Camping Tickle

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Bob had pulled his wife, Carol’s top down and was tickling her boobs and pinching her nipples, all while filming with his camera as they were amateur sex film makers. Then he slipped his hand into her pants and ran his fingers along her landing strip.

After a while he put the camera on a tripod and took the rest of her clothes off. He then really went to town tickling her. She was dancing around and shouting and laughing.

“Not so loud, someone could hear,” Bob cautioned.

“Oh, there’s nobody out here but us,” Carol replied.

“I wouldn’t be so sure,” Steve said stepping into the clearing with his wife Helen and another couple named Mike and Barb.

Looks like someone’s having fun,” Steve said. “And filming it,” his wife added.

“”Couple of horny devils aren’t you?” Mike asked.

“Tickle tickle,” Helen said, reaching out and poking Carol in the ribs. Carol jumped and screamed.

“Hey!” Bob said moving toward Helen.

“Don’t,” Steve said pulling out his gun.

“Look, we don’t want any trouble,” Bob said.

“Us either,” Mike said, “We would like to have some fun though.”

“Barb, Helen, let’s take them over to those trees and tie them up,” Steve said.

“Don’t forget the camera,” Mike said.

After Carol was tied to the tree the women went to tie up Bob. “Wait, Steve said. “She’s naked, he should be naked too. Strip,”

With Anadolu Yakası Escort a gun pointed at him, Bob really didn’t have a choice. Soon he was naked and tied up next to his wife.

“Bob, I’m scared.”

“Don’t worry, Carol, it’ll be okay.”

Steve put away his gun and he and Mike went over to Carol and started lightly running their fingers up and down her sides, causing her to jump and squirm. Meanwhile Helen and Barb were tickling Bob.

Bob and Carol were laughing like crazy and trying to escape the hands that were tickling them.

When Helen tickled Bob’s butt, he got an erection.

“Hey, Carol your husband’s cock is hard. “How about her is she turned on too?” Helen asked.

“I don’t know if she’s wet, but her nipples are hard as a rock.” Steve answered.

“Let me find out,” Mike said, slipping a finger inside Carol’s pussy. “Oh my God she’s soaking wet.”

“Hey, Carol, I’m going to suck your husband’s cock now,” Helen said, and took Bob’s cock into her mouth. She and Barb took turns sucking Bob’s cock. Meanwhile Mike and Steve alternated between sucking Carol’s boobs and licking her cunt.

“Let’s see who can make who come first,” Helen challenged.

“You’re on,” Steve accepted.

Helen and Barb were stroking Bob’s cock and playing with his balls, while Steve and Mike each had a finger in Carol’s Bostancı Escort pussy and were sucking on her tits.

Soon Bob grunted and started shooting his load, then Carol screamed and squirted all over the place.

“Holy shit that was intense,” Steve said looking at Carol’s still quivering body.

Bob and Carol were then untied and after picking up their clothes walked back to their truck arm in arm without saying a word.

“You know we can’t upload that right?” Carol asked Bob.

“Not that one no, but the next one we make yes.”

“Next one, what next one?”

“Revenge,” Bob said.

Later that night Bob and Carol found the cabin that Steve, Helen, Mike and Barb were in. They were so sound asleep that it didn’t take long for the couple to strip them and tie them up on the floor.

Steve woke up to the sound of laughter and found out it was himself who was laughing and that was because his feet were being tickled.

That crazy couple had tied up him, his wife and their friends and were tickling them.

Starting at their feet, Bob and Carol worked their way up to the top of their bodies.

Carol noted that Steve had extremely ticklish armpits, while Mike’s ribs were very sensitive.

Bob, paid special attention to Helen and Barb’s tits as his wife’s were quite a bit smaller. When he got to Helen’s he noticed that Erenköy Escort she was lactating.

“Hey, honey, we got a new Mommy here, look,” he said squeezing Helen’s boobs until they shot milk.

Mike’s cock was instantly hard. “Oooooh, someone likes a milky breast,” Carol said, stroking Mike’s cock.

She left the men alone for a moment and her and Bob sucked on Helen’s milk filled breasts, then not wanting Barb to feel left out, they did the same to her.

Helen couldn’t believe this was happening. Okay, maybe they got a little carried away, but still. This couple was sick.

“Hey Helenl, I’m sucking your husband’s cock!” Carol shouted, breaking into Helen’s thoughts. She looked over and sure enough that slut had Steve’s cock in her mouth. He didn’t seem to mind, considering the look on his face. Then she stopped sucking his cock and climbed on top of him and was fucking her husband. This bitch was fucking her husband right in front of her.

Suddenly she felt a pressure on top of her and noticed Bob was fucking her, while fingering Barb, then he switched. Bob fucked both women until they each came.

Then Carol and Bob straddled Helen and Barb and masturbated each other to orgasm, then made the women lick up their combined juices.

As their final act, they made Steve fuck Barb and Mike fuck Helen. Bob and Carol licked and fingered Helen and Barb’s assholes until all four of them came.

Bob and Carol gathered their clothes and the camera and left, again without a word.

The couples untied each other and also without saying anything, went to their separate bedrooms and tried to forget what just happened.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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