Chastity Hospital (chastity story)

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It was one of those weekends. I had fallen on ice. I thought it was nothing but the pain wouldn’t stop on Monday morning despite what I used to calm it.

So I went to the hospital.

“Mr Dan to the plaster room please you have broken your arm.”

Off I went to the plaster room. And waited my turn.

“Mr Dan please.”

I was faced with 2 lovely nurses. I undressed above the waist and the first nurse set to plastering my arm.

The 2nd nurse took to caressing my belly.

“Please relax Mr Dan you have nothing to worry about.”

Nurse 2, unbuckled my belt and very quickly my trousers and pants were around my ankles and my swelling cock was in her hand.

Nurse 1 looked down from her work. “Nice!” she uttered routinely and smiled.

Very quickly Nurse 2 had me on the edge of orgasm and grasped some tissues in readiness.

The orgasm was taking hold. I was tensing.

“Please keep still Mr Dan. I am trying to set you plaster.”

I came into the tissues and tried to keep as still as possible.

Nurse 2 removed the tissues, cleaned my wilting penis with antiseptic and proceeded to bandage my penis, securing it behind the testicles.

Nurse 1 was placing Nevşehir Escort the plastic bandages into warm water, for her own use and was now handing the occasional one to Nurse 2.

Very soon they had finished and were applying hair dryers to help dry the 2 plaster casts.

“Well Mr Dan, all dry and hardened. Please pop along to x-ray. They will check the position is correct. Any problems please come back to us.”

Nurse 1 helped me dress as best I could. Nurse 2 pulled up my pants and tucked my plaster-caste limp cock into them. And proceeded with my trousers. “Look you cant even tell” she pointed out to her colleague. “No you can’t. A very good job indeed.”

“OK Mr Dan if we don’t see you again today. Then see you again in 6 months when the plaster-caste comes off.”

Off I went to X-ray and the x-ray was OK. I made an appointment for a check-up. And home I went, a bit confused on what to do.

One month passed. And I went for my check-up. To X-Ray and then to my doctor to check them.

My doctor is Dr Emily Jones. A very professional lady but attractive with it.

“It looks like the first steps are being made to heal. Very good. So lets see you again in 2 months. Nevşehir Escort Bayan Any questions?”

“Just one. The nurses in the plaster-room put a second plaster-caste on me. What do we do about that?”

“Where exactly is this second plaster-caste?” she asked.

“Around my penis and part of my scrotum.”

“That’s odd. You don’t get broken bones there. Do you mind showing me quickly.”

With my one arm I disrobed below the waste.

“Interesting work. They’ve made you a chastity device. I think they are just having some fun with you. You’d better take it up with them.”

On that note I went to the plaster room and waited for a gap. I excused myself from butting in to the next in queue.

“Hello again” the nurses chirped. “Are you having problems with your plaster-cast?”

“Only the one on my cock?”

“Is it tight enough for you?”

“Too tight, I cant get an erection.”

“Good, that’s the point of it.”

“Why? It isn’t broken. You aren’t supposed to do that to me.”

“You aren’t supposed to cum in the plaster-room but it didn’t stop you. Don’t take it personally we test all the men like that. And they all fail.”

“Next Escort Nevşehir please!”

The next patient came in and I felt obliged to leave.

I went for my three month appointment.

My doctor at the end of the session asks “Did you make any progress with the chastity plaster-caste?”

“Afraid not. Apparently I like every other male that visits them failed some sort of test of theirs and that’s why I am in this home-made chastity belt.”

“Wow. Some true modern day feminists eh. I’ll have to pop along and say hello. Its good to see some women are still active in the fight.”

On that note I left.

Six months and the plaster-caste was coming off.

I went to the plaster-room. And a very severe looking nurse was there to remove the plasters.

“Aren’t the other nurses working today?” I inquired.

“Yes, but they only apply the plasters. I remove them.”

“Oh I said.” as she removed my plaster.

“There, that must feel better. Getting a bit of fresh air again?” she said.

“Yes, thank you very much.”

On my way out. I waited for a chance to sneak in to see the other nurses once again.

I was accompanied by the admin worker.

“I just wanted to say thank-you for all you have done.” I stuttered.

“It’s our pleasure.” said nurse 1.

“Always good to see a happy customer” said nurse 2.

And off I went.

No doubt there are many of us customers of the plaster-room in permanent home-made chastity devices.

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