By The Pool

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All events are purely fictional… Enjoy.


My father died a few years back when I was 17 leaving my mother and myself to fend for ourselves. Mom changed over the past few years since his death losing what can only be described as her spark for life. The only good thing that came from my father’s death was he left my mom well enough off that she no longer needed to work any longer.

My summer days at age 18 with the guys usually included a dip in our pool on hot days. The pool in our backyard wasn’t Olympic sized, but it certainly did the trick.

My mom had taken to joining us for a few laps in the pool on a regular basis which always made me kind of mad. The guys spent at least 20 minutes after she would go back inside ragging on me about my mom and how good she looked in a swimsuit. Talking about her tits and asking me if she still let me suck them like when I was a baby. So as a result of my mother’s activities I would spend some of my time telling my friends to “shut the fuck up!” on a daily basis.

The group of young studs I hung out with really didn’t know what the hell we were talking about when it came to sex. Only one of them wasn’t a virgin and he had only done the deed once. The rest of us really hadn’t even gotten to third base. We all talked tough, but if a real woman would have stripped down and told us to fuck her we were more likely to have run away then to have managed an erection and screwed her.

One day I was at home for lunch and I walked up behind my mother in the kitchen while she was standing at the sink. I leaned over to give her a kiss on the cheek and ask what was for lunch and something struck me. Wow the guys were right my mom is stunning. She was standing there in the sunshine coming through the window and she just had an aura around her. Short shorts and a bikini top is all she had on and for the first time in my life I took note of the features of her body in a sexual way. Her legs were toned and trim and as tanned as the rest of her. Her waist was şişli escort so slim and her skin seemed to glow. Her blonde hair came half way down her back right to the tie on her bikini top. Moving in for the kiss I made an effort to really look at her breast and they were as good as any of the girls at school. She was only wearing a bikini top, but there wasn’t a sag in her tits at all. She wasn’t as big as some of the pictures of models I jerked off to, but she what I considered to be perfect breasts.

My mom told me she was making BLT’s for lunch, but to give her ten minutes as she was still getting things made.

I turned around and left the kitchen heading toward my room. I had an odd feeling in my stomach and I only just noticed that I had a pretty good erection in my swim trunks. I moved into my room amazed that I had gotten an erection looking at my mom. I also knew to get my erection down I needed to jerk off quickly before my mom called me for lunch. So I pulled my shorts down just a bit and rolled onto my back on my bed and with precision I started jerking off. Stroking my cock all I could fantasize about was what my mom tits looked like. I thought about kissing them and touching them and… and then the worst thing a teenage boy could have happen to him happened. My mom was standing in my doorway looking at my hand rubbing up and down my cock. I was surprised to say the least and my mom didn’t say anything for a few seconds (felt like 20 minutes) as she seemed to be trying to take in the sight of me sitting on my bed with my cock in my hand. Mercifully she turned towards the door.

She turned a little and said “When you are finished lunch is ready.”

When I finished?

Yeah I was finished my embarrassment finished me off and I thought at that time that I may never feel like jerking off again. I sat there on my bed with my limp cock still in hand in shock trying to figure out how exactly do I go out and face my mother.

It was probably 10 minutes before my mom called down the hall mecidiyeköy escort for me to get my lunch adding that it was getting cold. I mustered the courage to get up and face her. The worst thing would have been for me to think I was having a grand old time stroking my cock so I wouldn’t come out and eat lunch.

I sat sheepishly across the table from her looking only at my food. I looked at her only when she walked away bringing the dishes to the kitchen. Seeing her slim figure and her bare back made me horny again. I thought to myself I need to really get laid if my mom was now turning me on like this.

Usually I bring my dishes to the kitchen, but due to my erection my mother came out and had to fetch them. Leaning over the side of my chair to retrieve them her breast rubbed against my arm. I think my dick which was already at full mast grew another 1/2 inch. I actually felt her nipple slide back across my arm when she was pulling my dishes away. I ached I was so hard and as soon as she turned to enjoyed the view of her walking away.

I pressed my penis up against the edge of the table in an effort for relief. I heard my mom putting the dishes in the dishwasher so I decided to stop humping the table and make a break for my bedroom while I could.

About halfway down the hall my mom said something behind me. I knew she spoke, but I was in a bit of a haze so I didn’t hear what she said. I stopped, but didn’t turn around as my dick was pressing up so hard on my shorts I think I was actually enjoying it. My mom moved down toward me and said “You don’t have to be embarrassed about earlier.”

With my back still facing her I felt like telling her that is easy for you to say! Instead I stood there dumb founded hoping she would release me from her conversation so I could go to my room. I gather that my silence was not what she wanted so she moved behind me and put her hand on my shoulder. She tugged a bit on my shoulder to turn me so I could give her a hug and like we would forget about the whole thing, but I resisted. My dick was hard as granite and my mom wants me to run around and give her a hug… Cruel world kill me now!

My mother moved to my side coming around me since I would turn to her and as she moved in front she saw my little problem. Her eyes looked hard at my penis lifting the front of my thin swimwear. I looked down at her and she seemed to almost be holding back a grin. Moving forward she actually undid the tie at the top of my trunks. She brought her fingers up and made contact with the top of my penis over my shorts. In a fairly quick move her other hand pulled the front of my shorts down. Shocked, embarrassed, and horny I just stood there. She again looked down at my penis almost to study it. Her boy had become a man and she was basking in the glory of it.

Slowly her hand moved over my penis and finally grasped it. Her hand was so petite compared to mine it actually made my dick look a lot bigger. Mom’s face changed and she stroked my cock up and down focusing only on my dick. She didn’t say a word she just kept pumping me up and down. At first I was still in shock, but after a few seconds I felt like grabbing her and fucking her tits it felt so dam good.

30 seconds – maybe 40 and she reached with her other hand turning me with my dick like a dog on a leash and she grabbed tissue from the box in the hall. The grip and the look of her hand on my penis made me explode. She almost had the tissue into position, but some of the squirting went down my legs off the tissue and onto her bare feet. I was dizzy from the event and my mother went to working with some more tissues cleaning up my dick. I was sensitive as she cleaned up and a couple more cleaning strokes and I would have had another full erection.

She lifted her foot and cleaned my sperm off her foot. Leaning over she was giving me a great view of her cleavage. I would have liked to have moved my dick to her face and touched it, but of course that was a crazy thought. She wiped the cum off my cock and then turned going back down the hall. The only thing she said was.

“I think you should have your shower now.” With that mom turned and went back into the kitchen.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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