Burgundy on the Menu

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Author’s note: The characters in this story are fictional composites of the people in my early, post-undergraduate college career. We were all over 21 years old and the events described here are not complete fiction. Enjoy!

Sean strolled into the cafeteria during the morning coffee break and heads all across the room turned. This was everyone’s first chance to check out the new designer who had been a mystery but a major subject of gossip among my 20-something-aged friends. I had my back to the coffee maker but I heard throats clearing and whispers intensifying. My best friend, Sammi, was seated across from me and was glowing. She gave me that cute little head-twist nod to direct my attention to the tall stranger who was making his way to our table. We had heard that he was a bit shy so it was no surprise that he was accompanied by a co-worker.

We all knew Sean’s new wingman, MJ. He was the GQ-dressed senior designer who was a few years shy of 30, much more experienced, and who shamelessly flirted with all the younger women at the office. HR seemed to tolerate his endless innuendos but he had been sent to sexual harassment training more than once. There were rumors about him and his ex-wife as well and a couple of confirmed exploits from younger women who visited his lake house. Those of us who knew him well enjoyed his boyish flirtations and ignored him when he acted like a jerk.

Turning slightly in my chair, a couple of Sean’s features immediately caught my eye with my top-to-bottom glance. This man is tall…really tall…probably 6 foot 3 at least. And, oh my, those blue eyes of his were ice-melting for certain. He wasn’t as fashionably dressed as MJ but his tab collar shirt and khaki pants hung pleasantly on a trim frame. I would have voted cute, right there on the spot if anyone asked. I’ve been a sucker for naturally curly-headed men most of my life and Sean’s auburn locks were beautifully groomed.

Sean stood behind the chair next to me and MJ did the introductions around the table. MJ’s inflections as he mentioned each girl by name might as well have sounded like, “Virgin, Extraterrestrial, Round-heels, Prude, and Mystery girl.” All gave Sean a pleasant look and a side-eye to MJ for his introductory antics. Sean asked if it was OK to sit next to me. And me, like a schoolgirl, halfway squealed…probably grinning, “Sure thing!” I said. “We won’t bite, I promise!”

MJ jumped on that cue to embarrass Sean and me by mumbling coyly, “All of these girls are sure things, Sean, and one of them does bite.”

Sammi flipped off MJ and said, “Stop it, dipwad!”

There was a history between Sammi and MJ and Sammi never took much crap off of him. Everyone laughed it off and we proceeded to spend the rest of the break nursing our coffee mugs and interrogating Sean.

It was pretty much predictable fare…”Where is home? How did you land here? Where did you find a place to live? Sean obliged pleasantly and enjoyed being the center of attention. The last question though was a bombshell. Sammi asked the question we were all afraid to ask, “Do you have a girlfriend?”

Sean hesitated for a second. In unison, all mugs were on the table and no one flinched. MJ turned to Sean and injected, “Well, Sean, just how many girlfriends are there?”

Sean confessed, “My fiance broke off our engagement sometime before I moved here. We had been together for quite a while, and honestly, I’m pretty bummed about it.” And then, the kicker, “I’m not dating now and I’m wondering if I’ll ever consider marriage again.”

It is a good thing that break time was nearly over because the silence around that table sounded like someone just announced a death in the family. Extraterrestrial, Virgin, Round-heels, and Prude dropped their eyes toward the table in mourning. Sammi crumpled her napkin into her fist and let out an audible ‘sigh’. Mystery Girl, that’s me by the way, uncharacteristically licked her lips, dabbed off the corners of her mouth with a napkin, and patted Sean on the shoulder as she stood to leave.

MJ broke the silence as he stood, “This was fun. I’m taking Sean over to HR for a session of fun-with-paperwork. They might even have some tortuous training for me,” he said directly to Sammi. “We’ll have to do this again…tomorrow, maybe?”

As the whole table pulled chairs back to leave, everyone acknowledged with a nod or a “Sure thing” and we all left smiling and snickering at MJ’s snide remarks. Sean stood and watched us walk away…awaiting further instructions from his wingman.

“You could have any one of those women, Sean. They are perpetually horny,” whispered MJ.

Sammi and I shared just about everything. When we landed at the same design firm after college, we decided to share an apartment on the edge of the city. To say the least, we did a lot of chatting after hours. Of course, our conversations following this particular coffee break included a dissection of Sean. Sammi had already Porno put Sean on the ‘unavailable male’ list. I was a little more optimistic but didn’t tell Sammi.

By the second or third encounter, both of us had undressed him virtually and fantasized about his under-the-covers manner. We had a fantasy bet running on whether Sean was a briefs or boxers guy. I went with briefs. I’m pretty sure that Sammi could get into this guy’s boxers in no time…except for that no marriage comment. We had already caught Sean eyeing Sammi’s long legs from toe tips to the edges of her short skirt. Sammi would pass as a flight attendant or a model…medium height, trim, not too busty, and with perfect skin. Only I knew her true hair color but she kept her light brown hair shoulder length and professionally highlighted. Without make-up, she was still a head-turner. Me, on the other hand, was the more “big-boned” girl whose wardrobe was designed to flow gracefully over the parts that were more full than others. My skin was a disaster. Teenage acne took its toll on my face and my morning routine required extra time to even come close to Sammi’s perfection. I was envious, but that never got in the way of our friendship.

After two weeks, the coffee table crowd had parsed down to a routine gathering of Sean, Sammi, and me. MJ was off to annoy a new executive assistant who was fresh out of college…bless her heart. I’d say that the three of us had become more comfortable around each other and our friendship was blossoming. Work projects and office gossip became standard topics but the three of us had not yet gathered socially beyond the walls of the studios. Gathering socially was not forbidden, but it wasn’t exactly encouraged either…that seemed to be OK with Sean but not for Sammi and me.

On one particular Friday, Sammi had an invitation to go out for drinks with one of the musicians from her favorite club band. She met Greg at a mixer one time and accepted his invitation to stop by and listen to a visiting group who would be playing at his normal gig. This would be a follow-up, informal get-together and not a ‘date’ as Sammi described it. I don’t think she heard my ‘eye-roll’ after the ‘not a date’ comment. Since she did not know Greg all that well, I had already been asked to go along…and we’d see if Sean wanted to make it a foursome.

Sean seemed a bit hesitant to jump into a ‘bar scene’. I convinced him that this was just for fun and that late-night pizza at our apartment would be a good change of pace for the resident bachelor.

Since Sean did not have a great sense of where things were, Sammi did the driving. She had a bad experience with a DUI when she was a teen and since then has volunteered to be the designated driver whenever needed. I was seated in the passenger seat as Sammi headed to Sean’s apartment. The subject arose as to who needed to sit where in the car once Sean and Greg were onboard. We agreed that I would hop in the back with Sean as soon as we picked him up. Sean’s place was closest, so we picked him up first. Greg was waiting at the curb in front of his place and hopped in the front. Things were fairly normal on the short ride to the Tin Roof. Greg and Sammi talked about ‘band stuff’ and Sean and I had a chance to discover a similar interest in the arts. We were off to a good start.

I sensed that Sean had checked me out as I maneuvered from the front to the back when we picked him up. There just aren’t lady-like moves to swing large thighs into a seat wearing a short skirt and a strapless top. Sean almost got away with a quick look-away, but the grin we shared once I was settled told me otherwise.

“Yes,” I teased. “They are burgundy with burgundy lace, you perv! You’ve been hanging around MJ too much.” His embarrassed look and laughing dimples were an added cuteness I’d not noticed before.

The Tin Roof was a small hangout with romantic lighting, comfy booth seating, and a 4-piece acoustic band that played more country and folk music than anything. We were directed to a booth near the back where Sammi and Greg slipped into one side and Sean and I slipped into the other. That arrangement seemed like the right situation but it put Sean and Sammi seated across from one another and me facing Greg. The first pitcher of Blue Moon loosened up the conversation and the chatter was barely audible above the band.

Sammi’s eyes and mine made contact one time as Sammi gently repositioned Greg’s wandering hand on top of the table and she did a questioning eyebrow twitch toward me. It turned eye-roll silly talking about weird dating situations from our college days. There were a few times that my cool arms made contact with Sean’s and I was a bit surprised at how warm his arm was. I let my mind wander for a second and then exhaled from my fleeting fantasy…and I was talking again, Whew!

There were times when we were all laughing and no one could figure out why. Greg Altyazılı Porno and I were talking more than I expected since he was with Sammi. And Sammi looked to have Sean completely charmed by her good looks and quick wit. It was no accident that she felt it necessary to lean over the table to make sure Sean could hear. I’m quite certain he got an eyeful along with the earful. A loose blouse and shapely cleavage are not something to be ignored. By the time the second pitcher of beer and Sammi’s second Ginger Ale disappeared, it was anyone’s guess as to which girl was the guest of which guy. When loosened up a bit, it turned out that Sean had a great sense of humor. He told several funny stories of awkward sexual encounters from his formative years. I laughed more at the silliest innuendos than I ever have. If MJ had been there, he would have had plenty of fuel for more embarrassing comments.

We made it to our apartment safely, by some miracle of Sammi’s driving with 3 semi-inebriated crazy people in the car. The four of us half-staggered to the door. Sean mentioned the effects of some fruity fraternity drink in our raucous bar conversation. I suggested he check out our liquor stock and mix up a batch while we waited for the pizza delivery. He dutifully complied…noting that he’d found something interesting to replace the Vodka in the recipe.

How we all ended up seated on the floor is a bit of a mystery. There may have been cards involved and there may have been some resemblance to a pillow fight. Sean’s concoction on top of beer wasn’t the best idea either, but there we were, casually paired up side-by-side and tipsy. There was a newly released album on the stereo and we were all enjoying the sound while the pizza vanished and the last drop of Sean’s concoction was consumed. Greg and Sammi consumed way too much of ‘the recipe’ and disappeared at some point. Meanwhile, I was getting a full rundown on what happened to Sean’s engagement. He was trying his best not to get emotional about the break-up but it was obvious that he had been hurt. Sean explained that there was a round of golf with a local pro and his girl.

As Sean described it jokingly, “The story made it back to me that there may not have been a hole-in-one, but security cameras showed a stiffened putter and two balls in one hole. They made par several times based on the video evidence.” Sean was quiet for a few moments. thinking about what he had just revealed to me. He looked me in the eye tearfully and reached over and put his hand on my knee.

I’m still not quite clear on what he saw that made him do that, he did not seem like an aggressive person. Maybe he was just looking for a comforting friend. There had been plenty of sexual tension building up through the evening between Sean and Sammi. I’m still not quite sure how I became the beneficiary of that, but his gentle massaging was starting to send signals that this was going to be more than a soap opera, break-up conversation.

I leaned over toward Sean and moved my lips into a position to invite a kiss. Sean’s reaction wasn’t instant but when he navigated the last few inches, the connection was sweet. I touched the sides of Sean’s face and made it clear that I enjoyed what we were doing and wanted more. Mmmmmm…this guy is a great kisser…what else has he been hiding, I asked myself.

In our lowered resistance condition, I broke the tension and whispered into Sean’s ear, “When is the last time you got any?” Sean didn’t even flinch and responded, “It has been nearly a year.” “You’ve got to be kidding!” I gasped, “How are you not the horniest stud on the planet?” This has to be something that Mystery Girl can fix, I said to myself. “Get up. Come with me. You haven’t had the tour anyway so, come on!”

Getting up off the floor sounded like such an easy exercise. I don’t ever recall the floor moving quite as it did. Sean stood up first and I managed to roll myself up on my knees. It wasn’t intentional, but I found myself staring at Sean’s crotch only inches away. I’m sure that I blinked a few times to make sure I wasn’t imagining what was going on between the wrinkles in his pants. I was sure that most zippers don’t stand out that far. My blush gave me away and Sean shook his head and smiled. Sean was right about the punch, PGA had nothing to do with golf but it sure had an impact on the vodka substitution in the fraternity punch recipe. I felt a helping hand at my elbow and was vertical and semi-steady with Sean’s assist.

Sean started the process of picking up and straightening things out in the living room. Even as the room moved a bit, I was impressed at his thoughtfulness and dutifully joined in on the clean-up. Neither of us said much. I can only imagine that Sean was thinking he was headed for a mistake…there was no mistaking what I was thinking.

The tour that followed was short. The bathroom was shared by Sammi and me but it was spacious Brazzers enough that two women with all their ‘stuff’ could do so without bumping into one another. I knocked on Sammi’s door that led from the bath and heard no response. Peeking inside, Sammi and Greg were sprawled out asleep on top of Sammi’s queen-sized bed, fully clothed but in disarray. Sean got a clear upskirt shot of Sammi before I stepped-in and covered her up with the sheet and turned off the bedroom light. I gave Sean a bit of side-eye for his voyeurism and he looked away, blushing. I’ll be danged if he isn’t even cuter when he is embarrassed!

Sean excused himself and closed the door to the bathroom as I stepped out. At the flush of the toilet and the sound of water running in the sink, I mentally prepared myself for the rest of the tour. The laundry room, the overly packed storage closet, and the study were quick views. I probably seemed rushed. My anxiety and anticipation were getting the best of me.

My bedroom was the last stop on the tour.

Sean gave a startled blink when I opened the door to my room and turned on a lamp. I probably should have warned Sean that my favorite color is burgundy. Everything in the room had something burgundy colored in it.

Sean’s first snicker exclaimed, “I didn’t have any idea that you could get a burgundy princess phone.”

“You can’t,” I responded, “I had it custom made.”

“I think I recall that burgundy theme mentioned in the car this evening,” Sean laughed, and it was my turn to blush.

The burgundy chat seemed to break the ice. Sean took a seat on the edge of the bed and took a moment to give me a top-to-bottom look-over. It was the same look that I caught him giving Sammi and I knew the next move needed to be mine.

“I’m going to step back into the bathroom and get ready for bed. How about meeting me under the covers in a few minutes and I may introduce you to Mystery Girl.”

“OK,” Sean responded with a hint of a smile. “I’m not going anywhere. I can’t wait to meet her!”

The fire department would have been proud of the speed at which I stripped of my party clothes and dressed in a sheer nightgown. There were a few back-and-forth changes after looking in the mirror…gown with panties and bra, gown with bra only, gown with panties, and gown ‘au natural. I’ve grown to love the soft curves of my body. They definitely do not fit the stereotype ‘sex goddess’ image but I am in good shape and the gown drapes sexily over my boobs and flows nicely down to my upper thighs. That lacey bottom hem reveals proof that I am a true brunette. The unkempt bush had become a well-trimmed feature since a favorite college boyfriend asked nicely, and not so subtlely if I could somehow keep things shorter so the curls would not get caught between his teeth. One last look in the mirror… “And the winner is…,” I said laughingly, “Gown and minimum bush cover…burgundy it is!”

I stepped from the light in the bathroom into a dimly lit bedroom. Sean had already slipped beneath the sheets and turned off the lamp. I acted as though I was in no hurry to join him although my increased heart rate and the blood rushing to intimate body parts would say otherwise. I was hopeful that Sean was looking in my direction. I wanted to tease him with the light from the bathroom door outlining my body through the gown.

He was looking.

“So when do I get to meet this Mystery Girl?” Sean asked.

“I’ll ask if she can join us… hang on a sec,” I replied coyly. I flipped the off switch to the bathroom light and my eyes began adjusting to the minimal light coming through the bedroom window. As I eased my way around the edge of the bed to the side opposite Sean, I could see that he barely fit on the mattress. Having feet hanging off the edge of my bed was new and funny to me. I could feel his eyes following me around the bed and when I stopped, I turned to face him. The gown magically slid gracefully off my shoulders and onto the floor.

“I think I see The Mystery girl now”, said Sean. He lifted the covers in a ‘welcome to the bed’ sort of motion.

“I haven’t made a formal introduction, but I assure you that you’ve not yet seen the best of Mystery Girl,” I teased as I leaned over the bed with my breasts in full view of Sean’s stare. I slid across the bed and moved over onto what was a much warmer side. I had hardly made myself comfy when Sean said, “I have a few questions.”

“OK,” I said, “shoot!” Before he could say another word, I reached over, found his hand, and swung it over to my breast. Good god, that felt good! His hands are soft and warm, and holy cow…large! As he drew circles with his fingers on one of the ladies, tingles were gathering up electrical pulses all over my body.

Sean continued after a quick intake of breath from the shock of touching me, “I have always been a one-girlfriend-at-time kind of guy. I don’t go hopping from one bed to another. I’m wondering…” Sean stopped as I interrupted.

“Look, Sean. We are both adults. You already let it slip that you’ve not had sex in several months. Well neither have I. We can fix that situation now. This is what you and MJ would call a sure thing,” I said almost begging.

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