Caught in the Act Ch. 04

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Back in the bedroom, after an exciting time in the bathroom, my arse still wet from the slurping of mum and dad’s tongues deep inside my hole, the threesome with my parents that had begun when my dad Keith caught me sniffing my mum Susan’s panties, was now about to take on a new and more hardcore dimension. Mum laid back on the bed again and once more spread her legs to show off her pussy, nice and clean and delectably fresh-smelling after the recent shower.

“She wants it licked again, son,” my father said, giving me a quick kiss on the lips, “now that you know what to do, go and thank her for licking your arse and for being such a good mother.”

“Sure dad,” I replied, only too eager to taste mum’s moist pussy again, “and I’d like to thank you for rimming me, too.”

“That can be arranged, son,” dad said, “but see to your mum first. She’s gagging for it.”

“I can see that, dad,” I said, glancing at mum who was spreading her legs wide on the bed, her glorious pussy fully exposed to mine and dad’s admiring eyes, “and I can’t wait to fuck her.”

“You will, mate,” said dad in his usual friendly way, “she ain’t gonna deny you that pleasure, are you, honey?” he added, smiling at his wife.

“Certainly not,” said mum, a determined tone to her voice, “it’s all part of your education, sweetheart, but I need my pussy licked again first. Come here, you sexy sod, and give me that talented tongue of yours again.”

“Go on, Scott,” dad said, twerling his impressive cock in his hand, “don’t keep her waiting. Prove to her just what a sexy sod you are.”

“I’ll do my best, dad,” I replied, giggling since it was only a short while ago I had licked mum out and, furthermore, shot a nice big load of my hot sperm all over her, to her full approval and great delight, I might add. And dad’s too, my father having shown himself to be a very enthusiastic voyeur as I unleashed a torrent of cream that was right up there with those I had seen delivered by the male actors in my mate Brian’s porno movies.

It had been the first time I had ever covered anybody with my long ropes of spunk and the fact it was my mother on the receiving end made it all the more exciting. Much better than wanking off on your own and cumming over yourself though I daresay I shall continue to have the occasioal solitary wank, not to mention those with my mate Brian during our once or twice a week mutual masturbation sessions.

Now, however, I was rapidly discovering that both my parents were sluts of the highest order and that I was happily following in their footsteps, all of us as hungry for sex as often as we could get it.

My enthusiasm was the same when I wanked with Brian when we watched his porno movies round his place; I would go off for a bit after cumming but as soon as Brian put another movie on, me and my proud cock were raring to go again as, of course, was Brian’s. Thus it didn’t surprise me in the least that mum and dad were horny again so quickly after our shower.

So, not wasting anymore time, I knelt before mum and gazed lovingly on my birthplace, wondering how many other sons get to enjoy the privelege of making love to such a sacred hole. My mouth drooled saliva as I reached out to fondle the strands of pussy skin and pubic hair with my touchy feely hands as mum spread her legs even wider to highlight her juicy hole to the best advantage while dad wanked his cock a little harder.

“Lick me, sweetheart,” mum implored, “my pussy really needs another good going over. As your dad said, don’t keep me waiting.”

“Yeah, go on Scott,” dad said, “get stuck in there and enjoy yourself, that’s what we’re here for, to enjoy the sheer pleasure that our bodies give us.”

I leaned in closer to mum’s exquisite cunt with my tongue at the ready, breathing in its intoxicating aroma that, up until this glorious day, I had secretly only been able to enjoy from her scent left behind on her used panties. I wasn’t going to give up sniffing mum’s panties for good, of course – indeed, I could now do so in front of my parents and not behind their backs as had been the case until now – but the real thing was so much better and I ran my tongue hungrily up and down the gash, lapping her juices onto my tongue before finding mum’s awesome-looking clit and smothering the hard nub with lots of loving little kisses.

“Good boy,” mum said, with a strong undertone of lust in her voice, not wanting me to stop and placing her hands on my head to hold me there as if fearful I would pull away, “oh, honey,” she went on to my father, “our Scott is so good at this. He truly is a really loving son.”

“Sure fucking is,” dad agreed, again happy to play the role of voyeur for now as I parted mum’s labia with my hands and sent my tongue in as deep as I could to give her – and me – maximum pleasure, “no parents could wish for one better.”

I smiled up at mum as dad moved round and stood next to me so that his hard cock nudged against the side of my face. I could tell what Bayan Escort Gaziantep he wanted and I found myself in a dilemma, should I go on pleasuring mum since she was enjoying my tongue so much – as I was enjoying her cunt – or should I transfer my attention and suck my father’s cock?

Mum answered the question for me a few minutes later as she gently pushed my head away. “That was divine, sweetheart,” she said, as she manouevred herself until she was squatting on the bed with her legs folded under her, her big tits dancing merrily beneath her neck, the nipples erect, “your dad and I have looked forward to this day so much. Now let me see how good you are at sucking cock.”

Before either dad or I could say anything, mum reached out and grabbed dad’s cock in her hand and pointed it towards my mouth. The big head was fully exposed since dad had his foreskin peeled right back and the glossy pink knob glowed and throbbed with life, the little beads of pre-cum evident as they oozed from dad’s pee hole.

I gave a few tugs on my own cock, which had remained rock hard ever since mum and dad had rimmed me in the shower, and opened my mouth in obedience to mum’s command. Then I swallowed my father’s aroused prick in one long gulp, my head going backwards and forwards as I treated him to his first ever incestuous blowjob.

“Now you can thank your dad for rimming you like you thanked me,” mum said, leaning in as close as possible to get the best possible view in full glorious close-up, taking over the role of voyeur from dad. I was champing at dad’s cock, hoping I was thanking him sufficiently for his expert licking of my arsehole while mum flashed her sunshine smile at me again, delighted to see me so enjoying myself.

“Fuck, son,” dad said, glancing down at me to watch his cock drilling in and out of my inexperienced but hungry mouth, “you sure know how to thank a man. Are you sure you haven’t sucked cock before?”

“Yeah,” said mum, proudly, “I thought the same thing when Scott licked my pussy.”

I was over-the-moon to hear such glowing words of praise and that I was, indeed, rewarding dad for his expert rimming skills. I sucked on his cock for a full five minutes, kissing the head and licking the shaft, determined to make dad more proud of me than he already was and to give him as much pleasure as I had in my power. And judging by dad’s grunts and groans of pleasure, which rose and fell with every thrust of his cock in my mouth, I was not failing in my duty.

“Honestly, mum and dad,” I said, when I finally rescinded dad’s cock from my mouth after choking on it for what had seemed an eternity, “you are the first people I’ve ever done this with. Brian and I wank together when we watch his naughty films but we never touch each other.”

“That’s a shame,” said mum, “maybe we should invite this friend of yours round sometime and show him what he’s missing.”

“Yeah,” said dad, “and maybe we could loan each other some DVDs, too. Can never have enough porn.”

“Aren’t Scott and I good enough for you then, honey?” said mum, grinning wickedly at her husband.

“Don’t be daft,” replied dad as mum grinned back at him, reproachfully.

I went back to sucking dad’s cock, feeling a tad bemused at my parents’ comments mixed with a pang of jealousy. What mum had said about Brian joining us seemed to fly in the face of her earlier remarks – about how good I was at sucking and licking – if she wanted somebody else to join us. Nor had I realised that mum and dad watched porn movies, they’d kept that just as secret as I had the enjoyment I got from sniffing mum’s panties – until today, that was.

I love watching porn when I’m in the mood and I made a mental note at the back of my mind for mum and dad to share their collection with me, not that we needed dirty movies to help us in our carnal activities, we seemed to be doing fine with everything racing along perfectly well without them.

I decided to keep my other thoughts to myself, however. Knowing Brian, he probably would never accept such an invitation and neither was I inclined to have my best mate know that I was having a special, albeit incestuous, relationship with my own family. In any case, if ever Brian was to join us that would be then and now was now; I was determined, therefore, to live for the minute and to carry on enjoying our taboo threesome by keeping my parents all to myself.

“Lick my balls, son,” dad said, bringing me out of my daydream and before I had a chance to resume sucking him, “these need to be licked just as hard as you did your mum’s pussy.”

Dad’s balls were, and are, enormous, the two eggs of his testicles dangling in a sweaty sac that bounced below his throbbing cock, poised directly in front of my face, and you didn’t need to be an expert to realise that they were again full of cum, as mine now were, too, I was pleased to note.

Mum was rubbing her tits together with her hands as she watched me begin to lick my way round my father’s heavy nuts, my own nuts aching as I tugged again on my cock, bringing myself to the brink of orgasm but stopping just in time. I didn’t want to disgorge another load just yet, not so soon after the last time and I had a feeling dad felt the same since he had noticeably slowed down the pace of his wanking. I wanted to save my next lot for when I eventually got to fuck mum’s pussy which, I could tell, was where things were leading up to and would be the icing on the cake as far as I was concerned.

“Let me suck your cock, honey, while Scott licks your balls,” said mum to dad, expertly scrambling from the bed to rest herself on her knees next to me and snaking a hand round to cradle my buttocks while, visibly, dad’s excitement increased as mum began to lick along the shaft of his blood-filled cock, the thick veins standing out as mum went to town on them while I continued to slurp my novice tongue around dad’s tasty testicles.

“Fucking hell,” dad moaned, placing his right hand on mum’s head and his left on mine, “it sure is great having you along with us, Scott.”

“Thanks, dad,” I managed to murmur, momentarily looking up and smiling at him and dad grinned back down at me, his paternal pride fully evident, “it’s great being allowed to join in at last after wanking off just listening to you and mum through the walls for so long.”

“That will never have to happen again, son,” dad said, his prick pulsating as he continued to run his hand up and down the stiff greasy pole.

Mum was still touching up my arse as I went back to licking dad’s balls while mum ran her tongue along the shaft to the head where dad’s pee hole was fully engorged and oozing a mixture of pre-cum and piss. Mum kissed the head and stuck the tip of her tongue in dad’s slit and I let his balls fall free to watch.

“Oh, yeeeeesssss, honey,” dad cried in ecstacy, his legs bucking as mum took his cock deep into her mouth to the far corners of her throat, “this is fucking incredible.”

I stood up with my hard cock in my hand as dad leaned in towards me and I towards him, our lips puckered and ready for a nice long father and son kiss. As our mouths and tongues met, my father began to fondle my arse cheeks, taking over from my mother, his masculine hands just as soft and gentle as mum’s.

Dad and I were so locked in a passionate embrace that I didn’t notice mum releasing dad’s cock from her mouth to go down on mine. My legs bucked as mum wrapped her hot wet mouth around my stiff fuck pole as dad and I broke the kiss and he stood back to watch me getting yet another sizzlingly hot maternal blowjob.

Mum was fingering her pussy as she sucked while dad wanked alongside us, his eyes unwavering from the hot torrid scene. I had now abandoned all the last vestiges of doubt and guilt, wasn’t ashamed in the least nor of being stark bollock naked in front of my own naked parents and sporting a generous erection that matched dad’s inch for inch.

“Look at these fabulous pricks,” mum said. delighted to now have two big succulent appendages to feast and suck on, “so nice and hard. I’m such a lucky woman.”

“You sure are, mum,” I giggled as dad and I held ourselves aloft in front of her face and mum licked her lips, her eyes on stalks as she ogled the pricks of her horny husband and likewise horny son which dad and I were openly flaunting. We had both retracted our foreskins and our knobheads bulged in front of mom’s eyes, slick and greasy and full of life as we stretched them to their limits to show mum exactly what we were made of.

Mum took me back into her mouth, once again demonstrating to me her expertise in the blowjob department, not that I had had the slightest bit of doubt how classy she was when it came to sucking cock from the loving attention she had given mine earlier in the day. Until that afternoon when dad caught me in the act, sniffing mum’s panties like a drug, I had never been sucked before and, in all honesty, I couldn’t imagine any other lady giving my cock such a beautiful time as mum had done and was now starting to do all over again.

“Mum, you are fantastic,” I cried as the engorged head of my swollen cock hit the inside of her cheek, puffing out the left side of her face, “I couldn’t wish for a greater honour than to be yours and dad’s son.”

Dad smiled and ran one of his hands over my bum again while continuing to pummel his cock in his other. Mum was watching him masturbate out the sides of her eyes as she went back to work giving me another dose of the pleasure I had dreamed about for years, proof indeed that dreams do come true if you yearn for them strongly enough.

“Oh my word!” gasped mum after ten to fifteen minutes of non-stop alternate blowjobbing of mine and dad’s hard-as-iron cocks and licking and kissing our juicy sweaty balls, “you men get me so fucking horny. I’ve just got to have one of these in my nice wet pussy,” she went on, tugging on our cocks.

My excitement reached fever pitch as mum’s words rang in my ears. She stood up and beckoned to dad and I to follow her to the bed but dad had other ideas.

“Just a minute, darling,” he said, “no reason why you should have all the cocksucking fun.”

Then dad dropped to his knees and took my hard-on into his mouth, sucking so hard his face caved in and my balls swung backwards and forwards with a perpetual rhythm, slapping dad firmly against his chin but he didn’t seem to mind, rather he seemed to enjoy it better the harder they slapped. My cock felt just as great inside dad’s mouth as it had in mum’s, they were both excellent and extremely confident cocksuckers in their own right.

I had my back to mum and could feel her eyes taking in the whole of my body from the rear from tip to toe and resting on my bare arse which she and dad both seemed to thrill to and admire just as much as they did my prick. I glanced over my shoulder and smiled at mum as she fell forward onto the bed, squashing her stupendous jugs against the covers, and stuck out her tongue and began to run it along the cleft that separated my butt cheeks.

“Fuck, mum and dad,” I said, as my mother licked my arse and my father sucked my cock, “this is brilliant. I knew it was going to be good but I didn’t think it would be as good as this.”

“Never underestimate us, Scott, mate,” said dad, releasing my cock and standing up, pressing his body against mine so that our hard cocks rubbed together, “sex is the name of the game, it’s what we live for.”

“Me, too, dad,” I said, “I hope this will be just the start of many hot threesomes with you and mum.”

“You bet your sweet life it will, son,” said dad, smiling over his shoulder to watch his wife’s tongue caressing my bottom, “now that we’ve broken the ice, so to speak, your mum and I want you to know you are welcome to join us whenever you like.”

“Thanks, dad,” I said and we kissed again while I silently thanked my parents for not again broaching the subject of Brian joining us though maybe, in that respect, I had been a bit over-sensitive.

“How you getting on down there, honey?” said dad to mum who was still running her delightful tongue up and down my arse crack.

“Fine,” mum replied, “Scott has got one hell-of-an-arse. Nice legs and back, too.”

Mum ran her hands down my sturdy legs, then back up again, reaching through the archway of my legs to fondle my balls through them and grope my undiminished penis, then back over my thighs and buttocks and up my back. It felt absolutely wonderful to feel mum’s exploratory hands roaming over my smooth young body and I trembled excitedly as I felt myself coming out in goose bumps.

“My word, sweetheart,” I heard mum exclaim from behind me where her hands had come back down to my arse and she began to dig her fingers into the flesh of my tight globes, “you sure have blossomed into one-hell-of-a handsome and sexy man.”

“That’s because you and dad are so beautiful and sexy, too,” I replied, “after all, I’m only what you made me.”

“Yeah,” said dad, laughing, “we knew what we were doing, alright, eh honey?”

“Certainly did,” agreed mum, who was still fully engaged in playing with my bum. I was hoping she would stick her tongue back inside my arsehole again and give me a proper rimming like she – and dad, too – had done in the shower but instead she climbed back onto the bed and grinned up at me.

“Come here, sweetheart,” she said and the momentary feeling of disappointment I’d had at not getting rimmed again dissipated completely when I realised what mum was after. “I think the time has arrived for you to really show your love for me.”

“Here you go, son,” said dad, patting me affectionately on the back, “the moment you’ve been waiting for.”

I had indeed and my proud cock quivered with anticipation, so hard it pointed up to the ceiling as I climbed onto the bed alongside mum. Dad was smiling happily and wanking again as he prepared to watch the two people he loved more than anything else in the world finally get to fuck each other.

I kissed my mother on the lips, then declined my head to lick and suck on her tits as a prelude to the happy event. Mum smiled as I pinched her erect nipples gently between my teeth and then, after licking her dark purple aureoles, worked my way down her smooth freshly-showered body, kissing her navel before burying my face once again as I nose-dived into her hot steaming muff.

I lubricated her pussy and clit with my tongue and then looked up to see mum no longer smiling but with a look of pure unbridled lust on her face. Dad too was no longer smiling as the atmosphere in the room became even more sensuously charged with a heady mixture of love and sex than it had already.

“You really know how to pull my trigger, my darling,” mum said to me, quietly, as she positioned herself above me, holding my erect cock in an upright position as she prepared to impale herself on all eight and a bit inches of it. My entire body was shaking, my nerve ends tingling, the moment I had longed for, as dad had just said, now well and truly arrived.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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