Burning the Man

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I rushed through the flap of the large tent with my two best friends in the world. We were happy as fuck.

Outside, all around us, explosive colors and nighttime musical dreamscapes filled the sky and the air and the bloodstream.

We were fully into our second night at Burning Man, my first time, though the fourth for my best friends.

We were rolling on high-grade ecstasy and we couldn’t stop laughing and dancing and just generally grabbing at each other playfully like we were kids again. It was wild and as gooey-good as the inside of a Cinnabon.

We’d left the giant dome we’d been dancing most of the night to head back to our tent-city area and smoke some weed to balance out all the feelings. The ecstasy was insanely strong and that had included a Molly powder lick off of the back of Taylor’s hand in the middle of the dance floor when we’d wanted to keep the party going. And boy had it.

As we sat on the floor of the large Coleman camping setup on the big afghan blankets and sleeping bags, Taylor Rhodes grabbed for her penis-shaped, glass bong, already packed full of Granddaddy Purple Indica in the bowl built into the scortum. We passed it back and forth in our triad like the ultimate peace pipe of three elevated festival elders. The tent was covered on the outside in white Christmas lights that kept everything fairly illuminated, even in the dark.

I’d met Taylor when I first started at Microsoft some five years prior. We were fresh out of college at the time and she was the instant work best friend. She was cute as fuck in an adult Hilary Duff kind of way, but we’d always maintained an almost sibling-like relationship. She’d quickly fallen in with her sexy, long-time beau Elliot, who worked one department over, but played on the same company softball team as the two of us.

We all quickly became known for our tight-knit trio. The three of us were inseparable as far as close friends went, and they saw me through a couple of breakups as the years went by. They never made me to feel like a third wheel. We were a unit of hilarious camaraderie and ever-blossoming inside jokes.

Burning Man had always been their thing, as I was more likely to head into the city and catch a show at a smaller club, but there was something enticing about their invite this year.

I was fresh out of a frustrating relationship and the idea of doing mind-altering drugs in the desert while generally dancing the night away to house music that would carry my brain into mystical places, seemed like a semi-affordable type of therapy. I’d gladly trade the couch for a desert full of sexy naked people and psychoactive hijinks.

Taylor had short, blond hair that naturally curled, and her body was the right kind of fit—like she worked out, but somehow maintained an ass that made you want, well, devour her ass. Her body truly was Hilary Duff healthy, and Edgar was the same type of irritatingly laid back, good looking. He seemed like he either never worked out or worked out constantly. He was Ryan Gosling with more tattoos and had very similar hair to his girlfriend, but with a sandier tone and fewer curls. They’re babies were going to be disgustingly adorable—future prom queens and kings of suburbia.

All three of us were beaming at each other, and the tent was mostly dark, except for the disco ball that Taylor had turned on which featured all sorts of fun colors and shapes that cascaded throughout the tent, along with the outside string lights. Then she took it a step further by turning on a nearby black light. Now all the glitter on our bodies and Taylor’s skimpy one piece glowed.

We were all decked out in bedazzled beads and jewels and body paint. Taylor and Edgar had insisted earlier in the night that I dress up with them for the rave that we’d be attending. It was a strangely intimate act to have two people placing sparkly stick-on beads and colorful paint all over your body with all the comfort in the world.

We’d taken our first pill around eight, and that was after a full day of lazily biking from camp to camp and taking in all the wild sights and sounds.

We looked like David Bowie backup dancers on some sort of space ship music video shoot. A large, pink diamond came down from my left eye and body glitter was splashed all over our torsos and legs.

This was Burning Man after all, no need to be shy or worry about how you looked. Everything was acceptable and expected. Unkempt wildness was meant to thrive.

Edgar and I were only wearing the small spandex bike shorts we’d danced in, having already kicked off our boots and socks. Taylor was barely dressed at all. Her body was tightly wrapped in this enticing one-piece pink and purple leotard that was missing giant sections that showed off her marvelous skin. Her crotch barely covered her clearly visible pussy lips and showed through to her nipples, with a see-through material that was meant to put them on display.

Even though she was my best friend, I’d spent a good portion of the night checking Sakarya Escort her out and wondering how her tan skin might feel on my lips. The ecstasy certainly didn’t help quell those very possible thoughts. I was entering the fantasy zone of the drug—where lots of sexual thoughts run constantly through the brain.

I was happier than I could remember being in a very long time and all I wanted to do was be touched and touch. And here was Taylor, my long time best friend, wearing barely anything (a far cry from the tight slacks and pencil skirts she wore in the office that made me all kinds of crazy). She looked like actual candy, like freshly pulled taffy.

“Have you rolled before tonight, James?” Edgar asked me in an energetic voice, as we all passed the bong around and bobbed our bodies back and forth to the chill vibe thumping throughout the campsite. In a tent somewhere nearby, a couple could be heard having sex. This was still the modern day Woodstock. Burning Man was unlike any other place in the world.

“I have but it’s been a while, and that was at a club, and it wasn’t very good stuff so my hangover was TERRIBLE that next week. And I had sex on it, and that was fucking amazing, but I wasn’t able to cum.” I remembered the good and the bad as my answer rambled: the brief elation of feeling with the music and the temporary paranoia on the car ride home; followed by a long night of enjoying a shower with the girlfriend. I remembered everything. And I told Taylor and Edgar all about it and they loved it. They were hanging from every word in my story.

“Ugh, don’t worry about that, this is the best fucking stuff. And we’re just getting to the really good part. And like, just so you know, you can definitely cum on this E…that’s why Edgar and I love it so much.” Taylor chimed in—I was a little surprised at the amount of flirting she seemed to be doing with me. We’d also taken the proper supplements earlier that day. With age and experience came lots of appropriate drug prep.

And she was right. I was starting to feel like my body had ascended to another plane of silly-dumb goodness. They could both tell I was hyped. I was giggly even. I was happily nervous. My palms were buzzing on my bare legs.

“Are you feeling it?” Taylor asked me, her cute grin escaping as she asked me, already knowing. She leaned over and rubbed a hand up my leg and the contact felt so nice against the dried sand and sweat.

“Ahhhh, yes, I’m realllllly rolling, right now. Fuckkkk, that feels fucking incredible. I think I need a blanket.” I said.

She grabbed the nearby sleeping bag. “Here, let’s all get into the sleeping bag, it’s totally big enough.” It was such an obvious idea in the moment. We were all going to snuggle.

Edgar got in first, and then me, and then Taylor. She zipped it up behind her. I was in the middle of them both, lying on my back. Taylor cuddled up next to me and placed her face on my neck. Edgar was also lying on his side and he swung a leg over mine and put a hand on my chest. I’d never done anything with another guy but it just felt really good to be touched by both of them. The zesty chill that had running through my body started to warm from their contact.

“You guys this feels amazing.” I was smiling so wide when I said it. I was juicy happy.

“Good. We’re so glad you came with us.” Taylor told me. “We were really excited to roll with you. It’s such an intimate thing to do with really close friends.”

“Yeah, it’s been awhile since Tay and I have gotten to roll with someone fun that we love.” Edgar added. I liked how he phrased that.

I turned my head over to Taylor to admire her perfect body as it pressed up against my side. She looked up at me and I was surprised to feel her lean in and softly kiss my forehead. I smiled and she kissed my cheek. She smelled like sweat and tangerine lotion. I moaned a little and then she kissed down my face until her lips dragged against mine.

I didn’t respond at first, knowing Edgar was right there, but he clearly didn’t care, and I was too high on the love drug to have any regrets about it. I started kissing her back. She moaned now too.

Taylor grinded her body against mine as our make-out continued. I’d never had so much fun kissing before. I rolled over onto my side to face her fully now.

As I did this she pushed into me more aggressively, and I noticed as Edgar mirrored my body from behind, pulling himself up against me as he put his hand on my hip as the big spoon.

They both grinded into me while Taylor and I made out and I couldn’t help but be totally swept away in the all-over contact.

I was insanely nervous and surprised when I felt Edgar’s hard outline press up against my buns through our shorts, but it didn’t affect how horny I’d also become from the drug. My boner strained against the tight shorts I was still wearing.

Taylor brought both of her hands to my face now and she was kissing me with a focused attention, occasionally teasing Adapazarı Escort me and biting my lip.

I felt Edgar’s own mouth find my neck, and I arched my body to his when I felt him begin to kiss me there. I loved the scratch of his shadow.

“Mmmm, that’s really sexy.” Taylor said, and I didn’t know which one of us she was talking to.

I had my hand on her hip and I couldn’t help reaching down and grabbing her very available ass—the ass that had sidled by my desk so many different days in so many different tight outfits. It was a rumpriffic ass.

I squeezed her taut buns and enjoyed the feel of her soft skin. My hard-on ached to be touched and she clearly knew that because her hands drifted down my body to fondle my outline through my shorts softly. Every drifting digit was a pinprick of sensitivity.

They rubbed their legs and feet against my legs and feet. They softly touched me everywhere.

I couldn’t believe my two closest friends had me between them in their big sleeping bag while we all rolled on ecstasy at Burning Man. I couldn’t believe that I had a guy grinding up behind me while a sexy girl stroked my raging hard-on through the thin material of my spandex shorts.

That’s when I noticed that Taylor and Edgar had found each other’s hands on my love handle. They were tracing their fingers over each other but also, occasionally slipping their fingers below the waistband of my shorts. I wasn’t wearing any boxers.

Edgar was the one to take the initiative. He hooked his thumb into my shorts and began to pull them down. Taylor helped as she brought a leg up to push my shorts off my legs below us. I was naked now in front of them. I wasn’t sure where this was going but they seemed in complete control and I was more turned on than I had ever been in any sexual encounter. This was all coming out of nowhere and I was as turned on as I was surprised. Everything felt incredible all over my body. I was rolling and rocking in the best fucking way.

I’d never done anything with a guy, but there was one behind me now with a very hard cock, and I was being purposefully distracted by his perfectly sexual girlfriend with her stupidly hot body, as she started to stroke my bobbing erecton with a few fingers. Her hands felt perfect on my cock, and even she was surprised how hard I was, due to the known side effects of the drug. I don’t think anything could’ve stopped my erection in that moment. Edgar seemed to be similarly capable as I could feel him poking from his shorts.

She began to stroke me and as she did that I watched her undo the single strap that kept her leotard over her breasts. She pulled it down and then pulled it off the rest of her body. She was naked with me now. Then I felt Edgar readjusting behind me, as he pulled his shorts off. We were all naked now—naked and increasingly horny. We all moved with more intention now

She leaned in and kissed me again and it was at that moment that I felt Edgar’s healthy manhood pressed into the valley of my ass. He was as hard as I was.

“Mmmmm, you boys are so fucking sexy.” Taylor said as she broke her kiss. “I am rolling so harddddd.” She mewed and she twisted her glittery nipples between her fingers as she enjoyed the way her body reacted to every fiber of touch and feel.

I’d never done anything sexual with a guy but here I was getting a hand-job while unmistakably pressing my ass back against a cock for the first time.

Edgar had pulled my ass back to arch a little towards him and I felt his cockhead press up against my hole and the sensitivity located therein surprised me in ways I could’ve never expected.

I felt a surge of boner energy pulse through me. I had a cock pressed against my nude asshole and my cock was swelling from the very thought.

“Taylor, come here.” Edger lovingly grabbed Taylor’s head as he pushed her down my body. She engulfed my cock in her warm mouth. I was in cock heaven. She kept me in the mouth now. Just halfway in, sucking, lovingly, like I was a brand new lollipop to take her time on.

“Mmmmuggghh,” I moaned as I felt her skilled tongue on my shaft while he poked and prodded my spreading behind.

She deep-throated me and then bobbed for a good minute, before taking me out with a dramatic gasp and a pleasurable choke. She kept my cock in her hand and leaned over my side in the sleeping bag to suck on Edgar’s slightly larger cock, which had been poking into me with a little more insistence. His spray paint can gagged her fully and she sounded happy to be gagged. All the while she slowly stroked me. I was in heaven. They were so damn sexy. I couldn’t believe this was happening. Their mutual moans were erotic as fuck. Her soft hair on the outside of my leg felt like silk heaven on our wonder drug. His stubble on my neck felt like massage points. Her Dove conditioned hair plush against my thigh was magical. The music and the exploding fireworks occasionally lighting up the tent—everything felt like some sort Serdivan Escort of Salvadore Dali sex dream. My cock was throbbing in her hand as she lightly jacked me. She wanted me to stay hard, I could tell. That wasn’t a problem. Even on the mind-altering drug they had made me feel so safe and had put the entire focus on me. I was enraptured by their ease—my sexy longtime friends—completely seducing me.

I reached down over her back to access her popped ass and sent a finger plunging into her soaking hole. She moaned on Edgar’s cock and brought a hand over to clutch my chest. I popped my ass back towards him in a surprising show of my own horny state. What had gotten into me? I was pushing my naked ass back towards another guy.

Drugs truly were the best.

She finally finished spitting and sucking on him and she returned up the bag to my face and starting kissing me again very passionately.

I suddenly understood the teamwork they’d been employing. Edgar’s very wet cock started making progress now in sliding further in-between my ass cheeks and into my actual opening. I was suddenly lubed with Taylor’s spit and Edgar’s precum and his large cock began to open me up a little as I felt a man enter me for the first time in my life.

I was very nervous now. He was entering me. Was I about to get fucked? Did I want to get fucked? I think I did. I was smiling now just thinking that.

Taylor leaned in so we were face to face, our noses touching.

“You are so sexy, James. Have you ever played with another guy?” She kissed the tip of my nose and then around my face. She was stroking me as she asked this and I could tell how turned on she was from her own happy state of galactic drug-induced marvel.

“No,” I croaked out to her, as Edgar’s cockhead began to open my ring now. His helmet was cresting.

“Edgar has a really good cock. I think you’re going to be really happy that this is your first cock. I’ve been with a lot of guys and he has the best cock I’ve ever fucked. He stays SO hard for SO long and cums soooo much.” She was literally grinding her body forward as she spoke to me. Every word felt like graduate level foreplay. Whatever heteronormative anxiety I usually would’ve been suffering from, disappeared in the comfortable warmth of the ecstasy and their naked bodies against mine.

Edgar’s hand was softly pressed against my neck. He reached down and spread my ass cheek further apart.

“Edgar, I think James is ready to be fucked, baby.” She said this like she had said this sentence before to him. Like I wasn’t the first guy they’d done this to. I felt so sexy in between them. It was a wild realization as I discovered my own distant shores.

Edgar popped the head of his penis through my anal ring finally, and I squeaked a submissive gasp into the night air.

“Mmmmm, baby, yessss,” Taylor moaned. She was playing with her nipple and her pussy as she watched.

“Shhhhhhhh,” he whispered into my ear. “It’s okay…I’m gonna go really slow. I’m gonna show you how good this is.” He really meant it. I needed him to stay for a second. I was turned on by this, but the pain was still there. My ass adjusted for his impressive size. I breathed in and out and tried to just allow my body to enjoy the fullness.

Edgar slowly rocked against me and he made centimeters feel like lifetimes. I couldn’t ever remember being this high on a drug. I couldn’t ever remember being this high on a moment. His cock was like learning a new color. Laser beams blasted my goose bump skin. Pheromones intoxicated my nostrils. I could smell his manly sweat and her feminine sweat.

I could stare at her perfectly erect nipples and her glittery body even as my own bedazzled rump was being crafted by the sparkly penis behind me. It felt like a Studio 54 backroom special.

A thumping base beat traveled nearby as a slow-moving bus went by outside the camp. Shadows danced on the two-story, neon planet-mobile and I smiled a gritty lip-bite as I felt his veiny member push into the middle of my anus for the first time. His helmet had popped and with it, three inches of OHMYFUCKINGFUCK.

He was really inside me now. I could never say I hadn’t been fucked by a cock. My KinkedIn resume had been updated.

“MMMmmm, baby, do you like that cock inside you? I love watching your face right now, you look so sexy and beautiful.” Taylor was a suggestive desert goddess, and I’d never loved her more than I loved her in that moment, as she narrated my naughty newness.

“Ughhh…it feels really good…I feel SO full right now. I’m really nervous, but like…” and I felt like I could honesty cry, “I’m really in love with you guys right now.” And it was true, whether from the drug or not…I was in love with my best friends in that moment.

“Baby, we love you too. And Edgar is gonna show you how much we love you.” She kissed me and he pushed all the way into me, as she grabbed my cock in both of her hands.

Stars exploded. My cock swelled in ways it never had.

It was pain, but in the most delectable way.

“FUCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK,” my moan carried far outside our tent and for anyone nearby, there could be no mistake that a man was having his ass fucked. That sound only came out of a proper bottom’s mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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