Caught, Blackmailed and Loving It! 002

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It’s amazing how one day of laying out naked can change one’s life. If you haven’t read my first account of how my life changed, please read chapter one and then come back. If you have read it, you will know that it left off with me and Heather making out in a pool while her father (Mark) fucked me in my ass and his friend Jack fucked her in her ass. After that nice fucking, Heather and I went inside and, both tired from our fucking, went up to her room and got into her bed to go to sleep. She still had her mother’s strap-on on and she turned me around so I was on my side and took the male position in the spooning position with the strap-on resting between my ass cheeks. She wrapped her arms around me and told me that tomorrow was going to be a fun day for me.

We woke up in the morning, Friday morning and she lazily looked over at me and said, “We have so much to do today. We need to get your bitch ass ready for some good fucking by my friends today. You need to get up, get in the shower and then get dressed. We are heading out soon.” I was quite unsure of what she was talking about, but I figured since my life had effectively changed with yesterday’s encounter, I pretty much had no say in the matter. Besides, since I had so much fun yesterday, I was not about to argue at all.

I got up, went to the shower and started the water. I then got in and let the water run all over me. As I was showering, the door opened and in walked Heather and her dad. He pulled back the shower curtain and looked at my wet naked body.

“Morning slut, sleep well?” he said.

“Uh, yes” I replied.

“Good, Heather is going to take you out today and get you some clothes and some toys and get you primped for today. This evening, we are going to have a few of my friends over, only 5 or 6 of them, and Heather’s talking to her friend Stephanie right now to see if she can come over. You are going to be the willing recipient of whatever we want to do to you. You will please all of us this evening. You have any problems with that?”

“No,” I said.

“Say it louder for me, and say what you want so that Stephanie can hear it.”

It was then that I noticed Heather holding her cell phone towards me so that it could pick up my voice.


“Good boy son. Finish up and then you and Heather have a lot of work to do today.”

With that he left and Heather, giggling on the phone, told Stephanie that they were going to have fun. I have always thought Stephanie was hot. She was almost porn star hot. She reminded me of that porn star Gabriella Fox. Her tits aren’t that big, but she is fucking gorgeous. I was so stoked for tonight. I went back to showering and Heather hung up the phone and stripped and got in the shower with me.

“Good morning fag. I can’t believe how much you have changed in my eyes. I actually find you hot now because I know you are so sexually open. I always thought you were kind of a pussy because you never tried to fuck me, but now I know why. You were getting fucked by strangers in book stores and you wanted to be the one with the pussy. Well, at least you still like the pussy because you are too hot to lose completely to the dick. Speaking of dick….”she said.

As she said that, she started stroking my cock and then got down on her knees in the shower and took my cock in her mouth. She began to go crazy on my cock, taking it all the way into her throat, licking on my balls, and rubbing it against her face. I felt that familiar feeling coming and I warned her. She told me cum on her face and I moved the shower nozzle away quickly so that the water wasn’t spraying on us, but rather on the wall, took my cock in my hand and jerked it off till I unloaded on her face. She then stood up and told me to clean her face off with my tongue. I began to lick my cum off her face and swallow it till there was none left. She smiled, told me good job and then told me to wash her body. I did as I was told and then we finished. I got out and dried myself off and dried her off as well.

We left and went out shopping for the day. For me, we bought Nair, vanilla body lotion with glitter in it, a pink choker Sakarya Escort collar with pink leash, a pink jockstrap, a black patent leather shirt schoolgirl skirt, pink bracelets that could be hooked together, pink knee high stockings, black hooker heels, another 8 inch strap-on (for her friend Stephanie), pink eye shadow, lip gloss, pink nail polish, a whip with the multiple strings on them, and lube.

We went back to the house; she removed all of my hair on my body using the Nair and rubbed my entire body down with the lotion. The glitter in the lotion made my body sparkle slightly and made my skin see very sexy. She then put the pink jock strap on me, tucking my hard cock into it, but leaving my ass accessible to anyone that wants it. After that, it was the collar, bracelets, stockings and skirt. She then put the eye shadow on me, the gloss on my lips and had me get into the stripper heels. She had me walk around and get used to the heels.

I looked at myself in the mirror and I thought I looked pretty hot. You could easily see that I was a guy, but being in the pink and the girls clothes showed that I wanted to be a girl and I wanted to be a girl that was going to be used. By now, it was almost 7pm and Heather, who herself had gotten dressed in the same lotion, black stocking, black hooker heels, the black strap-on of her mom’s, a black choker and black fingerless gloves that went up to her elbows. She had a matching outfit laid out for her friend Stephanie. Her beautiful tits were on display and I was too turned on. I couldn’t wait for this evening.

Heather took me into one of the guest rooms and hooked my bracelets together and then tied me to the bed with my hands above my head. She told me to wait here and I would be retrieved when it was time. She then placed a blindfold over my eyes and then left and closed the door.

I laid there, my mind wondering on what was going to happen tonight, so turned on and excited. As I lay there, I heard the doorbell ring several times, but from where the room was, I couldn’t hear any voices at all. At one point I heard the door open and heard Heather say, “see, I told you!!” I heard another girl’s voice who I assumed was Stephanie’s say, “OH MY GOD, I can’t believe this. You have made my day Heather. This is going to be so much fun.”

The door closed and again, I was left in my silence.

About 20 minutes later, I heard the door open again, and Heather walked in. She removed my blindfold, unhooked my hands, and told me to turn over. I turned over on my stomach and then felt her writing something on my back. She then told me to get up, and I stood up. She pushed me down to my knees, hooked the leash on my collar and then, with me on my knees, slapped my face with her strap-on. She told me to open wide and she shoved the fake cock into my open mouth. She held it in there and then pulled told me to look up at her. She snapped off a picture of me on my knees with her fake cock in my mouth. She giggled and then started to walk away with the leash in her hand. I started to get up and she turned around and sternly said, “Crawl, you fucking slut! The party is beginning and the entertainment is not allowed to be on the same level as the guests!”

I crawled after her to the living room. As we entered, I saw that there were 4 other guys besides Mark and Jack as well as Stephanie mirroring Heather in her outfit. I was so excited and became even more excited as they all looked at me and started getting excited. The men were all still in their clothes and two of them were already playing with Stephanie’s tits. They were all around the age of Mark and Jack so it was 6 guys over 40 and three 21 year olds ready to have a gangbang and I was the receptacle.

The guys all surrounded me and they all laughed. I heard one of them read what was on my back:


Mark started the party. “Girls, will you do us a favor and start using the fucktoy while we all get undressed?”

“With pleasure,” said Heather.

Heather made me sit up on my knees and told me to suck her cock. I did as I was told and started to suck her strap-on. Stephanie came over and offered her strap-on to me as well. I alternated back and forth between their two cocks and as I did, they would play with each other’s tits and kiss each other. They abused my face. Heather would wait till I had Stephanie’s cock in my mouth and she would slap my face with her cock. Stephanie got into it and grabbed Adapazarı Escort both sides of my face and just used my face pussy for everything it was worth. They choked me with their cocks and gave me no remorse. This was fun to them. They got to be the dominant cock-wielding people in the sex scene and they loved it.

Stephanie then giggled, “Can I fuck him?”

“Fuck yeah you can!” Heather said.

With that, Heather made me get down on all fours and stick my ass up. She lifted up my skirt and applied some lube to my ass. She then spanked my ass a few times and Stephanie was so cute as she said, “Oh my God, I’ve always wanted to fuck him, but I always thought the first time would be his cock in me, not the other way around!” With that, Heather pulled my ass cheeks apart and I felt the tip of Stephanie’s cock hit my asshole. She pushed forward and I felt my ass give and her cock slide into me. I gasped a sigh of delight and pain. She took it tentatively at first, but Heather said, “Fuck him hard and fast. He likes it like that. He’s a slut.”

Stephanie then grabbed my hips and started sawing into my fresh ass with little to no hesitation. The feeling was amazing and my first fuck of the night came from the hot chick I’ve always wanted to fuck. Heather got up and came around to my face and stuck her cock in my mouth. I was getting split by two big fake cocks attached to two of the hottest girls I know while 6 guys, including one of the girl’s fathers, watched with their large erections out. Many of them were taking pictures and I heard the guys thanking Mark for finding a good slut. I heard random comments from the room as these girls fucked my holes in a hard fast fashion.

“Fucking slut. That’s so hot.”

“Those bitches are going to ruin him!”


“I’ve never seen something like this in real life.”

“Mark, your daughter and her friend are so hot fucking that fairy like that.”

“I can’t wait to use that fucker!”


“My cock is going to destroy him. You think he’s had one my size before?”

“Troy, elephant’s haven’t been fucked by a cock your size before! You better fuck his ass last or none of us will even feel his ass!”


Stephanie then said, “I want to see him take on some real cocks!”

Heather said, “I think that can be arranged. Hey faggot, crawl over to my father and ask him if you can suck his cock. And you better do a good job of pleasing my daddy and his friends!”

With that, the girls pulled their cocks out of me leaving me empty. Heather lay down on the ground and told Stephanie, “come over here and sit on my cock slut. It’s so much hotter watching this when you are being fucked too!” Stephanie walked over, squatted down on Heather’s big cock and took it into her dripping pussy.

I crawled over to Mark and looked up at him and said, “Please sir, I want to please the girl’s father and his friends. Will you allow me the pleasure of sucking your cocks and be a fuck toy for you gentlemen?”

“With pleasure you fucking fag,” he said and then stuck his cock in my mouth. I went to work on the man’s beautiful cock that only yesterday had violated my two holes for the first time.

“Have at him boys!” he said as his cock was exploring the inner warmth of my mouth.

The men surrounded me and I was pulled from cock to cock to cock to cock to cock, each one ranging from 7 to around 9 inches, but the one that threw me was the black man’s cock. I assume this was Troy per the comments I heard before. His cock was enormous. I have to guess it was around 11 inches, and very thick. All of the men were shaved, which was a great thing for me. Their cocks took turns in my mouth, sometimes one at a time, other times two or three would try to get in at the same time. If a cock wasn’t in my mouth, they would grab my hands and have it stroking them, or they would slap it against parts of my body or my head or face. Soon, the guys started playing with my ass, squeezing it, spanking it, fingering it. They would finger my ass and then put their fingers in my mouth to clean off for them. They loved every inch of my abuse and so was I.

I could hear Stephanie moaning on Heather’s cock.

The men bent me over, back into my doggy style position and I felt a cock at my asshole push its way in. In addition, cocks remained around my face, vying for position in my mouth. I felt hands all over my body and loved it. At one point, Jack got Serdivan Escort down on the ground and the men had me stand and squat on his cock. “This whore can please all of us at once!” With that, I felt another cock at the entrance to my hole. All cocks were removed from my mouth and then men held me as another guy pushed into my ass with his cock filling that hole with two. I screamed as I was double penetrated but the men were not going to allow me to go anywhere. Once the men were in, they see-sawed my ass with their cocks and slowly the pain turned into pleasure beyond belief. Then two of the men stuck their cocks in my mouth and my hands were placed on the other two cocks. I was pleasing six men at one time. I heard Stephanie scream out in orgasm as this much have been too much for her.

The men kept going this way for a while and then they pulled out. The cock in my right hand, Troy’s was so large and he pulled it away from me. He then pulled me away from the other men and lay on the ground. He then had me sit on his cock. It took a little effort as the double penetration had opened me up a lot but I still felt fuller than I ever had. I fucked his cock like my world depended on it and was able to take survey of the room. Heather was now on her hands and knees and behind her was Stephanie fucking her with her strap-on. The men continued their attack on me. More cocks were presented to my face, I was slapped with cocks, spit on, my mouth was held open as the men spit into my open mouth, and I was used in every manner possible. I even had two guys fucking my arm pits as I rode Troy’s monster cock.

“You ready for the finale girly-boy?” Mark asked?

“Yes, please give me your cum!!!” I pleaded.

“Go over and sit on Stephanie’s cock then!” he said.

I crawled over and Stephanie again lay on her back. I impaled myself easily on that cock and then Mark told Heather to stick hers in my ass as well. She did like a good little girl and stuck it in my ass as well. As I was double penetrated by these two hot girls’ cocks, the men came around my face and started jerking off. One by one, they unloaded ungodly amounts of cum onto my face and my outstretched tongue. The excess cum would drip down onto Stephanie’s beautiful face and once all of the men were done, Stephanie looked like she had been slimed so I could only imagine how I looked. The men took turns scooping cum off my face and shoving it into my mouth having me clean them off. Once they had done that, Heather, who was still behind me fucking me, pushed my face down and told me to clean off Stephanie’s face. I licked all of the fallen cum from her face and then we began to passionately kiss as I continued to get fucked by the two fake cocks.

Heather then pulled out, pulled me off of Stephanie and told me to stand. She and Stephanie then went to work on my 8 inch cock as these men surrounded me and felt on my body. I told them I was about to cum and they pulled off my cock and her dad grabbed my cock and jerked it till I sprayed the biggest load of my life onto their beautiful faces. He then pushed me down and told me once again lick my cum from their beautiful faces. I did as I was told and we all then collapsed in a pile of sweat and skin.

Mark then grabbed the leash that was still attached to my collar and commanded me to crawl after him. I did as I was told and the men and women followed me outside to the backyard. From there, I was told to sit on my knees and put my hands behind my back. My bracelets were then clasped together. The men, snickering, began to surround me.

“You really are a cum dumpster aren’t you? You will do anything we want as long as it makes us happy, won’t you fag?” Mark asked.

“Whatever you want master!” I replied.

“Good, then you will continue to be our toilet and take anything that comes from our cocks.” He said.

With that the men, surrounded me and began to piss on me. The girls squealed at this further humiliation. The piss was warm and was actually turning me on. One of them men told me to open my mouth and stick out my tongue and I did as I was commanded. Troy got closer and began to fill my mouth with his piss and told me to swallow it. I gulped as much as I could and finally the torrent of male piss was finished. I was then pushed on my back and Heather kneeled over my face and pissed on my open mouth. I lapped up her piss and then licked her pussy clean when she was done. Stephanie knelt over me and ground her pussy into my mouth. I licked at it vigorously until I felt her piss start filling my mouth and I did the same with her. When they were done using me as a urinal, the all left me there on the lawn and went back inside. I laid there fulfilled and filled and actually passed out.

My life was wonderful now!

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