Charismatic Investor

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Ava Addams


Ben Knight was a well-known businessman in my town. Wealthy, powerful, good looking – the works. We met once a couple of years ago briefly. He’d spoken at an event and, along with quite a few other attendees, I got in line to shake his hand. What I remembered from that encounter was the strong feeling of strength he exuded when you looked into his eyes. Seriously. I’m a straight male and recognized the force and charisma in this man in one brief meeting. And now he was basically going to be my business partner. That gaze and his incredible charisma were what stuck in my mind as I prepared to go to the address he provided. Well…those things, and the incredibly awkward and strangely exciting meeting we had yesterday. Thinking about it made me uncomfortable. And I can’t understand why, but it made me hard.

There was a business dinner at a very swanky Italian restaurant involving all of the key players and the usual number of political lamprey looking for a free meal. My small firm was directly involved in the key general project proposal so I was working the room, making sure there were no major objections or issues. This was a breakthrough opportunity for us. I noticed Mr. Knight across the room and, apart from a brief thought wondering how he always managed to get his hands in these pies, thought nothing of it. After all, he was a wealthy developer. He had connections and influence. Maybe he was one of the investors, I thought vaguely even though I’d met the key ones.

My thoughts moved on as I noticed the determined and plodding steps of the fat, sweaty man I’d been forced to court over the past year. I forced a smile as I pretended to notice him.

“Mr. Mayor!” I exclaimed as though surprised to see him. I reached out my hand. He grasped it with both hands and looked up at me, frowning in mock offense.

“Tommy!” I corrected. As we shook hands like old friends.

The mayor was obese. The size of his belly and the absence of an ass forced him to constantly pull up his pants and tuck in his poor straining shirt.

Tommy leaned in close talked excitedly about the project and how it would benefit our small community. With great effort, I ignored the odor of old milk pouring from his mouth with every word.

I knew – or at least strongly suspected – that Mayor Tommy Sloburn had some other financial interest hidden safely somewhere in this project. He’d been against it at the beginning. Politely but firmly against it.

Then, about a month ago, like rain from a blue sky, he’d apparently changed his mind and become a strong supporter. No more “Mayor Sloburn” but just “Tommy!” from then on. No more sideways glances and fake smiles accompanying his windy bloviations extolling his sacred responsibility of minding the tax dollars of protecting “his hard-working community against the unnecessary and complicated ideas that might someday benefit the few and would likely benefit no-one but the designer of the project itself!”.

Instead, these speeches were suddenly replaced with just as equally boring and overwrought speeches proclaiming “the virtues of this forward thinking investment in the future of our community!”.

While initially shocked, I eventually shook my head, accepted this gift horse, and moved into overdrive before whatever moved the fat opportunist, shifted again, and closed the door.

Finally able to release my hand from the sweaty confines of Tommy’s paws, I wiped it on the side of my pant leg.

Tommy had shuffled next to me to pump me with false complements, and had slid a friendly hand on the small of my back, as politicians do, as he started guiding me through the crowd. As he chattered, I quickly toned out his blathering and let him guide me through the crowd. I didn’t know why Tommy jumped so suddenly and completely behind my project but I felt certain it had nothing to do with the actual project which was, in fact, as Mayor Tommy so correctly put it, “forward thinking and quite a good investment in the future of our community”. Even if I was somewhat biased, being the creator and main designer of the project, I knew it was a great idea and a great plan. I was certain that Tommy had been approached by someone (the Swalocox group, maybe?) who had an interest in this project and who had offered some financial persuasion (certainly through some thoroughly hidden and possibly legal method). In short, someone paid him off.


The end result was that my project and my company were situated for some real and long-term growth.

Maybe this growth would eventually allow me a little time to focus on things outside of work. I worked seven days a week with many 20 hour days. I had no real love life. I snorted self-depricatingly at that thought. “Real love life”? When I found the time, which wasn’t often, I surfed some porn and jacked off. Over the past year I’d found some videos involving dudes with huge cocks or huge cumshots. It was strange since I’d always surfed straight gaziantep escort stuff before that. But the size of the cocks and the amount of cum? They fascinated me. I sometimes imagined fucking some woman whose husband had a huge cock like that. The idea of the two of us men with a woman made the thought of playing with the big dick acceptable – straight even. She might force me to my knees to help her make her husband hard. I’d have to lick his soft floppy cock.

Then I’d –

I realized that fat Tommy had stopped meandering and was talking.

“Oh, James? You know Ben, doncha? Ben Knight?”

As if the two of them had seen my thoughts, I became immediately embarrassed and shook the cocks and pulses of warm cum out of my mind. I recovered quickly, or so I thought, and looked up and focused. What was I doing? Jesus! Pathetic!

In front of me with a quizzical expression was Mr. Knight. I reached out my hand and we shook firmly.

“Mr Knight. Actually, we met once a while ago. It was quite brief – you probably don’t remember…” I trailed off after meeting his eyes.

Even though we had met once before, I had forgotten the strength of Ben Knight’s piercing blue eyes. They were truly stunning. They shined with intelligence. They seemed to look into you and see immediately who you really were. At that moment, I was somehow certain that Mr. Knight knew what I had been just been thinking about. He knew I’d been thinking about cocks and cum and… My face felt warm.

I found myself quickly giving him the once-over, looking from his eyes down to his feet and back.

He was physically attractive. and I couldn’t help noticing how his pants held his crotch tightly. Obviously, women would clearly be attracted to him.

But Ben Knight was a man’s man. He was known to work hard and play harder. He was very competitive. He was taller than me and seemed to be in great shape. He was an older man – well, older than me. I would guess around 55, based on his salt and pepper hair and the wrinkles that somehow added to his civilized but rugged looks. At first glance, he was certainly in as good as shape as I was, and I was thirty-eight. I was jealous, I realized, but I bet so were most men who met him.

His smile seemed legitimate and inviting. I smiled as well – I couldn’t help it. This was a man you had to like. He commanded respect. He was a man you wanted to work with; a man you wanted to be your friend; a man you instinctively wanted to please.

All of this I thought in that moment of introduction. What power he exuded naturally. No wonder he was successful. This man had amazingly powerful natural charisma combined with a beautiful physical presence.

“…years ago. Right?”

I looked back to Ben’s eyes and mine widened in surprise.

“I’m sorry?” I stammered suddenly and too quickly, realizing I hadn’t been listening to him speak.

Somehow, I thought I was giving him a quick competitive once-over. Instead, I’d apparently been literally running my eyes down his frame like he was some model in a bikini. But he wasn’t a bikini model.

And I’m straight! Jesus! What was wrong with me? This is a business meeting…

I felt my cock start to harden. What the hell? How embarrassing!

“I’m sorry…” I repeated – apologizing this time. “My mind was…I mean…You…”. I found myself glancing down from his eyes in embarrassment. I felt my cock fight against the confines of my underwear and fought the desire to adjust it. Why the fuck was my cock hardening anyway?

“Oh, they’re bringing out the desert!” Fat Mayor Tommy exclaimed, inadvertently buying me a second as Ben and I both followed his gaze.

I had to try to figure out what to say. What was happening?

The Mayor excused himself, seemingly not having noticed my mental timeout.

Ben raised his eyebrows questioningly. He’d noticed.

I smiled uncomfortably and tried to organize my thoughts.

I finally shook my head and nodded at the fat man waddling away. “Mayor Tommy…character, huh?”

“Yeah, he’s quite unique. But easy to handle.” Ben agreed and then looked back to me. I kept my gaze on the mayor for moment longer, trying to regain some control. In that second, out of the corner of my eye, I saw Mr. Knight give me a full look. There was no way he couldn’t notice my erection. God! What an embarrassing disaster. This was worse than those dreams of finding yourself naked in front of your class.

I looked back to him trying to think of an excuse or at least of some other semi-intelligent comment.

Mr. Knight finally said “Listen James – Can I call you James? Good. Call me Ben. Can I speak confidentially?”

He took my silence for acceptance. He lowered his head close to my ear. I tilted my head to hear him better. He continued.

“I have a very strong financial interest in the success of this project. This is not public knowledge but I’m now the main shareholder of Swalocox Properties – took a controlling interest about two months ago.”

I inhaled with surprise. Swalocox Properties was the company I had some of my main contracts with. Among other things, they owned all of the land we were going to build on. I knew this and had met with representatives from Swalocox many times. I had not known that the company had been taken over by Ben Knight. Why wasn’t I notified? What the hell do I pay the legal firm, Hamburg and Shultz, to do?

My mind reeled as I made some calculations. Could Swalocox back out? Would Ben Knight want to do that? What did he want? Was he a competitor? Was he a road block for my project? I hoped not. He’d be formidable, I was sure.

Shit! I needed to talk to my lawyers…

“I think you understand why I’m here and why this…” he nodded his head, indicating the room full of businessmen, “started moving so quickly and easily”.

I was shocked by this revelation and yet it made complete sense.

“Your idea is brilliant and it could make a lot of money for both of us.”

He liked the project? Good. I felt some of the stress I’d just built up, release. I exhaled and smiled with relief.

Ben noticed this relief. “Oh! I don’t want to mislead you…I do have some reservations…”

He held up a hand to stem my protests.

He spoke quietly. “Now is not the time. I like to know my partners before I jump into bed with them. I need know you better. It seems clear you ahh…want to know me better too, right?”

I nodded as he continued.

“Let’s meet privately. I’ll show you something that I’m sure you’ll like. You can show me how you’ll handle it. We’ll see what comes out of it. You seem capable. I’m sure you’ll be able take it all in and… bring a solution that we both are satisfied with. I’m pretty sure we’ll have no issues.”

Mr. Knight – Ben – smiled knowingly and winked when he said this. I was too shocked or excited or…or whatever, to really read much into it.

So…What was the issue? Did he want real changes to the project? At this late date? It was unclear. …

“Of course.” I replied quickly. “Whenever you want. I’m happy to work you – work WITH you!”. I chuckled. This whole conversation had made me generally uncomfortable and strangely agitated.

Ben smiled sincerely and reached for my hand. “Great! I look forward to working with you too. I can’t wait to show you what you need to see.”

“I’ll be in touch shortly” he said as he turned.

I shook his hand and Ben started toward the center of the room.

Slack jawed, I watched him walk away. I tilted my head, going over that conversation in my mind.

I’m such an idiot. This guy might hold the future of the project in his hands. Why did I blank out like that. Stupid.

But this was Ben Knight. He seemed on board, in the end. I was intrigued and yet, not quite understanding his parting comments. The more I thought about them, the more ambiguous they seemed. What could he possibly want to show me. What did he have that I “obviously need to see”?


I followed my GPS and drove to the address he sent me. It wasn’t his office. The address was on the shore a town away – not far from where the project was slated to be built. The house was large, modern, and isolated. Wealth has privileges.

I parked and grabbed my briefcase. I didn’t know exactly what to prepare so had quickly modified the original presentation I’d had made for Swalocox. Hopefully this would convince him to not make changes. Otherwise, I’d play it by ear. I knew everything about the project. I’d do fine.

Ben answered the door looking fit and relaxed in dockers and a polo.

“James! Come on in.” He said warmly as he led me through the house to a kitchen/living room iin the back of the house. The room had ceiling to floor windows and had an amazing view of the isolated beach. “I prefer to hold some meetings here. The environment is very private and relaxing”

He poured two tall drinks from a pitcher and handed one to me, raising the other.

“To working together. May we both enjoy the fruits of this project.”

As I drank the strong but pleasant cocktail, Ben told me to follow him as gave me a brief tour of the house. We talked politely about the general outline of the project, trying to feel each other out. Ben was politely aggressive and made it clear who held the cards. I held some important cards too but felt it prudent to wait to show them.

After the tour, he refilled my drink and led me outside. As I followed, I noted how strong this cocktail was. I’d have to go easy if I wanted to keep my head in the upcoming discussions. I’d finish this one but refuse any others.

The view from his deck was truly spectacular. It was peaceful. We stood in silence for a while, leaning on the railing and sipping our drinks while I took in the sounds, smells, and sights of waves crashing against the shore.

Between the atmosphere and the drinks, I was feeling pretty good. Too good, dammit. I was already kinda buzzed. Dammit.

“Sit down. James. Enjoy the view.” I took a seat, downed my drink, and reached to place the empty glass on a table to my right.

I looked back to the view and was surprised to find that Ben had not sat in the chair to my left (as any normal person might be expected to do) but was standing about 3 feet in front of me. Since I was sitting, and was basically at eye level with his crotch, I couldn’t help notice the faint outline of a long dick. Rich, smart, good looking, and a nice cock. This guy hit the life lottery.

“You like that, huh?” Ben said.

What? What did he just say? I’d been staring at his crotch. I’d been staring at the outline of his apparently long cock and he really just CALLED me on it? How uncomfortable was that?

What was wrong with me? I felt the booze, I realized, but couldn’t blame staring at his cock on the drinks.

I looked up. This was beyond embarrassing.

“I’m…I’m sorry, Ben. It just was right there right in front of me…and…I couldn’t help notice that…ummm, you seem…rather…fortunate in that department.” I smiled and chuckled at my little joke, trying to make the best out of a situation he was making very uncomfortable.

Ben paused for a second, squinted his eyes slightly and tilted his head. He stared at me for about two seconds, nodded to himself knowingly, and smiled.

“The view, James.” He nodded towards the ocean. “I was asking if you liked that view…of the ocean.”

My mouth dropped open. I felt my face redden.

I’m. Such. An. Idiot.

“Although, thanks for the compliment – I AM somewhat fortunate in that department. Interesting of you to notice.”

With that comment, Ben started toward the house. “Let’s get started. Come inside, and I’ll show you why you’re here.”

I followed Ben back inside. I have never felt so uncomfortable in my life. Did I just compliment Ben Knight’s cock?

Ben was already sitting on a chair facing me and the ocean behind me.

“Close the door James” Ben ordered.

I closed the door and was glad Ben was letting this awkward moment pass so we could discuss business, or as he said, the reason I was here.

Ben looked at me, smiled knowingly, and started leisurely removing his shoes. He kept eye contact with me.

He stood and pulled his polo over his head. I couldn’t help noticing that, like the short hair on his head, the hair on his chest was mostly grey. I also noticed that he was in good shape but had a very slight paunch. His hand moved to his belt.

Ben saw that I was staring.

Why was I staring? What was he doing? Why was he taking his clothes off? Did he want to go swimming? I hadn’t brought a suit…

Ben raised his eyebrows and it occurred to me that he had raised them just like that when we were talking last night at the restaurant. And what had I done? I don’t know why, but I had smiled. What did I do now? I couldn’t help myself. I smiled again.

Ben unbuckled his belt.

But smiling hardly meant I wanted him to strip in front of me? Did it? I opened my mouth to protest. I wanted to bark out a laugh and demand he tell me what the hell he was doing.

But as I looked at Ben, his expression was almost playful, and yet stern; like he knew something I didn’t.

I closed my mouth, saying nothing. Ben unbuttoned his pants and pulled his zipper down. He slid his pants down one leg, lifted the other leg out of them, swiftly and neatly folded the slacks, and placed them gently on a small table next to him.

Ben was now nude except for his tight underwear shorts and, bright argyle socks. Again, I wanted to speak but my eyes slid to the outline of his cock in his shorts. Realizing this and immediately embarrassed, I looked up to him and shook my mind clear.

Coming to my senses, I opened my mouth to ask him just what the fuck he was doing. Was he insane?

Instead, I only got as far as a whispered, throaty, “Ben…jussst…” which trailed off to nothing. Then I closed my mouth and ran my tongue unconsciously over my lips. My mouth was dry. I felt the blood in my cock. I was getting hard.

Ben sat on the chair, casually pulled his socks off and placed them near the neatly folded pants. He stood and looked at me. Neither of us had really spoken since he’d told me to close the door to the deck.

Ben stuck his thumbs inside the elastic of his briefs, paused to look in my eyes, and slid the tight boxers to the floor.

My eyes followed them down to see them pool at his ankles.

Ben stepped out of them and put his hands on his hips, superman-style. I knew he was staring at me, trying to catch my eye, but my eyes were busy. They had moved from the floor up to his crotch and were not moving away. I was staring at his penis. I realized I was licking my lips again. I finally looked up to him, caught his gaze, and dropped my eyes like a submissive pup.

This was awkward – and yet it wasn’t.

I was embarrassed – and yet, I was hardening.

I was excited. I was staring at his dangling cock and balls. It was long and it looked helpless. Would it be soft? Would it feel different from mine? I realized I had an overwhelming desire to touch him. I wanted to feel his penis. Why did I want this? I’m not gay.

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