Can I Make It Up? Ch. 03

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Big Tits

“Hi there.”

“Oh… shit!” Tammy breathed, looking up from where she was; bent over in waist-deep water, in her family’s pool, while being fucked steadily by her younger brother, Dirk. We are in for it now! There on the concrete rim of the pool, kneeling in a green, string bikini and a pair of low-heeled sandals, was the last person the young college student ever expected to catch her getting fucked… especially in the middle of her family’s backyard, no less!

“Now, Tammy!” the scantily-clad young woman grinned, her Cupid’s bow lips parting, showing her white teeth in a casual smile. “Is that any way to greet your best cousin?”

From behind Tammy, Dirk rumbled a laugh as he smiled, “Hey, Wendy-girl!”

Tammy shook her russet-haired head, blinking as she stared with icy dread at her cousin. “Wendy?! Wh-what are you-?”

“What am I doing here? Well, today was such a bore-fest over at my place, so I decided to come crash over here and catch some rays.” She gave Tammy a telling smile. “From the looks of things, I’d say you caught more than a few sunbeams today!”

Tammy sputtered, unable to form a cohesive response to Wendy’s jibe; which was partially due to her state of shock, but mostly due to the fact her brother was still fucking her, in spite of them being caught red-face starkers!

“It’s best not to talk, Tam-Tam,” Wendy crooned, using the pet name she’d called Tammy for nearly all their life. “At this point, I’ll wager words are… meaningless!” The short redhead glanced up at Dirk, who was still thrusting slow and steady into Tammy, and winked at him. “How’s she feel, baby?”

Dirk rumbled as he smiled, “Tight as a glove, and just juicy as good piece of sweet fruit!”

Tammy gasped and shot a look over her shoulder, her passions somewhat cooled by the presence of their cousin. “Dirk!”

He gave her an apologetic grin. “Why lie about it, honey?” he said, giving her quim a slow stir as he held his cock inside her. “You’re so hot on me, I’m practically gonna melt!”

Wendy leaned to the side, clearly watching as Dirk thrust his hard-nosed cock inside Tammy’s puss. “Ahh, using the ‘four-points’ approach, hm?” she asked, a pleased look on her face. “That’s a good boy!”

“I learned from the best,” Dirk said warmly, before he saw the questioning, surprised look on his sister’s face. Nodding, he added, “You wanted to know earlier, well… meet my sexual instructor, honey.”

Turning back to look at Wendy, Tammy shot her a gaze that went from shock and horror, to one of icy coolness.

Wendy only shrugged and smiled back. “Hey, the boy has the goods,” she offered, holding up one hand as if to indicate the situation Tammy was currently in as proof. “He just needed a little… personal instruction, before he let himself go wild on some, poor gal.”

Tammy shook herself, trying to work out what was seeping into her brain, while her body was still responding to Dirk. “But, what… how? When?”

Wendy’s expression softened a bit. “I guess this is a bit much to swallow… but, if you’ll listen to the why, then you’ll understand,” she said. Slipping back so that she was now sitting on her rump, Wendy looked at Dirk pointedly. “Baby, let up for a bit until we get your sister here on the same page, ‘kay?”

“Yeah, I guess so.” Tammy felt Dirk slow and suddenly pull his thick dick from her puss; moaning as her inner muscles tried to keep him from leaving her still-vibrating quim. Before she could recover, Dirk had slipped by her and hoisted himself onto the edge of the pool, before reaching down to hook both hands underneath her arms. With little effort, he lifted her naked body from the water and set her down across his legs, cradling her in his arms as they both faced their cousin; all out in the open air, with the sun still beaming down on their wet bodies.

Saddling up close to them, Wendy propped herself up on one arm as she regarded both siblings; her blue eyes filled with a slight touch of wistfulness, as she began speaking. “Okay, first off, let me start by saying that nothing that happened — or happens — is going any further than the front door of that house.”

Tammy nodded in agreement. “Oh God, that would just ruin Dad, if it did!”

A flicker of an enigmatic look flashed across Wendy’s face, but it was gone as she said, “So, with that said, let me explain why I taught your little brother everything he knows about pleasing his partner. Believe me, it’s not something I planned-.”

“Ah-huh, and I should believe you, why?” Tammy challenged.

“Listen to the story, before you judge me… us, that is,” Wendy said simply. Shifting, she stretched out her long, slim legs and crossed them at the ankle. “It all started about six months ago, not long after the big St. Valentine’s Dance at Dirk’s school.”

Tammy looked over at Dirk, who just smiled encouragingly as he rubbed one of his hands softly on her shoulder. “Okay… I think I remember about that,” she replied, frowning in thought for a moment before Silivri Escort asking, “Wasn’t that some big to-do for you, Dirk?”

“I’ll answer that,” Wendy said. “Dirk had planned to take Sarah Middleton to that dance, since she was his main squeeze at the time.” The redhead shifted so she was more comfortable, then she went on: “Dirk had the whole night planned to the nines; big limousine, fancy dinner before hand at Delmonaco’s and a big party at a friend’s house afterwards for him, his buddies and their dates.”

Tammy nodded. Yeah, I can remember that! “Dirk had really outdone himself, from what I heard from Dad afterwards,” she admitted.

“Yeah, your little brother wanted to really impress Sarah,” Wendy said, giving Dirk another warm smile before she sighed deeply. “Unfortunately, everything went all kaput at the party… ’cause that’s when Lil’ Miss Sarah found out our stud here was then, as they sometimes say, still ‘green’ to the ways of pleasing a woman.”

Tammy gasped, staring hard at both her cousin and then her brother. “No way!”

Dirk gave her an apologetic cough and smile. “Yeah, hard to believe it, hm?”

“Well, Sarah didn’t, but when it proved true she practically embarrassed Dirk in front of his friends,” Wendy said softly. “She walked out of the bedroom they’d ensconced themselves in, and told everyone — loudly, I might add — that she wasn’t there to screw a wet-nosed virgin boy!” Shaking her head with a mildly cross motion, she added, “Pretty much blew Dirk’s social status for weeks, with that little stunt.”

Tammy felt herself go cold, then hot as she got mad over what had been done. “That, little… geezus!” She looked at Dirk and gave him a wan smile. “I almost can’t believe she did something like that!”

“Well, it busted me up bad, back then,” Dirk admitted, before he sighed and gave Tammy a hug. “Water’s under that bridge, now… no need to get upset over it.”

Tammy returned the hug. “Well, true, but-?”

“In any case,” Wendy cut her protest off, giving Tammy a nudge with one sandal-clad foot to her thigh. “Afterwards, Dirk was pretty eaten-up about Sarah’s little declaration… so much so, I was surprised when even an offer from me to drive him around after school, got any enthusiasm out of the boy.” She leaned forward and gave him a fond look. “So, I offered to sit him down and discuss what the problem was… even under the threat of tickle-torture!”

At that, Tammy had to grin, since she knew already how ticklish Dirk got sometimes. “So, is that when it happened?”

“Actually, no,” Wendy admitted. “We sat and talked — though getting the truth was like pulling crocodile teeth for a bit — and, he eventually told me the whole story.” Sitting up and folding her legs lotus-style, she added, “Made me mad to hear what had happened, too… but, ultimately, I decided getting mad at Sarah wasn’t going to fix the problem.

“Nor was just giving Dirk a lot of platitudes and words from the heart going to solve it, either.” Wendy gave Tammy a frank, open stare. “So, I offered to find someone to help Dirk out. Break him in easy, and not break him down while they were at it.”

Tammy nodded, listening as she absently reached over to take one of Dirk’s hands; cradling it in both of hers, with a loving touch. Dirk responded by giving her hands a squeeze with his large one.

“At first, my idea was to just suggest one of my friends whom I could trust,” Wendy stated. “Dirk was nervous about that.”

“Like you can’t believe,” Dirk said somberly.

“So, we batted some other ideas around between us,” Wendy continued, “until Dirk made the off-hand comment that he felt the most comfortable talking about sex with me, so… why not have me show him the ropes?”

Tammy gave her slim cousin a wide-eyed look. “And, that’s when… you two-?”

“To be honest, again… no, not just then. It was actually a month later, because… well, for one thing, I wasn’t too keen on sucking face with my cousin,” Wendy admitted, if with a touch of sheepishness. “I mean, even as good-looking as he is, it was still that whole incest thing. Still, whenever he or I were together, one of us would mention it… and, after a time, I decided ‘why not?’.” She gave Dirk a warm look just then, letting one hand drop to her tummy, idly stroking the pale skin there as she said, “I mean, he deserved to lose his cherry to someone that cared enough, and knew enough to not make little of the whole deal.

“So, I had him come over to my apartment one night, and we had a quiet dinner, and-“

“You seduced him into your bed and showed him everything that he knows, hm?” Tammy said, arching one eyebrow as she looked at her cousin.

“I wouldn’t exactly call it a seduction, Tam-Tam,” Wendy said, smiling richly, her eyes looking far off, as if seeing the memory of that night once more. “It was more of a… planned evening of sensual, sexual education.” She snapped back and gave her cousins a deep smile. “Believe me, our boy here Silivri Escort Bayan was a fine, upstanding student!”

Tammy had to chuckle in agreement. “Well,” she said at length, “he does seem to have some skills, where carnal knowledge is concerned.” A shiver ran down her body, as the memory of the recent erotic shenanigans with her brother returned to her mind.

Dirk smiled at her, wrapping one arm around her waist. “I told you I had a good teacher.”

Wendy smiled as well, before asking Tammy, “So… can you blame me? I didn’t want to spook you, Tam-Tam, but now that you know the story, are you still upset with us?”

Tammy cocked her head and regarded them both for a span of several moments. “Well… seeing as how I let this stud screw me, I guess I can’t be mad at you. I mean, I should’ve said ‘stop’ at some point, but… no, you two aren’t on my blacklist, you can believe that!”

Dirk grinned and hugged his sister close. “Thanks, honey! I’m glad you’re not sore at me!”

Tammy chuckled softly, “Actually, I’m pleasantly sore in one place, little brother!”

With a smile, Wendy curled her legs underneath her and rose to her knees. “Well, considering the fact you two got to fuck each other so far,” she said, her voice dropping a touch as she reached for the ties on the sides of her green bikini top, “don’t you think it’s only fair that I get to have another round with Dirk, hm?”

Tammy should’ve been shocked further, but at this point she just shook her head at her cousin. “Well, the truth is, sweetie… we never got to finish our little tryst,” she stated.

Pausing with her ties untied, Wendy gave her a mock-look of disbelief. “What? You two haven’t cum yet?” She pouted and glared playfully at Dirk. “You big dope, I taught you better than to not let a woman at least orgasm once when you fuck her,” she teased.

With a laugh, Dirk shot back, “Hey, she came once on my lips, Babe!”

Wendy gave them both a once-over look, then she shrugged and said, “Well, even so, she needs to get hers before you get yours, little man!” Rolling her shoulders, she let the top of her bikini drift down her body; revealing a pair of pale, B-cup breasts with two marzipan-hued nipples. Reaching down, she took Tammy’s hand and pulled her up onto her feet. “Come on, cousin! We need to give this boy a refresher course!”

With a giggle, Tammy replied, “Sounds good to me! What’s on your mind?”

Wendy glanced around, then snapped her fingers at Dirk as she nodded towards one corner of the back yard; where a small, covered gazebo sat near a shade tree. “Move your buns, Dirk! You’ve got two women to take care of now!”

Rising to his feet, Dirk grinned and said, “Lead the way, ladies… I’m your to command.”

Wendy and Tammy both looked at each other, as the redhead smirked at the russet-haired woman and said in a cartoon-voice, “Ah, now yew are gettin’ the idea-ah!” Taking Tammy’s hand, she lead the way to the gazebo, with Dirk following close behind so he could palm their lovely backsides with one hand on each.

Reaching the gazebo, Wendy spied some cushioned pads on the low bench there, and she snatched them off and arranged them on the white, wooden floor to form a make-shift bed. “There, now… you! Park it, baby!” she commanded, looking at Dirk.

Eager to comply, Dirk slipped his naked body into place on the cushions. Leaning back, his entire front was exposed to the two twenty-year olds; his cock starting to return to its rampant state with a new surge of blood.

“Mm, now that looks good,” Wendy sighed, reaching down to wrap her slim hand and fingers around the meaty spike. Glancing at Tammy, she asked pointedly, “Have you sucked him, yet?”

Shaking her head as her own nude body reacted to the sheer sexiness of the situation at hand, Tammy eyed the beefy cock with new eyes.

“Have you ever given a blow job, baby?” Wendy asked. When she got a sharp look from Tammy, she laughed and said, “Chill, Tam-Tam… I had to ask!”

Sticking her tongue out, Tammy replied, “Well, the answer to that is a big ‘yes’.” She watched as Wendy’s hand slipped up and down her brother’s cock for several strokes. “Is that what you want to do to him?”

Wendy chuckled, “Partially… but, I’ve got something else that you’ll like, too!” Shifting to the side, she nodded towards Dirk’s head. “Park that cute butt over his face, cousin… no sense in him just laying there and letting us do all the work!”

Tammy got the drift; smiling as she maneuvered her body over Dirk’s, placing her lower body over his head and dropping down onto the pads, with her knees bracketing him nicely. “Hey,” she told Dirk, “listen to teacher, and don’t just lay there!”

Dirk smiled, his dark eyes dancing as he reached up to cup each of Tammy’s buttocks in his large paws. “Just don’t you two dawdle either… I’m ready to burst!”

Both girls giggled richly. “Well, let’s see what we can do with this cock, cousin,” Wendy offered, slipping Escort Silivri around so that she was kneeling next to the siblings; her head opposite from the angle Tammy’s was taking, as she and her cousin both lowered their faces towards Dirk’s meaty cock.

Bracing her hands on either side of Dirk’s hips, Tammy breathed in the pure male aroma of the column of flesh before her. “Mm, that looks… incredible,” she murmured.

“Take it from me,” Wendy said, still smoothly stroking her hand up and down Dirk’s flesh. “Porn-sized dicks ain’t got nothing on thick stuff, like your brother has!” She leaned over and placed a light smooch on the side of it, a low chuckle coming from her throat when it jerked in reaction to her touch. “See? This fucker is ready to pop!”

“Well, let’s make him really cream, cousin,” Tammy purred, leaning down to copy Wendy’s motions. She was barely a scant centimeter from it, when she suddenly gasped and arched her back. “Ooh!”

Wendy blinked at her, arching one eyebrow with a knowing grin. “He’s got your clitty, eh?”

Shuddering, Tammy just nodded wordlessly, before she dropped her lips down and captured the top third of her brother’s cock; wrapping it up in the wet, liquid heat and prehensile grip of her tongue.

From behind her, Dirk let out a groan that was muffled in the depths of Tammy’s quim.

“Good boy,” Wendy crooned. “Keep at it, my young apprentice!” With that, she lowered her lips down below the slurping ones of her cousin, licking slowly and firmly on the exposed flesh of Dirk’s dick. Bracing on one elbow, she snaked her hand over in between his thighs and cupped his balls in her delicate fingers. Smoothly rolling them in a gentle motion, she continued to lick, suck and slurp along with Tammy; making his flesh glisten with their combined saliva.

Dropping his head back from Tammy’s puss briefly, Dirk growled, “Yeah, mmm, that’s it… suck me you two! Get my cream… ah, damn!” He stopped urging them on and plugged his lips back over Tammy’s wet sex, capturing her clit as he plumbed her core with his own thick tongue.

Together, the trio were making an obscene, sexy concerto in the backyard. Their groans, slurps, hisses and coos filled the air under the red-shingle roof of the gazebo, accompanied by the soft sounds of skin sliding over skin, and the vibrations of two climaxes climbing to the top of the summit. Brother, sister and cousin, all gorging themselves on the intimate flesh of their lovers….

Pulling herself off of her brother’s cock, Tammy panted and gasped as she let the sensations boiling in her puss grow and grow; driven by the skills of Dirk’s oral assault. “Aah… mmm, babe! You… ah-Geez-us! Y-you’re… makin’ me-!”

“He’s got you ready to pop, baby?” Wendy hissed softly, her eyes half-lidded in lust as she watched Tammy rise up on her hands and knees; the russet-haired woman rolling and rocking her hips as he brother’s large hands steered her quim back over his face.

“Aah, God, yes! Yes!” Tammy cried, unsure which was going to give out first; her orgasm or her heart, since both were going fast and furious. Is this ever going to end? she wondered.

With a grin, Wendy purred, “Yeah, Tam-Tam… cum for your brother! Let him get you over… pour your sweet, sweet cream all over his handsome face!” She dropped back down on Dirk’s cock, her cheeks caving in as she doubled her sucking efforts, eager to see both siblings hit the heights together.

Tammy felt the muscles in her thighs start to shake, as Dirk’s tongue switch to her clit and one… then two, thick fingers plunged into her puss. A moan leaked out from between her upper lips… just before she felt the tips of his digits press firmly across the knob of her G-spot. “Oh… oh-ooo-ah-Ah… Ah, SHIT!” Before she could help it, her inner sleeve of flesh slammed down tight onto Dirk’s invading fingers, as the strongest orgasm she could ever recall having hit her full-on. A cry of pure, unabashed pleasure echoed in the eaves of the gazebo roof, followed by the strong quake of her body as her puss burst out with a rain of sweetness over Dirk’s face.

Beneath her, Dirk growled and clamped his mouth over her exploding cunny. Sucking hard, he tried to keep it all from escaping, but the sheer power of her climax couldn’t keep her from shifting her hips this way and that… resulting in several streams of cream to drip down Dirk’s cheeks and chin.

While this was going on, Wendy lifted her red-haired head and clenched her jaw as she felt an echoing sensation race down her body. “Good girl! Yes! Come for your brother, baby!” she hissed, fisting Dirk’s dick with short, fast strokes as she watched the aftermath of Tammy’s orgasm begin to subside.

“Oh… oh, mmm… Gee-ee-ZUS!” Tammy huffed, dropping her head down onto Dirk’s heaving belly in blissful exhaustion. Unable to hold it up, her body drifted down and lay on top of her brother’s; her legs splaying out in a fork, one on each side of his head, while her arms curled up near his waist. She barely registered his hands clutching at her thighs, tightening as his own moans rose in volume and pitch.

“Yeah… yeah, oh, damn, yes,” he growled, his voice straining as his hips bucked up higher and higher with each word. “Yeah, I’m… gonna… COME!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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