Change of Style Ch. 04

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We started to ascend the basement stairs. As I looked back over my shoulder, I saw that redhead and her older salt’n’pepper black partner were now locked in coitus. He sat back on the sofa and she was astride him, rocking lazily. Her panties were still on one leg, and she leaned backwards, steadying her hands on his knees, trying to maximize his penetration. He groaned with each of her downward thrusts.

“Yeah, that’s it. You my greedy little bitch? You want all of this?” he said.

She just moaned and kept meeting his thrusts with abandon. I watched the muscles in her ass tighten and release rhythmically as she fucked herself on his black cock. I made a mental note to talk with her at the next visit.

We went up the stairs, again holding hands, Debbie steadying herself on me as we ascended. She still had on the lingerie she fucked in, and I carried her overnight bag over my shoulder.

We drew some stares from a couple guys as we passed through the kitchen area. They looked through me, but consumed Debbie with hungry eyes. Knowing smiles passed between Debbie and each of the men. Clearly, Debbie was a regular here, and undoubtedly had been a partner with each of them as well.

I wondered idly how many guys she had been with and how I measured up.

I shook my head and told myself, “Chill Jack. Don’t be a complete ass. This is a playground, for heaven sake. People are supposed to by fucking each other here.”

Perhaps I felt more protective since learning of her pregnancy.

When we went up the next flight of stairs to the bedroom level, it then occurred to me that I didn’t know which of the bedroom Sean and Maggie were in. Then I saw there was a little sign up sheet on the floor by each room, I looked down and the names and I finally saw something that looked like Sean scrawled on one.

I timidly knocked on the door, and I heard Maggie stammering “Y-y-y-esss. Come in.”

I opened the door and saw them on the bed, the room lit by a single bedroom lamp. I could see Maggie lying on his left side, one leg stretched urfa escort out, the other bent, half laughing, smiling; half crying, her hand on her forehead, saying “Oh Fuck, Oh Fuck! That was fucking intense”

Sean was lying by her side, laughing too.

He said, “Just in time, homey. Come on in y’all.”

He looked at me then turned to Maggie saying, “Now you know, don’t you.”

She just kept saying, “Oh Fuck, oh fuck Yessss”

He said in reply, “Now you train your boy here. Do what I told you. You a black man’s woman now.”

She lifted her hand from her head, opened her eyes looking at him. “No Sean, Really no. Really.”

He told her simply but forcefully, “Do it, now. My women don’t ask why.”

I replied angrily, “Back off, man. Who the fuck you think you’re talking to?”

He said, “Sorry dude. My bad. Maggie, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.”

She looked at him, considered a moment, then held out her hands to me, sighed and said, “Ok. Come here, honey. Please.”

The bed was tall with a deep mattress, which brought it nearly waist high for me. “I need your kisses, desperately,” she said.

I approached her; she was still lying back and now rested her left leg on Sean’s right thigh. We kissed and she gave me the most intense kiss I have gotten from her in a long while.

She held my face in both hands and said, “Honey, I’m still so hot. I need you to kiss my breasts so bad. Show Sean how good you are. How you turn me on.”

I kissed and sucked each nipple. They were already raised to a level of tautness that showed she was still intensely aroused. Then she pushed my head with both her hands down her chest to her tummy.

Maggie moaned, saying, “Baby, kiss my tummy, pleeease…”

I was game for it. I think that Debbie went over the other side of the bed to stand by Sean, who by this time leaned to his right and was deep kissing my wife again.

Maggie kept guiding me downwards with her hands until I reached her usually balıkesir escort downy pubic hair, now matted and gooey. I suddenly pulled back sharply as I felt and tasted not just her but something else as well. I think I knew by then what it was from the few times we had made love and I had gone down on her afterward. Hard to tell though, as she was a mix of scents and taste, mostly a salty little sweat beaded up on her skin.

I started to pull back even further, and I felt Sean lie back and say, “Girl … Do like I said …,” again in a commanding voice.

Maggie looked up into my eyes and pleaded with me to go back down on her. I decided that I would kiss her tummy but stop there. Putting my lips back on her tummy and circling her belly button. She moaned loudly, opened her legs wider, resting the one higher on Sean. She lifted her hips and pushed me forcefully to her pussy. I tried pulling back, but her hands around the back of my neck assured that was not going to happen. She moved — squirmed really — to keep my mouth planted on her.

Slightly pissed off at the little game going on here, but becoming aroused despite it, I began to lick her, trying to ignore the mixed taste of her juices. She moved up and down, first in a slow rhythm, then steadily faster, urging me on, saying “Yesssss darling. Eat me, eat me so deep.”

As I began to satisfy her lust, she let up the pressure and instead simply stroked my hair lazily, moving her hips up and down slower as well. My head was down but I love to look up at her over her mound and her fine pubic hair (now matted with cum) into her eyes when I eat her. Sean was smiling and whispering something in her left ear and pinching her nipples with his free hand.

After he finished, she nodded and told me quietly, “Oh yes, that’s it. Get it all, honey. Deeper. Get it all. Please.” With her right hand she stroked my hair and with her left she stroked Sean’s face as he whispered to her and kissed her ear and nibbled her neck. She giggled and her mouth sought trabzon escort his for a deep kiss.

I felt the bed sink downward with the pressure of Debbie getting on the outside of the bed next to Sean and looking over, saw her starting to lick her man’s wet member and his pubic hair, wet with Maggie’s and his cum. While she did that, she scooted between his legs. Debbie’s hand was on my buns, and she reached between my legs, gently squeezed my cock, and then cupped my balls.

Sean moaned for Debbie and told her to get it all. Sean ‘out-loud’ whispered to Maggie, “Look at your man, licking our cum off your cunt. Looks right, don’t it” While my cheeks burned with anger, but still she urged me on. She sucked Sean’s tongue and rubbed his abs wile Debbie continued to suck him harder. His right hand held Debbie on his cock while his left was busy twisting Maggie’s left nipple.

Maggie seemed to grow more insistent, telling me sharply, “Use your tongue for fuck sake. Deeper, deeper.”

My jaw was beginning to hurt from the pressure and from having my tongue so deeply inside her now circling her pussy, which was decidedly more swollen now, actually pulsing.

Sean said to Maggie “That’s it. It’s all about controlling your hubby.”

After 10 or so minutes, Maggie lifted her hips and pushed the lowest reaches of her pussy into my face. I noticed the translucent fluid, and clearly understood what it was. I balked strongly, but she wouldn’t let me pull back, trapping me with her thighs.

She moaned, “Make me cum, honey. Make me cum again.”

I was torn between revulsion on one hand, and seeing Maggie in the throes of the most intense sexual heat I had ever seen in our years together. I loved seeing her body wracked with the pain of erotic abandon.

I said to myself, “Screw it,” and licked her clean, emulating what Debbie to my right had done.

Yes, I understand now as I write this that I had become a part of Sean’s domination of my wife, but how could I argue with the fact that I was also giving Maggie more pleasure than I had in years. This was the tradeoff knew I would have to accept. My love for Maggie made it a no-brainer at the time. Still, there was a quiet voice in my head that whispered this experience could signal some kind of change in our relationship and the way we saw each other. I knew that the less Sean in our lives, the better.

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