Chastity Pt. 01

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Hello all! thepeopleschamp here with another story. Just so you know what’s in store, this story centers around femdom, to be general. If you like femdom but are turned off by cuckolding and feminization, and if the phrase “sissy clitty” makes you cringe, then continue reading. Now, this story is going to be similar to my previous one, but I plan on taking this one further and introducing new elements. Any positive feed back or constructive criticism is appreciated. Oh, and hateful comments as well. It’s funny to me 🙂


“Absolute drivel I tell you, this is just stupid. He should knock that stupid bitch unconscious and leave her!.”

I sighed. I’d barely said 2 words to the Anonymous guy next to me, and somehow he’d interpreted it as the basis for friendship. I always did my best to ignore him, yet he still rambled on. He shifted his large, nearly spherical frame and adjusted his thick glasses on his pimpled face. Wondering if I was insane, I turned to try and pierce his bigotry for the hundredth time while doing my best not to breathe in his offensive odor.

“I mean, the guy says he likes it, so why would he want to–“

“Drivel!” and for the thousandth time, he ignored what I was saying, interrupting in his annoyingly nasal voice.

We were sitting in a college human sexuality course, and the topic was female domination. The teacher was reading aloud an essay by a man listing some of the femdom actions he and his wife partook in, with a focus on explaining the psychology behind why some men enjoy sexual female domination. Being one of those men, I found the essay intriguing, and–

“I don’t believe I’ve ever seen such drivelous drivelry, and I’ve seen some drivel in my time! You see, I visit this story website called litero–“

I tried my best to tune out the Anonymous guy who’s insult arsenal seemed to only be the word “drivel.” It wasn’t hard. Not only because of how annoying he was, but also because of the view in front of me.

I’d been enthralled with the girl for weeks. We’d smiled at each other a few times, but I’d never had the courage to talk to her. Her skin was the pale moonlight, and her long, luscious hair the starless night sky. her face was slender, her lips pink and full. She had an impossible body, with d cup breasts, a slender waist, and a voluptuous ass. But my current focus was further down, past her firm legs. My severe foot fetish glued my eyes to the most perfect feet I had ever seen as the girl they belonged idly played with them. They were encased in hot pink socks at the moment, but I’d seen them naked more than enough times to have them branded in my mind. They weren’t too bony, or too plump. Her soles–I nearly gasped as she began to hook the toe of one socked foot into the heel of her other sock and slowly pull it off, revealing those very soles. The sock slowly passed down her smooth heel, revealing the slight pink blush on her soles. her toes were perfect, both in length and in structure. she wiggled them in what I knew was relief from the sweltering heat, and then used her toes to take her other sock off. She then scrunched her toes up, gently wrinkling her soles, and resting her toes on the her converse shoes.

My heart pounded in my chest, and at this point I was rock hard. In my current state, I made a rash decision. I slowly slid out my phone from my pocket and went into camera mode. I hid it between two of my binders and slowly zoomed in to her feet, barely staying in control when I noticed the sheen of sweat on her soles. My hands were shaking so badly I was barely able to snap a few photos. I hastily Maltepe Escort put my phone face down as the class ended and everyone began to pack up. Stealing a last glance at the girl’s feet, I watched as she slipped her converse back on and walked off. I smiled at my own brazenness and looked away to finish putting my things away. I froze halfway through putting a binder in my backpack as I realized what had happened. She had put on her converse and walked away. Her socks. She hadn’t put her socks back on, and they were laying there on the floor. The next class didn’t meet in the room for an hour. I sat for what seemed the longest 30 seconds of my life as I waited for everyone to leave, and did my best to look nonchalant.

I forced myself to wait a full minute before I sprang up and made my way down to where the girl had been sitting. I couldn’t believe this. I stooped down to pick up the socks, and they were damp to the touch. I don’t know why I did what I did next. I should have just put the socks in my pocket; walked back to my dorm. But I had to smell them. After breathing out as much as I could, I pressed the socks to my nose. I held my breath for as long as I could, and when I couldn’t any longer I took a strong breath in through my nose. I could’ve died right there. They sweaty socks smelled of ammonia, corn chips, and cheese. It was a stronger aphrodisiac than jasmine or vanilla. My knees nearly buckled and I closed my eyes as I inhaled the scent. It was almost as if I was breathing into my cock, it surged harder against my shorts with every second I inhaled.

“End scene.”

I jerked towards the feminine voice and subsequent giggling behind me and tore the socks away from my face. My heart stopped when I saw the girl whose socks I was holding. I opened my mouth in the hope that some words might find their way out.

“I…” not helpful.

The girl held her phone up with a small smile on her face for a few moments more, then slowly began to walk towards me. I couldn’t even look at her.

“Sorry,” I mumbled as I dropped the socks and hastily turned away, “I’ll leave n–“

“You’re not going anywhere.”

My heart skipped a beat. I’d hoped she would be too disgusted to be angry, but it seemed I was wrong. Even so, I didn’t dare stop.

“Sorry.” I repeated as I reached the further exit and grabbed the handle

“What do you think I was doing on my phone just now?” she said conversationally, “I’ll give you a hint: you were doing the same thing not too long ago.”

I halted, and I heard the smile in her voice as she said “Ooh, looks like somebody figured it out!”

Photos? Why?

“Now, turn around,” She continued as if she were speaking to a child.

I flushed in embarrassment at being talked to like that, but obeyed.

“Well done. Now, come over here.”

With each step I wondered how everything had gotten so far out of hand…and with each step I realized how hard I still was. I stopped a good distance from her.

“Closer, I won’t bite.” she teased.

I took another step.

“Closer.” Her whisper was the only sound that pierced the complete silence in the room.

I swallowed and shuffled forward until I was less than arms length from her, my eyes focused intently on the floor. The girl slowly reached towards me. I shivered as she put one finger below my chin and pushed my head upwards. Her dark eyes pulled mine in, demanding my attention. She lowered her hand down from my chin.

“I’m sarah.” She said with a knee-weakening, catty smile.

I introduced myself, stuttering about İstanbul Escort a hundred times. Her smile widened slightly at that, and after a few moments she gestured downward with her head. I looked down and saw her hand palm down between us. I looked back up to find a commanding gaze leveled at me.

“Kiss it.” She said matter-of-factly

My cock throbbed as I gently took her delicate hand, brought it up to my lips, and planted a kiss on the back of it.

“Good boy.” She cooed

I didn’t answer. I couldn’t. Her eyes flickered down again, and she fixed me with a raised eyebrow. I flushed as I realized what she was looking at.

“Sorr–ohh.” I moaned as she brushed her hand against my cock. The contact wasn’t even a second, but it felt amazing.

“Hmm. why don’t you come with me, and we’ll see what we can do about that hard cock? Oh,” she added with a smirk, “And bring the socks.”

She slowly turned, and without so much as a glance back walked off in her yoga pants. Needless to say, I was right behind her. There was a whirlwind of confusion as to why I was getting lucky after what she’d caught me doing, and the photos, and how she talked to me…but that was completely overshadowed by the lust this girl, Sarah, had inspired in me. My eyes were where my hands were dying to be as said girl led me to the dorms. We sneaked up to one of the girls’ floors, and after ushering me into the room she closed the door behind her. She strode slowly, sexily up to me and slipped a hand into my pants. I moaned out loud and leaned towards her as she grasped my dick. She looked me in the eyes and smiled coyly as she jerked my cock a few times.

“Does that feel good?” She asked innocently with wide eyes.

“Ohhh, yeah.” I managed

She giggled at my response and turned from me. With her hand still wrapped around my cock, she pulled me over to her bed and sat down. She took her hand out of my shorts, crossed her legs, and gazed at me hungrily.

“Why don’t you strip for me?”

I obliged immediately, taking my pants and shirt off. She grabbed my wrist as I started to remove my boxers.

“Allow me,” she breathed

Sarah watched in anticipation as she slowly, ever so slowly inched my boxers down my legs. My hard on bent downwards until she suddenly pulled them down to my ankles. Her eyes followed it as it bounced up and down. She began to rub the underside with a single finger. It felt incredible.

“Gosh, it must have been hard the entire walk over here.”


“Wow, you must really need to cum then, huh?” She said with sympathy in her voice

“Yes,” I groaned in ecstasy as she brought her other hand up to trace her nails around my balls.

“Too bad.” The sensuality was gone from her voice.


“Did you honestly think I’d catch you perving over my socks, and then take you back to my dorm and make you cum?” She saw the confused expression on my face and broke out in laughter. “You really did, didn’t you?”


“Shut up,” she ordered.

Shocked, I complied.

“See, you think you’ve been sneaky this whole semester. A peak here and there at her cute little feet, what trouble could it be?” She said, “There’s no way she’d ever notice.”

I blushed as she basically mimicked my thought process.

“But I did notice, and then you fell right into my little trap.” She continued. “I knew after so many weeks of dangling my shoes, taking them off; teasing you out of your mind, that you wouldn’t be able to resist my socks. It was a slight chance you were gonna Anadolu Yakası Escort actually smell them right there, but you delivered! Thank you.” She ended with fake sincerity.

I gaped at her. “But…why?” When I saw the devious gleam in her eyes I wished I hadn’t asked.

“This is why.”

Sarah reached into a drawer next to her bed and pulled out several pieces of plastic varying in size. I’d watched enough porn to know what it was. A chastity cage. Sarah brought her finger back up to the underside of my cock and continued stroking it gently while she stared at it.

“I’d almost thrown this thing away. A friend of mine introduced the idea of male chastity to me, and I was hooked ever since. I always wondered what it would be like to have control over a guy’s cock, but I never thought I’d ever get a guy to agree to wear this. She bit her lip and her eyes glazed over. To decide when he cums, if ever. To have him at my beck and call…mmm.” She moaned out as a dollop of precum appeared at the head of my cock, and looked up at me while she spread it around the head. I gasped at the sensation.

“And then you came along. So let’s cut to the chase: you’re gonna wear this for as long as I say, and you’re gonna do whatever I want, whenever I want. Understand?”

I was taken aback by her boldness.

“Look, I’m really sorry, it won’t happen again. Can’t we can talk about this…” My voice trailed off as she held up her phone, and went through several pictures of me with her socks to my nose. “Yes, Sarah” I amended, “I understand.”

Her face instantly brightened. “Good! now let’s get you locked up.”

She went about it clinically. First she looped her index finger and thumb around the base of my cock and balls, then tightened her fingers until they were snug to measure which one of the rings to use. She got most of the device on me, and then sighed.

“This won’t do,” she complained while tapping my hard on. “Go get some ice from the fridge.”

I retrieved some from the mini fridge in the corner of her room and gave it to her. Without warning, she suddenly pushed the bag of ice onto my cock. The cold was excruciating, and I yelped and pulled away. Annoyance flickered across Sarah’s pretty face and she gave me a look colder than the ice. She nodded smartly.

“Right, I’ll just be uploading these now–“

“No! no, that’s not necessary.” I said hastily, and stepped back up to her.

She immediately reapplied the ice. I gritted my teeth and groaned in pain as the freezing sensation shrunk my dick down until it was flaccid. Quickly, Sarah grabbed a bottle of lotion and squirted some into her hands.

“Just imagine how that’d feel if you had full feeling in it.” She said as she coated my cock with lotion.

I closed my eyes and did my best to focus on the pleasure. It worked, and I started to get erect again…*click!* my cock suddenly stopped growing. I looked down to see the tiny plastic cage locked around my cock. Sarah inspected her handiwork with a small smile.

“It looks so awesome in there. Like an animal…” she looked me in the eyes and pouted. “A poor, desperate, caged animal; all he wants is to be free.”

I didn’t find any sympathy in her eyes or her voice.

“Well, you’re dismissed…for now.” Sarah said and waved at me. “Bye.”

I got dressed and gave Sarah my number and her socks before leaving. The rest of the day went by in a haze; I couldn’t believe what had happened in such a small period of time. Every time my mind strayed to the day’s events, my cock strained against the cage painfully. As the day grew to a close I did my best to get some sleep.


Now, as with my first story, I know this first part wasn’t as stuffed with erotica as a lot of stories out there, but keep in mind this is just the intro. Expect more in later installments.

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