Camping with Rob

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Big Tits

I don’t particularly like camping. I did it in the Scouts, with my family, in the military and it never did a whole lot for me. So how did I end up in the middle of nowhere in a tent again? My name is Luke Cooke and I’m a twenty-seven year old corporate finance analyst. I spent two years in the Army after high school, then six years at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania getting an MBA in Finance. I was in the top ten graduates but my biggest problem is I still look like I’m eighteen or nineteen, a problem that plagued my father until his forties.

I’m five eleven, have dark brown hair, blue eyes and you have to get close to see that I shave. I have a light dusting of hair on my forearms and legs with thick armpit and pubic hair but otherwise my body is smooth. In the army I would get teased about being a kid who ran away from home so I could serve in Iraq. Then the same guys would tease me in the shower for having a donkey dick. It’s only six inches soft, seven inches hard but its thick and you can’t see the skin in my crotch for the pubic hair. At least one part of me looks like a real grown man.

When I graduated Wharton I was offered several positions but the general consensus was that I look like a kid and I would work second-string for a long time. Of course, few mentioned this directly to my face but I know enough about the career I have chosen to know what I’m offered. I took a position with a Manhattan corporation that offered the best career track for me and was assigned to assist Rob Estermann, manager of the hedge fund section. He was incredibly handsome, about six-four with deep blue eyes and hair so dark brown it looked black except in direct sunlight. He was forty-one and his hands were sexy and beautiful to me, large with long strong fingers showing the veins that come only from weight lifting. I fell for his sexy hands and face because I never saw any other skin. He wore tailored suits that were cut to show off his muscular body and a stunning bubble ass. He wore a plain wide gold wedding band and on his desk was a picture of his wife and two daughters who looked to be early elementary school age. Mr. Estermann never discussed his family or anything personal. I was just another analyst assisting him and he was unaware of my eyes snatching glances at him when he would walk past my office.

Donald Berkshire was the vice-president in charge of our division, a prick and a complete ass. He wasted an endless amount of our time requiring employees to participate in contests, morale boosting events, and other useless bullshit but no one dared criticize or complain. One word or action that betrayed your true feelings about this shit would brand you forever as not being a team player or a dangerous maverick. Both labels were certain death sentences that led to being fired without good references. The corporate world can be vicious and you often feel you’ve sold your soul and self respect to the devil. I’d been a nameless face churning out paper and advice for eleven months when Mr. Estermann called me into his office. He was sitting behind his desk, obviously busy as he reviewed a file in front of him.

“Sit down, Mr. Cooke.”

I looked at him suspiciously. It was hard to read his mood and I didn’t think I’d done anything that would merit discipline or termination. Still, this was not going to be a good chat, I could definitely tell that.

“Mr. Berkshire has arranged an outing for senior managers and we each have been allowed to select one of our team members to join us.”


“He’s booked a canoe trip down the Colorado River to allow us to explore our leadership and problem solving abilities.”

Estermann gave me a half smile. Damn, that was the most he’d ever directed to me personally. I generally felt like he was unaware I was on his team.

“Canoeing? And how am I involved?

“I hope you will accompany me as my team member.”

“Me, sir? There’re lots of others with more seniority than I have. Begging your pardon, sir, but if I get selected over them, my life won’t be worth a plugged nickel when we get back.”

Estermann snorted. “Oh, I don’t know about that. Most of them would view my selection of them as punishment.”

“For canoeing? I don’t mean any disrespect, sir, but isn’t that kind of tame for Mr. Berkshire? Why not white water rafting?”

Estermann laughed at that one. “Let’s just say this is a team leadership building exercise, not a determination of who’s got the biggest balls.”

He handed me a folder.

“This is the information on what you’ll need — your equipment, survival kit, first aid, and information about the camping, what will be provided and what you’ll need to bring along yourself.”

I looked over the information. I had everything required and more in the storage unit at my condominium.

“When do we leave and how long will we be gone?”

“That’s the spirit, Cooke. Thursday at noon we fly out on a corporate jet and we’ll return next Tuesday night. I’ll have my secretary give you the details.” He stood Sakarya Escort and that was my dismissal.

I returned to my office.

“Great,” I thought, “I’ll bet they think the ex-army guy can play nursemaid to a bunch of spoiled city slickers.”

I had visions of killing Berkshire while on this trip.

I was surprised when I saw the little group at the airport. I knew there were three senior managers, only one of them female. With Berkshire that made four managers and there three others with me who were the assistants. I didn’t know any of them but I could easily tell the two women apart. The female manager looked like a controlling bitch and the girl with her looked browbeaten as hell. I boarded the plane with only minimal conversation with the others. Estermann was busy socializing with Berkshire. It was not until we arrived at the lodge that I received my biggest shock. I was to share a room with my boss. There had been no mention of sharing rooms or tents and I’d assumed I’d be paired with one of the junior guys. The instructions had specified tents would be provided along with the canoes and I’d wondered how big they were going to be.

I retired to the bedroom early. At the socializing party that night, after seeing two senior managers and a junior member go to their rooms I’d made my excuses and left the others partying downstairs. Tired after the flight and still somewhat in shock over the rooming arrangements, I wanted to shower and get to bed before Estermann. I was asleep when he came in and showered. From his bath, he walked naked into the room. With his back to me as he searched his suitcase, I was treated to his beautiful muscular body. His ripped muscles were evidence of regular weight lifting and exercise. He had a moderate amount of hair on his legs but otherwise his ass and back were smooth, an ass that begged to be kissed, two prominent buttocks that explained why they filled out his pants so well. He turned in my direction as he pulled his tee shirt over his head treating me to thick hair in his armpits. At a glance I saw the faintest evidence of hairs around his nipples and between his pecs but there was no other hair until I saw a mass of it above his cock and balls. His cock swung as he pulled the shirt down and I could see it was around six inches soft, uncircumcised, and his balls were enclosed tightly in his smooth sack.

“Oh, I see you’re awake. I hope I didn’t wake you.”

“Doesn’t matter. I’ll fall back off in a couple of minutes.”

He didn’t seem concerned or upset that I’d seen him naked and he got in bed after turning out the light.

“You ready for tomorrow?” he asked in the dark.

“As I’ll ever be.”

“Try not to sound so enthused,” he laughed.

“I love nature.” I said sarcastically. “Why do I get the impression most of these people have never been any closer to nature than Central Park?”

He laughed. “Because you’re a sharp observer, Cooke. You and I are the only ones with any significant experience outside the walls of an office.”

“Really? Does Mr. Berkshire know what he’s getting into?”

“No.” He laughed again and I could tell he thought this was funny.

“You’re kidding.”

“Donald played lacrosse at Duke and thinks it translates to big he man and super outdoors guy. He heard about our California office taking a leadership canoe trip and decided it would be perfect for us. So here we are. We’ve got guides and it should be safe enough but make no mistake, we’re under a microscope here. Our performance is being watched to determine future promotions.”

I grimaced in the dark. His future promotion. Not mine. Still…

“And where do I fit into this, sir?”

“You’re my ace in the hole. You may not realize this but none of the others have seen your personnel file or know anything about you other than you were a star at Wharton. I hired you, I made the decision alone, and your personal file information locked in my safe.”

I inadvertently whistled. So my boss was devious as hell.

“How long have you known about this trip, sir?”

He laughed again. “Since before you were hired.”

I had to laugh with him. “Your only hope is that none of your competition hired a ringer, too.”

“Our only real competition is from Maggie Cross.”

“That bitch?!” I immediately blushed in the darkness. “I’m sorry, sir, it just came out. I meant no disrespect.”

Estermann obviously found my discomfort and the entire situation hilarious. He sat up on the side of his bed and turned on the light.

“Let’s talk a minute.”

I looked at him, his mussed hair, his hairy legs, and big feet. God, he was fucking delicious looking. His wife must be the luckiest woman in New York. I figured he could fuck like a bunny and had a brief flash of myself under him as he fucked my ass. Good thing I had a sheet over me to cover up my erection.

“You’ve got Donald Berkshire and me, the only two men on the team with real athletic background. You’ve got Maggie Cross and Hiram Masters as the other two Adapazarı Escort managers. Hiram is a total bastard and a good accounts manager but he’s probably never been to Central Park without a dog. The man can’t do anything physical except use the TV remote. Donald is only a step above Hiram in outdoor skills. But Maggie was raised on a ranch in Wyoming. She’s a dyke bitch with an ax to grind against every man alive. She hates men and is barely civil. That little wuss acting sissy with her is actually another farm girl from Ohio and she’s Maggie’s ringer. Her name is Glenda Lupo and she’s one totally messed up bitch. She acts like a pussy but she’d slit your throat as soon as look at you and she’s more dangerous than Maggie. She and Maggie have been whitewater rafting together for years.”

“And Berkshire knows this?”

“Yeah, he knows but he can be arrogant as hell about some things. He’s from North Carolina money and he still sees women as the weaker sex. He actually told me tonight he wanted me to keep an eye on ‘the girls’ so they didn’t get hurt.”

Estermann seemed to find this situation the funniest of all, throwing his head back and laughing uproariously.

“If I can ask, sir, what’s so funny about it?”

He could barely contain himself. “Donald has put Maggie and Glenda in our boat. He’s taking Hiram and his guy Ronnie in his boat with him. Donald’s guy is Owen Reese. Ronnie Larson’s as useless as Hiram and except working on a spreadsheet. Owen is a bit more competition. He’s former air force, athletic, and sharp as hell. His weakness is he can be a total doof, particularly around women.” Here Estermann actually giggled. “He thinks Glenda is hot for him!”

Estermann fell over on the bed laughing. I could an almost boyish side to him. I realized he thought this entire trip was going to be fun.

“So why isn’t Glenda in the boat with Owen and Mr. Berkshire?”

Estermann could hardly get out his statement from his giggles. “Because Donald also thinks Glenda is hot for Owen and he told me he couldn’t afford to have Owen capsize the boat and drown them all trying to show off for Glenda.”

“This is going to be an interesting trip, sir.”

“Yes. Yes, it is and you and I are going to win this little competition. Good night, Cooke.”

Still giggling to himself, Estermann turned the light off and we went to sleep.

I chuckled to myself when I discovered our guide was a woman named Mary Lee. The other boat’s guide was a full blooded Indian named Bill Two Feathers. Both guides were friendly, helpful, and had done these tours for years. By the time we had reached our campsite the following evening I was treated to Estermann’s description of my fellow group of sports enthusiasts with one glaring exception. He had seriously misjudged Hiram’s guy Ronnie. Ronnie was deft with a paddle and obviously content to be outdoors on the Colorado River. He and Owen kept yelling at us from their boat, jokingly criticizing us, telling us we were getting sunburned, going the wrong way, all sorts of bullshit. Maggie looked like she wanted to kill them and Glenda smiled and cooed playing up to Owen. Berkshire crowed like he was Christopher Columbus.

Maggie and Estermann shot hostile looks at each other and I discovered Glenda was as duplicitous as I’d been warned. She deliberately attempted to cause me to lose my paddle three times. On the third attempt I lost my temper.

“Fuck with my paddle again, Lupo, and I’ll shove it up your ass!”

“I think you need to apologize to Miss Lupo!” Maggie Cross looked like a dragon.

“Go to hell,” I was in no mood for either of them.

Estermann and Cross had a nasty argument which he won. He defended me and pointed out that if Lupo made me look bad that our boat crew would lose. Mary shot me a look that translated to she thought she was guide to the canoe crew from hell. We shut up and didn’t speak again until we landed. The only comments came from Glenda as she teased Owen. We could hear the Berkshire boat discussing how poorly they thought we were doing.

Berkshire decided the two boats would erect their tents on different sides of the river. The tent Estermann and I were to share was over a hundred feet away from the women and the guide. We decided to bathe in the river in groups, the women first. It was dark and Mary warned us to bathe within reach of each other and near the shore. I could barely contain myself at the thought of bathing naked with Estermann. I stripped naked and entered the water before him so he could not see my erection. I turned to see him chest deep in the water. There was a quarter moon and the light was dim.

“Goddamn it!” he cursed softly.

“You okay?”

“I dropped my fucking soap!

We were speaking in low tones. No point in alerting the women that something might have gone wrong.

“You can borrow mine, sir. I don’t mind.”

Estermann stepped close enough to me that I could feel his body warmth and his face was only inches from mine.

“Look, call me Rob, Cooke. Serdivan Escort We’re in this together and from now on Mr. Estermann is for back at the office in front of customers.”

“Yes, sir.”

He slapped me on the bare shoulder.

“I said cut that shit out, Cooke!” he said in a stage whisper.

I laughed. “Well, if it’s okay with you, you can cut out the Cooke shit. Makes me think you’re talking to my dad. And one other thing. If Berkshire is supposed to be watching us exhibit our leadership skills what the hell is he doing on the other shore? Think he’s already made his mind up about who’s winning this little competition?”

“I considered that. Here, sit down over here with me.”

Rob half pushed down to sit in the water with him at the river’s edge. I had a sudden desire for him to take me in his arms and foolishly thought he had plans for it but he wanted to talk strategy. We were in a small protected pool of water created by a jut into a bed of rocks. The way we were sitting we could see anyone who approached the pool. We both agreed our canoe was doing better than the Berkshire canoe. Twice, they had almost capsized in river water that was calm because of Owen’s antics. Maggie and Glenda had quieted down after I’d cursed them out and there was obvious animosity between us. Rob didn’t care, saying that anger was a weakness for Maggie and Glenda both. Get them angry and they lost their cool and their reason. He saw it as a positive action for me to antagonize the two of them and told me that at this moment Maggie was probably telling Glenda to not let me rattle her. I laughed. My mom always said I could make the pope curse.

We walked naked back to our tent. It was lightweight dome tent for two. Inside neither of us bothered to put on any clothes and laid in the darkness on our sleeping bags. As my eyes adjusted to the reduced light I could see him naked on his back, his penis lying in his pubes.

“Shit,” I thought, “I’m gonna have to jack off when he goes to sleep. I can’t stand it.”

I waited patiently. My watch said three hours had passed and could see Rob sleeping peacefully beside me. His soft breathing was steady and his penis was hard, probably dreaming. I see his piss slit peeking out of the tip of his foreskin in the moonlight. I’d already gotten a couple of paper towels. Gently, so I made no sound, I slid my hand over my cock and played with my nuts. I slipped a finger into my asshole. I looked at his cock as I fantasized about sucking it, being fucked by it and I looked at his sleeping face, those beautiful lips. In the shadows he looked like a god. I played with my pubic hairs, pulling at them gently, pinched my nipples, and rubbed one hand over my chest while the other masturbated my cock. I was nearing ejaculation. I inserted a finger in my ass as deep as I could and with the other hand I jerked myself. As I felt my balls churning, I took the paper towels and placed them over my cockhead. I gave a faint grunt as my cock exploded several spurts of cum. I was watching Rob’s cock as I shot my load and I saw it quiver. I looked up into his blue eyes. It was beyond my control to stop my cock as it finished expelling my load and I finished.

“I’m sorry, sir,” I whispered.

I was humiliated.

“Don’t be,” he said softly. “I’ll be doing the same thing before this trip is over. It’s a private moment between us.”

“Um…uh…I didn’t…it’s just…”

I was totally distraught and I he knew it. He reached and patted my head softly.

“I said don’t’ worry about it, Luke. Clean yourself up and go to sleep. I mean it.”

He rolled over and all I could see was his back and ass. Within minutes I heard him breathing the soft steady sounds of sleep. After what seemed like forever, I fell asleep. The next morning I awoke to his pulling on his underwear in the tent. He stepped out and a few seconds later I heard the sounds of his piss on the ground, a sound that immediately brought about my own need to take a leak. Over the next several minutes, he and I got dressed and took down our tent, preparing to leave.

“You guys decent?” Mary called from nearby.

We had breakfast at the women’s campsite where Mary had cooked. We were underway shortly afterward. Rob acted as if nothing had happened, a totally straight guy’s reaction to catching his straight roommate masturbating in their dorm room. Been there, done that. Got the tee shirt. That day was Saturday and several other canoes and boats passed us. Around one o’clock in the afternoon it happened. We’d pulled alongside Berkshire’s canoe and Glenda and Owen were horsing around. None of us had a really clear understanding of exactly what happened it was so fast. We were together and then suddenly we hit a fast current and our canoes banged hard into each other spinning the Berkshire canoe completely around. Hiram panicked and stood up with his paddle in hand. Losing his balance, he fell into the water but as he did his paddle struck Maggie Cross in the forehead. I saw the blood on her face in the instant before she fell into the water. I knew she was unconscious and the current was moving her fast away from us. Without thinking I dove in after her and managed to catch her foot. I pulled her close to me and saw she was still unconscious. I yelled for Mary to help Rob get our canoe to me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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