Candy’s Fashion House Ch. 16

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Thanks to Charlie for all the help and wonderful editing.

Our relationship seemed to settle down and we slipped into a bit of a routine. As always it was short lived Lauren seemed to become more and more withdrawn. There didn’t seem to be any one particular reason, she started to snap at both Alecia and myself. We ended up in arguments over the most trivial shit.

Don’t get me wrong life was still pretty good, the sex was out of this world and the love we shared was real. Alecia and I talked about it and like me she was worried because Lauren wouldn’t even talk to her about whatever was bothering her.

Most weekends we would go out on one of Alecia’s epic shopping expeditions.

The one thing that pissed me off was they always wanted to stop for lunch at Brent’s wine bar. It annoyed the hell out of me, but they were both adamant that it was to be our favourite. Yeah favourite for them, it just annoyed the shit out of me. Brent would almost always be there. Lauren and Alecia flirted outrageously with him. He always brought over free drinks. He didn’t just flirt with Alecia and Lauren he tried to flirt with me as well. Fortunately I think he finally realised I wasn’t interested and focused more on the others.

Alecia and Lauren both scolded me for being mean. They both suggested this was the perfect chance to learn to interact with a guy, especially since he seemed so enamoured with me.

Brent spent ages sitting at our table talking and it was one of these times the girls suggested he needed to get live music in here and aim to make the evenings a bit more upbeat. He asked what sort of music we would like.

Alecia wanted something bouncy for people to dance to, and Lauren agreed, when I didn’t respond he looked quizzically at me. “Kelli what do you think?”

I grunted. “Well if it was me I would be looking for something more laid back and up market, the beauty of this place is you can have a conversation with people without yelling. Brent there are established dance clubs all over town, if I was in your shoes and was actually considering it I would be aiming more at something like jazz or light cabaret. Be different, don’t follow the herd. Be your own man.” He nodded and the girls both looked at me like where the hell did that come from?

He looked appraisingly at me and as he nodded. “Yeah now that makes real good sense.”

As he went back to the bar Alecia rubbed my hand. “See babe’s that wasn’t so hard was it. Just talk to him.”

Brent returned with a fresh tray of drinks and sat down beside me. “Tell me more Kelli how would you see this working?”

As he leaned in close, I explained how I would fit a small stage in the corner, not to big enough for a four piece band nothing more. Then I would lay some hardwood flooring creating a dance area, put in a decent sound system and go from there. I got out my phone and gave him some contact details for a couple of contractors for the flooring and a couple for sound equipment.

As we talked the conversation turned away from the club and became more intimate, I felt the change in conversation. He tried to make it subtle but he started to slip in flattery about how sexy I was looking. I shut him down reminding him I was married and that I wasn’t interested in his cheap pickup lines.

I got up and went to the ladies room where I could gather my senses and chill out. By the time I got back to the table Lauren and Brent were huddled together tightly and he was focusing all his attention on her. Alecia didn’t seem to mind she was sitting playing on her phone.

They were so engrossed in what they were talking about they didn’t even notice my return. Alecia and I fell into a conversation, she was gushing about one of her purchases.

Brent looked across at me and I could see he was trying to find a conversation topic to bring me back in. “Kelli tell me about your partner, you told me you are married, but every time I see you girls you are by yourselves? I mean I see you here a lot and you never have anyone else with you?”

“Brent I told you that I am married, that’s all you need to know. It’s not like you and I are friends. I don’t really think it’s any of your fucking business really is it?”

He looked hurt. “Wow that’s a bit harsh, I thought we were at least friends, jeez I was just asking?”

Alecia interrupted with a teasing look on her face. “Did you think that maybe Kelli is married to one of us?”

He looked like someone had hit him in the mouth with a wet fish. “Holy shit! You mean you and Kelli are married?”

Alecia grinned. “Yes in a way.” She was looking at him intently. “Kelli and I do live together.”

He was still stumbling with his words. “What as lovers?”

Alecia giggled. “Yes of course as lovers.”

He looked stunned. “Wow I have to say that is hot.” He couldn’t take his eyes off me. “So you are legally married?”

I was getting pissed off, I was pissed that Alecia had even told him, and even more pissed that he fikirtepe escort wouldn’t leave it alone. “No we are just lovers but I do have a wife who I am legally married to.”

“What you have another woman. Holy moly how many girlfriends do you need? How the hell does something like that even work?”

Alecia smiled. “Well the three of us live together.”

His head was spinning, he looked at Lauren, and he stuttered. “Does this mean you are the wife?”

Lauren grinned and leaned over kissing him on the cheek. “Guilty as charged lover.”

“Holy shit.” he looked gobsmacked. “Bloody hell I don’t believe it, three of the sexiest woman on the bloody planet. Shit can you squeeze me in?” He asked with a big grin on his face.

Lauren had that evil look on her face. “Well if you asked nicely we might let you.”

“Hey.” I hissed angrily.” Stop teasing him, stop leading him on!”

She sneered at me. “Oh don’t get your knickers in a twist baby. Who said I was leading him on think about it, it might be fun.”

I looked at Alecia and she was smiling as well, she hugged me. “Relax babes just chill, she is only joking.”

Brent looked at me. “So when I asked you on a date, you said you couldn’t because you were married, but if I remember correctly Lauren said she wouldn’t mind? What do you say would you like to go out with me sometime?”

“Your memory isn’t that good Brent, what I said was I won’t because I am married, not because I couldn’t.”

He shrugged as if it was all OK. “Oh well you can’t blame a guy for trying. He went back to talking to Lauren.”

When we got home my anger had got the better of me. I spat out. “Alecia why did you tell him about our relationship?”

She rebuked me. “Babes it was just a bit of fun. You saw the look on his face I was just trying to shock him!”

It degenerated into an argument as was the norm lately.

“It was none of his business and I couldn’t believe you told him. Why the hell would you tell him? You know how I feel about my privacy.”

“Babe I am proud of our relationship, I want to tell the world. It’s nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about!”

“I am not ashamed it’s just our private business. It was nothing to do with him. He has been trying to chat us up ever since we went in there. He is just a slimy little cockroach.”

“Babes he was just being a man, they all do it, it’s their way of making themselves feel important. There was no harm in it. I think it has more to do with you and your perception of sexuality. Babes you need to get past this so you can learn to have relationships with men. You are going to be doing it for the rest of your life!”

“Fuck that, I am not looking for relationships.”

“Jeez I don’t mean sexual relationships. I just mean meaningful relationships, working relationships. Men are always going to be attracted to you. What you need to learn is how to work with that and be friends, let them flirt and let them buy the drinks. Babe let them lead; let them think they are in charge. If you just let them be in charge it makes them feel important. Where is the harm?”

“Don’t you understand Alecia I was sick of listening to his bullshit. All I wanted was for him to fuck off so we could enjoy our lunch.”

Lauren rebuked my comments. “Baby it was just a bit of naughty bi play. What is the problem anyway? Just get over yourself. Stop being such a bitch and just enjoy it.”

I was sick of arguing about it. What was the point?

Lauren took my silence s an opportunity to keep going. “We have to be able to be around guys without it blowing up in our face every time just because you are too scared to admit you like it.”

It was a quiet week. Things were definitely chilly around the house. Alecia took the chance to work late every night. I think she was as sick of the fighting as I was.

Saturday Alecia wanted to get things back on track. She dragged us out on the town again and the day flew past and it was late in the afternoon, we were all ready to eat and Lauren grabbed both of our hands and dragged us into Brent’s, the moment I realised where she was going I tried to pull away, but she wouldn’t have it. “Come on baby just humour me, it’s still the best spot in town for lunch!”

As we went in Alecia went to the bar and Lauren dragged me over to a table. We had ordered our lunch when Brent came in, it coincided with needing more drinks, Lauren volunteered to go and as she got to the bar I noticed she walked up to Brent and kissed him on the lips, they talked for a few minutes before she returned with the drinks.

The waiter turned up with our meals and as we were chatting and knocking back the drinks so it was my turn but Alecia jumped in offering to go. I patted her on the arm. “No Lauren I will get them it’s my turn.”

As I was at the bar getting the drinks Brent walked up behind me and he rested his hand on my arse waving away the barman. “It’s on the house gorgeous.”

I gebze escort swatted away his hand and scowled. “What the fuck do you think you are doing? If you ever touch me again I will put you in fucking hospital.” I slammed the money on the bar and stormed off back to the table.

Alecia and Lauren were sitting at the table with their mouths hanging open in shock. I didn’t bother sitting down I barked. “Come on we’re leaving.”

Alecia jumped up and hugged me. “Shush babes, let’s sit and chill for a minute and finish our drinks. What happened?”

I sat down as she held me tightly. “The prick put his hand on my arse, the slimy little cockroach. Fuck I can’t believe the gall of the guy.”

Lauren laughed. “Oh for fuck sake grow up Kelli. Christ it’s not like he tried to feel you up or something. Fuck he just touched you.”

Alecia gave Lauren a cold glare and she kissed me. “Chill babes, let’s just finish our drinks and we will leave OK.”

Lauren scowled. “Fuck that why do we have to leave just because he patted her bum. Kelli you have to grow up. He didn’t do anything wrong.”

Alecia tried to say something but Lauren interrupted again. “Shit Kelli, we are just having some fun, can we please just keep it light and friendly today? You’re spoiling what has been a wonderful day.”

Alecia ever the stateswoman patted my hand as she cuddled me. “Babes she is right it has been a fun day. Let’s finish our drinks, please.”

I sucked it up and nodded my agreement. Lauren was grinning like a Cheshire cat and it pissed me off.

We had finished our meals and were sitting chatting as the dinner crowd was starting to filter in when a band came in and started to set up, they were just a three piece jazz band.

Lauren clapped her hands. “Oh cool a band, we could stay and have a listen.”

“Not me I am going home. My feet are killing me these new heels are biting.”

Alecia protested. “Take them off babes. It would be nice to stay for a while wouldn’t it?”

Lauren whined. “This was your idea anyway. Brent said he thought you had a great idea. He is just following your suggestion.”

I looked accusingly at her. “When were you talking to him?”

“Oh we bumped into each other in town during the week.”

Alecia jumped up. “I will get some fresh drinks.”

I called out. “Don’t get one for me, I have reached my limit.”

Lauren turned away and ignored me pretending to be watching the band set up.

As Alecia returned she plopped the drinks down in front of us. She had got me one I groaned. “Alecia I said not to.”

She teased me. “Oh poo don’t be a party pooper, we can get a taxi.”

She raised her glass and toasted to love. I could hardly not drink to the toast and she knew that. She had me trapped. She had that cheeky coy look on her face. I knew the other side of her plan was now I couldn’t just drive home.

Lauren jumped up to get the next round in, I noticed she walked over and started chatting to Brent. At least he had stayed away from our table. As they talked his arm went around her waist and he was holding her tight against him. She leaned up and kissed him on the lips.

She came back with the drinks, I was pissed off there was something going on and it was more than just flirting.

“What’s going on Lauren?”

She grinned teasingly. “What do you mean baby?”

“Since when is it OK to kiss and cuddle with other guys?”

“Oh don’t be stupid, it was just a friendly kiss, don’t be jealous it just makes you look petty.”

I bit my tongue as we talked and sipped our drinks. The band started playing and they were actually pretty good, the music was laid back relaxing and easy to listen to.

Brent came over and pulled Alecia up to dance. I watched as she tucked into a tight embrace as they swished around the floor. Lauren was smiling. “Wow he is a good dancer isn’t he.” I shrugged my shoulders looking the other way. “Look Lauren I am getting tired and I have had enough, I am going to go home.”

She grabbed me pleading. “No please don’t, let’s just stay and enjoy the night. It’s been a really nice day. Please baby.”

Oh fuck it’s hard to say no to her when she looks at you with those big doe eyes.

We were still talking when Brent and Alecia returned, Alecia was radiant and smiling. “Sit down with us Brent.” she implored. He looked at me nervously and sat down on the other side of the table.

I was leaning back watching the band. Brent addressed me directly. “They’re pretty good aren’t they Kell?”

I just ignored him.

The three of them started talking and chatting, I was getting more and more pissed off. I was feeling more and more left out. So I stood up and went to the ladies, I sat in the stall and sighed what the fuck, I was not enjoying this why did I have to put up with this, why did they torture me. As I was leaning in front of the mirror Alecia came in and she hugged me. “Come on babe’s spill what’s içerenköy escort the problem?”

“The problem is Alecia I don’t like Brent and he is pissing me off. You guys are obviously having fun so I think I will just go home and leave you to enjoy it.”

She embraced me holding me tight. “No babes just stick it out a bit longer, he will be gone in a minute anyway, he must have work to do.” Fuck why is it so easy for these two to twist me around their fingers. It’s impossible to win.

When we got back to the table Brent and Lauren were up dancing and it was very noticeable that their embrace was leaving nothing to the imagination, his hands were down cupping her ass cheeks and her arms were wrapped around his neck as they sort of swayed, not really dancing more just moving on the spot. Lauren’s head was nestled against his chest and his lips were next to her ear, obviously whispering to her.

They were gone for an age and Alecia was doing her best to keep my attention away from what was happening on the dancefloor. She kept pulling my head around so I was looking at her as she spoke. She could see I was getting upset. “Hey babes, it’s just a dance OK they’re only dancing.”

They eventually returned to the table and sat back down, Lauren was fanning her face. “Wow it’s hot up there.”

Brent went and got more drinks. After dropping them off he smiled condescendingly down at me and walked back to the bar. “What a pretentious dickhead.” I mumbled.

Lauren snapped. “Oh for fucks sake, stop being a bitch this would be fun if you loosened up a little. Why don’t you dance with Brent? He is really good.”

Alecia stood up and asked me to dance, I let her pull me out onto the dancefloor and we snuggled up and we sort of moved around smoothly wrapped in each other. That certainly drew some attention from the crowd.

Alecia whispered in my ear. “See babes it can be fun.” She kissed my neck and nuzzled up to me. I could feel her nipples rubbing against mine and the heat of her body through the sheer fabric. God it felt so nice. Somebody bumped into us when I looked it was Brent and Lauren also dancing their embrace was tighter than ours and Lauren was staring up into his eyes as they glided past.

Alecia and I settled back into our dance when Lauren tapped me on the shoulder and pulled me into a dance, Alecia falling into Brent’s arms. Lauren whispered in my ear. “Hey lover, you sexy little thing.” We danced closely until we were interrupted again this time it was Alecia cutting in and pulling Lauren into a clinch, they were trying to force me to dance with Brent.

I gave the pair of them an evil smile and turned to walk back to the table. Brent stepped in front of me with open arms. I could feel Lauren and Alecia’s eyes on me. I just pushed past him and walked back to the table.

He shrugged his shoulders and followed me and sat across from me. “Can you put me out of my misery and just tell me what it is I have done that makes you dislike me so much?”

“Brent, it’s simple really. I don’t like you. You are just a sleazy prick who thinks he is charming and funny. I can tell you, I find you neither charming nor funny. You are trying to buy and con your way into my partner’s panties. You play the big man buying drinks and flashing your cash. You don’t fool me. You are just an asshole trying to get what you want. You ignored the fact that Lauren is married to me and continued to seduce her in front of me, it is disrespectful.”

He got all defensive. “You have it all wrong, yeah I like Lauren, I like her a lot she is a very sexy lady, but I don’t mean to disrespect you.”

He was called to the bar and walked away shaking his head.

The girls returned to the table and Lauren was shaking her head. “Kelli you are a fool. Brent is a wonderful dancer. You might have enjoyed it if you gave it a chance.”

Alecia sighed. “Yes babes, he is actually a great dancer.”

Lauren put her ten cents worth in. “Next time he asks you to dance promise me you will accept.”

I smiled. “Not a chance in hell. I would rather cut off my leg with a blunt chainsaw.”

Brent returned and he dragged Lauren back out on the dancefloor and they returned to their earlier clinch as they slipped into the same exotic dance.

As I watched them dancing I was becoming furious.

Alecia snuggled with me. “Hey lover it’s just a dance.”

“That’s Bullshit look at them there’s more to that than just dancing! Don’t you care Alecia? You are supposed to love her. I don’t understand you. When she was with me you were so jealous and angry. She gets up there now with that prick and it’s like you don’t fucking care.”

She looked uncomfortable. “The difference is she loves you and that’s what hurt. That up there now is just flirting, I don’t care about that.” She reached across squeezing my hand. “Babes what hurt most? From the moment she started going out with you I could see it in her eyes. She loves you, and she loves you more than she loves me and it hurt then, and it still hurts.”

As the tears started to drip from the corners of her eyes I felt an overwhelming sense of the hurt she was feeling. I stood up and walked around to cuddle her. “I am sorry baby. I never meant to hurt you.”

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