Burned Ch. 14

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“Why didn’t you call?” Leah asked accusingly.

“What?” I responded defensively. I had immediately gone to my room and called Leah. Mom had just informed me that Leah was returning tomorrow. A huge surprise.

“I thought you’d be so excited that I’m coming back tomorrow.”

“I am Leah. Mom only just told me a few minutes ago,” I replied defensively.

“But my Mom called Aunt Jean last night. Why didn’t she tell you last night? I expected you to call and you didn’t,” Leah said with an edge still in her voice.

“She called me last night but I didn’t pick up.”


“I was upset with her and didn’t feel like talking to her.”

“And you stayed at Missy’s because you were upset with your Mom?” the edge in her voice was sharper.


“Why were you so upset with Aunt Jean?”

“Uhh…,” I hesitated.


“God Leah, I’m so sorry. I’m such an ass,” I blurted.

“Oh Chris, what happened? What did you do?”

“I don’t want to talk about it now. Please? It’s complicated. We can talk when you get here, ok?”

“Ok. I guess I can wait,” she said with concern in her tone.

“What happened that you are coming back so soon?” I asked changing the subject.

“Mom and Dad apparently think I’m having sex with the boy I was dating before the fire. I guess this is their way of keeping me away from him.”

“Were you?” I asked with a pang of jealousy.


“Were you having sex with that boy?”

“Chris!” Leah responded with exaggerated shock in her voice.

“I’m sorry. It really isn’t any of my business. I can’t expect that you…” I didn’t finish the thought out loud.

“What?” Leah asked. What were you going to say?”

“I don’t know. It’s the first time I thought about the possibility of you and someone else being together.”

“What? You’re surprised your cousin might fuck?” she asked bluntly.

“Um, yes, no, kind of, but…,” I said hesitantly.

“Have you been with anyone else Chris? Oh yeah, your Mom,” she sarcastically steered the conversation back to where I didn’t want it to go. She was referring to the mutual masturbation episode out by the pool my mother had initiated.

“Leah, Jesus, no. I haven’t fucked Mom!”

“Yeah, but you’ve been with her haven’t you,” it was more statement than question.

Click. The phone went dead.

“Shit,” I said out loud.


Leah’s arrival should have been full of happiness. I had imagined her running into my arms, feeling her warmth press against me as we hugged, and tasting her tongue in my mouth when we kissed. None of that happened.

I met Leah at security. No smile. No hug, No kiss. Not even a greeting. She wouldn’t even really look at me. No eye contact. She was pissed. We collected her bags and walked in silence to the parking garage.

We road in silence for several miles before Leah addressed me.

“Was it better?”

“What?” I asked hesitantly.

“Sex with your Mom?”

“I told you, I didn’t fuck her.”

“But I figure you had sex with her whether you fucked her or not. Was it better than the first time?”


“Was it?” she asked now with a trace of curiosity in her tone.

I looked over at her. She was staring intently at me. “Um, yeah, I guess,” I said contritely.

“Why did you do it?”

“Leah, I don’t know. I’m a guy,” I said lamely.

“Tell me why. Explain.”

“I dreamed about Mom,” I said hoping she would stop probing.

“What?” she said with surprise.

“I’ve had dreams about Mom ever since I hit puberty.”


“Yes. Sexual dreams. Wet dreams.” I blurted.

“Wet dreams? About your mother?” Leah asked incredulously.

“Yes. I used to dream about seeing her naked, touching her, her touching me, all the way to fucking her. Sometimes, uh, most times I would have an orgasm in my sleep. It’s messy, you know, wet.”

“Oh. So you had a wet dream about your mom? Really? That’s all? Just dream sex?”

“Yes. No. I mean I used to. I haven’t had one in years. Until the other night. It was the most realistic and most intense dream I’ve ever had. But I didn’t cum. I forced myself awake before I fucked her in my dream.”

“You forced yourself awake? Why?” she asked shifting in her seat.

“It’s very stressful, you know, dreaming about fucking your parent. You’re doing it in the dream, really turned on, really wanting to do it, but you also know it’s incredibly wrong. Sometimes you are so conflicted in the dream, you wake yourself up before you actually do it. It’s really hard to explain,” I answered somewhat lamely. “I couldn’t go back to sleep. I got up and took a shower, dressed and went to the kitchen for coffee. Mom was in the kitchen looking at her phone when I came in. I startled her and she spilled coffee down her front.”

“Umm-hmm,” go on.

“She set her phone down to clean up the spill. She had to go change Küçükköy Escort her shirt. Her phone chirped. I looked at it and saw you on the screen.”

“What? Me? Why would I be on the screen?”

“That’s exactly what thought. I picked it up to look more closely. It was you, naked.”

“What? How, why would she have a picture of me naked?” Leah asked with shock in her voice.

“Mom was outside my door the night you and I masturbated together on FaceTime. She videoed us.”

“Oh my god!” Leah exclaimed more shocked.

I squirmed and shifted in the bucket seat. Talking about it was getting me hard.

“Yeah. I pushed the play button and there we were. Me masturbating my cock in the foreground and you masturbating yourself on my computer screen,” I said as I shifted again in the seat trying to get my growing erection into a more comfortable position.

“Your Mom? She watched us? She videoed us?”


Silence. Leah was digesting the realization that someone had watched her masturbate. I noticed her pelvis shift in the seat again.

“I was watching what Mom had videoed. Mom…”

“Yes?” Leah’s attention refocused on me.

“Mom caught me with her phone.”

“Yes?” Leah encouraged as she squirmed her hips again.

“She watched over my shoulder.”

“What did you do?”

“Nothing. I didn’t realize she was there until her hand…”

“On no!” Leah whispered.

“Yes. She reached around and put her hand on my erection.”

“You let her?”

“She unzipped my shorts and took hold of me. She pulled my cock out and held me in her hand.”

“Oh my god,” Leah whispered again.

“Do you want to see?” I asked quietly.

“The video?”


“No, yes, I don’t know. You have it?”

“Yes. I transferred it to my phone.”

Leah sat quietly for a few moments, then reached out her hand.

I put my phone in her outstretched hand. “It’s the first video file.”

Her breathing quickened as she watched the video.

“I’ve never watched myself before,” she said quietly with her eyes fixed on the screen.

“Your Mom watched this? She watched us masturbate?”


“You think she did?” Leah said with a catch to her voice.

“What? Masturbate? Yes.”

“While watching us?” Leah asked again.

I glanced over at Leah. Her neck and face were flushed. I realized she was excited. She was sexually excited.

We turned into the driveway. We had arrived home.

“Did you?” she asked making no attempt to get out of the car.

“Did I what?”

“Did you masturbate while watching me on this video?”

My face felt hot. I must have been blushing as furiously as Leah. “No,” I replied.

I saw what looked like disappointment flicker across Leah’s face.

It dawned on me that it wasn’t just the video that excited Leah. She was excited about being watched. She was excited about having been observed by an audience.

“We watched you masturbate.”

“Umm,” Leah sighed. A hint of a smile replaced the look of disappointment. “Your mother?”

“Yes. She came back into the kitchen and caught me with her phone. She watched over my shoulder. I didn’t realize she was there until the video ended and she whispered in my ear to play it again.”

Leah squirmed again. She touched the play button. The video started again. “You watched it again? With your Mom?” Leah asked with what sounded like mock surprise.


The fading flush intensified on her neck and face as she watched the video replay.

“Were you excited?” Leah asked as she touched her left breast subconsciously with her right hand.

“Yes. Watching you always turns me on.”

Leah’s knees fell apart. Her skirt had worked up her thighs from all the squirming. I knew if she squirmed much more, her panties would be in view.

“Mom was turned on too.”


“She was turned on by watching us masturbate, watching you masturbate,” I embellished.

Leah squirmed some more. Her crotch came into view. I wondered if there was a wet spot on her panties. I wanted so badly to taste her wetness. I was salivating at the thought of tasting Leah’s tartness.

“She touched me.”

“Umm. Chris, oh, my.”

“I was rock hard from watching you masturbate. Seeing you touch yourself. Seeing your clit get hard. Seeing you moan with pleasure with your legs spread wide.”

“Ohh, uhh,” Lean moaned softly as her right hand left her breast and moved to her crotch. She touched herself.

“She masturbated me while we watched you masturbate.”

“Chris, umm, that’s sick, uhn,” she said without conviction still touching herself through her panties. “Did you cum?”

“Yes. I came all over the kitchen floor. I was so turned on by watching you masturbate.”

Leah smiled again. She did like an audience. She did like that Mom and I had watched her.

The video ended. Leah turned Küçükköy Escort Bayan her head to look at me as she asked, “Did you make your Mom cum?”

Oh-oh. A trick question.

“Uh, yes. She was so turned on. She kind of demanded that I help her out.”


“Yeah. An ‘I did you, you do me, or I use the video…’, kind of blackmail type thing,” I improvised on the fly.

“Oh,” she responded, but I could see the wheels turning.

“Is she home? Is she here now?”

“Her car is here, so she should be.”

“I’m not sure I can face her Chris. I’m so embarrassed,” she said without conviction.

She didn’t seem embarrassed at all. I could see wheels still turning behind a thoughtful look on her face.

We sat silently for several minutes. Leah pulled her skirt down. Leah’s breathing became regular and the crimson flush faded from her neck and face.

The inside temperature of the car was building and becoming rapidly more uncomfortable as we sat parked in the driveway.

“We should go in,” I said.

Leah nodded, opened her door and walked inside as I popped the trunk and retrieved her bags. I carried them down to her room. The dividing pocket door had been closed, but it wasn’t locked. Possibly a good sign that things were ok so far.

I heard the bathroom door open and as Leah walked in behind me she said, “I need to cool off. Want to go for a swim?”

A double entendre? Cool off from the sexual heat of the video watching, or cool off from sitting in the parked car? It didn’t matter. Leah will be in her bikini. What could be better than that? Well, no bikini at all of course. But who knows, that could occur in the not to distant future as well.

We put our suits on and went out to the pool. The mid-afternoon sun was still hot. The cool water felt good.

Leah climbed out of the pool behind me, “Chris,” she said as she touched my shoulder.

I turned. She came into my arms, hugged me and gave me a long wet, tongue filled kiss. “I’m sorry. I was so upset with you. I’ve been mad all night and all day. It just took some time to cool off.”

“You don’t have anything to be sorry about Leah. I totally understand your frustration. It was all my fault for not answering phone calls and texts sooner. I’m sorry.”

She hugged and kissed me again.

“So where’s Jean?”

This was going to be difficult. I had ‘suggested’ that Mom should stay in her room until I had figured out Leah’s state of mind. Mom was still wearing her collar. Mom was still attempting to be submissive. Mom was still hoping to get her way. Mom was still hoping to get her son to fuck her. Mom wanted to be part of the sexual festivities one way or another. I obviously was not opposed to that want. After all, the afternoon before, Mom had participated in a sexual romp with Missy and Joe. I still had not fucked my mother. You might say I fucked Mom’s mouth. Semantics. I had fucked Missy, not Mom. I had deposited my load in Mom’s mouth and allowed her to suck my cock clean. I still have not been inside my mother’s pussy.

“Mom’s in her room. I asked her to give us some time alone.”

Leah looked over towards French doors that opened to the pool area from the master suite. The curtains were open. The master suite was dark. A hint of a smile played across Leah’s full lips as she loosened and removed her top.

“Time to catch up on my tan,” she said as she laid down on the poolside lounge chair.

Surprised, but pleased, I gawked at Leah’s beautiful, still white, breasts. She had started working on a total body tan, but had more work to do. I looked forward to watching the progress of the tanning project.

I glanced over at the master suite and saw a hint of movement through the French doors. Mom was there. Mom was watching as expected.

“Leah’s breathing became regular. I knew she must be fatigued by the long travel day. She had been up early and then had been on a long cross-country flight. I enjoyed the rise and fall of her chest with each relaxed breath.

I heard the French door open. Mom stepped into view. Her nakedness shocked me even though I had ordered her to remain disrobed. The only thing she wore was the hot pink dog collar. Her skin is flawlessly tanned. Not a hint of a tan line on her full breasts or her full tight ass.

She held up what looked like a bottle of sunscreen. I couldn’t help but smile at the memory of Mom applying sunscreen to Leah’s breasts the last time she snoozed by the pool. I looked at Leah’s breasts, then back at Mom and nodded for her to come over. I held my fingers to my lips to be sure she remained silent. She knelt on the pool deck beside Leah, squeezed sunscreen into her palm and began to gently cover the whiteness of Leah’s breasts with the cool cream.

Leah sighed and whispered, “Umm, good idea Chris. I’ll still burn. Thank you.”

Her eyes remained closed but her lips retained a pleasant smile Escort Küçükköy as Jean’s hands continued to caress her breasts with the slippery lotion. I watched as Leah’s pink areola contracted and the nipples stood erect.

I motioned for Mom to return to her bedroom. She pouted but stood and walked away, her ass bounced deliciously with each step. I looked over at Leah. I saw a reflection of light from her apparently closed eyes. Was she peeking? Was she watching Mom walk away? Was she aware that it had been Mom applying the lotion?

The glint remained as Leah said, “Chris, don’t stop. That feels so good to have you touch me.”

I knelt beside my lover and picked up the bottle of sunscreen. I squeezed lotion and warmed it in my palms. I applied another layer of protection to Leah’s breasts. The soft resiliency of her globes were a pleasurable and welcome sensation to my caressing hands. I leaned over and kissed her. I pressed my lips to her full lips, which slowly parted and allowed my tongue to enter her mouth. My tongue found and danced with hers. She sighed into my mouth. I inhaled her breath.

She surprised me by saying, “Please help pull my bottoms off Chris. I don’t want tan lines anywhere.”

I stood, reached and pulled her bikini bottom down and off her shapely legs. She let her knees fall apart to fully expose the small band of whiteness her bikini had hidden. The shift in position exposed her smoothly shaved pussy lips to me, and exposed them to the observer behind the French doors as well.

“Well, guess I should do the same,” I said with a chuckle and quickly discarded my suit. My penis was not erect, but it hung heavily between my legs, well engorged and on its way to standing at full attention.

Leah moaned as she sat up and gently grasped my swelling cock. She pulled me to her and took me in her mouth. She sucked and licked my stiffening cock and cradled my balls in her palm.

“Oh fuck Leah. That feels so good,” I groaned. “God I missed you.”

Leah stood, took me in her arms, pressed her sun-warmed breasts against my chest and kissed me. Our tongues darted back and forth as we enjoyed the embrace. Leah turned in my arms, took my hands, raised and pressed them to her breasts with her hands. She guided my caresses as I softly kneaded her flesh and gently pinched her nipples. Her body was exposed and Mom was watching us.

“I want you to fuck me Chris,” she said as she put her towel on the pool deck beside her chair. She smiled as she knelt and bent over and supported her weight on the chair. Her breasts hung and swayed dependently from her chest. She wiggled her ass and ordered, “Fuck me Chris. I want your cock inside me.”

I knelt behind her with my erection pointing at her exposed ass. Leah reached back and guided me to her sex. She rubbed my glans slowly up and down her gash. Her moisture was copious and wet between her swollen pussy lips. She guided my glans to her clit and rubbed herself with the head of my cock. Then pressed me into her folds again, dragged my swollen glans between her labia and guided me to her opening.

I sank slowly into her body. My shaft disappeared between her fat labia into her slippery canal.

“Umm, uhh, that feels so good to be filled with you again. Fuck me. Fuck me slowly. I want to feel you slide in and out of me. I want to feel your cock head split me open,” she grunted with lust in her voice.

I slowly fucked her pussy and watched my shaft slide in and out of her pussy. Her labia pushed in and then puckered out of her canal dragged by the fucking motions of my cock. I pulled her ass cheeks apart and exposed her dark little wrinkled anus. It was wet with the copious lubrication dribbling out of her vagina. I lightly touched and rubbed it with my thumb.

“Umm, ahh,” Leah sighed as it winked and contracted in response to my touch.

I looked over and could just see Mom’s nakedness inside her room. She watched. Her hand moved between her legs. She didn’t have permission, but she masturbated as she watched her son fuck her niece.

Leah raised up slightly and took her breasts in her hands. She pushed them up and rubbed her puffed out nipples. They were hard, erect and in stood in profile to Mom’s line of sight.

I couldn’t be sure, but I think Leah was watching Mom watch us. I was sure Leah knew she was being watched.

“Uhnn!” Leah grunted as I felt her pussy contract around my cock. “No! Slowly! I don’t want to cum yet,” Leah said urgently. “Fuck, I’m so turned on. I’ve never been so excited. Your cock is going to make me cum!”

I pushed Leah back down so her chest pressed firmly into the lounge chair. Her ass was angled up so each penetration of my cock pulled at her clit.

“Fuck Leah, I’m going to cum,” I grunted as I slammed more and more rapidly into her warm wet grip.

“Oh fuck that feels good,” Leah groaned as my orgasm exploded and I pumped my cum into her pussy. “Fuck my pussy. I’m cumming!” she screamed as I felt her pussy contract and squeeze my still pumping cock.”

Spent, we knelt there together, still joined.

“You like being watched don’t you?” I stated more than I asked.

She turned her head and looked at the bedroom window, hesitated, then said, “I guess I do.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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