Carnal Desire Ch. 02

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My thoughts became a jumbled mess as I continued to deliberate the events that had previously unfolded. I found it hard to form a coherent answer to the many questions with the conflicting emotions that tormented me throughout Ms. Vaughn’s lecture. My heart and my mind seemed as if they were in a constant battle, to which neither of them would win. I began to feel angry towards the current situation, leading me to feel anger towards the one person that I ever truly loved.

It was difficult for me to fathom that she neglected to inform me of her accepting a teaching position at the very High School I attended. Not that I felt or thought that she needed my opinion or consent, but because she simply didn’t tell me about her good news. So many thoughts ran through my mind.

How could I not know about this? Why didn’t she tell me she accepted a job at my high school? How come she didn’t at least tell me she got a teaching position? Was I just an after-thought? Was I even a factor in her life? Did what we shared mean more to me than it did to her? Out of the thousands of questions that ran through my mind, the main question that reigned supreme was, why did this have to happen to me, to us?

Too many questions that deserved answers, which only she could provide. I just couldn’t seem to wrap my mind around it, in all honesty, I didn’t want to. I didn’t want to believe that this was actually happening, I didn’t want it to be real. I closed my eyes in the hopes that this was all just a bad dream, praying silently that when I open my eyes everything would go back to normal.

I knew that her and I wouldn’t be able to carry on with our whirl-wind romance, now that she is my teacher and I her student. I knew for her that it would be completely unethical. Sydney would fight tooth and nail to keep her emotions and desires at bay. And because I love her so much, I would do my best to respect her wishes, no matter how much I wanted to continue what we had in New York. This coming year is going to a lot harder than I originally anticipated.

I’m not going to lie and say that the last 20 minutes of class was easy, because it sure as hell wasn’t. Aside from trying to concentrate on the lecture, it was getting harder to hide my agitation and it didn’t help that even though I was going through my own emotional turmoil, I wanted nothing more than to walk up to her and kiss her soft plush lips that seemed to fit mine perfectly. I wanted to feel comforted in her embrace and tell her how much I missed her. That I love her.

Yet at the same time I was angry with her, and I know deep down I have no logical reason to be or right to be because we never promised each other anything concrete but I was angry. Not only was I angry with her but I was extremely disappointed with this particular predicament we found ourselves in, to put it mildly, it was fucked up!

I was so mad that I wanted to punch a hole in the wall. Frustration ate away at me, devouring me with its sharp edges and I knew I wouldn’t be able to escape its clutches until her and I had a chance to talk.

I listened to the familiar tick of the clock as the gut-wrenching feeling pulled and twisted at my insides. Seconds felt like minutes and minutes felt like hours.

I did my best to at least attempt to start the easy assignment. Even though my thoughts were elsewhere I somehow managed to write and focus just enough in order to finish it before the end of class.

I glanced at the clock for what seemed like the millionth time in 10 minutes. Just 3 minutes left to endure as I felt my sanity slowly slipping away. So many possibilities in which this could go. We could have a huge argument, or we could come to a peaceful agreement to just be student and teacher. We could decide to avoid the whole situation all together and not speak about it or we could just say fuck it and continue where we left off 2 weeks ago.

The final bell rang letting everyone know that school was out for the day. Ms. Vaughn got up from her chair behind her desk and monitored as the students handed in their assignments and then filed out of the room.

I on the other hand remained seated, slowly packing up my belongings. Kennedy offered to wait for me, but I told I told her to go ahead without me, I gave her lame excuse, telling her that I wanted to discuss the assignment with Ms. Vaughn real quick.

I glanced in Sydney’s direction as Kennedy hugged me, a look of jealousy and anger flashed through Sydney’s eyes before Kennedy and I parted. Oblivious to what just happened, Kennedy told me to call her and then said see you later. Kennedy was the last one to leave the classroom.

Sydney continued to stand behind her desk, her hands in front of her, fingers interlaced. She stared at her hands, in deep concentration, not once looking up as I rose from my seat then calmly walked to the door, closing it and then locking it.

I turned to see the enchanting Egyptian like goddess now staring at me with her emerald eyes enticing me once again, where I saw bursa escort bayan pain and nervousness flash through them as she studied me, as if she were searching for some sort of clue to what I might do next. If the dynamic hadn’t have changed slightly between us. Sydney knew all too well what would come next. But now was neither the time nor the place. I had to focus on the task at hand.

Neither of us unable to speak and in that moment all words failed me. Until finally I couldn’t take it anymore and broke the silence.

“So how have you been?” I asked as I took a single step in her direction.

“I’ve been good.” She said with a slight smile. “I got a job teaching.” She continued in an attempt to lighten the mood.

“Yeah, I noticed. How come you didn’t call to tell me the good news?” I asked gazing into her emerald orbs, my brows furrowed as I took another step towards her.

“I was going to tell you, I swear.” She replied nervously as a soft frown appeared on her angelic face.

“So what stopped you?” I took a step further, not taking my eyes off hers.

“I don’t know. I guess I wanted to wait to see how my first day went.” She replied as she broke eye contact, looking down at her hands again.

“Oh really? And how was your first day Ms. Vaughn?” My voice going lower an octave as I said her name, her kind eyes examining my entire body, looking me up and down, I mentally smirk at her reaction to me. She hesitates to find the right answer.

“Surprising at first.” She admits sheepishly, seeming flustered as I took another step forward.

“Uh huh. What else was it, Ms. Vaughn?” Questioning her further, my tone becoming sultry as I say her name.

“Frustrating.” She spoke without hesitation, her hands now at her sides.

“How so?” My brows furrow.

“Because…” She leaves the rest in the air, unsaid.

“Tell me Ms. Vaughn, what do you think we should do about this…” I gestured in a manner of showcasing the classroom and the 2 of us. Then proceeded with my line of questioning, “predicament that we find ourselves in?” Sydney studies my movements with furrowed brows, seemingly not knowing how to answer.

“Honestly?” She shoots me a questioning glance.

“Yes, honestly.” I reply intrigued.

“Well apart of me says that we should keep things at a professional level, just a teacher and student relationship.” Upon hearing this, I closed the distance between us in a smooth swift yet gentle motion. A reaction that I was certain that I could control only minutes earlier, I was all but sure that I would be able to control myself from making it harder for Sydney to choose her career over me. I had put it in my mind that I would do the unselfish and responsible mature thing and step away from our not-so-distant past. My body’s reaction betrayed me upon hearing that our fate would be sealed, where what we once shared, a beautiful memory only to become lost into oblivion.

“Well what about the other part of you?” I inquire as I lean in and position my lips inches from her left ear. Then whisper soothingly, the octave in my voice deepening as I continue my inquisition. I couldn’t help myself, I had to know that we still stood a chance at being together. “What is it telling you we should do?” I notice the sight shutter escape her body.

“It’s telling me we should…” Her voice soft and shaky as she struggles to find the right words.

“We should what Ms. Vaughn?” I playfully contest, then with the tip of my tongue, I gently lick her earlobe before delicate kiss behind it.

“Don’t do that…” She pleads but her breath hitches and lets out a soft moan. “We can’t do this Jordan.” I watch her as she licks her lips then bites gently on the bottom one.

“I’m not doing anything…” My voice in a hushed tone, “yet.” I let the word caress the back of her ear.

I rest my hands on her hips and begin to slowly move my hands lower to caress her thighs. Her eyes close as my hands venture to her curvaceous plump ass. Another moan passes through her lips. In that moment I knew she is mine for the taking, we throw caution to the wind and continue our tryst with reckless abandon. My cock begins to harden as my hands travel back down to her thighs, and without warning I pick her up effortlessly and set her on her desk, pulling up pencil skirt, spreading her legs apart, shifting her black lace thong to the side as she hastily unzips my pants.

Sydney grabs my now engorged cock unleashing it, breaking through the fabric of my boxers then without preamble I thrust my rigid member into her dripping wet core. Feeling the tightness of her wrap around my cock as I plunge myself deeper into her with fervor. “Oh baby, I missed you so much.” My voice ragged as I admit my need for her. I continue my assault on her insides. Her moans increasing with each thrust.

“Oooohhh, I missed you too baby.” She pants in my ear, meeting my every thrust. “Don’t stop baby. You feel so good. Please don’t stop.” She begs as I feel her tightening around my bursa anal yapan escort rigid member.

“Do you like the way my cock feels inside of you baby?” I wrap a hand around her neck, gently squeezing as my momentum becomes more powerful and faster and with every hasty movement, I look into her lust filled eyes.

“Yes daddy, I love it when you fuck me.” I can feel her juices engulfing my cock as I come closer and closer to climax. She always seems to know what to say to drive me over the edge. She grabs my shoulders, her grip tightens on my shirt, a signal that I’ve come to know all too well, she’s about to reach her peak.

“Oooh, ooh, daddy. I’m gonna come, I’m gonna cooOOMME!” I feel her core contracting around my cock. “Please come inside me baby, I need it inside of me daddy.” She begs, that was all the encouragement I needed as I felt the creamy white liquid explode from my body. Sydney says my name repeatedly as if it were some sort of lifeline, she climaxed along with me. Our breathing labored. “Take me home baby.” She whispered in my ear. I nodded in agreement.



I didn’t expect Jordan and I to fuck on my desk. I’m not going to lie and say that I didn’t want it to happen, because I did. I wanted her from the moment I laid eyes on her. Part of me knew it was wrong, but it felt so fucking good. She felt so fucking good as she pounded my core and unleashing the ache that I didn’t realize was there.

I knew what was going to happen as soon as she locked the door. The long drawn out inquisition was only adding to my anticipation of need to have my legs wrapped around her waist.

Sex with Jordan has never been enough. My body longed to be touched by her, kissed, nibbled, bitten, sucked, licked, to taste and to be tasted by her. I wanted her in every way possible, nothing and no one would ever compare to Jordan. I craved every inch of her thick massive cock inside of me.

I loved riding her, her riding me, her bending me over and taking me from behind, taking her in my mouth, slow, fast, rough, vanilla, it didn’t matter. Every part of me yearned for her, I needed her inside me like I needed air to breathe.

It was difficult for me to tell her to stop, because I knew I wouldn’t be able to resist. Since the moment we met it’s been that way. I thought after the first couple of weeks the sex would die down it didn’t. Nothing we did in the ‘bedroom’ satiated our desire all it did was add fuel to the seeming eternal flame.

I know being her teacher is morally unethical but when it comes to loving someone truly, madly and deeply, where you know you can’t live without them no matter who or what stands in your way. You have to ask yourself one question, is that person worth the risk?

As for me and Jordan, she definitely worth the risk. I’m willing to risk everything to be with the woman I love. These were the thoughts I was having as Jordan pounded my core with fervor and sent my mind, body and spirit into complete euphoria.

Once she plunged herself into me, my primal instincts took over. It wouldn’t be enough, I wanted her to have her way with me. When we finished, I hastily made myself presentable. I told Jordan to meet me at my place and that I would send her my address. She left before I did, saying she was going to go home and pack an over night bag then meet me at my place.


When I finally made it home, I decided to take a quick shower. After I cleaned myself up, I put on my maroon satin spaghetti strapped halter top with the matching bottoms. I put on some light makeup, brushed my hair, deciding to leave it down.

Just as I was finishing, the doorbell rang. I practically sprinted to the door. We were only apart for a half an hour and it already felt like ages since I last seen her. Once I open the door, I practically jumped into Jordan’s arms out of pure excitement. I wrapped my legs around her waist and kissed her passionately as she carried me in and shut the door with her right leg.

When we finally pulled apart from our heated embrace, I steadied myself as she set me down gently.

“Hey daddy, I missed you. What took you so long?” I feigned a pout.

“Hey baby, I missed you too. Sorry I’m a little late, I got a call from Kennedy.” Jordan replied as she set down her bag by the L-shaped sofa.

“Oh really?” I was definitely intrigued by this turn of events. It’s not that I didn’t trust Jordan, because I did. I just didn’t trust other women. I felt slightly uneasy when it came to other women talking with Jordan and them trying to make a move on her.

When we were in New York, I seen first-hand how all the other women would look at her, with lust and determination in their eyes. And every time they did, I would feel a twinge of jealousy and yet at the same time I felt proud to have her arms wrapped around me. The bold ones would act as if I wasn’t there and attempt to continue with their conquest, however bursa rus escort Jordan being Jordan would politely tell each woman that she was already taken.

“What’s that look for?” She asked as she wrapped her arms around my waist, freeing me from my reverie.

“Nothing.” I replied as I did my best to try to convince her otherwise.

“Don’t tell me it’s nothing. I know you better than that love.” She lowered her head trying to get eye level with me, showing genuine concern.

“Don’t worry about it, it’s probably just me being petty and possessive. In fact, I’m sure it’s nothing.” I said in an attempt to convince her but underneath, I knew it was more for me.

“Okay. But you know you can talk to me, right?” She gave me a small reassuring smile.

“Yes daddy, I know.” I said as she kissed me on the cheek.

“Alright then. Now what are you gonna make me for supper?” She playfully asked as she smacked my ass.

“I haven’t had time to go grocery shopping, so I was just going to order takeout.” I replied sheepishly.

“Sounds fine by me.” She stated as she gracefully sat on the sofa and then gave me one her sexy lopsided grins. Damn. The things Jordan does to me. I made my way over to her and sat on her lap. I put my hands on either side of her face and pulled her in for a kiss. To which she willingly allowed me entrance, our tongues swirled in each other’s mouths, it became an all to familiar dance. Neither of us fighting for dominance, we were equals as we tasted the other in pure and utter desire.

I raked my fingers through her hair, feeling the silky texture of it as our kiss only seemed to deepen. Jordan then positioned my center just above the bulge in her pants, I could feel it wanting to escape its metaphorical cage. It took everything I had not to unleash it.

I somehow managed to pull away from our lip lock and began to unbutton her dress shirt, Jordan swiftly and expertly removed my halter top and threw it somewhere in the room. I however took my time relieving her of her so-called restrictions. Once I was finished, I dropped it on the floor next to her feet, giving her an innocent little smile, placing the tip of my index finger between my teeth. It gave me a chance to take in the magnificent view that is Jordan Hawkins.

Jordan’s bronzed complexion on display, her 6 pack in full view.

Her muscular frame enticing me that I couldn’t bring myself to look away, I bit the left side of my lower lip at the true sight to be admired that I was most certain of. I could do nothing but practically drool at the sight of her in just her bra and pants.

She broke me from my trance by reaching behind me blocking my view of her magnificent torso, she released my breasts from the confines of my baby blue lace bra. Jordan shifted her legs causing her hardening cock to press into my center, it was frustrating having the cloth of my pajama bottoms and matching baby blue laced panties separating our intimate union. With that small action I wanted nothing more than to have her inside me again, but there was something I hadn’t been able to do for 2 weeks.

I knew I needed to have her cock in my mouth at that moment. It used to be that I thought sucking dick was disgusting, I guess for me it just has to be the right one to suck. I truly enjoyed wrapping my mouth around Jordan’s massive cock and sucking on it until I felt her release cascading down my throat.

I removed myself from her lap and then dropped to my knees and pulled down her pants and boxers. I bent over and started to lick the tip of her cock, she instantly hardened at my touch. She moaned as she started to run her fingers through my hair. I grabbed the shaft of her 10-inch dick and started stroking her up and down as I sucked the swollen head, taking her in my mouth slowly, wanting to savor the taste and the feel of her in my hands and mouth.

I quickened my pace, taking her deeper into my mouth, hitting the back of my throat. Jordan tightened the grip she had on my hair and started to move my head up and down. “Fuck baby! I love the way you suck my cock. It feels so fuckin’ good.” She remarked as I sucked and licked her big thick cock. “Don’t stop baby, I’m so fuckin’ close…” Jordan groaned as she continued to guide my head up and down. “Ooooohhhhhh FUUUUCCCKK!!” She exclaimed as she exploded into my mouth, sending the creamy salty liquid down my throat. I swallowed everything she offered, I sucked and licked the remnants of her cum from her cock.

Once I was done, I stood up and removed my pajama bottoms and panties. Jordan pulled me onto her lap, and I positioned my center above her robust cock. Slowly lowering myself on her, I could feel her tip enter my core and once I did, I couldn’t help but to crash down on her lap, causing the both of us to groan in pleasure. Taking every inch of her inside of me. I moved up and down in swift smooth motions.

Staring into the honey-colored eyes of my lover, I noticed they turned their usual smokey brown whenever lust played a factor in our relationship. Jordan always managed to captivate my every need and desire. I missed her. Not only did I miss the way she would make love to me or the way she made me come multiple times, it was more than that. I missed the way she makes me feel, like I’m the only one in the world and I’m all that matters to her.

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