Caught Stealing Panties

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Sam was a bright, 20 year old, radiant young man. He far surpassed his classmates in their studies. Spending long hours in his room completing assignments working many hours into the night. Sam had a somewhat clumsily hidden secret. Sam had a great deal of interest in the under-wears of his mother and aunts. He was obsessed. Swiping clothes from the house’s only drier, walking quietly and containing his excitement. Sam would even go as far as to reach into the drawers on his mother’s bedroom furniture. But Sam was putting that behind him now.

He was behind in his classwork and spent even more time hitting the books….

Sam waved the pencil with his pointer and thumb while examining the equation he had to simplify. He turned his eyes away from the paper and leaned back into his desk chair. “I would like to see if she left her clothes in the bathroom.” Sam thought. Suddenly wondering if his mother told his aunt Reba that he had a habit of taking things in that way. “There’s no way.” Sam announced out loud. Sam turned his eyes back to the math work he had been attempting to solve.

Unable to concentrate on his paperwork Sam stood up, He was horny, and it was only 8:45. He knew he was going to at least look in the bathroom, in case the clothes her aunt had previously worn were strewn about. Though his family was still very much active and awake, he knew his mother would be sitting down with her sister and chatting about any old thing. Sam was thinking very hard about the bathroom and his chance at getting a much sought after treasure to fill his habit. He walked from his upstairs bedroom towards the upstairs bathroom, he was able to look down the stairs and see his mother and aunt crowded around the television.

Sam entered the bathroom and closed the door slowly behind him. His eyes asphyxiated immediately on the clothing still in the place where his aunt had put it when she stripped her clothes off. He could tell she pulled her jeans and underwear off in 1 tug the way they were on the floor. Sam was somewhat relieved that the underwear she had been wearing were just a conservative pair of whites. He was able to step right over them on his way out of the John.

Sam returned to his room and let out a big sigh. He heard his moms voice and realized quickly that she was talking about him or calling his name. He took this much needed break to walk out into the hallway and down the stairs, at least to spend time in the kitchen. Sam walked down the stairs 1 at a time. His aunt Reba smiled and said “Hey Sam.”

Reba was only 6 or so years older than Sam. “Hello Reba, I’m glad mother and you are enjoying yourselves.” said Sam.

“We were just talking about you”. said Reba. Sam couldn’t help but feel fear. He was very glad he refrained from touching his aunt’s worn clothing.

“Your Mother wanted to know if you were hungry.” Said Reba.

Sam felt a wave of relief to know his secret was safe.

Sam declined his mother’s offer to prepare him a piece of dessert.

Sam walked up the stairs 2 at a time and started straight towards his room when he gazed into the guest room just to see one of his aunt Reba’s bags wide open, with cloth goods visible. He stood stone still in the hallway, listening. When he determined he was safe, he walked into the guest room. The familiar room with the queen sized bed in the middle, Sam recalled when his mother still kept old clothes in the drawers. He’d spend hours home alone putting on things and staring at himself in the mirror. Sam looked into the bag and saw a red pair of cotton briefs. Sam’s blood began to rush and he started to get an erection. Sam decided then and there to take the red briefs. He grabbed them in his hand and pulled them free from the bag. Stuffing them in his pocket he started for his bedroom.

Sam closed his bedroom door behind him and started to feel guilty, just the other day he had decided he needed to steal clothes much less frequently. And here he was with a pair of red cotton briefs in his pocket. His blood began to flow as he thought about the tightness he would feel wearing these size 6 briefs. He thought about how just the other day, the morning before specifically, his mother confronted him and offered to buy him underwear to wear. He answered no but it was impossible for him to claim he was not taking panties. He had suspected that his mother knew that he had taken a pair of his mothers underwear from her bedroom, just an hour before. Sam’s mind was racing and he decided it was a good time to masturbate. He stripped his clothes naked and slid the briefs up one leg at a time, letting the elastic smack his skin when he pulled them all the way up,over his genitals. Sam thought he could cum right then.

Sam heard his mother’s voice again and quickly pulled his shorts on. Before he could find his own shirt his mother had opened the door, Seeing her shirtless son, her vision narrowed as she tried to chase the outline of panty lines. Sam could feel her gaze upon him. He was going to mumble something but decided not to, her mother would speak first he thought. “Come downstairs and hang out with your aunt Reba, she changed your diapers you know.” Sam’s mother said in a playful tone. “and put your shirt back on” she Topkapı Escort added.

Sam nodded approvingly.

Sam walked down the steps 1 at a time feeling the cotton glide between his legs and privates. He wanted to moan, but contained it. When Sam sat down on the couch he began getting involved in the conversation and almost forgot he had his new panties on for the first time. Sam was glad his aunt Reba had visited them this weekend. Soon after drinks and laughs, Sam could hear his mother talking about the bathroom. “Did you leave your clothes on the floor when you showered?” His Mother did not like a messy bathroom.

“Sorry about that” answered Reba. Reba began climbing the stairs when Sam’s mother said to her, “make sure nothing’s missing.”

“I beg your pardon?” asked Reba.

Sam could feel his heart in his throat, his cheeks began to turn red. Sam closed his eyes and hoped that he mis-heard his mother.

“He will take from what you leave out.” His mother stated, as matter of factually.

Reba blinked, still confused on her way to the bathroom, she scooped up the clothes in her arms and brought them to the guest room where she sat them down next to her all ready opened bag. She walked out of the guest room and down the stairs to sit gently on the couch. “What were you saying then?” Reba asked her oldest sister.

“Sam will take your clothes if you leave them out.” Sam’s mother looked embarrassed herself.

“Is this true Sam, do you take clothes from the people around you?” Reba asked Sam

Sam went to speak but his mother spoke over him.

“Not just to have them, he wear’s them too.”

Reba started to smile and looked right at Sam.

“Do you look like a real girl when you are dressed up Sam?”

Sam turned even more red, having dreading someone to know, much less talk about his shameful character trait.

“He probably has my underwear on right now.” Sam’s mother said cooly.

Sam gave his mother a sharp look.

“Well do you Sam? Are you wearing your mother’s naughty bits?” Asked Reba.

Sam stared at the floor.

Sams mother stood up from her chair and walked over to Sam. She stood him up, grabbing at his waist she pulled away his shirt then peeked into the side of Sam’s shorts.

“Yes he has panties on” Mother had said glancing at Reba.

“These aren’t mine though”

“They’re Reba’s.” Sam Volunteered.

“No way let me see!” Exclaimed Reba as she moved towards him and her sister.

“Those are my red panties, size 6 too!”

Just then Sam’s mother pulled his shorts down around his ankles, infuriated that her son had stolen from her sister’s bag. Sam sheepishly stepped out of his shorts with the red cotton panties still in place, on display for anyone to see.

“I’m crushed that you would go in my bag, NOT ok.” Reba whined.

“You want to steal so you can wear panties!?” his mother was livid. She began to yell and berate him. She was explaining the way he sneaks around and pilfers her laundry, with much emphasis on the stealing.

“And now you’ve stolen someone else’s” It was the final straw for this patient mother.”pull the panties around your knees and lean against the bookcase.” He didn’t dream of disobeying his mother. Sliding the red cotton down his thighs he reached his hands out against the bookcase.’

“spread your legs and bend over” Sam didn’t hesitate, he looked between his legs only too see his manhood beginning to make an entrance. He was very turned on being bent over the bookcase, knees straining underneath their pale red prison, feeling even more vulnerable that his manhood was having a response.

“It looks like he’s enjoying this.” Reba pointed out.

Mother inspected her son’s body and needed no time to think.

“You will stay in this position until you are forgiven.”

“great..” Sam thought, knowing full well not to respond. Sam felt a slew of emotions. The shame was burning in his face; his secret, not to mention his rivates, revealed to his aunt. The horror he experienced when his mother snapped into action not lost on his mind. Staring between his own legs he was reminded of the excitement. He waited silently for his mother’s next move.

“In the meantime your aunt and I will enjoy a movie”. Sam heard his aunt giggle and his mother head upstairs. Soon there was a sound from within the drawers of the entertainment center. And then the television came to life. Sam closed his eyes, hearing the narrators familiars voices. His aunt and mother were silent, Sam pretended they weren’t in the room. He could hear their familiar breathing, his mother coughed. 20 minutes went by without a word.

“He’s got a little butt.” Reba announced with a giggle.

Sam heard his mother sigh. If He could blush anymore his legs might go weak. Sam breathed slowly not to bring any attention to himself. Wondering what life would be like now that he couldn’t hide his secret. He told himself he wouldn’t steal another thing again but knew that after tonight’s non-show of will power he might end up frustrated. Sam tried to stand on his tiptoes to relieve his legs, it didn’t help much. This show prompted his mother to leave the room, Sam Topkapı Escort Bayan could hear her posture in her steps. She was still livid.

“Sam.” His aunt reba said. Sam opened his mouth.

“What?” Sam managed to scratch out.

“Those aren’t your color.” Reba reminded him.

Sam took the blow silently. Blinking his eyes at the floor a few times. Reba was bewildered herself, she knew her sister was a bit strict, but this was outright wicked. If Reba had stolen her sisters clothes in her youth, her parents wouldn’t have batted an eye. She knew there was no way her nephew would approach her about borrowing clothes however.

“Sam are you gay?” Reba questioned.

“No!” Sam quietly announced. Suddenly realizing his mother might have been in earshot. He closed his mouth and stared at the floor, unable to forget about his predicament, with his genitals and the panties in view. His groin staring back at him. Sam could hear the footsteps of his mother descending the stairs.

“Sam go upstairs.” his mother said. “and pull your panties up.” she added.

Sam pulled the panties up letting the waist band slap his skin again, something his aunt took notice of. Reba stared at her nephews groin, his genitals magnified by the tight underwear. Sam walked past Reba staring at the ground, he walked towards the stairs. His mother stood with her arms folded, watching her son walk with his head down. He climbed each step 1 at a time, conscious of his body.

Reba asphyxiated on her nephews back side. When it was out of view, her gaze met her sister’s. Sam’s mother shook her head, able to follow that her sister’s eyes were on her son.

“Such a rotten child.” Sam’s mother announced.

“I think he has learned his lesson about stealing.” Reba said, honestly.

“There’s much more in store for Him, I’ve taken away his computer monitor.” Sam’s mother said dryly.

Reba just blinked. “I guess he can keep the panties. They are really ugly anyway.” Reba explained. “Now he will think I only wear granny panties.”

Sam’s mother laughed with a snort. “He’s worn every pair of panties I had in storage, even some of the bras.”

“So he knows you only wear granny panties!” Reba teased her sister.

“Oh hush.” Sam’s mother said. “I offered to buy him his own, but he said no.” “I am going to anyway.” Sam’s mother sighed. “It’s disgusting to wear someone else’s clothes!”

Reba just nodded in reply. The television kept the room from being silent. It was an odd situation, neither woman knew what to feel or think. One thing was known for sure, they would never look at Sam without wondering if he was wearing their knickers.

Sam closed the door behind him and leaned his back to the door. He thought he heard his mother through the thin walls. He closed his eyes and slumped down to a sitting position. He heard the word panties, and he heard the word disgusting. Sam’s skin crawled with a fresh new wave of shame. He opened his eyes and stood up. He slid the panties down his legs and stepped out of them, not sure exactly what to do with them. He held them in his hand when he noticed a note from his mother. It read, “change your clothes and write an apology letter to your Aunt Reba.” She didn’t sign it.

Sam was grateful for his mother’s fairness. Then he noticed his computer monitor was gone. Sam felt angry, it was short lived, considering he was half naked and holding his Aunt’s red briefs. He folded the panties in half and set them on his bed, he put on a new pair of boxers and a pair of shorts. He flipped to a fresh piece of paper and wrote a letter head for his Aunt. He kept it short.

“Dear Reba,

I wanted to write this letter of apology. I am very grateful that you are my aunt and my family is so supportive of each other. I am very sorry and ashamed that I stole from your bag. It is unfortunate that I’ve broken our trust and hope to rebuild it. I hope that you can forgive me. Sorry again,


When Sam finished his letter he removed it from the rings of his binder. He was a bit confused about what to do next but made his way to his door. He held the letter in his hand and walked down the stairs 1 at a time. His mother looked at him from the couch, the movie still playing unobserved. Sam stood at the bottom of the steps. They stared at each other when Reba entered the living room. Reba was holding a tall glass of what was sure to be his mother’s alcohol in a mixed drink. Reba took a drink and sat down. Sam took a step forward.

“I’m sorry I stole from you Reba.” Sam said, while extending his arm. Sam presented the letter.

“Well bring that here.” Reba commanding instead of asking.

Sam stepped forward and handed Reba the letter. Feeling glad that he wasn’t bent over the bookcase, being displayed by his mother. Reba scanned the letter.

“I forgive you for stealing my panties.” Reba said. Sam felt more shame when she put it that way, with emphasis on the words ‘my panties’.

“I told your mother that you could keep them.” This prompted Sam to look at his mother. He knew that she would take any panties he had taken in the past, he couldn’t hide a thing from her. He could see the disgust on his Escort Topkapı mother’s face, his aunt could get under her skin sometimes.

“Sam I’m going to buy you knew panties.” Sam’s mother announced. “You know I don’t like it when people wear second hand clothing.” “We’re not some poor house.”

Sam only nodded. Very much embarrassed that his mother and Aunt would always assume that he was wearing panties.

“I’ll even help her pick them out” Reba added. Sam’s skin took on a new flush. Changing his attention to his Aunt.

Sam’s mother Scowled at his sister, “I’m perfectly capable of buying my son clothes.”

“I just want to pick the right colors, I think I’m a little more in touch with today’s fashion you know.” Reba was just looking for any reason to take a roll in shopping for her nephew. She was bewildered by her nephews habit of wearing women’s clothing. Thoughts raced across her mind. She still had the image of her son slayed leaning against the bookcase.

“I suppose you do.” Sam’s mother said, completely displeased at this situation. She wished she would never have brought Sam’s excursions up. She knew he would be masturbating into his Aunt’s panties if she hadn’t, but seeing her sister take interest in his nasty little fetish bothered her even more. “I’m getting myself a drink.” “Sam go to bed.”

Sam complied and went up the steps 2 at a time, shutting his bedroom door behind him. Sam was extremely frustrated with his situation, he didn’t even think about finishing his schoolwork, he could do it another time. Sam stripped down to his boxer shorts and went to turn off the lamp. When he turned the switch the first time he saw the panties still folded on his bed, when the switch turned the second time into the off position the image was burned into his mind. Sam stood in the dark for a moment. He then decided to take his boxers off too, he crawled into bed and scooped the panties into his hand. He slid them up his legs then lifted his midsection off the bed to get them up around to his waist. He began to masturbate. He fell asleep before he could ejaculate, his organ still in his hand, above the waistband of the briefs.

Reba nursed the last half of her first drink while her sister had just finished her third. She knew her sister would probably fall asleep on the couch. Reba was still horny from all the thoughts earlier and was asphyxiated on tomorrow, wondering what size her nephew’s new underwear would have to be. She figured since her size underwear was too little on him she would get one size up. She wasn’t very tired and her sister had fallen to sleep on the couch. Reba was feeling naughty and crept up the stairs. She went into the guest bedroom not sure what to do next. She moved her dirty clothes from the bed to the floor, and moved her bang to the floor next to them. Reba though about going into her nephew’s bedroom.

Reba slowly opened the door to Sam’s bedroom and peered in. It was too dark to see anything. She could hear Sam’s heavy breathing in his sleep. She closed the door quietly behind her and reached anywhere for a light switch. Finding non Reba huffed. She reached her arms in front of her and took a few steps. She tripped on a stray shoe and fell to her knee. Sam is not a very heavy sleeper and awoke to this intrusion. He turned his nightstand’s lamp on, suddenly revealing his aunt raising to her feet.

“Reba?” Sam asked duly, still in a stupor.

“Your penis is hanging out.” Reba said dryly. Sam flushed again and pulled the waistband over his now limp genitals. Reba was even more turned on knowing that Sam had worn the panties to bed. “I guess those are the right size then?” Reba joked.

Sam pulled the sheets and cover up over his waist. “Well stand up let’s have a look.” Sam obeyed. “Now turn all the way around.” Sam did.

“They are a little tight in the front…. But that’s because they are made for girls.” “Come with me.”

Sam followed Reba into the guest bedroom. Reba began digging in her bag and soon found what she was looking for. She extended her arm towards Sam presenting another pair of panties. They were a yellow pair of boyshorts, fairly simple.

“Try these on.” Sam was confused what to do at first. Reba moved behind Sam and closed the bedroom door. “Just change your clothes in here, it’s not like I didn’t watch you bent over wearing my panties for 45 minutes…” Sam got another reminder of his punishment. “Do it now.”

Sam pulled the briefs down his legs and stepped out of them. He took the yellow boy shorts from his aunt, stepping into them quickly. He slid them up his legs and let the waistband slap against his skin again, like he had so many times before. “mm.” Reba cooed. Sam got a new erection. “Those are tight in the front too, but that’s because you have an erection.” Sam just blinked at his aunt, his manhood racing to full height. “Maybe you need a thong so no one can see any panty lines.” Reba offered. Sam’s head filled with hope. He was being reminded of all the times he scoured his mothers drawers looking for that thong he thought all women owned. His mother did not have a single thong. He wanted one so badly. Reba could see emotion in his eyes, the moments she could look away from his swollen manhood. She moved behind Sam and gave his butt a playful slap. Sam tensed his cheeks together moving away from this touch. One that he did not expect and almost made him cum in his panties right then and there. He put his hand on his bottom and turned around to face his Aunt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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