Carolyn and John Ch. 03

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John was more nervous than he’d felt for a long time. Restlessly he paced the hotel room, his stomach tightening. Again he looked at the table, set with flowers and wine brought by room service minutes before. Again he looked at his watch. Time seemed to have slowed to a crawl, but she should be here, surely she should be here.

When he knew he was coming back he phoned Carolyn straight away, and they both knew they had to meet again, but this time he wasn’t near her home town, so she’d arranged time off work and told him to book a double room so she could join him. She had a long drive, but she said she’d be there just after six and already it was quarter past.

Maybe she’d changed her mind. Maybe she’d wrecked the car. Maybe, maybe, maybe….his head span with maybes.

When the knock came his heart lurched. Was it her? For a moment he froze, endless possibilities racing through his head, it was room service again, it was someone at the wrong room, it was…

His momentary paralysis lifted and with two quick steps he reached the door and with his heart racing he flung it open.

She stood there, just as he remembered her. Braided hair to her shoulders, twinkling brown eyes in a pretty chocolate face, neat full figure in a smart blouse and skirt. For a moment he stood fixed to the spot, then she asked

“Well? Aren’t you going to ask me in?”

“Yes, of course.” he stepped to one side and she came in, closing the door softly behind her, then she dropped the bag she was carrying, wrapped her arms round his neck and kissed him long and hard as he hugged her to him.

“Pleased to see me?” she asked

“More than anything Carolyn, you know I am.”

“That’s good, for a moment I thought you had a gun in your pocket!”

He laughed. “You haven’t changed!” and slapped her lightly on the butt.

“Well talking of changing,” she said “I’ve been working in these clothes all day and right now I need a shower and change. I’ve brought clean stuff in here.” and she picked up the hold all.

“OK.” He said “and when you come out we can decide what we’re going to do”

“Oh I’ve already decided what I want to do,” she said as she vanished into the bathroom “but if you want to do something else, guess I’ll just have to put fresh batteries in the vibrator.”

“You’re incorrigible!” he yelled through the closed door.

For a few minutes he sat idly, thinking about her, and the more he sat the more his thoughts turned to their last meeting and the fantastic love making, their bodies pleasuring each other long into the warm summer day, fingers and tongues exploring every inch, eyes feasting on each other’s nakedness.

Suddenly he snapped out of his revelry, aware that he had an erection bulging in his pants. “Damn!” he thought “and she’s not even out of the shower yet.”

The idea once in his mind wouldn’t let go. Only a few feet and a thin door away the woman he felt such a huge desire for was standing naked, water cascading over her breasts and down her……………

“Damn!” he wrenched his mind away from the image, but it came back with a vengeance.

Would it really harm if he opened that door? I mean, would she mind? Would she be offended? It wasn’t like he’d never seen her naked, after all.

Slowly he rose to his feet, put his hand on the bathroom door knob, and began to turn it.

Quietly, he opened the door. At first he could see nothing for the steam, then as it cleared he could make out the shower cubicle, Carolyn’s outline a dark blur through the steamed up glass. His courage failing him, he began to back out of the room quietly, closing the door, when suddenly her voice startled him.

“It took you long enough!”


“Took you long enough to decide to come in. A girl only has so much patience you know!”

“You were expecting me to come in?” he asked, relieved.

“I’d have been damned insulted if you hadn’t, now, get those things off and get in here!”

Quickly he shed his clothes onto the floor, and sliding the door back he stepped into the shower stall with her.

He stood for a moment, his eyes feasting on her, their bodies almost touching, then she pressed a bar of scented soap into his hands and said “OK, wash my back.” and turned away.

His hand trembling, he began to rub the soap across her body, along her shoulders and working down to her delicious round buttocks, gently leaving a trail of white lather wherever he touched her kocaeli escort brown skin.

“Don’t forget my legs. ” She said softly

He kneeled down and soaped the back of each shapely leg, feeling the thigh muscles under his hand, running his fingers down the calves and ankles. His head was now level with her warm brown butt, and on impulse he bent forward and placed a kiss on each soft wet cheek. She wriggled and laughed. He put a hand on each of her hips and tickled the small of her back with the tip of his tongue and she laughed again.

He rose to his feet and she turned to face him, the warm stream washing the soap off her back.

“Now,” she said huskily “do the same with the front”

Gently, he soaped her shoulders, slowly working his way down until he was running the scented bar backwards and forwards across her breasts, seeing the hard nipples jiggle as he passed over them. She closed her eyes and gave a little “Mmmmm!” of pleasure.

He began to wash her belly, his hand moving in small circles, dipping ever closer to the tiny triangle of hair above the slit of her womanhood. Her eyes closed and her breathing quickened. Gently he soaped over her groin and she opened her legs. He ran the soap down each thigh, caressing the soft inner legs gently, then kneeling before her again he washed her lower legs. He looked up at her, running his gaze slowly up her naked body to her face.

“Stand up,” she said softly “and turn around.”

But I haven’t finished down here yet.” he answered, and leaning forward, he buried his tongue in her belly button, then he began to kiss gently down her stomach toward her groin.

“Oh God” she whispered, and her hands went up to grasp the shower socket over her head to steady herself. One hand dropped for a moment to turn the distracting flow of water off, then rose back above her head. So she stood, eyes closed, arms raised and her legs parted for him.

Gently his tongue found her secret place, the soft slit crowned with a neat fuzz of hair, and probed between the lips of her sweet clean womanhood. The questing tip touched her clitoris, already swelling in anticipation, and she moaned softly and writhed against him. His firm hands slid gently up the backs of her thighs and cupping her buttocks in his palms he pressed his face onto her, the tongue ever flicking and searching to give pleasure, teasing and circling on the clit until she thought she would burst with the feel of it.

She felt the warm ache of impending orgasm build in the pit of her stomach and she dropped one hand to his head, pressing his face tighter into her groin. She began to moan softly and hearing this he intensified the force and speed of his licks, stroking her buttocks and upper thighs, his head bobbing against her and the feeling building until with a long groan she came, her legs trembling as the waves of pleasure pulsed through her body, leaving her weak and panting.

He stood up and gently held her as her heartbeat returned to normal, then pulling herself together, she turned the water back on , moved him under it, facing the wall, and picking up the soap she began to wash his back.

Tonguing her had given him a strong erection, and standing with the water playing on his chest and splashing over his throbbing cock, while she gently soaped down his back, he stayed hard, feeling her gentle hands roam over him, down to his buttocks and legs, until finally she said “OK, turn around now.”

He turned, trembling with anticipation, and she washed his shoulders and chest, down his belly, but carefully avoiding his cock she moved down to his legs and soaped them first. Having a naked woman tend to him like this kept him not just hard but getting harder, and just as he felt that he couldn’t wait a moment longer she stepped to the side of him, put one arm around his waist at the back, and with the other lathery hand she began to slowly soap his stiff cock along the shaft and over the tip.

He grunted softly with the pleasure of it, and putting one arm around her too, he fondled one of her breasts with the other hand, the nipple hard in his palm.

Gently she stroked the stiff shaft, up and down, over the tip the skilful fingers moved, bringing him to an ecstasy of feeling. He began to pant slightly and hearing this she tightened her grip and began to stroke faster, gradually increasing the speed until he was at the point of climax and with a long moan kocaeli escort bayan he came. As he did she used long slow strokes to pump him dry and the hot spunk spurted in gushes through her fingers and over the wall of the cubicle until there was nothing more and with a sigh he dropped his head onto her shoulder. Gently he stroked his cock as it softened in her hand, and then she kissed him and asked “Nice?”

After they had cleaned the shower stall up they dried each other with large soft towels then dressed and sat together, sipping wine and chatting easily. He loved her soft voice, her fun sense of humour, the easy relaxed way they seemed to have with each other. After a while they were hungry, so they drifted down to the hotel restaurant and ate together, a candle flickering on the table highlighting their faces and giving the meal a romantic air.

“You really are staying the night?” he asked.

“Yes, I said I would. And I have tomorrow off work”

“What about your husband though?”

She screwed her face up “Oh he thinks I’m visiting an old school friend, and frankly he doesn’t care where I am as long as I don’t stop him working!”

“No change there then!”

“No,” She replied sadly “how about you?”

He hesitated a moment, then answered “We separated a few weeks ago.”

Carolyn tried not to give any obvious reaction to this news, but inside her mind was in turmoil and her heart began to race. He was free! Well, almost free.

She fought to speak calmly. “Well, I’m all yours for another day, so let’s make the most of it.”

“Great, we can do some sight seeing then.”

She laughed “I have all I want to see right here.”

“Me? You can’t mean fat bald old me!”

“You are not so!” she kicked him under the table.

Laughing, hand in hand, they made their way back to the room, softly lit by wall lights, the large bed warm and inviting. She took her necklace and rings off, placing them carefully on the dressing table, John watching her move around the room, the soft lighting gleaming on her brown shoulders. She had a natural grace he had rarely seen, and he knew that her body excited him more than almost any other woman he had ever met. Her personality, too, the way she looked at him, her soft voice, all these things attracted him strongly to her. For a moment he wished there could be more between them than these brief sexual encounters, but he shook the thought off even as it surfaced.

“Damn it man,” he said to himself “she’s married, and so are you still. Besides, you’re on the rebound and vulnerable. It would be a stupid move to see more in this than there could be.” Even so, the feeling of longing wouldn’t completely go away.

She turned to him and smiled, here dark eyes gleaming with mischief.

“I brought a surprise for you.” she said


She rummaged in her bag, and brought out a bundle of silky material. As she held it up in front of her, he saw it was a red chemise, in a satin texture material.

“I read somewhere that a woman can be even more exciting partly covered than totally naked.” she said.

“Its true.” he answered.

“Well let’s put it to the test.” and she vanished into the bathroom. A few minutes later she re-appeared, wearing the chemise. The front was low cut with thin straps and the hem came to just below the tops of her legs, the skirt flaring slightly around her strong brown thighs.

“Do you like it?” she asked, twirling so the hem flared out. He saw in the second it did so that she wasn’t wearing anything under it and he felt his cock begin to stir under his pants.

“It’s beautiful, like the woman wearing it.” he said softly

She put her arms around his neck and kissed him long and hard, then she moved across to the bed and lay on her side, watching him and waiting, saying nothing.

Slowly, he undressed in front of her, taking his time, giving her a show. First his shirt, slowly unbuttoned and tossed casually on to a chair, then his shoes and socks, dropped on the floor. Finally he slowly unbuckled his belt, unfastened the button, teasingly slid down the zipper, and let his pants drop, stepping out of them.

Crossing to the bed, he kneeled on it, bends and kissed her gently.

“Aren’t you going to take those off too?” she asked, indicating his boxers.

“Thought I’d see if a man was more exciting partly covered too” he replied, “I’ll let you escort kocaeli deal with them when you’re ready”

“Mmmmm….,oh boy. Yes!”

He lay down beside her, cradling her in his arms, kissing her gently at first, then more passionately. Their hands roamed over each others bodies, caressing and stroking. Gently he cupped a breast and felt the nipple hardening through the silky material. He rubbed his thumb over it, and she wriggled under his touch.

He felt her fingers stroking his chest and belly, sliding ever downward toward his shorts. Her fingers slid over the cotton covering his hips and then down to his thigh, finally cupping the bulge of his ball sack and caressing it gently through the cloth. He could feel his cock throbbing and he knew it was hard now. Her hand traced its outline under the material and squeezed it gently.

He kissed her again, his tongue searching for hers, parting her lips and tasting her sweet breath, the wine she’d drank still on it. His hand slid down her silky flank past the edge of the chemise and he began to stroke the inside of her thigh, petting her, caressing the skin as silky as the short garment she wore. Her legs opened for him and gently his fingers slid upward to touch her secret place, her womanhood, she was offering it to him and he accepted.

Gently his fingers parted her love lips, probing in the dampness of her until he found the welcoming clitoris and began to caress it gently. As he did she unfastened his boxers and taking the thick heavy cock out she began to stroke it lovingly.

For a long time they lay there, petting each other gently, kissing as they stroked and played, feeling each other’s pleasure and taking their own in it. Finally he began to stroke her faster, circling his finger tip on the swollen bud as he began to build her excitement, feeling her tension rise as he did, her head burying into his neck, her hips beginning to writhe and shake until she came under his hand, panting into his chest as he stroked her gently through the climax, feeling her wetness on his fingers.

For a long minute they lay there, still, holding each other, then he stripped off his boxers, tossing them aside and let her caress his cock and balls for a short time, stroking her thigh, breathing faster at her touch.

She lay back, and he rolled over onto her, the thick cock touching her lower belly, feeling her warmth and softness under him. He shifted to bring himself in line and gently parted her love lips, then with one sweet movement he slid deep inside. For a moment he paused, then with long slow strokes he began to make love to her.

Carolyn had never felt so alive. Every nerve end seemed to be extra sensitive. She could feel his belly sliding over hers through the silky material, the rise and fall of his hips as he moved, the buttock muscles tightening each time. She felt the hard cock sliding in and out of her in delicious slow motion, his thighs moving between hers. She looked up at his face, his eyes soft with passion looking back at her. She dug her heels into the bed and moved with him, stroking his arms, his back, the straining buttocks, the beauty of the moment overwhelming her.

He began to quicken the pace of his thrusts, making them shorter and faster. The mattress bounced beneath them, his face became a mask of concentration. Soon he slowed the strokes again and she knew he was delaying his climax for her sake. Gently she stroked his back and whispered “Don’t wait, go when you want. I want to feel you cum in me.”

He bent his head down and kissed her gently “Oh Carolyn” he whispered, then after a few more slow thrusts he began to move faster again, his breathing beginning to quicken. The strokes came faster, longer, and she wrapped her legs around his, feeling his thigh muscles pump. A warm ache began deep in her belly and she thought “Oh God, I’m going to cum again” and her fingers dug into his back. She watched his face, his eyes locked on hers, his mouth slightly open, his breath coming in sharp pants with each hard thrust. The pace built to a frenzy, him riding her bucking hips, ramming the hard cock deep into her, the bed shaking under them. Suddenly his frame stiffened and she knew he was coming. The feel of him drove her over the edge, her own body climaxing in response, and as he emptied himself deep inside her in long thrusts, groaning with pleasure, her own orgasm pulsed through her, making her gasp and cry out with the sheer joy of it. For long moments after their climaxes were finished, they lay, him still on top, kissing each other and sharing each other’s pleasure, then gently he rolled off her.

Afterwards they lay in each other’s arms, talking sleepily, stroking each other gently, until they began to drift off.

Her last thought was “And I still have him for all of tomorrow.”

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