Camping Bromance Firsts Ch. 02

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You can read Camping Bromance Firsts before this or just pickup here. I’ve decided to tell the tales of the past 4 years firsts in coming stories. Thanks. LJ

We laid there for a while and I said,

“We should make breakfast”, Jim said “OK”

And we got dressed and up. It was in the upper 50’s and the sun was warm, I lit the fire and Jim got some bacon and eggs ready. We went about our tasks silently and without looking at each other. Once the fire was flameless Jim cooked the bacon and eggs while I brushed my teeth and wiped my body clean with some glovebox baby wipes.

I was pretty troubled at this point; I had just cheated on my wife of 25 years and rode the cock of my homophobic neighbor. Was my wife going to find out? Jesus that would be a shit show, she’d leave me in a heartbeat if she found out. I thought, I was going to puke. Was this going to ruin my friendship with Jim, were we ever going to talk to each other again? I zipped up and headed to the table as breakfast was ready. Jim served me a plate and a cup of shine we sat down face to face and he said drink that. I must look like a deer in the headlights at this point and I think he must be thinking the same things by the look on his face. We both drank our shine down. He picked up a piece of bacon and took a bite. Chewed it and looked at me and said,

“What just happened needs to stay firmly between you and me…”

I thought about it for a few seconds and said,

“What about our wives? What if they find out, I’ve never cheated on Jess and I never planned to. What If Jill finds out, she’ll shoot you for real, mine’ll just take the money, the house and the kids.”

Jim asked if I wanted to do it again and I said,

“Of course, it was the most amazing experience I’ve ever had”

I told him, “If we ever do this again it needs to be done carefully and away from home and no one can ever find out.”


We ate the rest of our meal in silence when he broke the quiet with,

“Is it really cheating if it’s not with a woman and you leave your socks on?”

Over the next few minutes with some joking we convinced ourselves it was not.

We went about our day fishing and drinking beer, came back for dinner, sat around and drank as usual and hit the sack when it got cold out. I slipped under the covers this time commando as did Jim and we just laid there side by side in the dark on our backs waiting for the other one to make the move.

I asked in a deadpan voice,

“You want a rim job?”

He laughed and we rolled into each other’s arms kissing our way into another round of electric gaziantep escort lightning tantric orgasms better than the night before. It blows my mind that we can fuck for 3 nights and carry on during our days platonically. I didn’t look at him any differently, we ate, fished, drank, ate again and not once did I think, God he’d be hot right now naked.

We did not see eachother again until a few weeks later we had planned on putting up our tree stands for deer season. We had all of our stuff laid out in a pile, loaded it on our 4 wheelers and headed up to the top of his hill to put his stand up first. I jumped on his 4-wheeler behind him leaning back on the rack to hold myself from falling off the back. We were about ½ mile into the hill when he gunned the throttle and I almost fell off the back which was a game we played with each other over the years. One time he caught me off guard and threw me right off and I landed on my back and the wind was knocked out of me, but I wasn’t hurt other than my ego. Instead of bracing myself for another wheelie I slid forward and wrapped my arms around his waist. My boner was instantaneous.

He said,

“Well that’s nice, I should do wheelies more often.”

I ran my hands up to his chest under his plaid shirt and all around his stomach. Once we had gotten to the spot he wanted his stand I got off first and he followed. Before we made it to unstrapping all of the stuff he asked me if I wanted a blowjob to get rid of that thing?

“Sure” I said and un-buttoned my jeans while leaning back on the side of the seat and he was on his knees unzipping and pulling my pants down to my knees. He cupped my balls in his strong rough hands and ran his tongue around inside my foreskin.

Before I knew what was happening I was on the verge of another banner orgasm. Jim slipped his fingers off my sack, licked one finger with a lot of spit and slid it up between my cheeks and ran its wetness around my hole and with the other squeezed one of my nipples painfully hard right on time and I exploded in his mouth, him matching my contractions with a nipple twist and hard pressure on my ass with his finger. He sucked and milked my dick dry for a good few minutes then let me slide out and I pulled him up to me and licked the cum out of his beard where a little had leaked and gave him a kiss expecting my load to still be there but he had swallowed it.

He stepped back and gave me a double eyebrow raised wink. I pulled my pants up and he was unstrapping the stand which we put up in no time and we were talking about where mine would go in the long meadow at the top of the hill. The more I thought about it the more I was not looking forward to climbing a tree stand and sitting up there in the cold and wind all day.

I told him, I think I’m going to put up the ground stand this year and try it out. It’s just a small camo pop-up box about 6′ square, with no floor and a bunch of fold up windows. I could put a chair in there, a little heater and wait to see absolutely no deer move during the entire season which was my typical luck. So, we both headed up to my place and took the tree stand off and I got the ground stand out of the basement, loaded it up and this time he rode bitch.

We both knew I was going to pop a wheelie once we got to the steepest part of the hill and he switched from leaning back on the rack to sliding his hands up inside my shirt, over my chest, turning his hands fingers over my shoulders pulling me tight to him and his throbbing dick. I laid into it a little too hard and with his weight so high up on my shoulders and stuck inside my shirt, we both went off the back, me landing on top of him. I thought I killed him I landed so hard, but he was OK once he caught the breath I crushed out of him. We blamed each other on our way up the rest of the hill for the accident.

We stopped and I was thinking I’ll string this along a little bit and started to unpack the bag with the blind in it and we stretched it open and staked it to the ground, in 2 minutes it was ready, I unzipped the door and crawled in to find a pretty big space in there. Jim followed me in and I stayed crawling on my knees and once he was in sat cross-legged, I reached out and pulled him by the ankles hard enough to get him on his back and I worked his pants down and climbed up his torso undoing his shirt buttons on my way. When I got to the top button I pulled his shirt open revealing his chest and worked his nipples with my tongue as I slid my hands up inside his shirt to his arm pits and biceps for a little rub around there.

As I slid down to his dick I let my hands slide to his ripply side and stomach muscles while I fished his dick and balls over his boxers and scooted them down. I looked up at him there staring at me and I kept our eyes locked while I played with his dick, first wagging my tongue side to side in his slit, then circling his head and licking my way down the top of his amazingly veiny rod to his hairy bush and took a deep breath of sweet musky sweat my hands now on his hips. I sucked one of his balls into my mouth and rolled it around lightly tugging on it while I lightly pumped his dick with my right hand and switched to the other nut. I slid my hand down to his knees and lifted him up high so his ass was now well off the ground and he was upside down bent inward slightly, his abs buried behind thin fine rolls of skin and I dove in with heavy wide licks and laps all over his ass.

“Oh Fuck” was all he could say as I found his happy place and swirled and twirled my tongue until he was good and ready to pop. I set him down and devoured his cock sucking it for all I had and slid my hands up to his chest and took a fistful of muscle in my hands and used my thumbs to rub his nipples in circles. His back arched and he kept saying,

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” faster and louder.

Then I felt it, a huge load deposited in my mouth, my first taste of cum out of a dick was just like I anticipated, salty and odd flavored but totally awesome. He immediately hauled me up to his face and we again kissed rolling around on the damp cold grass floor swapping his load. We finished when I swallowed and we realized we both had cum in our beards and we licked it out of each others. I was rock hard again after that.

I said,

“I feel like a schoolboy with a never ending hard on.”

He pulled my pants down and told me to jerk off, he wanted to see how I did it. So I stood stooped over because the tent is not 6′-2″ tall and I am without my boots on, unzipped and began to jack off. Him laying, head propped on his arm, his dick still hanging out of his pants watched while I jacked off I did not need any lube, I had quite a bit of precum lingering in my foreskin which I slid up and down my dick letting the head appear and disappear, my hands under my balls pressing on my prostate I was ready in no time watching him watch me tuned me right up.

Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum was all I said and Jim leapt up and let me blow my load into his open mouth which never turns out to be a clean job, it blew everywhere but in his mouth, even in his eye. He was a champ though and sucked the rest off. I leaned down and lapped the load off of his face, head and beard. I don’t think there is fantasy porn of licking someone’s eyeball, but licking my load from his eye was fucking hot.

“Why was everything we’ve done over the past month been exhilaratingly hot?”, I asked him. “That was amazing!”

He said, “I know something that would be amazing, I want your amazing dick.”

“You want me to fuck you!?, you sure?”

He said he had been preparing and he thinks he’s ready. I asked him,

“What are you using?”

And he said a beer bottle and he’s got it in half way up the label. I was surprised and excited.


“I was thinking of hiking up to a campsite on Stone Mountain next weekend. Jills at her Mom’s, can you go?”

I gave the quickest yes.

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