Catching Penny

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Big Tits

Part 1

The giggling upstairs was starting to get to him. Danny couldn’t remember the last time the house was quiet. Then it came to him, it was before his mom had married Steve and he had brought his 12 year old daughter, Penny, to live with them. That was a little over 6 years ago and Penny was no less a problem at 18 than she was at 12.

That girl really drove Danny nuts. She had been a constant pain for almost his entire life. Causing problems at home for his mom. That wasn’t the worst of it though, she actually was in the same grade as him for a while and spread embarrassing stories so that he could never get a date. He was now 19, had just started college, and had problems of his own. He didn’t want to be at home babysitting a delinquent that had failed so many times she was still in high school. That’s where he was though. Home on a Friday night while his parents were out trying to make sure Penny didn’t sneak out. That was a little hobby of hers.

Danny’s problems laid more heavily on his mind than the little bitch upstairs. His girlfriend, Karen, was being a real tease. He had been with her for 6 months and was hoping for a little more physical attention than he was getting. She was totally content when he satisfied her, but when it was her turn to return the favor she decided that they were moving too fast. If he wouldn’t have to start back over from scratch he would just find a new girl. He just didn’t want to chance another 6 months for nothing. Who knew, Karen may warm up. At this point all he could wonder was which would wear out first, his dick or the palm of his hand.

What was going on upstairs would have blown Danny’s mind. Penny’s face was buried in her best friend Marcia’s cunt, and she was slowly nibbling on her clit. Penny had been with girls for a long time. It had all started out as a little playing around at a slumber party, and turned into an addiction for her. She was currently having sex with all of her friends. Sometimes they knew about each other, sometimes they didn’t. It was all part of the games she liked to play. She was VERY good at games.

Penny was so busy daydreaming about her stepbrother that until Marcia moaned, she didn’t realize she wasn’t paying enough attention to the sweet, juicy pussy in front of her. She would have loved to get her hands on Danny, and she knew his girlfriend wasn’t putting out. She quickly put it out of her mind and turned her mind back to where it belonged. Bayan Escort Gaziantep She started licking rapidly, and when Marcia could seem to stand no more, she rammed all of her small fist up her friend’s pussy. That was all it took to set her off.

From downstairs Danny wondered what all the screaming he could hear over the TV was about. He walked up the stairs and threw open Penny’s door. “What the hell is going on in here??!!”

Part 2

Danny was so shocked by the scene before him he wasn’t even quite sure he was seeing properly. Penny was so surprised she yanked her fist from Marcia who shrieked from the sudden pain of it. Her large brown eyes widened, and to Danny, she looked like a deer trapped in the headlights of an oncoming car.

It then slowly sunk into Danny’s mind, “I have her, I have the little bitch.”. All the teasing and bitching and all the other hell she had put him through was over. And maybe…. He closed the door. He now had a plan.

“Oh my God, Oh my God!”

“Shut the fuck up Marcia,” Penny screamed as she slapped her friend and lover across the face. “You think you’re in for some shit? That troll down the hall knows about me now. After all the hell I’ve put him through he is gonna torture me with this.”

“Look,” Marcia said while putting on her still damp panties and too short shorts. “I am going home, you call me as soon as you fix this.” She leaned over and gave Penny a deep kiss which just aroused them both all over again.

“Nothing is going to ruin my party next week,” Penny said with determination . “Just the thought of it gets me hot.”

Marcia left and Penny got a little plan of her own. One she just might enjoy.

The knock on the door brought a smile to Danny’s face. He knew who that was and knew what he wanted. “Come in,” He sang in a very pleased voice. The door opened very slowly, and in walked Penny in her short, pink robe.

“Look,” she said in a hesitant voice. “I know that you have caught me, and I am here to beg for your mercy.”

“You wish!”

“Look, I know I have been a complete bitch to you, but if you can’t be adult about it that’s just fine. Besides, I have something you want.” With that she turned to walk out of his door.

“What?” He called before she could leave.

“This.” She turned around and dropped the robe to reveal a white baby doll night gown with nothing underneath.

“So all I am getting is you, a dirty, little slut?”

“That may be,” She answered him. “But the way I see it we both win in this situation. You don’t tell anyone what you saw in my room, and I will take care of what Karen won’t.”

“What do you know about me and Karen?”

“I have watched the two of you. When you thought no one was home, the two of you on the couch. I’ve watched all that you do for her, and her return none of the favors. I have heard you through the bedroom walls at night pleasure yourself because she just won’t do it for you. I need this as much as you do. I can have any girl I want. I HAVE had almost every girl in this town, but I just can’t seem to get a guy. That’s what I want.”

With that she straddled him and rubbed her damp pussy on his muscular stomach. She went in for a kiss, and loved the fact that her fantasy was about to be fulfilled. Her hands reached lower to remove his shorts when he caught her hands in a hard grip behind her back.

She let out a shrill scream. “Look, I am in charge here. Things will be done my way, and I want you to rap your cute little lips around my dick.”

He released her hands, and she removed his pants and started to lick the pre cum from the tip of his dick. She wanted it all in her mouth, and as she lowered her head it got even harder. It was about the size of the toy she kept hidden in her room, 9 inches. She knew she would enjoy the hell out of this.

She started to move her head at a faster ace while rubbing his balls and pushing a finger into his asshole. She knew this always drove her girls crazy. She could just feel his balls starting to constrict when he pulled her up. The ecstasy she was creating on his dick made him totally forget how he wanted to punish her. He rolled her onto her back while grabbing that firm little ass of hers. “This may hurt,” he told her. She knew it wouldn’t though since her hidden friend had taken care of the problem a long time ago.

He took his 2 thumbs and opened up the lips of her young, juicy cunt. He moaned out loud at the size of that tiny hole. She was just so tiny everywhere. When he placed the head inside her warm pussy she let out a moan. While he was the same length as her toy, he was bigger around.

As he watched himself enter her hole he almost came at the sight of it. But he wouldn’t let himself. The feeling of her tight, virgin pussy was just too great. He was in heaven and vowed not to blow his load until he had all of his dick in her precious little body. He got so excited that he started to nibble on her perky little nipples. This sent her over the edge and she started thrusting her pelvis upward, sending squishy noises into the air. His dick was shoved all the way into her on the up, and being squeezed as she fell back down. Juices were flowing leaving a dark circle under her ass on the bed. The air was just filled with her scent. They both started screaming and in seconds were both cumming. He shot a hot load deep into her slick pussy, which was so tight that the cum started running out and down her ass crack.

Danny laid back spent, and sure he had tired her out for a while. To his surprise she sat up and then put her mouth over his dick and started cleaning the mixture of their juices off of him. While she did this her cute little as was wiggling in the air. In seconds Danny was hard as stone again and had a plan to punish her this time.

He grabbed her waist and threw her face down onto the bed. Then grabbed the sash from his nearby robe and tied her hands to the bed post. “What the hell are you doing?!” With a quick smack on the ass he told her to shut up. He pushed her until she was bent over at the waist. He stuck his hardening cock into her dripping cut and she figured she was in for some great rough sex. When he pulled out just as quickly she groaned. Then he placed the tip of his dick on her asshole. She started screaming, but he would hear none of it. He delivered a couple more quick slaps on her ass and then pushed his dick inside. He could feel the muscles contracting, trying to force the intruding object out. Penny got into it quickly. Wiggling her tight as back, she tried to force more of that meaty rod inside. They got into a rhythm and he started spanking her and telling her what a bad girl she had been.

“OH YES! I HAVE BEEN SO BAD PUNISH ME HARDER!!,” she screamed. They soon went over the edge with Penny shaking with juices running down her thighs, and Danny shooting load after load into her tight asshole.

He untied her and sent her to shower and clean up. “Come right back though, we need to discuss the rest of your punishment.”

“Good, you can’t let me get away with all the trouble I’ve caused.” She smiled and wiggled her ass as she walked out. “By the way,” she called over her shoulder. “I have a party next week I might need your help with.”

With a wink she shut his door.

There are a couple more parts to this story. Let me know if you think I should continue. Also send feedback so I know what to improve.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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