Careful What You Wish For Pt. 01

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Female Ejaculation

Another day, here I am, seating on this chair and facing the window of my office. I don’t know, this is one of those days where you just look to nowhere and start wondering about some things in your life. CEO, husband, father, son, etc., all those things I am, but at forty-two years old, I’m kind of missing my old days, my old habits, especially the wild ones. Everything has been so plain, and this is the first day in a long where I’m able to think about this. These months have been draining me, making me angry, bitter, and frustrated, not even a sloppy blowjob from my wife’s help, I kind of need something exciting to happen and the universe is about to bite me in my ass.

Somebody is knocking on my door, so I turned around and see one of my accountants.

“Good morning, Grayson! I’m here to go over these files” – Victoria. She’s been with us for eight years now, and she knows her numbers, I have only the best for my company. I might be married but I’m not blind, she looks good with that white dress fitting her as a glove, with her blonde put down, and her red lips. Seven years ago, before I even thought about getting married, Victoria and I got to know each other… in a deep way, those were the old, wild days when I didn’t give a fuck about who I was fucking and where I was fucking them. But that’s in the past… right?

“Of course. Take a seat” – I’ve been moody all these past weeks, not even the gym is working in my favor to get rid off of these frustrations I’ve been dealing with at work, and at home is the fucking history.

We start to go over the files, and by the time we finish, it’s past six pm.

“Ok. I think this is it, make the chance I asked for and we’re good” I said to her.

“As soon as I’m done with the, I’ll present them to you,” she says with a smile, I nod with a straight line on my mouth. “How’s everything going? How’s Lena, the kids?” she asked as we’re the best of friends.

“They’re fine, they’re waiting for me right now,” I said coldly and getting the stuff on my desk in order.

“It’s been a while since we’ve talked, and rumor has it, you haven’t been in the best mood lately” Gee, you think?

“Yeah, well, work stuff. Thanks for asking” I start to get up from my seat, so she can take my hint, but I think that’s not the case. As soon as I pass her, she takes my wrist and I turn to her with some shock in my eyes.

“I’m going through some stuff at home too. I know these past weeks have been rough for all of us, and having issues at home it’s not the best either” I’m starting to feel her red-painted nails on my skin, and they’re burning me. “Sometimes we just need to release frustrations”- is she saying what I think she’s trying to say?

“Victoria, I really appreciate your concern but we need to go, I bet Peter is waiting for you, and your kids too” – I say, trying to pull my wrist out of her claw, but she doesn’t let go.

“They might, but for once I want to be selfish and just think about me, and my frustrations and find a way to release all of them out of me” – there is what she considers her sexy voice.

“Well, I think you need to go and look for something that helps you,” I say.

“But what I need is right here in front of me” out of nowhere I feel her lips on mines and her arms around my neck. She’s forcing this shit.

“Are you out of your fucking mind?!” – pushing her a few inches away from me? I’m livid – “You need to go… Now!!” trying to get her arms out of my neck.

“I know you need this. She’s not giving you what you truly need” – she says pushing her tits on my broad chest – “I’m here for you. Let’s help each other” she begs.

What the fuck is this woman thinking? and what the fuck is happening with my body. I don’t want this, I have a wife, and I’ve been faithful for six years. In the past, I might have had a womanizer reputation but that’s no longer me… right?

“Get the fuck out of my office!” I say with an angry tone, but I can see the desire in her eyes. She’s getting hot, and I bet her pussy is getting wet because of this. Hold on! Why am I thinking if this woman’s pussy is getting wet? GOD!!! But she is persistent.

“I want you. Let’s relive our past encounters” she’s whispering close to my lips now.

“That’s in the past. Go home, eat with your family, send the kids to bed, and ask your fucking husband to fuck you however you fucking want” – She needs to go before I even do what I’m thinking to do.

“I want you; you were and are the best I’ve been with. Please!” She’s begging for real.

” I don’t want to d-” and there she is kissing me again and not backing off as I would like to, I’m starting to fall for this. I move my lips a little and she moans so loud as my ten inches are inside of her. I put my face away.

“GO!” I say louder and try to push her body but she starts to explore my body with her hands with a grin on her face. Playing with my chest and nipples and then getting lower, and I take her wrist now.

“I’m Ümraniye Escort being serious right now, Victoria. You’re putting your job on the line” – I warm her.

“If you fucking me on this desk of yours mean me getting fired, so be it” – she’s being delusional. Is not her man capable of satisfying her or what?

She’s able to let go of one of my hands and she put it on my crotch, rubbing it and then grabbing it.

“You’re asking me to leave, but your body wants another thing” – my dick twitch and my blood start going all the way down, this is about to be a mess.

” I’m a man, this is a natural reaction” I throw as an excuse.

“Maybe with your wife, but with another woman? or are you remembering what we used to do?” She says with a stupid grin on her lips and continues rubbing my crotch and my dick is liking all this attention, he’s getting excited and leading me to do the unthinkable. I’m starting to exhale in a harsh way cause I’m getting excited and hard as fuck.

“Let me take you back to the old days” – I was thinking about this and now the universe is giving it to me.

She gets on her knees and starts to kiss my crotch while I’m watching out of my window, looking for an excuse but I can’t find one and by the time I look down, she’s starting to unbuckle my belt.

“This is going to be so good. We both need this” – now she’s unzipping my pants – “we’re going to be so good together again” she takes my pants down until they hit the floor and then takes my boxers. Oh god!!

“See, little Grayson is happy seeing me. He missed me” – he didn’t, he just wants some attention and you’re giving it to him – “well, this is not little by all means. So, let me go ahead and apologize to him”

She grabs my dick and starts to suck the head. I groan, I mean, that’s a natural reaction, and fuck! This woman knows how to do it. I look down and she’s enjoying this, then she proceeds to take more inches of me while her hands are on the base of my dick.

“Why are you doing this? You have your family” I said while she was sucking me off so good, that the takes all of me and throw my head back while groaning. Fuuuuck! She pulls my dick out.

” And you have yours and I’m not seeing that you’re not enjoying this. So, shut up and take it” and she goes back at it. Taking me in her mouth and giving me the pleasure that I was silently asking for. I’m liking how she bopping on my dick, and how sloppy she’s getting. Once again, she takes all my dick and then she looks up at my eyes, and I see the tears in hers but also the joy of what she has achieved so far. She pulls me out and smiles, and continues stroking my cock.

” I told you we’re going to enjoy this. So, relax and start to be yourself with me. I know the old you is in there, fuck the husband and give me the beast I know you like to be” – and it was like a trigger cause I grab her head with both of my hands.

“Open that fucking mouth, I’ll give you what you want for once”

She does what I asked her to and opens her mouth wide and I go ahead and thrust my dick inside her mouth until I feel the head of my dick hit her throat and she choked, I don’t care when she starts to hit my thighs asking me to back off but I stay there for a while until I see tears on her eyes and pull out. She starts to cuff, I pull her hair to the back of her head and ask – “You wanted this, you can’t take it now?”

“Of course, I can, love. It’s been a while since I’ve taken all of this in my mouth” – I groan loudly. She opens her mouth again and starts fucking me off again and I start to thrust my hips as well.

All you can hear in my office are her moans, my groans, the sound of my dick going out and in of her mouth, and our breaths. She starts to unbutton my shirt now and then feeling my body, which gets me incentive to start to thrust my hips harder this time and I can see she’s loving it.

“Look at you, needed for a cock to give you pleasure, I bet Peter can’t even compare to me nor give you what you need, you fucking bitch” she pull me out with a bop.

“He can’t, you’re one of a kind and I bet your past whores would like to be where I am right now”

She pulls my dick out with a bop – “He can’t, you’re one of a kind and I bet your past whores would like to be where I am right now” she says while looking at my dick. She cleans the saliva out of her mouth, gives it a kiss on the head, pulls my hands out of her head, and starts to kiss her way up my body. I start to back off but she pulls my body into hers and kisses me and this time I concede. I open up and our mouths and tongues start to fight each other, this is not a romantic kiss, it can’t be, this is lust and this is us seeking relief. She takes off my blazer and shirt and throws them to the floor and starts massaging my cock with one hand while the other is at my head, mines are by my sides and she seems to notice that and puts them on to her ass while she now throws her arms on my shoulder while we İstanbul Escort continue wildly kissing.

“Are you afraid? A woman is giving you consent to grab her ass and you’re not taking it” – I proceed to grab her globes roughly letting her know I’m not pussy.

“Stop talking shit and go down and finish what you started” – I say, I need release, and she’s going to give it to me. She backs off for a moment and I think she chickens out but not, she takes off her dress and throws it to the floor and the same happens with her bra and panties. I don’t what’s on her mind but this not happening, I’m not taking this that far and she seems to notice my hesitation cause she grabs my cock with her right hand trying to pull me towards her but she ends up pulling her body to mine and start rubbing the head of my cock on her pussy, we both moan.

“This is not happening” – I say trying to back off.

“Yes, it will! This is what we both need” she kisses me and I hesitate at first but then I open my mouth and our tongues start to fight each other.

She turns around and starts to walk to my desk, giving the sight of her back and rounded ass. She pushes away some of the stuff that was on my desk so then she can climb on it, on her knees, she opens her legs wide and now I can see how pink and drenched she is. She flips her hair turning her face to the side and while she’s smiling she says – “c’mon, it’s time for me to feel all those inches inside of me” – Rubbing her folds and then putting two fingers inside of her, stretching her pussy for what is about to open. I take off my shoes and socks, and walk up to her.

“I’m going to give us what we need” – while I put on my hand on her hips and with the other, I guide my cock to her entrance – “But this is it, you get your relief, my cum on you and we act like this never happened”.

“I don’t agree with your plan” – she straights her back, throws an arm around my neck, and kisses me – “I want OUR relief and all your cum inside of me ” – She pushes backward and my inches start to get inside of her. She moans so loud, while I let out a groan. She feels so good around me, she gets back to the position with her forearms on my desk and the back and Ford starts with both of my hands grabbing her hips so hard that my knuckles are white. I’m going in and out of her harder than I anticipated, and she’s letting me know that she’s loving this with her screams. All you can hear in my office now it’s the sound of our bodies smashing against each other, my balls hitting her while burying myself to the hilt inside of her, and my groans while enjoying this. Thank God everybody went home because otherwise, I would’ve had to shut her fucking mouth with all these noises she’s making.

“Yes, yes, yes” – she moans – “seven fucking years missing this cock, now it’s worth it”

“You acting up like you haven’t been fucked all these years” – I say while I continue my drilling.

“Not like this, baby. You’re the best love I’ve ever had. YES!” – She screams that last part cause I’m going harder on her, but I need a new angle. I lift my left foot and put it on my desk looking to hit jackpot, and I sure do it.

“OMG!!” – She yelled – “Don’t stop, you need to continue. I’m damn close” – she lets me know.

I’m not following her orders, but I kind of am because I start to go in and out of her like a madman. I see how her right-hand goes between left and I have to imagine she’s touching herself looking for a release but I’m about to blow as well, so I need to get done with this asap. I put her hand aside and start to rub her clit harshly and don’t care if she complains about it.

“AHHHH, YES!! More, give me more” – she doesn’t, she’s happy with it. She straights her back and looks at me over her shoulders – ” I knew you wouldn’t let me down, love – she kisses – “you’re the best” she licks my lips without breaking our eye contact and clenching her inside around my girth. And I can feel it, two more thrusts and we’re done. She’s screaming while I’m spilling my cum inside her cunt, my right hand continues rubbing her clit, and my left one clenches her hip, grunts going out of my mouth and looking at each other. Sinners, cheaters, those are things that we’re but while our climax is coming down, and our breaths start to normalize, and we kiss again. Pure lust, with my arms around her abdomen now.

I break the kiss taking a few steps back, and noticing how sweaty both of our bodies are. I put my hands behind the back of my head and see what I’ve done. I can see how her body is immobile on my desk, her legs spread wide open, and my cum starting to cum out of her. I look for a second and then look away and go to the bar in my office looking for something strong to drink. I find it, put some in a glass, and start to drink. I don’t want my mind to wander around too much because I know I’m going to regret this.

I don’t notice when she comes down from the desk but by the time, I turn around she’s there Anadolu Yakası Escort standing and checking herself, rubbing two fingers on her folds, spreading my cum. It’s a hot look, not going to lie, and my dick seems to agree with me because he twitches. She looks at me with a smile on her lips.

“I fucking adore this, and I’m relaxed more than ever” – she says, still rubbing her pussy.

“You got what you wanted; you can leave now” – while I lean back on the bar.

“I think you have a little more to give” – starting to walk towards me.

“Really?” – I say with a smirk on my face.

“Yes! Let’s see” – she kneels in front of me, with her hands resting on my thighs, and starts to suck me off. I throw my head back and let out a groan cause I’m still sensitive after I cummed, but I’m loving the attention I’m receiving, the attention I haven’t received in a long time at home.

I put one hand being her head to help her bop, she moans around my shaft, and the sound goes straight to my balls. I pull my dick out of her mouth and start to walk to the couch, I take seat spreading my legs and letting her know what she has to do but she has other things in mind. She walks to me and put her feet flat on the couch, she takes my cock in her hand and out the head of it on her entrance, teasing me.

” Go ahead” – I say and she follows and sinks herself until her thighs are against mine. We both let out moans.

“I did all the actions on our first round. Show me how much you have improved” – I challenge her, and with a smile on her mouth and grinding herself on my shaft, she accepts it. She starts to go up and down on me, giving us the pleasure we both need.

“I love it. Lena is depriving the entire world of this wonder” – she cries, but I take her jaw in my hand and say to her, looking at her eyes.

“You don’t drink my fucking wife’s name while you’re jumping on cock. Got it” – she just smiles – “Got it?” – I repeat.

“Yes, love. Help me out, my legs are tired” – she kisses me.

I put both of my hands on her ass and bring her down on me hard, she yells, but I don’t care, I lift her up and bring her down again.

“You fucking beast. You and your dick are savages” she whispers on my lips, with her forehead on my mine and our eyes connected. I keep fucking her for a minute until we reach our climax and she throws her head back.

“YEEESSS” – For I second, I think she’s going to faint but she’s fine. After my own climax goes away, I open my eyes and our tongues start to fight each other. I break the kiss and set her aside, on the couch.

“Time to go home,” I say, getting up and starting to look for my clothes and heading to my bath. I start the shower and put myself under it, enjoying the temperature of the water, until I hear she’s behind me and she hugs me from behind.

” You never disappoint me, Gray. I don’t want this to be our last time” – she says kissing Menon my back.

“This is a one-time-only situation” – I say without turning my head, and I feel her hands on my cock, stroking me, looking for more, and I start to get hard. This is the more action I have gotten in one night in a long time. She surrounds me, puts herself in front of me, and starts to rub my body. My blood is once again going to my groin and I’m ready to go one more time. She takes my hands and lifts them to her breasts, letting me know she wants some attention on them and I obey. She put one of her legs around my hip, and my cock and her pussy are saying hello to each other now. We start to kiss and rub our bodies with each other under the water. I kiss her jaw and neck, and finally, I start to give some attention to her breasts, especially her pink nipples.

” Mmmm yes! Your mouth is everything but I rather have your cock” – she says grabbing my cock and putting on her entrance. I kiss her and shove myself inside of pussy starting our third round.

One hour and my third orgasm later, I’m home. Everything is quiet, so I go ahead upstairs to my bedroom. When I open the door, I find my wife with her back resting on the headboard of our bed and a book in her hands.

“Whoa, you finally decided to show yourself” – she says with her eyes still on the book.

“Yeah. I had a late call and I couldn’t decline it. It was important” – I go to her side and give her a kiss. Yes, with the same fucking lips I kissed another woman’s lips and breasts an hour and so ago. My bad.

“How was dinner?” – I ask

“Fine. The kids asked about you and I had to tell them an excuse” – she grabs my tie and deepens our kiss. My fucking god. I’m fucking exhausted after three orgasms and I don’t have it in me to go for another round.

“I’m tired, love. I want to take a shower and hit the sack” – that’s the best I have.

“I can join you and rub your back” – she says with a grin.

“I really can’t, Jena” – I can see on her face that she’s annoyed about it. I head to the bathroom while taking my clothes and then start the shower. I get under it, trying to relax and the memories hit me. Victoria, the show, our moans, our climaxes. Now my dick is getting hard, and I feel a pair of hands rubbing my back.

“It doesn’t look like you’re THAT tired” she claims, proceeding to grab my cock in her hands.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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