Caneing with Abbie Ch. 01

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After graduating college, I had no real direction. Teaching was a simple option, so I worked nights as a janitor and took the necessary courses for a teaching certificate during the day. I did my supervised “practice” teaching and found I liked it and was reasonably effective for a beginner.

I did a lot of substitute teaching, and I soon was offered a position as a math teacher and assistant football coach at a nearby high school. The first year was a challenge, learning to teach the subject as well as the long hours needed to be a coach. But I was young, hardly older than the students, so it was exciting and new.

In the spring I was asked to coach the girls track team because they had no other coach available. I did not know much about track but I did it anyway. The girls were fun to work with and we developed a rapport. We put together a mile relay team that finished second in the state so we had some success too.

I found that the girls were easier to coach. They were a lot more interested in learning the sport than posturing among their friends, unlike the boys who created a pecking order unrelated to their skill on the field. Girls worked harder too.

That summer I bought a canoe to use on the local river and occasionally a student would join me for a leisurely paddle along the river enjoying the trees and birds. Somehow a canoe trip with me became some sort of badge of honor for some of the students so I always had a volunteer when the weather was nice.

The next year after football season some of the same girls wanted to form a basketball team so I again volunteered to coach them. I knew a little about basketball, having played a lot of pickup games in college. I was a football player in college but I had learned a bit about basketball fundamentals to understand the key offensive and defensive skills required I knew that good conditioning and a hounding defense can keep a poor offensive team in the game.

The girls basketball team had to scramble for a place to practice and since we were not an official team all we could do is scrimmage other schools, but that was fine to start to learn the team game. None of the girls were great basketball players but they were all athletic and felt comfortable pushing their physical limits. They worked hard and really came together and we were regularly beating more established teams in the scrimmages.

The tallest girl was Janey, about 5’9″ or so, from the other side of the tracks so she was tough and strong, a real anchor for the team. She was unflappable, and took defense to heart, raising her intensity to match the skill of the opponent she was guarding. Taller girls became frustrated with her tenacity and sometimes retaliated which heightened her effectiveness even more.

Lisa was my favorite, a lanky 5’6″ natural athlete who could do just about everything well. She was the most aggressive taking the ball to the basket, mostly because she did not have much of an outside shot. She was a multi-sport athlete like all of her three older sisters and good at every one.

Abbie was barely 5′ tall but a fine ball handler and tireless defender. She was as close to a point guard as we had, bringing the ball up court and running the offense. Her parents were very restrictive and did not allow her to date or participate in any unchaperoned events, so her only outlet was sports. She played on every team she could during the year, and played hard on every one of them. She also seemed to be looking for approval, some sort of validation from her coaches of her worth.

For me, the coaching was fun, but the teaching got repetitive, so by the third year I was applying to graduate schools in computer science. Eventually I was accepted and started work on a master’s in computer science. I graduated and took a job several states away from where I had been teaching.

A couple of years later while talking to my parents on the phone, my mother mentioned that Abbie had called and wanted to go canoeing. She must have just graduated from college and was out on her own. I got her phone number and gave her a call.

Abbie had just graduated from college with a degree in biology, and was headed to medical school on a full scholarship, a very rare commodity that showed how hard she had worked. She had already moved to the city where she was to spend the next four years and had a small apartment.

She explained that this was to be her summer of fun before the long medical school grind. I had nothing better to do so I agreed to look her up the next time was visiting my parents.

A few weeks later, a business trip brought me close to the area, so I took some vacation days to visit my parents.

Abbie had grown up- not any taller, but less tomboyish and more womanly. Still cute, but now mature in looks and temperament. Short blond curly hair, attractive petite athletic figure, and energetic personality complete the package. She was pleasant to talk with and still enthusiastic about everything she talked about.

Though our Etiler escort ages were seven years different, the maturity gulf was much less than that. We agreed to figure out a way to go on a canoe trip that summer since I had sold the canoe years ago.

What we finally agreed on was a rustic camp on a mountain lake that offered canoeing, fishing and hiking. It was about midway from our respective homes. The rooms were basic, but comfortable, with a store and café nearby. It was right for two people on a tight budget. We agreed to meet for a four-day weekend.


I had to leave early to get to the cabin on Friday at noon. I arrived at the resort and checked in, went to the cabin and put my gear in my room. I was just about done when I saw Abbie drive up, her round face beaming under the blond curls. Her car was barely stopped when she jumped out and threw herself at me, catching me by surprise and nearly knocking me down.

We unloaded her luggage and got her installed in her room which adjoined mine. She was chattering away, but I managed to get a word in and suggest we change into swimming gear and take the canoe out and practice a bit, then take a swim before dinner.

Abbie was wearing a modest two piece suit under her t-shirt and shorts as she came almost skipping down the path to the dock. I gave her some basic instructions on paddling techniques and emergency instructions. Fortunately she said she was a good swimmer which is always a good skill to have when canoeing.

We paddled around a while and began to establish the syncopation two people need to comfortably paddle a canoe for hours at a time- once again Abbie’s athletic intensity allowed her to learn quickly.

The final step for the beginning canoeist is to learn how to right, empty, and re-enter a tipped or swamped canoe. We paddled to the dock and took off our outer clothes leaving only our suits on. I could not help but admire the hint of a six pack Abbie’s bare midriff exhibited, well defined leg muscles, and tempting breasts hidden by the aqua blue top of her suit. We must have looked like quite the odd couple standing there, me at 6’3″ and a well-muscled 245 and her at 5′ and maybe 100 lbs.

We practiced righting the canoe several times, laughing and splashing in the cool water until we were comfortable with the process. By then evening was approaching so we put the canoe back on the dock and headed back to the lodge.

After showering and changing we met on the lodge’s veranda to enjoy a glass of wine as the shadows lengthened over the lake and surrounding mountains. Abbie said she had had wine only occasionally as her parents were very much opposed to alcohol of any type. But it did relax Abbie, and she began to reveal a lot of her life I did not know about.

As she elaborated about the strict rules her parents had imposed on her throughout high-school and college- no dating without a chaperone as long as they were paying the bills- I realized she was throwing off those restrictions as best as she could. She had won a full scholarship to medical school that included even a stipend for living expenses. She no longer had to live by her parents rules.

Eventually we walked the quarter mile to the café and had a leisurely if simple dinner accompanied by a bottle of wine. The sun had long gone below the mountains’ crest so we walked in the cool evening twilight back to the lodge. Somewhere along the way her small hand found mine and held it tightly as we walked.

Back at the lodge, we headed back to our rooms. As we neared the door to her room, she reached her hands up to my shoulders to pull my head done for a chaste kiss. “Thank you for a wonderful day”, she said.

She entered her room as I entered mine. At this point I was acting the mature former teacher, though I found her attractive I did not intend to initiate a romance. As I was nodding off to sleep I heard a nervous knock at the door. It was Abbie of course, in a baby doll type of night dress. She said she was too excited to sleep and wanted to talk some more.

The room was comfortable but modest, and the only chair in the room was occupied by my gym bag, so she could not sit there. The only place to sit was the edge of the bed, so that is where she sat. I lay down on the covers, head on the pillow, and listened to her talk about what interested her about medicine.

She stopped suddenly, collected her thoughts (and perhaps her resolve), and said, “You know, that was the first time I ever kissed a man. I liked it. It made me want another.”

I smiled and said, “Come here.” I sat up on the bed as she walked around to my side. With her standing and me sitting our heads were about the same level. She reached over and put her arms around my shoulders and gave me a long kiss on the mouth. The kiss ended as she gasped for a breath, arms still around my shoulders. She snuggled close, and I moved to give her room on the bed.

“I know this is forward and my parents would die if they heard me say this. I want you to Beşiktaş escort make love to me. It’s time I became a woman. You’ve been my hero since you coached our teams, and I know you will be the best teacher a woman could have.” How that could come out sounding both assertive and timorous is hard to understand, but she managed.

“Abbie, I am not so sure this is a good idea. You don’t want to make a hasty decision you’ll regret later on. You need to think this through. I do find you very attractive, sexy even, but I also feel I have some responsibility to discourage you if this is a spur of the moment kind of thing.”

“No, I decided in high school you would be the man to make me a woman. I’ve been waiting four years for this. I am just glad I have the chance to make my dream happen. That’s why I called you.” she said.

I was surprised of course, and still a bit tentative. My mind quickly laid out several scenarios, and all were confusing. Sure I liked her but she just was not my type for something long term. I didn’t want to lead her into thinking there was a relationship in the making.

“I know what you are thinking- that I am some sort of moonstruck innocent with romantic notions about her heroic giant sweeping her off her feet and living happily ever after. I’m not interested in that. I have four years of medical school which won’t give me time for a regular relationship. But I need to know I am a real woman as I take this on. It’s important to me.”

I pondered. “OK then. Let’s take things slowly. We have some time to build up to it. It’s not going to happen tonight but it will by the end of the weekend. Let’s start at the beginning and when the weekend is over you’ll be very confident about sex and your own sexuality.”

“For the first step, you need to be comfortable with your body. Stand up and take off your night clothes.” Abbie stood, and shyly removed her top and stood nervously before me, not sure what to do with her hands.

I purposely stared at her lovely form, making sure she knew I was checking her out. “Abbie, you have a beautiful, athletic body, one to be proud of. You have beautiful muscle definition where other women don’t even have muscles. Your breasts are beautiful and just the right size, a nice full B cup right?” She nodded in affirmation. “And your butt would make an ass man out of any guy!” She blushed. She was good at blushing.

“Now take your hands and start at your shoulders and run them lightly down your front. Feel the swell of your breasts, and the tightness of your nipples. Take your nipples between thumb and forefinger and squeeze and roll them. Do you feel a sensation, a surge within you?” She nodded.

“Now cup your breasts and feel their weight, their fullness. Feel how firm they are yet soft and resilient.” Abbie’s breathing was become more shallow and ragged. There was a look of concentration on her face. “Bring your hands down over your stomach. I can see your abdominals- can you feel their tautness? Keep moving slowly to your panties. Now slip your hands under the waist band- feels a bit naughty doesn’t it?

“Put your right hand over your vagina. Now tell me ‘My hand is on my pussy'” She echoed me, “My hand is on my pussy”.

“Are you wet?” She nodded yes. “Good,” I said. “Now pull your panties off and slowly turn around, as if you are a perfect statue on display. Your body is beautiful and one to be proud of. I want to admire it.”

“Come and lie beside me and we will explore each other’s bodies. We need to be comfortable with all the parts of each of our bodies.” I patted the bed beside me as she walked around. I stood up and stripped off my shorts and t-shirt and lay back down.

Abbie was obviously nervous, and excited at the same time her face and upper chest became flushed.

We were both lying on our backs staring at the ceiling, glancing at each other. To re-assure her, I took her hand in mine. “Abbie, what I’m going to do is take your hand and move it around my body and tell you how it affects me. Then I’ll do the same for you, and then we’ll move on to touching in other ways.”

I hugged her had to my chest. She could feel my heart beating. Then I moved her hand to my nipple. “Men’s nipples are sensitive too. You can pinch or lick them when making love and it heightens the man’s arousal.” She pinched my nipple and I grinned. I pulled her hand to my mouth and sucked on a finger, then kissed her hand. She closed her eyes with a sublime smile.

“Now let’s get to the main parts,” I said. I slid her had to my pubic hair. “Feel my hair. I think it feels unlike any other hair- something special” Abbie’s fingers wove themselves though the hair caressing and occasionally tugging.

Of course I was hard by this time. I put her hand on it, and her tiny hand wrapped around it firmly. “Clinically, one would say my penis is erect. More common language is my cock is hard, or I have a hard on.”

She giggled at the naughty words. “Stimulating a hard on eventually results in ejaculation, but people Taksim escort usually say it makes it cum. You can do that with your hand, your pussy or your mouth, and some other creative ways.”

At that she giggled, “I may be a virgin but I’m not ignorant. I don’t need “Sex Talk for Dummies’ from you. I know the theory, I just want the lab course now.”

I laughed at that, and said, “Ok, time to practice, practice, practice!”

She smiled and grabbed my cock, “I want to make it cum”.

“Start stroking it up and down with your hand. Hold it firm so the skin is moving over the shaft. Watch the tip- pretty soon something will appear. It’s called pre-cum, and serves as kind of a lubricant.”

She continued stroking and swoon the tip was oozing precum she took a finger and wiped it off then tasted it. “Not much of a taste, but kind of slimy.” She kept stroking and I was getting closer.

“Can I use my mouth?” she asked, surprising me a bit.

“Sure. The trick is to just use your lips and don’t scrape it with your teeth- that hurts.” Her head started bobbing up and down on my dick. She was pushing me over the edge.

I moaned as her head bobbed up and down with her typical energy and quickness. “Abbie, I’m going to cum soon. If you don’t want it in your mouth you can finish with your hand.” She raised her eyes to mine, mouth full of my dick, and smiled around it and shook her head no. Her head resumed bobbing.

I grunted something incoherent and thrust into her mouth, jetting great spurts of come into her small mouth. She swallowed some but some of it leaked down her chin in a white ropey drool. She pulled her mouth off, showing a mouth full of cum, which she then swallowed. “That was on my list of things to do, to find out about. I read about it. I knew I couldn’t experience it, but I could read about it, and there were always books or videos around the dorm.

“I like that, the feeling of giving you pleasure and kind of controlling when it happened. It tasted a little warm and salty, but not so bad” she smiled with my wet shrinking dock in her hand.

I kissed her, tongue in her mouth tasting a bit of my sperm. She kissed me back, and we held each other for several minutes while came down to earth again from that incredible orgasm.

I was getting anxious to return the pleasure. I put my hand on the side of her face and rolled her head towards mine and I kissed her gently, then started nibbling on her heck and ear lobes. Abbie shuddered with pleasure, and a low moan escaped her lips. “So good,” she said with blue eyes closed.

“You like?” I asked redundantly. She just smiled and relaxed. “Being intimate means telling your partner when something feels especially good. That way they can please you even more.”

No words, she just pushed my head down to her breast. I nibbled about, then sucked in as much as I could hold in my mouth while twirling her nipple with my mouth. I was twisting the other between my fingers and began writhing a bit and moaning. I abruptly removed my mouth and hand and she gasped in surprise. Her eyes fluttered open to see why I had stopped. I just grinned at her, then switched breasts with my mouth.

My hand slipped down her back and caressed her tight butt cheek. She squirmed as breast and butt were stimulated. My hand reached around her cheek and stroked her crease from behind, bringing another shudder.

“Lay back and let me hold you up,” I said, as she twisted slightly so her back rested on my chest. That allowed me to use one hand on her pussy and the other on her breasts. She was very wet by now, and I slowly stoked her lips, making sure her clit was stimulated by the palm of my hand. On random strokes I would allow a finger to slip between her lips deep into her pussy. Each time I did a low moan grew deep within her and seemed to radiate from her body rather than be a spoken sound.

“So good, so good” was the only coherent sound she spoke.

Abbie was totally focused on what was happening to her from my hand. She grabbed my arm covering her breast and nipple and held on tightly. I speeded up my massage of pussy, alternating between several deep stokes within trying to stimulate her g-spot there and then a dozen or more direct strokes with a finger on her clit. Her neck and shoulders became crimson from her excitement, and her hips started to oscillate involuntarily has she grunted in rhythm, “Uh, oh…uhhh, ohh, aah, aah, oh, oh, oh,” as our pace quickened.

Suddenly Abbie stiffened in my arms, convulsing around my finger deep inside of her, and letting out a loud orgasmic scream. There were ten or fifteen seconds of almost violent spasms, then her body collapsed as spasms subsided in her pussy. Abbie had cum for the first time, and had passed out from the intensity. I held her, and gently stroked her face for a couple of minutes until she slowly regained consciousness and gained her bearings again.

“I never felt so intensely before. I thought I was exploding or having a heart attack or something. I’m utterly drained- I couldn’t stand up now if I wanted to. Just let me lie down for a while.” I gently slipped from underneath her and laid her head on the pillows and drew the sheet over her sweat glistening body, admiring her youthful athletic beauty. In a few moments she was asleep.

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