Caught! Ch. 02

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I had meetings all day the next day, and I found it terribly hard to concentrate. At first I was thinking mostly about the events of the night before, until I imagined what would happen that night. Maybe he would just want my lips around him again. My cock twitched in my slacks. But what if he wanted to fuck me with that thing? I tried to imagine it and it was frightening. What the hell was I going to do? If I wasn’t there, he’d make public the video he had of me…oh hell. He surely had video of the night before too, including the part where he let go of my hair and I was actively going down on him. I had to do what he said, but if he wanted that…oh hell.

When I got back to my room, I half expected him to be waiting for me, but there was only a note, under which was a gold chain. The note read: “Take off all of your clothes. Put on the anklet. Wait for me.”

The chain had a flat part with an inscription on it: “Property of P. Masters”

I certainly wasn’t going to wear that anklet. I did, however, take of all of my clothes with trembling hands.

He made me wait an hour, naked and scared of what was coming next. I knew that he wanted to fuck me. He had said so, but I couldn’t imagine that huge cock ever fitting in my bottom. I didn’t have a ruler at the time, but it had to be more than ten inches long and thicker than a Red Bull can. That would kill me.

As I thought about that huge piece of meat ravaging me my own cock grew hard. What was wrong with me?

Right then came three hard raps on the door. He owned the place. He could have just let himself in, but he wanted me to open the door naked. I did and tried to gesture him in quickly, but he just stood there and looked me up and down. I blushed.

He finally came into the room and shut the door. I started to go back into the room, but he grabbed me from behind and pulled me to him. Feeling the cloth and buttons of his shirt against my back and his pants against my bottom and legs made me feel more exposed than I had ever felt before.

His deep voice rumbled in my ear, “I’ve been thinking about this all day. Your hot little ass is mine, bitch.”

His hands slid down my ribs to my hips and he grabbed them firmly while he rubbed himself against my ass. I could actually feel his cock growing under his trousers. It was huge. When he grabbed my erect cock I gasped. I couldn’t believe the effect he was having on me. I was still scared, to be sure, but my cock made it obvious I wasn’t just scared.

“I think you like this.”

I shook my head, “I don’t. How about you just let me go and throw away that picture.”

He said, “And the video from last night too? Cut correctly, it looks an awful lot like you willingly sucking cock while being hard as a rock. Like you are now.”

I was speechless. He was right. His thumb was driving me to distraction rubbing across the head of my cock, which was all but swallowed up in his huge hand.

“Please don’t do this.”

He ignored my plea and said, “Speaking of sucking cock…”

He strode over to the chair in the room and sat down. A single quick gesture at his crotch was all the signal he gave me and the only one that I needed.

I sank to my knees between his feet and, with trembling hands, unbuttoned and unzipped him. He wasn’t wearing underwear and his cock sprang free, almost fully erect already. He really was excited about this.

In less of a state gaziantep escort of shock than the night before, I really looked at his cock. It was magnificent, thick and encircled with veins. It looked dangerous. My cock throbbed, which I tried to ignore. I’m not gay.

He grinned his devilish grin at me and said, “Enough admiring little bitch. Suck that cock.”

I licked my way up one side and then down the other. Taking him into my mouth, I forced as much of him as I could in, backed off, and took him a little deeper.

“Look at me,” he commanded.

I looked up at him, my lips stretched around his massive cock, and my mind reeled. I was at the same moment incredibly humiliated and incredibly aroused. He wound one hand in my hair and held my head still while he slowly and deliberately fucked my mouth.. The incredibly thick head of his incredibly thick cock pushed at my throat and I gagged, but much later than I would have the night before. Soon I was again sliding my lips with earnest over him, helping him fuck my mouth.

Suddenly he lifted my head off of his cock by my hair.

“Get on the bed on your hands and knees.”

I looked up at him.

“Please no. Don’t do this to me. It’s too big.”

He looked down at me, then slapped my face.

“I wasn’t asking.”

Trembling again, I got onto the bed on my hands and knees, my ass toward him.

I heard him stand and the rustle of cloth. Looking back at him over my shoulder, I saw that he had dropped his clothes to the floor and stood there in all his glory. His arms were thick and powerful. His legs were heavily muscled, chiseled even. He didn’t have a six pack, but his midsection was flat and his pecs were heavy.

He gestured for me to turn away and I did. What else was I going to do?

I gasped again as her ran one finger between my cheeks, slowly circling my hole on the way. His big hands grabbed my ass and spread my cheeks apart, then let them go and one big hand came down with a “smack” on my right cheek, then my left. He spanked me vigorously while I yelped and whimpered. Still my cock was rigid.

It went down some when his hands left my flesh and returned covered with a lubricant. He knelt on one knee beside me on the bed and fed his cock between my lips. I looked up at him pleadingly when I felt the cold lube against my asshole, but he ignored me and pushed a thick finger into me, then pulled it almost all of the way out and pushed it back in again. As he pushed his thick cock deeper into my mouth he added another finger, then another.

He was sawing three fingers in and out of me, stretching my ass, preparing it for his giant cock. I groaned around the thick shaft in my mouth, at first only in pain and then in both in pain and pleasure. Apparently that was the signal he was waiting for, because he pulled my mouth off of his cock and flipped me over onto my back like I weighted nothing.

“Please don’t. That thing will tear me apart.”

He sneered, “You’ll be begging for it before I’m done.”

I was terrified of what that huge cock would do to me, but I didn’t have any choice. Suddenly he scooped my underwear off of the floor and shoved them into my mouth.

When he had flipped me over onto my back, I closed my legs and kept my knees together. He grabbed both knees and slowly forced my legs open then knelt between them. I looked away. This giant of a man with his giant of a cock knelt naked between my thighs, ready to ravish me. I shook my head and pleaded with him from behind the gag of underwear, but he just moved forward until I could feel his cock head sliding between my cheeks. My eyes must have been like saucers as he positioned the head of his cock at my entrance and began to push it in.

My eyes watered and I shook my head back and forth, but he was merciless. When I pushed against him with my hands, he grabbed both my wrists in one huge paw and pinned them over my head. It was excruciating when the head of his cock finally popped into me. My ass clamped down on it and I whimpered. It hurt so bad it was hard to breathe.

He slowly, but quite surely, pushed more and more of that huge cock into me while I groaned. His icy blue eyes were locked on my watering green ones. I writhed under him as he pushed it deeper and deeper.

He moaned and said, “That is one tight ass bitch. Congratulations, that’s half.”

I think my eyes rolled into the back of my head. Half? I was hoping we were done.

Suddenly, we were. With a wicked grin he drove the rest of it into my tiny ass. I screamed behind the gag and tried to push him away, but he was immovable. My ass spasmed around the intruder as I tried to find some way, any way, to get used to it.

It looked so obscene, his heavily muscled body between my spread legs. I thought if he moved I was going to die, but he didn’t and slowly my body began to relax a little and the pain started to go from sharp to dull.

He leaned his weight on me and growled in my ear, “Moan for me when you start to love it, little slut. Then we’ll put your anklet on.”

I looked at him angrily and shook my head to tell him that was never going to happen, but he pulled that monster slowly back. It felt like he was pulling my insides along with it and I groaned again, tossing my head from side to side.

Thankfully he only pulled back a little bit. My hands still pinned in one of his huge hands, there was nothing I could do as he pushed back in. His pubic hair was scratchy against my ass and his balls pressing lightly against me.

He pulled back further and drove it back into me. It didn’t hurt as bad as it had, but it still hurt. He stared into my eyes and held it deep inside me, then rotated his hips slightly. I winced and just as suddenly he pulled most of the way back and drove that thick cock back in to the hilt, then again. Soon he was fucking my ass with a slow steady rhythm. It started to not feel quite so bad, then the first hints of pleasure began to make themselves known to my addled brain.

He stopped with the head of his cock just about to pull out of me, then pushed the full length back in with aching slowness. I could feel every thick vein on his massive cock as it made its way deeper. When he was balls deep in me this time, I moaned. I’m sure my eyes widened in surprise, because moments earlier it had been almost entirely somewhere between uncomfortable and painful.

He immediately did it again and I felt my cock, until recently finally still, begin to rise. I moaned again.

He smiled that wicked, wicked smile and said, “Was that a moan little bitch? Is she becoming a slut?”

I surely wasn’t, until he began to fuck me in earnest, pulling his hips back and driving that monster forward, my ass straining to stretch around it, but now the straining was starting to feel good, delicious even.

He slammed forward and my back arched as I moaned.

I begged him with my eyes to stop, to not go any further, to not make me discover this about myself.

He did nothing. Nothing but fuck me even harder.

I was starting to lose it no matter how hard I fought. Of their own volition my hips started to buck against him to get more of his manhood into me. That bastard pulled the underwear from my mouth just as I moaned again. The sound seemed to echo around the room as he smiled.

“Do you like that cock inside of you?”

With the last bit of defiance I had, I said, “No! I hate it!”

With a shrug he lifted my legs so that my ankles were on his shoulders, pulled his thickness almost all the way out and then began driving it back in, his hips smacking against my ass.

I was ashamed, but I lost it and howled, howled with pleasure and pain, but much more pleasure, at his assault, and when his deep voice growled in my ear, “Do you love my cock,” the answer that leapt from my lips was “Yes!”

“Yes what?”

I felt lost as I blurted out, “I love your cock! Fuck me! Oh god, fuck me!”

He growled, “Who owns your little ass, slut.”

He sawed the head of his cock across my prostate again and again until I was thrashing under him.

‘”Who owns you?”

“Oh god. Oh god. Oh god. You do.”

I was close to cumming when he suddenly pulled all of the way out. I felt empty and I couldn’t even pretend that I didn’t want to be filled again. I looked up at him, a massive man with my ankles on his shoulders, and realized that he was holding out the anklet.

“Put it on little slut.”

I started to shake my head, to resist again, when he teased my open bottom with just the tip of his cock. I wanted him, maybe more than I had ever wanted anything. I think right then I’d have done anything to have him finish me off, to impale me. I thrust my hips up like a slut, trying to make him enter me, but he pulled back and then started teasing me again.

I said, “Put it on me.”

He shook his head and held it out.

My hands shaking, I reached out and took the gold chain from his fingers. I pulled one of my ankles off of his thick shoulders and, of my own free will, gave myself up.

He leaned forward until I was folded in half and his thick chest was almost touching my own. Before I could even register what he was going to do, he kissed me, thrusting his tongue into my mouth as he drove himself home in my ass.

His kiss was animalistic, his tongue thrusting deep into my mouth. When he pulled back I was gasping for breath. He leaned back onto his haunches and let my legs slip from his shoulders. I let them fall open and imagined what it must look like, this giant kneeling on the bed, my long legs spread wide for him.

I screamed aloud when he lunged forward and impaled me fully, drew all the way back, and lunged forward again. He fucked me savagely as I moaned and screamed, occasionally chanting “fuck me” over and over again. I suddenly leaned up and grabbed his head, pulling him down for a kiss and wrapped my legs around his thrusting hips.

Suddenly I felt myself building to orgasm and before long I screamed as my cock leapt and cum spurted between our sweaty bodies. I was still spasming when he groaned and flooded my ass with his cum.

I must have passed out, because I awoke some time later, experiencing the strange sensation of cum dripping from my ass.

He was gone, but a note on the nightstand said, “Be here at noon tomorrow.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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