Catching Judge Cooke under the stairs. Judge Cooke Series # 3

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Sharon’s Father, Judge Cooke provided most of my sexual knowledge . Later in life I realized that he had been kinky to say the least! I often wondered, why we never told anyone about the sexual events, but I guess we knew he was the ultimate authority.

Today, was the same as most days, spending my time at Sharon’s home. Our days were filled with giggling like average young girls. What was not average, in the life of young girls, is what went on sexually in their household.

I entered her home as usual, through the back door, that led into the Kitchen. I normally would ask the Kitchen Staff where Sharon was, because they seemed to know where the family members were throughout the house. However, there was not anyone in the Kitchen.

I decided to just go upstairs to Sharon’s Bedroom. We began talking about what to do that day. We first went into her Parents Bathroom to peek through the key hole into the Master Bedroom. She had introduced me to peeking through the Skelton Key hole before. We had watched Judge Cooke naked in the shower. Due to my young age, I had never seen a naked man before, but he sure looked good to me. I was mesmerized, as I looked at his cock. The way it became hard as he soaped it up, really got me excited. She loved to see her Father naked and watch her Parents fucking. She turned me on to all of this. Much to our disappointment, there wasn’t anything going on when we peeked in. Her Mother was still asleep.

Well, the next best thing, was to slide down the handrails of the staircase. One , two , three: down we went giggling and yelling at each other, as we tried to be the first one down. Next, we decided to play hide and seek . Her house was a great house for that childhood game. There were many great hiding places. I decided to hide under the stair case. I had hidden there before. The space was large, as the staircase was a waterfall staircase, like the one in Gone With The Wind. Anyway, there was a full size door on each side of the space beneath the staircase. Each side was heavily paneled with real Walnut Paneling. Each Panel was hand carved with designs. I quickly ran to my hiding place while she was counting. I jerked the door open without even looking in. I was busy looking for her. As I closed the door, I heard HIM!

I froze at the sound of his voice. In a very accusing tone, he asked what I was doing. Without even turning around I meekly said, Nothing Sir. He then told me to turn around and face him when I was speaking to him. I took a deep breath and turned. Much to my surprise, he was naked! He had the younger black woman there with him that was part Kitchen Staff. I remembered seeing him fucking her before, in the Kitchen. She was naked also. The small light was on, that stood on the table that was attached izmit escort at the front of the area under the stairs. There was also a chair that was under the table. There were hooks for employee’s coats on one wall and a large storage bench at the back. The bench had extra polishing cloths, wax, Windex, things like that stored in it.

Judge Cooke ordered me, with an authoritative tone, to “SIT”. I said “Yes Sir” and immediately stepped to the bench and sat down. He told me not to make a sound. I was always frightened when he spoke like that. I watched as he turned the black woman around so she was facing the slanted wall that went under the lower part of the staircase. He took one hand and pushed her upper body down against the table. He stepped to the side slightly and took his other hand and forcefully spread her legs. I could see her butt and pussy lips. I loved the color of her skin, I must admit that I felt a strange feeling in my pussy when I looked at her. I wanted to get closer and to touch her the way I had seen him do in the Kitchen. I noticed that he was staring at me. I lowered my head in a submissive way. I was embarrassed, I felt like he could read my mind. As I lowered my head, I soon cast my eyes upward and I could see the head of his cock. I was thinking about watching her sucking him. I wondered what it felt like to have a mans hard cock in my mouth.

All of a sudden the door opened and there stood Sharon. She had found my hiding spot but she had also found the place her Father was fucking a member of the household staff. She froze, just as I did. She looked down at the floor. He ordered her to shut the door and sit on the bench. He said, I will deal with both of you when I am finished. She walked over and sat down without ever looking at me. I knew she was embarrassed, but I couldn’t help but wonder if this excited her like it did me.

At that point Judge Cooke started pushing his fingers in and out of her pussy as he watched both of us. The black woman was being very quiet, I think it is because she knew we were both there. I think she was embarrassed to have us watch but everyone did what he said, so she did not resist him. I guess she had learned soon after she was hired what he demanded from her and her body. After he had fingered her pussy he took his fingers out and put them in his mouth. He then moved her over toward the side wall. He told her to lean over and put her hands against it. Sharon and I could see the side of her . He moved up and took his foot and sort of kicked her legs open further. I could see her titties hanging down as she leaned over. I wanted to touch them . At that moment he must have thought the same thing because he reached around and grabbed her titties with both hands. izmit escort bayan He was kissing and licking the side of her neck. He was saying how she made his cock throb. In a very lust filled voice he told her that she was so hot. He said every time he saw her, that he wanted to fuck her, he wanted to shoot his load in her wet, tight pussy as many times a day as he could in a day. He said that he had never wanted anyone the way he wanted her. He said he dreamed about her at night. When he was at the Court House all he could think of was her pussy and sweet ass. Listening to him say all those things and my natural reaction to the lust in his voice made me so excited that I forgot that Sharon was even there.

He then moved back and grabbed her shoulder and entered her with his hard cock. Soon he began to fuck her rapidly. He was sweating and moaning as he pounded her so hard that she almost lost her footing several times. He never slowed down, even when she was unsteady. He just plowed that magnificent hard cock all the way in her with each thrust. After several minutes he pulled his cock out.

He reached out with his foot and pulled the chair closer. He flung her down on the chair. He lifted her chin with his fingers of one hand and grabbed his cock with the other. He ordered her to look at him and she did. He leaned down and kissed her passionately then rammed his cock into her mouth. He grabbed her head, locking his fingers around the back of her head. He started ramming his cock harder and harder. When she gagged, he would hold it in her mouth for a long time. She was crying. He tilted his head back and grunted. She was trying to pull back but he held her tight. Finally, he pulled his cock out . She gasped for air. He only gave her a minute to breathe when he forced his cock back into her mouth. He fucked her mouth as forcibly as he had fucked her from behind. Again, when she gagged, he held it in there. With incredible lust in his voice, he told her that feeling her gag on his cock almost made him cum. She was trying to push him back. He laughed a wicked laugh and said, That’s a good girl, fight me, fight me, good girl. He finally pulled his cock out of her mouth. She had barely had a moment to compose herself when he yanked her up off the chair.

He pulled her over toward us. I couldn’t believe they were going to be so close to us. Little did I know how close! He stepped between us and began to sit down on the bench. Even though we were young, there was barely enough space for him. When he sat down his leg touched mine. There he was, so close, naked and I could smell him, I could see clear stuff oozing out of the head of that wonderful cock. As soon as I started sucking cock, when I was older, I found that I love the taste of pre-cum. gebze escort bayan There isn’t a sweeter taste than pre-cum. Back to waht happened….I wanted to touch his cock. I wanted to feel his cock with my hands and rub it on my face and across my lips. I grabbed the edge of the bench with my hands, as if I had to control them. As if my hands would just reach out on their own and caress his cock.

She stood in front of us. I wanted to feel her titties in my mouth. I couldn’t help but look at them and then down to her pussy. He grabbed her by the wrist and spun her around. He grabbed his hard throbbing cock with his hand as he lowered her down . He moved his cock sort of back toward his stomach as she came down. He put his arm around her waist and pulled her down. I was so shocked to see it go into her sweet little round brown ass. She screamed as he forced his cock into her ass. He was lifting her up and slamming her down with his arms around her waist. Her tits were bouncing. He never slowed down fucking her ass. She never stopped screaming. When he would pull her up to slam her down again, she would beg him to stop as she cried and screamed. I couldn’t stop watching.

I will never forget his face. The look of lust, power and control, all rolled into one expression. His arm was rubbing against mine and his leg was still pressed against me. The entire space seemed to be filled with hot, lustful passion, I knew when I grew up that I wanted this. I can’t say how long her raped her ass because it was as if time stopped, engulfed in this encounter. I realized I was moving my knees back and forth so I could move my panties against my little pussy. I wanted more, I wanted something…..I needed it ! I was moving my knees and legs faster and faster. I was matching his rhythm as he pulled her ass down on his cock. After a little while I saw him look over at my legs. I froze again. He gave me a sly grin and winked at me. He only paused a moment to make eye contact with me. Could he see that he was unleashing a passion that would always burn within me? I am sure he did know it.

He let out a animalistic growl as he shuddered next to me. He was grinding her body against him. He told her to tighten her ass. She was still crying . He reached up and grabbed both of her tits really hard, as he told her to milk his cock with her sweet ass. I could feel the heat coming from their bodies and I could spell his cum. I secretly wanted to be the one he fucked.

When he finished, he lifted her to her feet. He told us to get up. He opened the bench and got out two cleaning cloths. He threw two of them to her and told her to clean his cock off. After they were wiped up both of them dressed. He told us to go to Sharon’s room and he would be up shortly to discipline us for interrupting him.

My next story will tell you about our discipline. Please leave a comment, PM me or email me [email protected]

I am hoping that at least someone is getting turned on by my true stories. Thank you.

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