Captive: Deb’s Story

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Chapter 1

Musky, that was the only way Deb could describe the smell. The sound had been deadened, this she knew, but the dreary walls had a wet look, sort of. Was it water wet or was it slimy wet, her eyes couldn’t discern the truth. The ceiling had some plastic looking bubble-like look. With her hands tied tightly behind her back and to the hard wooden chair she found herself sitting in, the only way she could find out would be to rub her cheek to the wall. At this time that was out of the question! The smack of their hands was way too vivid in her memory as was the pain that she still felt. It felt as it heat was rising from her cheeks even still after what she approximated as 3 to 4 hours. They’d used her, both of them actually, and their friends had used her too. Considering what had happened during the past two days, she was no longer sure what she was or what she wanted. She certainly hadn’t expected this, not in a million years, but here she was, secretly loving every minute of her confinement. The only question that she had now was of what would become of her. She was pretty sure it was Saturday now and she knew she must find a way out soon but she was so tired now……As she began to doze, her mind wandered, thinking back over the past 2 days.

Chapter 2

Deb had gone to lunch alone Friday, one of the few times she ever did that, usually she and Tilly took lunch together but today Tilly was out for some unknown reason, she hadn’t even phoned to tell Deb that she wouldn’t be at work.. It was just as well, Deb had been meaning to go to a specialty shop just down the street from the restaurant they frequented, a shop she really didn’t think she could take Tilly into. The Little Shop of Leather had recently opened to a tremendous amount of controversy. Like the title implied, the shop was far from being the normal clothing store. Its target customer would be a more risqué` sort. Some would even say they were part of an underground society, that in itself piqued Deb’s interest.

As she opened the door, Deb heard a loud groan coming from somewhere inside the shop. It might have been just the air conditioning but she didn’t think so. Gritting her teeth, she stepped through the door and into what seemed like a whole new land. A land of leather and……chains.

The aroma of leather was overpowering as she stepped deeper in the shop. Leather teddy’s covered the wall to her right. As she investigated them she found that one could choose of many differing models, much like car models. Some were very basic while others were much more lavish, including some that were crotch-less or had openings for the wearer’s nipples she expected. Surprisingly there were numerous colors, Deb had only though of leather as being black or brown, but there were red, white, pink and probably any color she would want. Turning to her left, Deb found a beautiful display of very sheer panties, the first things she had found that weren’t leather. Running her hand across a black pair of panties, Deb’s thought turned to Him. He’d taken her the night before; taken her like she’d never been before. Touching her softly at first, she’d felt like she was in heaven, but His touch had become rough soon, so rough she had become afraid.

Chapter 3

The hand covered her mouth so quickly she didn’t even react. Her feet didn’t seem to be touching the ground while she was quickly pulled down a set of stairs. Deb’s mind finally caught up with the action and she tried to scream but to no avail as the hand was clamped tight on her mouth. Feeling hands grabbing hold of her legs, she gave up the little struggling she had been putting up. Her thoughts about Him disappeared as the anxiety of her kidnapping took complete control of her.

Blackness enveloped her, what seemed like hours were most probably minutes. She remembered little of the event, her mind was groggy. Had she been drugged? Or had her mind just shut down, trying to defend her from what most probably would be her most terrifying ordeal? Tied up like a pretzel was her next thought. She could feel the ropes cutting into her wrists, her shoulders ached, and the chair she was seated on was rough, almost raw. Raw, that was the word; she was sitting in the nude, splinters digging into her thighs every time she moved on the chair. Her legs were also tied, bound at the ankle though she could feel something cold between her ankles. Where were her clothes? Who had done this to her? Why? Why would someone do this to her? She had no enemies, at least no one she could imagine doing something this hideous. Her eyes were becoming used to the lack of light, in front of her was a rope hanging from the ceiling. No, it was a pulley of some sort. Deb considered this; the thoughts that came to mind were far from pleasant.

Creaking slowly open, the door slowly stood ajar. Deb could see only a pair of legs on the staircase at first, then a belt buckle, a shirt and finally a head. A grotesque mask covered the face, in one hand a cage Anadolu Yakası Olgun Escort of some sort, in the other a short whip. A second body appeared behind the first, a smaller figure, a woman in a pair of jeans. As she descended the stairs, Deb could see she had no shirt, no bra. Her breasts were heavy, from her vantage point Deb could see what seemed to be large, very large nipples protruding. As she reached the bottom step, Deb saw she too had a mask on. In her right hand was silver pitcher in her left something that resembled a tube of some sort. Her mind began to race as thoughts of what might be flashed rapidly through her thoughts.

Deb felt the man fumbling with the ropes around her wrists, actually loosening the grip some. That should have been a good thing, but in the next instant she was on the floor, being dragged by her shoulders, her hands still tied behind her back. The woman seemed inordinately strong as she lifted each of Deb’s legs into the stirrups that hung from the pulley. At the same time she felt the man place a noose around her neck and tighten it, nearly cutting off her air supply. Her fear had reached new heights by now and she had the sinking feeling it would get much worse before it got any better.

Chapter 4

Deb’s beliefs were justified. Not that she saw what they did next, rather she felt it. Her legs were pulled straight up, Deb’s back was barely on the floor now, and the noose had tightened even more as her legs got higher in the air. To make it worse, the woman had placed a short rod-like piece of metal between her legs after she had unhooked something that allowed her legs to spread, the ends clasped around Deb’s knees, spreading her wide open. She’d never been so humiliated in her life, even worse, she felt herself becoming wet, she couldn’t help it but she was getting turned on!

The gag that had been put in mouth as soon as she was pulled down the stairs was ripped from her mouth now. She screamed immediately but she only heard a dull sound, not a scream at all. Looking up, Deb realized that the bubble-like ceiling was sound proof, as were what she had thought were wet walls. Both the man and woman snickered, the gag had been kept in her mouth not to keep her from screaming but because they were evil people. Deb realized this within seconds of her attempted scream and now her fear was increased ten-fold.

“Don’t you like your new home Deb?” said the man.

Deb wasn’t sure how to respond. Should she tell him how evil she thought of him or should she try to be good, hoping for a quick release if she behaved. After a few seconds of thought she decided it really didn’t matter, they were here to please themselves not her and they would probably expect her to be a surly bitch.

“Yeah, I love it you fucking prick!” flew out of Deb’s mouth.

“Oh my! A truly worthless piece of ass being so insolent!” said the man. With that he slapped the back of Deb’s thigh with an open hand.

“Ahhhhhh,” was all that came from Deb’s mouth before the woman slapped the same spot again and again.

Chapter 5

She handed the pitcher to the man and stepped between Deb’s wide open legs. The tube-structure was still in her hand and Deb was afraid of where it would be inserted, she was sure that was the woman’s intent now and sure enough Deb felt the tube slowly entering her tight anus. “Don’t fight this little one, it will only hurt for a short time, then you’ll thank me for the pleasure you’ll feel” said the woman. With that the woman forced the tube deep into Deb.

“Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo,” was all Deb could muster as the tube slid deeper and deeper into her tight little hole. She’d never done such degrading things nor had she ever thought someone else would do this to her. Looking at the woman between her legs, Deb watched in bewilderment as the woman attached what looked like a funnel to the end of the tube.

“Now the fun begins,” said the woman. “Go give her a taste.” With that the man straddled Deb’s head and slowly tilted the pitcher above her head. A white liquid splashed across her face and Deb soon realized it was milk. She considered it momentarily, and wondered what it meant. Unfortunately she didn’t have to wait long.

Chapter 6

“Looks as if I over-estimated the amount of milk your little ass could hold.”

Suddenly Deb’s scream stopped, replaced by a low groan. “It’s very pleasurable isn’t it Deb,” said the woman.

“Oh Gawdddddddddddddd,” was the only response from the captive.

“T, give her more pleasure,” said D. With that, the woman referred to as only T took her pants and panties off, straddling Deb’s head. Deb tried to think about what the “T” might mean instead of obsessing over the predicament she found herself in but it was short lived as the next thing she heard was, “Go ahead, let her taste how sweet you are.” T kneeled, straddling her captive, and lowered her wetness to Deb’s mouth.

Deb Anadolu Yakası Sarışın Escort had never had sex with a woman but the feelings she was having broke Deb’s inhibitions and she greedily began tasting T’s love. Grinding down hard, T had an immediate orgasm, her juices flowing on to Deb’s face. She screamed wildly as Deb’s tongue continued lapping at her hard pink clit and then sliding between her labia, sinking deep inside her moist pussy. T came again, tears streaming down her face as the pleasure overtook her. D watched intently as the two women carried on like mad dogs. Their captive was doing well, even better than he had expected. He broke his gaze and returned to his job, making sure the captive’s ass was stretched wide enough to accommodate his pleasures, and the pleasures of others.

Chapter 7

“Why don’t you go ahead and give it a turn,” said T, looking at the hunger in D’s eyes. “But first, bring it here, let me have a taste and quickly came over to where T was riding Deb’s face.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmm, so sweet,” said D. His cock had grown hard in his pants. He quickly pulled his jeans down, freeing his tool from its constraints. T stood, taking away the sweetness from Deb’s mouth, and kneeled in from of D’s cock. Licking across the head, T looked into Deb’s eyes and saw hunger.

“Let me have it. Oh please, let me taste it!”

T took his shaft deep in her mouth, tasting the precum that had already cum into her mouth. “No bitch, his cock is mine for now!” said T. She continued stroking and kneading D’s cock and balls as Deb moaned in wanton desire. Eventually T relented, “Let the little cunt have a taste your balls at least.” And with that D lowered his balls above Deb’s mouth, allowing her to lick them slowly, telling her to suck each one separately, and she did as she was told he commented that she had become the little slut he had planned on her being.

“On the other hand,” said T, “I think I want you to come up stairs with he D, the chair awaits that big thing, She can wait, I can’t.” With that, T stood quickly and climbed the stairs. D looked at Deb, then looked at T’s full bottom as it disappeared up the stairs, saying, “I think I had better go, she doesn’t like to wait,” and with that, D also ascended the stairs, leaving Deb alone, hot and bothered and no one to take care of her.

Chapter 8

After D had left, she laid quietly, her legs numb now. She wasn’t sure how long she could stand having her legs hanging in the air and like they had ESP, D walked back in, lowered her legs and put her back on the chair, and walking back up the stairs without uttering a sound. For the next 30 minutes, Deb racked her mind, trying to think about the 2 voices and whether she could ever remember hearing them in the past. Who could it be? Within a few more minutes Deb had fallen fast asleep, her body craving food but sleep even more.

She woke with a start. Someone was forcing something into her mouth. She screamed loudly at first, then she realized that a man was forcing his hardness into her mouth and her instincts took over, her lips parting taking his huge tool into her moist mouth. Her hands were still tied behind her back, stopping her from handling the beautiful cock, but the taste was wonderful. “Please help me pleasure you. Let me get on my hands and knees. You won’t regret it,” said Deb. Like D and T, the man wore a mask that didn’t allow her to see how was reacting, but the reaction was easy to gauge as the man quickly rolled Deb over, untying her hands but rolling her to her back immediately and retrying her hands. Deb carefully got to her knees, placing her palms flat on the floor creating a stable base to hold herself even though her hands were tied together again. Her knees rubbed painfully on the bare concrete but that was of little consequence to Deb as she hungrily opened her mouth, wanting the stranger to fill her mouth.

Thick and veiny, those were the words that kept occurring to Deb as his tool drove in and out of her mouth. He’d been practically pulling her hair out as he forced himself deeper and deeper in her wet mouth, a hand on each side of her face, his fingers grabbing her hair.

Chapter 9

“May I join in?” was the first clue telling her that there had been someone else watching now. It was the sweet, high pitched voice of a young woman. Although Deb’s mouth was full, she looked left and caught a glimpse of a bare foot. In the next instant, the woman was standing behind the man, her arms encircling him, her hands grabbing hold of his shaft. The woman had begun to feed it to Deb, stroking it slowly as she moved the veiny shaft in and out of Deb’s mouth. The woman alternated between stroking slowly and quickly for nearly a half hour before she finally said, “It’s time,” and began squeezing tightly as she stroked, Deb could feel the blood pressure rise in his cock as he got closer and closer to orgasm. The man nearly collapsed when Anadolu Yakası Şişman Escort he came, the woman holding him up now. Deb gagged as his load filled her mouth. She swallowed as quickly as possible, taking more than she ever had imagined one man could ejaculate at one time. “Mmmmmmmmmmm, doesn’t that taste good Deb?” the woman exclaimed with a most serious tone. “Wish I had been on your end when he finally let it go!”

“Mmmmmm……,” was all Deb could do to answer, sucking even more strongly now. She thought the woman understood that she was agreeing with her heartily but wondered if the woman was truly serious. The answer was quick to come as the woman kneeled down, taking Deb’s face in her hands and kissed her, her tongue forcing itself into Deb’s mouth, sucking some of the man’s deposit into her own mouth.

The man shakily sat on the floor as the two women explored each other’s mouths, his eyes almost hazy now. Deb looked at him once, wondering if he had also been drugged, but of course, if he were it was of his own accord. Deb returned her attention to the sweet lips pressed against hers, kissing the woman as passionately as she had ever kissed any person.

“I’m going to please you now,” said the woman standing up. Deb’s eyes locked on to cock between the woman’s legs. She didn’t know how she could have missed it but she had. The woman was wearing a strap-on, a large strap-on at that. It’s size actually both scared and excited her. Her mind raced back to the initial pain the snake had incurred but she also remembered the pleasure it had brought once her body adjusted for the wonderful thickness.

Chapter 10

“Here, I’ll help getting her standing M,” said the man. Deb stared at the woman, wondering what the “M” stood for, and why it had taken so long before either had used any kind of name, even if it were only an initial. As she pondered this, the man had come behind Deb, reaching down and pulling her onto her feet. “She is a great cocksucker if I do say myself.”

“It did look awfully hot R-man,” commented M. “I am counting on her pussy to be just as hot or hotter!” With that said, M took R-man’s position but with a lot more aggressiveness. Forcing Deb to bend over, M slid her tool between Deb’s legs, rubbing the strap against Deb’s lips roughly. At the same time R-man had taken his place in front of Deb, telling her he was ready to be serviced again and that he expected even better this time.

The strap-on’s roughness felt like heaven, as did R-man’s limp cock did in her mouth, but she had no way to convey her pleasure as R-man was determined to become hard again in record time. Deb felt the head of the strap-on spreading her labia just before she heard, “Here it comes little one.”

The pain was immense as M forced the wideness between Deb’s lips. Deb nearly collapsed, nearly passed out as the thickness drove deep inside her. M had no regard for her in the least, at least those were the thoughts that were flashing through Deb’s mind at the time, though the thoughts were short-lived as Deb’s slit became intensely wet and wanting within minutes. Working rhythmically, Deb started pushing back against the “cock” as R-man came nearly out of her mouth, and vice versa. R-man’s tool sunk to the deepest recesses just as the strap-on’s head nearly came out of Deb’s anus, this process repeating itself over and over and over…..

Chapter 11

As he exploded into her mouth for the second time, an orgasm rocked Deb’s insides. M kept riding in and out of her, the full length and width of her “cock” had driven Deb to the brink of the most spiritual feeling she had ever had. “Feel good Deb?” said M. “I sure hope so since you’ve been taking this for the longest time I have ever seen anyone take something this big.” M pulled out, simultaneously spanking the captive’s bottom with a “WHAP”. Deb had wanted to tell M how beautiful the feelings had been but R-man was still in her mouth, a mixture of his deposit and her own sweat now trickling out the sides of her mouth. But now, with what seemed to be all her might, M had begun to spank Deb’s bare bottom with a vengeance. R-man came out of Deb’s mouth as she screamed in pain. Her bottom was being beaten red and M was laughing with each slap. Tears ran down her face as her M continued, “You like it too much you little tramp, I think you need a bit of discipline,” roared M. “R-man, go get the paddle, she needs more than I can give with just my bare hand.” R-man immediately ran up the stairs and with a minute had returned with a wooden paddle.

Shivering in fear, Deb stared at the paddle in M’s hand, unwilling to believe that the woman would actually beat her for liking her treatment too much. Unfortunately, Deb had misunderstood the reason for M’s anger which in reality was that both Deb and R-man had had mind-blowing orgasms while she had not. M wanted to feel the way they had felt, and more, thus, the paddle. M had always been turned on by the power to inflict pain on another person, inflicting pain on a man was even better but this would have to suffice. “Put her in the prime position, just the thought of it is …….,” M stopped the sentence there, her hand rubbing hard between her legs. R-man placed Deb on her hands and knees, then helped to lower her head to the concrete floor, her bottom high in the air now.

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