax.

The warm fluid flowed like water out of her, running down her legs and Blair’s as well. His cock was throbbing, jerking pounding as his legs shook. Gallons of fire forced out his cock, filing her with it only to be washed out and down İkitelli Escort Bayan there trembling legs.

Lori fell forward pulling free of his cock with a loud sucking sound. Blair let his head roll to the side and watched as he mattress came up to hit him in the face. His last thought was he never thought a mattress could be so hard.

Lori blinked and had to take a moment to remember where she was and what she was doing. She let her eyes wander around the room. Yes it was her bedroom and this was her bed. Yes she felt coolness around her crotch and the wetness on her and the bed.

Rolling on her back she sat up slowly. There was a pain but it was the kind of pain one knows is a sign of pure pleasure. Lori smiled as she knew all too well she had been royally fucked. Then she had a vision of Blair’s cock in her hand and then in her mouth before he had turned her around to plunge it into her. She closed her eyes and hugged both arms around her bare shoulders. It was the most wonderful thing she had ever experienced.

She saw long bare legs on the floor at her feet. There was an ass attached to the legs and a set of broad shoulders. A mass of long dark hair covered what she knew was Blair’s’ handsome features. She could not see his cock he was half turned on his side. But she shivered at the thought of touching it again and even taking it in her mouth.

Lori let her self slid down off the bed to land next to Blair. She took his head in her hands and he opened his eyes and smiled up at her.

“Thanks you Blair, Thank you so very much. It was wonderful.” She said in a sleepy soft voice.

‘No, it is I who should be thanking you. You’re marvelous and so beautiful.” Blair said with tremors in his voice.

Lori slid down to lay next to Blair and he quickly took her in his arms. They kissed and kissed till they cried. Lori pushed Blair over on his back and kissed down his body.

The kisses, touches and softness of her mouth sent a violent shiver thought his body as he gave up to her wishes and let her suck him dry.

There was a salty taste on her lips the next time she kissed him.

Dressed they stood in the kitchen holding hot cups in their hands. Blair was asking Mrs. Garwood for a draw on his earned wages. She agreed and returned from the other room to hand Blair two one hundred dollar bills. He only looked at her. She told him to take it. He was hesitant but took the money. They kissed one more with a promise from Blair to return in the morning. He walked slowly down the drive and way from what he thought had to be true love.

Entering the back door of his house Blair stood there a moment watching his mother standing at the stove with her back to him.

“Yes Mother was kind of like Lori. She was tall slim with a great ass and sizable knockers.” He thought to himself. But he also thought “This is wrong, so very wrong. Why had Toby said any thing about Mom? Damn it why.”

Toby heard his brother coming up stairs and called to his from his room. Blair stood off to the side and with only his hand showing he waved a bill where Toby could see it.

Toby grabbed the bill and when he saw it was a one hundred dollar bill he said “Wow, Damn it Blair you fucked her. I know you did. Son of a bitch. You fucked her.” Toby cried out.

Blair came into the room and showed Toby the second hundred dollar bill. He laughed and said “Well. Brother I don’t know if the two notes are for a job well done or a job well done.” They laughed.

Toby asked “I still bet that Mrs. Garwood looks just like Mom naked? I even bet you were thinking about Mom as you slipped the dick to Garwood. Oh, man you got to tell me did she suck you cock? Oh, damn I bet that was great. I can see her sucking your dick and I can see Mom wanting to do it two.”

Blair looked at his brother and said “Toby I wish you would not talk about Mom that way. Sure she is pretty like Lori, and I know you saw Mom naked but I just don’t think of Mom and sex in the same way.”

Ellen the mother of these two had come up stairs to tell them dinner was about ready. She did not come to listen to there private conversation. But she did. She was shocked as she heard her name and sexual over tones twisted together like one of there high school sweethearts.

“OK let’s forget about Mom for now. But I still would like to fuck her and if it ever comes to that I want you to join in so we can give Mom a double dose of good hard dick.” Toby was talking in a tone that suggested he had something planed.

Toby went on “So tell me how was she? When will you see her again? Ask her if she would like to get a double fucking of the Mc Entire cocks? I heard she has a sister coming to visit. Talk to her about a double date.”

Blair put up has hand and waved Toby to a stop. “Enough. For Christ sake give it a brake will you.”

Toby said “OK. OK let’s go down and eat. Now tonight while I am out on my date I want you to pay careful attention to Mom’s ass and her great tits. You’ll see why I want to fuck her.”

Blair went out Escort İkitelli into the hall to go to his room. He thought he saw the top of his mothers head going down the stairs. He was not sure but if it was she had to have heard them talking about her. “Damn this was getting out of hand.”

Toby had not rejected the large bill as he ran off for his date. Blair was content to stay at home and watch TV this evening as he knew he would most likely have a lot of work to do tomorrow.

His mom came in and sat near the large window that allowed her to look out into the back yard. The sun was down and the street lights were on. The security light by the garage was on flooding the back yard with a ghostly yellow glow.

Shadows on the side of the garage kind looked like a person bent over at the waist and another person behind the first. “What was she thinking of? Was she allowing the crazy talk of her son to fill her mind with sexual fantasies? That Toby was so brazen and just plan sex crazy. She would have to have a talk with him.”

Ellen let her eyes swing to Blair. He had tried to change the subject when Toby wanted to talk about sex. He was intent on watching the TV so he did not see his mother looking at him with a strange smile on her face and brightness in her eyes.

What was it Toby had said “He thought Blair was thinking of her , his mother as he (Fucked) had sex with this Mrs. Garwood the lady he was working for.” Was her son having sex with that older woman? She was too old for him. The Garwood woman was nearly as old as she was.

Blair was slowly drifting off to sleep. She smiled to her self her son was so tired from either work or fucking. That was a terrible word why would she think of it? Toby had used that word. She wondered if Toby really did want to fuck her, his own mother. That would be incest of course. Incest was another nasty word. Ellen let herself drift off to sleep as had her son Blair.

Ellen had dreams of sex, sex with faceless men. Many men one after another forcing her to do sexual acts she had only heard of. Then she smiled as her two sons entered the picture and took her both at the same time one in front and one behind. Ellen accepted there offering and welcomed them both into her. She could taste the salty wetness on the cock in her mouth. She could feel the other slipping into her from the rear. She liked it that way and had it that way many times in the past.

Both of the sleepy heads were awakened when Toby returned from his date. After a few words all three went up to there bedrooms.

Ellen let her door ajar so she could hear the boys talking. But each had gone to his own room and there was nothing to hear so she returned to her bed and quickly was back into dreaming of sex of all kinds.

Ellen had fixed Breakfast for the boys and then had gone down in the basement to start a load of washing. Ellen was still thinking about what her oldest son had said about wanting to (fuck) her. What an ugly word. But in todays terms it did describe what he wanted to do. Opening the clothing shut from the second floor she heard the boy’s voices as clear as if she were standing next to them.

Blair was saying “Sure I think she would like to take us both on. She was kind of wild and one hell of a cocksucker too.”

“When you get her ass in bed call me on my cell and I will run right over and join in on the fun. Like I said that fucking broad is one fantastic looked. Just like Mom. Fucking Garwood would be just like fucking Mom and my cock is throbbing just thinking about it.” Toby said.

Blair asked “What the fuck is your fascination about fucking Mom? I think she is one great lady and she is built kind of like Lori Garwood but it is hard for me to get the feeling that I want to fuck her.”

Toby said “Ever since I saw her naked I have wanted to screw Mom. Hell I jerked off a dozen times thinking about her. You should have seen her. That fine round ass and that patch of hair between her legs looked sexy as hell. Can you imagine watching Mom sucking you cock. Or even better think how fucking sexy it would be to watch your cock slide up her tight little ass.”

Blair answered “Ok, OK I get the picture. But if you ever do screw Mom I guess I will have to join in so we will both be as guilty as the other of incest.” Here he paused and let his mind take over. Then he went on.

“Sure I can see it the three of us all together naked with Mom between us one cock in her pussy and one cock in her mouth. We would be free to fuck any time day or night. We could walk around naked our cocks hard all the time so Mom could suck them or we could just fuck her as often as we wanted too. Yes; Toby my dear Brother you’re so fucking right. I would like to fuck Mom.”

Ellen stood on shaky legs and held on to the machine to keep from collapsing. She had let herself visualize her with her two sons having sex. She was day dreaming of how it could be. She loved sex and had not had any sex for a very long time. She had enjoyed oral sex and yes she had even let her dear X husband have anal sex a few times. It was not something she had enjoyed but maybe with the boys and with some one she loved it would be different. Ellen dropped down to sit on a pile of clothing. She slipped a hand inside her shorts and wiggled a finger in her wet pussy. Tossing her head back she cried out “Yes Toby fuck Mommy, fuck Mommy.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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